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Fire Alarm Testing

Having a fully compliant and robust fire alarm system is, of course, paramount for the ongoing safety of your property. However, over time, it’s inevitable that some elements of your system are going to fail through age, general wear and tear, battery life or some other kind of damage.

Therefore it’s vital for your ongoing safety, and to remain diligent in your duty of care, that you have a regular system of maintenance with a fire alarm testing programme that can highlight and repair any areas of the system that might have grown deficient.

If you’re not testing your fire safety equipment on a regular basis then you can’t be certain that you have a fully functioning system offering you the highest level of protection that you could have.

Don’t let a fire be the occasion when you find out your alarms aren’t working

The worst scenario of course would be if you did happen to have a fire only to find out then that you had some kind of fault in your alarm system.

Don’t let this happen to you and your premises.

You need to have a regular testing procedure in place

To ensure that you have a fully operational fire alarm system you need to ensure that you are testing on a regular basis.

This could be a combination of an internal testing procedure, maybe a designated official from your workplace, carrying out weekly tests on alarms and other devices, in combination with a more thorough, periodic check of the entire fire alarm system from fully qualified engineers – such as those within our team at ARC Fire Safety.

Weekly Checks

Weekly, or frequent checks of your alarms can be carried out simply and with the minimum of fuss and intrusion to the workplace.

This can be accomplished by use of a simple device known as a call point test key which can be used to trigger the alarm mechanisms at the respective call points throughout your property in order to establish whether or not they are working. Any faults can then be quickly reported and a service engineer called to repair the fault.

As with all safety checks on site, your onsite representative (maybe the facilities manager) should be keeping a record of all testing that’s carried out across the site.

Full, comprehensive fire alarm testing for your entire system

At ARC Fire Safety Ltd we deliver a full service to meet all of your fire alarm testing requirements. We will work to a schedule which fits in with your business, ensuring that all testing is carried out with as little fuss and disruption as possible.

Our fully trained engineers will test all aspects of your fire alarm system, with the ability to carry out all necessary repairs and servicing as required. All testing whether scheduled or ad-hoc, will be supported by thorough reporting so that you are fully informed about all aspects concerning the status of your fire alarms.
Carrying out tests across every area of your system our engineers will provide maintenance for:

  • All Call Points
  • Sirens and other Alarms
  • Battery checks
  • Control Panels and Monitors
  • All Detection devices including smoke alarms and heat sensors

The engineers are fully qualified to undertake all servicing and maintenance requirements on your alarm system. Working efficiently in a professional manner they will keep your fire alarm system working to its full capacity.

By incorporating a regular service and testing procedure into the general facilities management of your premises you are ensuring that all appropriate measures are being taken to maximise the safety of your building and the continued well-being of those who work and operate within.

Fire Alarm Regulations

It’s vitally important you ensure that, as the manager or owner of a commercial premises, you are taking the correct measures to comply with fire alarm regulations, as they apply to you.

We understand that it can sometimes be confusing to keep up with each and every aspect of these regulations, however, they are not measures which you can afford to ignore. And, in working with experts in the field of fire safety such as ARC Fire Safety Ltd then you have the facility of working with people who can provide you all the support you need in order to comply.

The Key Points Of Which You Need to be Aware

Fire Risk Assessment

It’s a legal requirement for all commercial properties to conduct and record a thorough risk assessment of your site.

You need to be able to show that all potential areas of dangers, hazard or risk have been identified and assessed, with all due diligence having been taken by you to ensure that adequate safety measures have been put into place to minimise the risk to those who work or operate on the site.

Fire Alarms

All fire alarms on the site need to comply with regulations and be appropriate for the task for which they’ve been installed. This includes ensuring that they are located in the correct places, in working order and efficiently maintained / serviced and conforming to the correct sound levels so that they may be adequately heard in the event of an emergency.

Call Points and correctly located

You need to ensure that all call points across the respective zones on your site are correctly located and easily accessible to all. This includes being at a height that all can reach, in an unobstructed location and within no more than 45m walk within the property.

All equipment should be correctly maintained and tested

Maintaining and testing equipment on a regular basis is paramount to ensuring that your fire alarm system is complying with regulation and, more importantly, that your site is as safe as it can be from fire dangers.

