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Corproate Photography Rates

The rates for our corporate event photography are not set in stone – they are all bespoke and tailored to fit your individual needs and your individual event. This gives you an endless amount of scalability, and makes us the perfect fit for your event in terms of quality, time-scale and budget. We keep you in mind throughout planning and execution, so you can be sure that your images are the best they can be, without disturbing your event.

Corporate Event Photography

At MPSV we know that every event is unique. Every event has different needs and sets out to achieve different things, and one photography package cannot cover all of these elements. Instead we offer bespoke photography and videography solutions, so that you can be secure in the knowledge that your event photography will be perfectly tailored to you and your event. We price events on a job by job basis – so there will always be a way to meet your needs within you budget and still achieve the highest quality images. We put over a decade of experience in location event photography into practice to deliver high quality images of your event, your speakers and your guests, capturing the essence of the day in a picture.

Private Event Coverage

Of course it isn’t just corporate events that we cater for. Our years of experience can equally be put to use at private events – and this can be anything from large company parties to wedding days. Because of the way we work, we are infinitely flexible and scalable, meaning that even the smallest event can be perfectly documented with beautiful photos. We also offer a number of extras for our private clients to make the day even more special. Offering a discreet and subtle service, your guests won’t even notice we are there as we document your day. Once it is over, we can produce these stunning images into a beautifully bound book, giving you a special way to remember the day forever. We can also offer our on-site printing service for private events, to capture your guests looking their best and giving them a beautifully presented folder of their portrait to take away with them on the day – an added special touch that will mean the world.

Charity Events

If you are organising a charity event such as an auction or dinner and would like photography on the day, talk to us about our exclusive charity package – ‘Fee Free’ Events Portraits. These portraits are a fantastic way of maximising the popularity and fundraising potential of your event, with absolutely no outlay from the charity itself, or the event organiser. In this package we set up a discreet on location studio, and use this to take a range of headshots and portraits of your guests. Very popular at black tie dinners, gusts don’t have to wait for their pictures to be developed to take them home. Instead, we use quick printing technology to print them out on site on high quality paper, and present them to your guests in a smart black folder that they can then take away as a momento of the event. This is a small touch that can really make a big difference at charity events, and we provide this service free of charge – just get in touch to find out more.

For more information on pricing, to discuss your ideas or to get a tailored quote, contact Louise or Jeremy on 01264 712135 or drop a line to

Corporate Event Photography – Tips

Corporate event photography is by no means an easy field, and while we might make it look easy, we have put years of practice and training into learning the craft, which enables us to produce such stunning and versatile images of any kind of event. Flexibility is key to event photography, and it is because of the following factors that we are able to tailor our services and offer solutions to any event photography problems.

Before the Event

Before the event begins we will request to meet or video conference with you to run through exactly what you want out of the day. This level of communication is vital for us, and it will be beneficial to you as well. We will endeavour to understand your event and how it will run, and what kind of shots you want during the day. We will take a number of extra shots during the day to capture the event and certain part of it that will make good images – and this creativity will be what brings your event photography to life.

We also pack a large amount of extra kit for the day – including tripods if you are looking for group shots, extra lenses, batteries, cameras and memory cards. Bringing all of this spare equipment ensures that we will never be caught short at your event and we can capture every second.

During the Event

During corporate events we aim to be as unobtrusive as possible, with a highly trained photographic team blending into the background and not disturbing your day. Subtlety is as important to us as it is to you, and we endeavour to stay unseen and unheard as much as possible. We capture the key moments throughout your day, such as keynote speakers (both arriving and during their speeches), panels and breakthrough moments. We will be going through evaluating the photos throughout the day- but one eye will always be on the stage to ensure we don’t miss anything.

