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Unlikely Lawyers – Nine Names of Individuals that Previously Worked or Studied in the Legal Profession

How often have you ever considered a complete career change?  You may hear of individuals that go on to entirely change their focus in life after five, ten or even twenty years.  There are some surprising individuals that you may not be aware who were previously working in the legal profession.

1.      Julio Iglesias

He may be known for his crooning however this was not his original plan.  A student of law, he was paralysed following a car accident in 1963.  During his three year recovery he taught himself how to play guitar and discovered that he had an unknown natural talent as a musician.  He pursued his law studies, finally qualifying in 2001.

2.      John Cleese

One of UK’s original funny men, John’s career within the finest of comedy performances was preceded by a law degree studied at Cambridge University.  Having met fellow comedy partner Graham Chapman at university, they chose set to set up the Monty Python company.

3.      John Grisham

Following a series of unsuccessful jobs that included a plumber’s assistant and an underwear salesman, John chose to study for what he considered a ‘real’ career.  His original plans were to become a tax lawyer; however he found that becoming a trial lawyer would be better suited.  Having observed a harrowing trial following the case of a rape case of a young girl he was inspired to write ‘A Time to Kill’.

4.      Gandhi

Originally studying law and passing the bar in 1891 in London, Gandhi returned to India to practice.  However he soon found that he was too shy to speak loudly in court.

5.      Jerry Springer

Infamous for being the original talk show host of scandalous over the top arguments, Jerry initially studied for his law degree in 1968.  After qualifying, his first role was as an aide to Robert Kennedy.  Following Kennedy’s assassination, he moved to another law firm.  He soon became involved in local politics and a radio celebrity.  This eventually elevated him to television.

6.      Andrea Bocelli

Having originally studied law at the University of Pisa, Andrea spent his free time singing as a tenor to earn more money.  After graduating in the 1980s he worked for a year as a lawyer before deciding that his heart was in singing and music.

7.      Jeff Cohen

Not a name that you may be highly familiar with.  If you had watched the children’s film ‘The Goonies’ back in the 1980s, you may remember the character of ‘Chunk’.  Following a business degree he chose to study for his law degree at the UCLA School of Law.  He went on to become an Entertainment Lawyer, a role that would combine his previous acting experience and knowledge.

There are also many individuals that have chosen to move from the world of celebrity across to the varied law sector.  With the many options that are available to practise as a lawyer , they have been able to combine their previous experience.

8.      Brian Moore

Formerly a UK rugby player, he chose to swap the dramas on the pitch for the less likely choice of law.   Originally continuing to play in rugby union in the 1990s he played for Harlequins at the same time as becoming a solicitor in London.  He eventually chose to retire from rugby, becoming a full-time lawyer before returning to BBC Sport in 2003.

9.      Christopher Parker

One of the most recent celebrities to have chosen such a career change, the television star of Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing is currently studying for his law degree in London.



Employment Law – How Do I Make Sure that My Company is Acting Correctly and Fairly?

As an organisation you have a responsibility to your staff, shareholders and in fact the reputation of your business to work fairly and with respect to all concerned.  So how can you make sure that all of your human resources function is being operated accurately in everyone’s favour?  By obtaining advice from a solicitor that has expertise in the HR field, you can remain safe in the knowledge that they’ll be able to advise you in the right direction.  Enabling you to focus on developing a successful business; safe in the knowledge that you’re receiving sound legal advice.

Setting up a new business

If you’re considering, or are in the process of setting up a new business, it’s important to get it right from the start.  Are you or will you be employing staff?  Make sure that you have the right paperwork drawn up such as contracts of employment.  If you’re employing staff, make sure that all of the necessary checks are made on your potential new members of your team.  Perhaps you’ll be employing from abroad.  It’s vital that you can consult advice concerning immigration law.  Failure to comply with all of the necessary regulations can result in potentially damaging fines.

Health and Safety – Is your business compliant?

As a business you have a responsibility to ensure that your employees are kept safe at all times.  If you haven’t already, it’s important to seek advice from a solicitor to make sure that your company is compliant with all of the necessary regulations.  By consulting effective legal advice, you will be able to set up and run the correct procedures to keep your employees safe.  It’s important that you choose the right practising solicitor that will work best with your company.

When staff issues don’t run as planned

Employing staff can be challenging.  Should you have an employee that is not performing as required or has behaved inappropriately, there may be cause for the situation to be addressed.  Any handling of a staff member should be dealt with sensitively and carefully.  If a situation is not dealt with in the correct manner, it has the potential to have a serious detrimental effect on your business.  A well-versed solicitor will be able to guide you through all of the correct procedures that you must follow when dealing with staff members.

Time for restructure

In difficult financial times, it may be that you have to reconsider the current structure of your organisation to ensure that your business continues to run effectively.  Whether you have a small business with only a couple of employees or a large tiered company, any form of restructure or redundancy must be handled in accordance with the appropriate guidelines and regulations.  An experienced solicitor will be able to guide you through with any restructure that may be needed.

Marketing your business correctly

We all need to think of innovative ways to continually market our businesses to potential clients.   However, if you’re thinking of targeting and approaching new clients there are several points that you need to consider from a legal perspective.  This is mainly focused around the topic of data.  As an organisation, you have a responsibility to ensure that all data is kept private.  So what does data actually mean?  This concerns any information that your company may possess about a potential client including personal details.  You are required by law to keep any information concerning clients