Suitable Plans should be made in case of fire emergency

Management should ensure that plans are made for evacuation in the event of a fire with all who are located in the building adequately informed of these measures. This includes correctly signing fire escape routes, call points and meeting points outside of the building. In addition, some liaison with fire and rescue services should be in place.

All equipment should be appropriate to their task and location and compliant with British safety standards

It should go without saying that the equipment and devices which you’ve had installed should be correct for the task at hand. For instance, having the correct fire extinguishers that are suitable to the materials in any given location are imperative.

Additionally all the equipment should be of a suitable standard to provide confidence that they will work as required if ever they are needed. Equipment should have been thoroughly tested and comply with British standards of safety and competence before being used in any fire alarm system.

Utilise the expertise of ARC Fire Safety Ltd

Ensuring that your property is up to the required standards of safety and compliant with fire alarm regulations is such an important aspect of your health and safety requirements that we would always recommend that you let the experts help. ARC Fire Safety Ltd can provide a full support service to ensure that you have the correct fire alarm system for your property, using the most appropriate equipment and giving you the peace of mind that you’ll be adhering to all the appropriate regulations.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Keeping your fire alarm and security systems in full working order is a crucial aspect of your health and safety compliance. For this reason it’s imperative that you put together a regular programme of maintenance and servicing for your systems, ensuring that every component is in full working order.

ARC Fire Safety Ltd are able to provide a bespoke service and maintenance programme suitable to the fire alarm and security system that you have installed at your premises. We can tailor the service to meet your specific requirements, providing a regular maintenance from professional, fully qualified technicians so that you have the peace of mind that your system will work exactly as it should in the rare event that a fire occurs.

How we can help with your fire alarm maintenance

  1. Service and Maintenance contracts to suit your system – we’ll work with you to put together a programme with regular servicing, modifications and repairs as appropriate
  2. Ad-hoc repairs with call-outs from fully qualified engineers 365 days a year
  3. We can work with you in the development of risk assessments for your site
  4. Regular service calls and inspections – we’ll make routine visits to site to ensure that your fire alarm system is in full working order and in compliance with fire safety regulations; checking the status of fire extinguishers, call points, smoke and heat detectors as well as any automated controls and systems that you may have installed.
  5. Installation, testing and servicing of emergency lighting.
  6. Full reporting and certification for record keeping and compliance

What are the Benefits of a Service and Maintenance Contract?

  • Compliance – Having regular tests and checks of your system from experts ensures that your fire alarms are in full working order, demonstrating due diligence that you are taking the maximum level of safety precaution at your site and complying with your responsibilities and the law.
  • Potential Cost Savings – Preventative maintenance of your system can help reduce costs on your equipment as you reduce the amount and regularity of replacing broken pieces of equipment. You may also find that there are savings to be made by reducing the higher expense of more ad-hoc engineering call-outs that may arise to make repairs.
  • Your own peace of mind – The fact of the matter is that your fire alarm system may never be used as you may never actually have a fire. HOWEVER, it is absolutely critical that the system is ALWAYS in complete working order so that IF THE WORST DOES HAPPEN and a fire DOES break out on the site – you need to KNOW that your fire alarm isn’t going to fail you when it really matters. By keeping it regularly maintained and serviced you know that the system is working and, while silently operating in the background, will be ready to spring in to action if a fire does break out.

We’re here to keep your fire alarms maintained

At ARC Fire Safety Ltd we have a team of fully qualified engineers on hand to make sure that you have exactly the right service and maintenance programme that meets your needs.

  • Quick and effective response to any call-outs that may be required
  • Regular visits to keep your site’s alarm fully operational
  • Professional and Experienced Engineers delivering the highest quality servicing compliant to all codes of British Fire Safety Standards
  • Flexibility of service, tailoring the plan in accordance with your requirements.
    To find out more about the service and maintenance contract or agreement that suits you then give us a call. Our team of professional fire safety experts will be more than happy to talk through your requirements and put your plan into place.

Fire Alarm Engineers

At ARC Fire Safety Ltd we have a team of professional, fully qualified and experienced fire alarm engineers on had to deliver quality installations, servicing, maintenance and repairs when required.