But before anyone has entered the room we have analysed the lighting, found the key spots that work from a photographic perspective and we aim to work from there. Lighting is an important factor in all photography, and sometimes a dimly lit hall can ruin what would be a beautiful mid-speech event photo. We also avoid using flash as much as we can. This is firstly so that we don’t disturb your event or your delegates as we photograph them, but also to achieve a beautiful depth of field that really makes your photos stand out.  We also endeavour to take some fantastic general promotional shots, that allow you to use them in marketing or inspirational literature time and time again – giving you more value for your money.

After the Event

Time scales are an important thing in event photography, and we understand that you will want photos of your event as soon as possible. Some clients even want their images at the end of the event – which makes the way we work at events absolutely vital to the timekeeping. We have spent a lot of time training and perfecting the way we shoot, so that we can get as much of your photography correct in camera as possible. This means that there are fewer modifications to do in post, and the turnaround time is far quicker.

Corporate Event Photography Contract

Contracting a photographer to capture your event in motion is one of the best things you can do and presents a wide range of possibilities.

Motion Picture can offer you a comprehensive and fully flexible event photography service that is both unobtrusive and effective – capturing the essence of your event as it happens. We provide a range of fully customisable services to ensure that we provide you with exactly what you need, inside your price range and to your timescales. From documentary event photography to staged event portraiture and even an on-site printing option – we let your event progress smoothly while capturing those special moments that can be missed in the excitement of the day.

With over a decade of experience in professional and corporate event photography, our services have been refined to provide you with the best quality images at an affordable price. We have worked with a huge range of clients, shooting in some fantastic venues and working in tandem with some excellent events companies to deliver stunning images of every kind of corporate event. We are a small and friendly company with a passion for detail and fine images – so you know exactly what you are getting when you hire Motion Picture.

But we don’t just shoot events – we are a one stop shop for all of you photographic and video needs – with extensive experience in everything from product photography to events, corporate video production services and web video production, and everything in between. In addition to our experience in professional photography we also enjoy a range of other experience that is beneficial to you – including sixteen years in broadcast TV and over ten years in marketing and PR. If you want to use your event photography or video for marketing purposes, we can help you craft the perfect tool for the job.

We pride ourselves on producing beautiful photography and professional broadcast quality video – and whatever options you chose we deliver images and video that wows, and images that work for you and business the way you want them to. With our years of experience in location based photography there is no limit to the kind of environment we can work in, and varied environments are second nature to us. The same can be said for working within very strict and restricted time frames and locations, perfecting the delivery of images and video of the highest quality in any situation.

Our experience in the industry means we understand just what it takes to organise and run a successful event, no matter what the size. We can work with you alongside the planning process, helping you to understand what we need and what we can do for you to get the best out of the day. We have worked in close partnership with a number of the industry’s top events and catering companies, and we ensure that our clients enjoy unrivalled coverage that is truly and completely integrated into their event.

Our documentary event coverage is the most popular or our bespoke packages, offering discreet coverage that captures the essence of your event in motion – and become so much more than  a pure pictorial record. It is ideal for press releases, internal newsletters of websites, and combined with our on-site event printing can work well to reinforce your brand.

Covering private, corporate and charity events, no matter what the contract or the problems MPSV will work with you, using our extensive knowledge and experience to tailor a package that meets your needs on time and in budget.

Corporate Event Photography Pricing

Our corporate event photography is priced on a bespoke basis, and covers a wide range of options to fit any brief. We pride ourselves on our flexibility while still maintaining the highest levels of quality- while delivering everything on time and within your budget.

Our completely bespoke approach to corporate event photography is infused with the passion we have for our work, and our complete dedication to producing stunning images of your events. Because we know that no 2 events are the same, and all their needs are different, our event photography service is completely tailored to fit each and every unique brief. We can scale our service to fit any event, whether it’s a corporate team building day, an awards dinner, a black tie charity event or even a private function, we completely adjust our services to fit in with your needs on the day.

This flexibility means that you have more leeway when it comes to price – so you can be safe in the knowledge that whatever your budget, we will be able to help. We have decades of experience in providing comprehensive and flexible event photography packages, so there is bound the be a solution that suits your requirements and your budget. We are always happy to meet with you before the event and discuss your ideas, to get a feel of what you really want out of the day and how you would like the finished product to look. It’s because of this that we are able to fit our pricing into a package that suits you.