Expertise you can trust

Each member of our team are fully trained and compliant with all standards of British Fire Safety regulations, ensuring that any time you need an engineer to visit your site you can be safe in the knowledge that they will have the expertise to deliver the work to the highest levels of competence and skill.

Fire Alarm and Security Installations

Following risk assessments and design of your fire alarm and security systems you need to have engineers who can ensure that all installations are carried out professionally, efficiently and with the minimum disruption to your site.

Our engineers will carry out full fire alarm installations, covering all component parts from fire extinguisher siting, to glass call point alarm, smoke detectors and automatic systems. All installations will be checked thoroughly to ensure that each part of the system is in full working order and adhering to all safety standards before it’s signed off as complete.

Service and Maintenance

With a full team of professional engineers dedicated to fire alarm systems and fire safety we can provide regular and effective service and maintenance contracts to suit your specifications. The engineers are all multi-skilled and experienced in the installation, maintenance and repair of all component parts of your system so that each and every visit will add value to the protection of your property.

Regular service calls can be carried out to inspect your fire alarms and to ensure that it is in full working order at all times.

In addition the engineers can deliver quick response calls in the event of an emergency break-down to that you can have complete peace of mind throughout the life of your fire alarm system.

Providing a Personal Service to our Clients

Our fire alarm engineers are not just repair men and women who show up in a crisis. They are the representatives of our business and dedicated to ensuring that we deliver a professional and personal service to all of our clients.

They will get to know your business, your systems and your requirements so that the service you receive is tailored exactly to your needs.

We understand that every environment will have unique elements, that each property and each fire alarm system presents its own challenges. Our engineers endeavour to get to know each business, property and fire alarm system so that when they call they can be proactive in their service, maintaining your system and offering genuine advice on how to ensure your fire alarm is up to date, working to its maximum effect and suitable for whatever changes to your environment may have arisen.

Your Partner in Fire Safety

Our engineers will work as your trusted partners when it comes to your continued fire safety and protection.

Using their expertise they will offer advice as well as ongoing repairs and servicing so that you have continued satisfaction in the knowledge that you are keeping compliant in all your fire protection responsibilities.
Whether visiting your site to survey or install a new system or making routine calls to ensure your equipment is working and up to date an ARC fire alarm engineer will be continually striving to maintain the very highest standards of workmanship and, in doing so, the highest standards of fire safety for your site, your staff and your business.

For further information on how our fire engineers can help with your fire alarm systems please call us today.

Fire Alarm Installation

At ARC Fire Safety Limited we can’t stress enough the importance of having a suitable, robust fire alarm system installed at your property. Hopefully, of course, you’ll never have need to use the alarm at all but, in those rare instances when a fire does occur, the quality of your system is absolutely vital for protecting both lives and the property itself.

We Provide Full Installation of Fire Alarms and Security Systems

Our team of fire installation experts can survey, design and then fully install a fire alarm system suitable to the layout and needs of your property. Incorporated into this system can also be a robust and highly effective security system to protect against intruders.

Using a combination of sensors and detecting equipment, from glass call point alarm triggers and heat sensors to CCTV monitors and access controls you can protect your building with a reliable, high quality fire alarm as well as an effective burglar alarm during working days and out-of-office hours.

Your Building Requires a Risk Assessment

The first step on the road to installing a fire and security system at your property is the RISK ASSESSMENT.

As a commercial property owner you’re required by law to have a fire risk assessment in order to demonstrate that you are both aware of the potential dangers and that you have taken reasonable precautions to protect against these dangers.

At ARC we can work with you and on your behalf to ensure that your risk assessments is up to date, accurate and keeping you in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Fully Comprehensive Installation of Fire & Security Alarm Systems

Based upon the findings from the risk assessment we can then carry out a fully comprehensive fire alarm installation including any security or crime prevention measures – all tailored to meet your exact specifications and to ensure that your building will be fully compliant with building and fire regulations.

We understand how important the installation of your fire and security system is to your business and the potentially devastating consequences that either event can have upon your organisation.