Scalability, flexibility and quality are at the heart of everything we do, and as such you can be confident in the knowledge that whatever your budget, your event photography will be subtle and unobtrusive while providing your with stunning images that you can take away.

If you are organising a charity event such as an auction or dinner and would like photography on the day, talk to us about our exclusive charity package – ‘Fee Free’ Events Portraits. These portraits are a fantastic way of maximising the popularity and fundraising potential of your event, with absolutely no outlay from the charity itself, or the event organiser. In this package we set up a discreet on location studio, and use this to take a range of headshots and portraits of your guests. Very popular at black tie dinners, gusts don’t have to wait for their pictures to be developed to take them home. Instead, we use quick printing technology to print them out on site on high quality paper, and present them to your guests in a smart black folder that they can then take away as a momento of the event. This is a small touch that can really make a big difference at charity events, and we provide this service free of charge – just get in touch to find out more.

For our private clients, we offer a number of add-ons that can improve the quality of your day and maximise your enjoyment. We can discreetly film or photograph your private function, ensuring it is all recorded in beautiful images for prosperity. We can then produce these images into a hard form, and present them in a beautifully bound book for you, to give you a way to remember that special day forever.

For more information on pricing, to discuss your ideas or to get a tailored quote, contact Louise or Jeremy on 01264 712135 or drop a line to

MPSV Corporate Event Photography

Corporate event photography is a finite art, and it is a great way to showcase your events in their best light. At MPSV we have over a decade of experience in a huge range of events photography, including many kinds of corporate event. No matter what coverage you require for your event, what style or what level of interaction you want, we are able to deliver creative and evocative images to reflect your needs on time and within budget.

Through our years of event photography we are proud to work with some of the finest venues and excellent event companies across the whole of the UK and Europe. Working in close partnership with them we ensure that your event runs smoothly and is the best it possibly can be, with a fantastic set of great images that will prove it! At MSVP we can cater for a wide range of event photography needs, from documentary to events and on site printing, and we offer bespoke packages so you will always find something to suit your needs.

Documentary Event Photography

We can provide subtle and unobtrusive corporate event photography to cover every angle of your event. This will not only provide you with some fantastic promotional material and records, but we will also capture the essence of your event as it happens. As specialists in location based photography, we ensure that we capture the very best moments of your event as they happen and produce stunning quality images in a quick turnaround.

Event Photography with on site printing

Introducing event photography with on site printing is the perfect way to add something extra special to your event, and is a great way to impress your guests. Ideal for black tie or award dinners, we can set up an on-site location studio just for your event. Guests can have a professional location portrait taken at your even, but they don’t have to wait for it to be send to them. Instead their portraits can be printed on site quickly, on high quality paper, and be presented to them in a smart folder. They can then take this away as a personalised momento of your event.

Event Image Management

Every event is different, and so sometimes a pre-set package might not offer you everything you need. For these occasions and larger events, we offer a bespoke service to cover image management and full event photography. Our bespoke package offers complete event photography solutions for covering  large symposiums and multiple break out events, and including services such as express press stills turnaround and even video acquisition and editing. While you concentrate on your event, we can ensure that you get the coverage you need from the day, ready for release when you really need it.

Whatever your event, whatever the format or the subject, we can help you achieve stunning images for use again and again. Just get in touch and we will happily chat through your plans – whatever stage they are at.

Event Video Production – Wish You Could Be Here

video footage of networking events can bring the essence of networking to life for future event marketing
video footage of networking events can bring the essence of networking to life for future event marketing

You are about to put on an event. It is very important to your company. You have invested a lot of money and time into the event. You have VIPs or experts lined up to speak. For one or two days, your firm will be under the spotlight. It is fantastic exposure for your business. Have you ever thought about holding a videoed event? Just think of how many more people you could reach and how much more exposure it could provide your business with? For months, or perhaps even years, there would be ripples across the pond. Here are several important reasons why you need to consider hiring event video production and also a few helpful tips to help ensure it all runs smoothly.

Event Video Production Benefits

A videoed event has the ability to capture the buzz, atmosphere and immediacy of the day. These days, people have very short attention spans. They are much more likely to view an engaging video that quickly gets its point across than they are to read through a long transcript.

Video also is a long-term investment. You video will eventually reach a much larger audience, beyond the individuals who were present at the event on the day it was held. A full video of your event is great for people who weren’t able to attend due to the location or if it was sold out. You can also use an edited video to promote events you hold in the future. Live streaming also allows people to participate in your event virtually from any place in the world.

It the video is done correctly, it has the ability to introduce a new service, product or idea to new prospective customers very successfully and show your company off very well.

Benefits To Hiring An Expert Event Video Production Firm

The right company will have performed this service many times before. They will show up with all the necessary equipment and also be fully prepared to deal with any situation that might arise. They will have contingency plans ready to deal with likely things that could go wrong.

In addition, the production company will have all the necessary equipment and technology to not only meet but exceed expectations. These days, people do assume all the trimmings come with their production, including content optimised for mobile viewing, social media integration and HD, to name a few.

They will also handle all of those boring yet necessary safety requirements, such as ensuring cables are laid out safely and PAT testing the equipment.

How To Find The Best Event Video Production Firm

Be sure to:

* Hire a firm that has a proven track record. Check out the company’s website to see if examples are provided of events similar to the one you are planning.

* Locate experts who have a good understanding of what your vision is and who can provide expertise for helping to achieve it.

* Make sure the video quality is sufficient for its specific purpose (for example, HD for YouTube). Also ensure that both the visual and audio are both high quality.

* Get a clear understanding that the staff will be ever-present but discreet on the day of the event. You don’t want important parts of the day to not get filmed. However, you don’t want your guests tripping over cameras or not feeling comfortable about speaking up. Let your videographers know in advance what your key moments are. This will enable them to know what the most important parts are to get on film.

* Make sure the company has all the resources necessary to get the film quickly edited so that momentum isn’t lost.

Costs And Options

You may be wondering, how much will this cost? It depends, is the simple answer. The price can vary depend on what your end product will look like and what the event’s format is.

For example, on the day of the event, do you want:

* To have just certain sections filmed or the entire event?

* Live streaming?

* One-on-one interviews with event participants?

After the event is over, do you want to have a video file that has been edited or all of the footage? Will you want to have animation, graphics or on-screen titles added? Different circumstances and media will be best for certain outcomes. Be sure to fully discuss what all of your costs and options are ahead of time with your event video production firm.

When it comes to running an event, there is already plenty for you to worry about. Hire a reputable company to help take all of the worry and hassle away from your event video production.

Seven Tips for Music Video Production

capturing the passion of music visually
capturing the passion of music visually

One of the most creative video genres available is that of video production. With a goal to promote product or group video productions are all the rage in today’s online interactions. The more innovative these are, the better. Many get carried away in the frenzy of this new wave. You’ll want to make sure you stay on track to spend your money wisely and make every penny count. Here are seven tips to help you get started in the video production so that you too can cash in on the rewards of music video production.


You’ll want to create a budget to work within to keep your music video production affordable. If your budget is tight you’ll want to plan each and every step to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.


You’ll need to be familiar with how everything should work before you get started. You’ll want to study your resources and know exactly what you’re looking for. Once you find what you believe is the right company you’ll want to review some examples to see if their work quality meets with your expectations.


You have a vision for your company. When you meet with the music video production company you will be able to share your vision and see what they can do with it. Share your vision and let them tell you what they can do. By working together you can stay within your budget and get exactly what you want.