This is why we undertake such a thorough approach to your installation, ensuring that the equipment is of the highest quality and completely suitable to your needs and the spec of the design.

We will fit and install, according to your needs, all the appropriate fire and security equipment from:

• Break Glass Call Point Alarms
• Smoke Alarms appropriate to the environment
• Heat Sensors
• Automated Fire and Smoke Detectors
• Access Controls
• Fire Extinguishers appropriate to the building and the materials on site
• Emergency Lightings / Security Lights

Our installations are carried out with efficiency and, above all, care. We ensure, through rigorous checking, that each component is installed correctly and in working order to give you peace of mind that your system is robust and up to the task of providing protection to your property in the event of fire or intrusion.

The key criteria for any installation, and for the continuing use of the system, is to give as much protection to both the lives of those within the building and indeed the building itself. For this reason when you allow ARC Fire Safety to install your security and fire alarms you can be sure that you are not only receiving expertise of the highest order, but also the reassurance of working with someone who can provide ongoing servicing and maintenance to your system so that it is in the very best working order at all times.

All of our installations will be supported by a repair, servicing and on-going preventative maintenance programme that be tailored specifically to the requirements of your business and flexible enough to allow for any changes to your circumstances that the future may hold.

Fire Alarm Design

Fire alarm design is perhaps the most important part of the entire installation process.

Ensuring that an alarm system is correctly designed in accordance to the layout and the demands of the environment in which it will be installed provides a dramatically increased level of early warning protection against the dangers of fire and smoke; giving added protection for your property and helping to save lives.

At ARC Fire Safety, we take the design of your fire alarm seriously, using all of our expertise and experience to ensure that the system is designed, manufactured and installed bespoke to your building to ensure the highest degree of safety and protection.

Our designers, all correctly qualified to comply with all safety standards and levels of expertise, will carry out a thorough survey of the site in order to put together a comprehensive fire alarm system which will provide full coverage of all areas of the property, with no ‘blind spots’ and with the correct equipment and procedures in place for the highest level of detection and alarm possible.

Key Aspects of Your Fire Alarm Design

Correct Number and Locations for Call Points

Call Points are a crucial part of any fire alarm system with their siting, positioning and numbers paramount to any design.

  • Break Glass Call Points – These are the devices that can be used to raise the alarm to a fire on the premises. The operator will simply break the glass which will activate the system and raise the alarm
  • The call points need to be located at all exit routes as well as floor landings, staircases and at all exits out of the building
  • Nobody should be required to travel more than 45m within an area of the building in order to reach a break glass call point
  • All Call points should be free from any obstruction and located in conspicuous areas and within easy reach for all people.

Ensuring that the site is correctly zoned

When designing a fire detection system at any location it’s usually appropriate to divide the premises into zones with correct zoning forming an important part of the level of protection offered to both the lives of those within the building and the property itself.

  • Smaller (perhaps single storey) buildings with a floor area less than 300 sq. m can be treated as single zone properties
  • If floor area exceeds 300 sq.m then zones should typically be split between storeys
  • Stairwells and lift shafts should be treated as separate zones
  • Nobody should be required to travel more than 60m within a zone to locate a fire.

Automatic Fire Detection Systems

Whilst all fire alarm systems will be designed on the understanding that personal vigilance is required as part of the overall protection, the use of automatic detection systems can offer a vital component as part of an early warning indicator of fire within a property.

  • Automatic monitors and sensors can be installed to detect the early onset of a fire at a premises
  • Sensors can be managed from a central control point set according to each zone on the property
  • Automatic raising of alarms can be triggered to alert those in the building to the danger as well as offering quick response to the relevant emergency services.

Smoke Detection

At ARC Fire Safety we will ensure that correct types of smoke detection equipment are incorporated into the design of your fire alarm system as well as, of course, all being correctly located within the premises.
Our surveyors will assess the property concerned to ensure that smoke detection is correctly situated and then recommend the various types of equipment that should be in place. These could range from:

  • Infra-red or beam detectors
  • Ionisation Detectors
  • Heat Sensing Detectors

Each detector is suitable for varying types of location so, to avoid false alarms and give maximum protection it’s crucial that the correct type is installed in the correct location.