You’ll need to be savvy and watch how costs add up. If you want to use more than one location you’ll need to factor in the cost of moving equipment and supplies. You’ll need to factor in how many camera men you’ll need and how your lighting will effect the over all video. Who will do the final edits? You or the video production company? All of these costs will add up so you’ll want to keep track of each individual move you plan.

Get quotes from two or three companyies so that you are sure you can afford it. This way your more likely to make a wise informed decision and get what you want.


There simply can’t be enough said about communication. Communication, or lack thereof, can make or break any deal. If you don’t communicate your wants and desires they certainly can’t read your mind. Make sure that everyone has a complete understanding of what is expected and what is desired. Don’t assume they know just because they are working for you. Lay it out concisely and make sure your information is easy to understand. Be specific and goal oriented.


Plan for a contingency. Always have a back up plan or two or three. Be ready to change anything at the drop of a hat. One never knows what will happen. What if the video is to be shot outside and it’s raining. What if it’s to be filmed in the park and the park is flooded that week? What if equipment breaks down? Talk with your video production firm and find out what their policy is for changes like this. Will they still charge you a small fee for the efforts? Will they be willing to change the shoot dates? Each of these things can add up to expensive changes costs so make sure you cover all these possibilities before you sign on the dotted line. You want to get your money’s worth and you don’t want to have to pay full price if you’re rained out or flooded out.


You have a wealth of opportunity to expand on this. Many find that they are happy and content with working with videos and fans love them. Once you find the right company plan for more and more videos and enjoy your success.

Video Production For Events

capturing events such as awards ceremonies can bring press releases to life
capturing events such as awards ceremonies can bring press releases to life

This is for people who are in charge of running an event, and it is probably important to your company or organization. You may have your experts or company VIP’s on display and they and your organization will be in the limelight for a couple of days, and it will be good exposure. If you are available to make a video of the event, just think of how much more exposure you will be able to garner, and the information that you will be able to pass along for months, and even years. Here are some pointers as to why you should consider making a video for such events in London and some tips on how to make everything run smoothly.

The Benefits of Producing Video Productions For Events

An event that has a video will be remembered forever, and the buzz and flavour will be captured and can be relived through the video. Everyone’s attention span is on the short side anymore, as people quickly move on to the next thing, but with a video being made available for the event, the atmosphere and excitement can be re-lived and enjoyed.

Just think of video as an investment, because once finalized, it will reach far more people that did the original event. Perhaps your event was sold out, or there were perhaps people who could not attend on the day that it occurred for various reasons, having a video depicting the happenings of the day can be an invaluable way of reselling the idea and rekindling the information for a new day. By live streaming the video, the information that is taking place at the event can be viewed by anyone in the world at the time of the event, or at a later time at their convenience.

The Hiring Of Experts Can Be An Advantage

If you are considering the making of videos, you can be miles ahead by hiring the right people to help you produce them. They will come prepared with their experience and equipment to do a first class, professional job. They will anticipate all of the mistakes and mishaps, and will be prepared to cope with them quickly.

They will have all of the necessary equipment and know-how in order to be able to create just the right video for your needs, and will be able to incorporate all of the state of the are effects to provide a viewing experience that enhances just what you want done. They will also be able to handle all of the boring safety requirements, such as having everything PAT tested and all the cables and electronic devices properly set up.

When You Are Finding The Right Production Company Make Sure You:

  1. Hire a company with a track record, and be sure to obtain referrals. Get some samples of their work so that you can see what kind of a job they really do. Check the quality of the video, and ask yourself if that is what you really want, as you should be able to tell by looking. Find out what other events they have done in the past, and then check with the customer and find out if the service was satisfactory. Just be sure you can work with them and decide how open they are in disclosing in advance their techniques in being unobtrusive, yet being in the right place at the right time at your event.
  2. Check the cost, and this is of course the tricky part, but you will need to fully understand how you will be billed. Will it be a flat fee for the whole event, or are there ala carte charges. Then sit down and do the math in order to choose the best method. You will know, but it never hurts to share the information with a colleague.