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Choosing The Ideal Wedding Hairstyle For The Shape Of Your Face

By: lindsey child

In terms of planning for your special wedding look, you need to consider several different things. What is your dress going to look like? Which make-up style will you choose? What hairstyle will work the best for you? You want to choose a hairstyle for your special day that works with the style of dress that you have selected, flatters your figure and frames your face. Looking back on beautiful photos, from Moore and Moore, you need to make sure your hair is perfect. This can be hard to figure out at times. Brides are often pressured these days to fit with what the current hair trends are. It happens to be the ‘updo’ right now. However, what if you haven’t ever worn your hair up? Why would you want to start with something like that now? How you wear your hair all centres around making your feel completely beautiful on your special day. That is why finding a hairstyle that you really love and suits your face is critical To help you find the best style, we have gathered together a few handy tricks and tips to help you determine the best hairstyle that will suit the shape of your face the best.

First of all, you need to determine what your face shape is. That is a fairly easy thing to do. It will make a very big difference in how you style your hair and make-up in the future. The Beauty Department has a great chart that can be used. After you have figure out what shape of face you have, try a couple of different styles out from the categories that are suggested for you or just design one on your own that is based on what you like and your major facial features.


An oval shaped face is wider than its length. The jaw and forehead are around the same width, and the chin is rounded. Big loose curls, a side swept type of style or retro curls are the best styles. It helps to give your face some width. A voluminous hairstyle and dangling earrings can really enhance an oval shaped face.


A diamond shaped face is long and narrow. The widest aspect is the cheekbones. This shape of face often features a pointy chin and works well with hairstyles that are more slicked back instead of having hair touch your face. If a lot of hair is surrounding it, a diamond shape face can begin to appear very narrow, so try to push it all back- by either leaving it curly and loose and pinning the fringe back or pulling it up so that you don’t look to gaunt. Updo’s and ponytails work really well with a diamond shaped face, in addition to slightly off centre bangs and deep side partings.

A square shaped face has an angular and wide jaw line, broad forehead and wide cheekbones. If an up-do style is something you are going for, try for a loose, soft and curly look with loose sections surrounding your face. The most flattering are often long hairstyles, and they are usually best when they are worn straight. If possible, an A line haircut (with long bangs down to your chin) and low hanging hairstyle helps to play down your sharp corners and the right areas will be accented.


A round shaped face is usually as wide as it is long and quite even, with a round chin and circular appearance. Add volume and height to your hairstyle to get the most out of this shape. This will help to trick the eye into thinking your face is longer. High ponytails and loose hairstyles with bangs and many layers are ideal. You could try having some volume at your crown with a half down and half up style.


The heart shaped face features a narrow jaw line with wide cheekbones and forehead and fuller top of face. In order to give this face shape a flattering look, don’t pull your hair back or put lots of height into your crown. This will draw extra attention to a pointed chin and diminishing jaw. Fishtail braids and loose updo’s with wavy, loose, fringe curls are the best hairstyles to help give you a glamorous look and enhance your natural beauty.


An oblong shaped face is a narrow, long shape with pointy chin and straight jaw line. An oblong face can appear more oval with deep side parted, super straight or tight curl hairstyles. A layered, long bang in the front (even with short hair) can ad some volume and help to soften your face.

Pear or Triangular

A triangular shaped face has a square chin, wide jawline, narrow cheekbones and forehead and is very bottom heavy. Half down half up hairstyles are ideal for this shape of face, ideally slightly waved or curl to provide motion as well as widen the appearance of your jaw line. If possible, try cutting in layers and choose a centre parting.

Choosing A Wedding Hairstyle That Accentuates Your Face

By: Faylyne

Planning for your wedding will need you to consider and deliberate about a couple of things chief among being how you will look on that day. You thus have to deliberate about the kind of dress you want, the makeup you will use, and the hairstyle to rock on that day. The hairstyle you settle for should perfectly frame your face, complementing the style of the dress while flattering your figure. Achieving this might however not be as easy as it sounds. Brides are currently under intense pressure to stick with current hair trends, with the “updo” being the trending style. However, why should you have your hair up when you have never done such a style? It is your big day, so you should go with your face and makes you look ravishing. The following pointer will help you figure out what hairstyle can suit you.

Know the Shape of Your Face

The first step is to identify your face shape, which is not that complex or hard and will greatly influence your choices of makeup and hairstyle. Check out the face chart by The Beauty Department. You can try out a few of styles in the suggested categories after you know the shape of your face. Alternatively, you can opt to design your unique styles based on your facial features as see that styles you come up with that you like.


An oval face looks long and has forehead will roughly have the same width as the jaw and with a rounded chin. Some of the styles options for an oval face include a side-swept style, retro curls, and the big loose curls. Just make sure you do a voluminous hairstyle and rock some hot dangling earrings.


A person with a diamond shaped face as some very pronounced cheekbones making the face look long and narrow towards the chin. The ideal hairstyle choice would be something that follows backwards and does not cover the face. A lot of hair surround a diamond-shaped faces makes it look narrower. Therefore, style the hair nicely and tightly pushing it all backwards. Just make sure you avoid looking gaunt by giving the hair a loose and curly style or just pull it all up to the back to have a ponytail. Do short earrings and light makeup to top it up.


A strong and angular jaw line, wide cheekbones, and a broad forehead characterize a square face. You can still rock an updo style but stick to something loose; a style that is soft, curly, and loose sections around the face. However, the best choice would be long hairstyles to flatter you head to toe. Do an A-line haircut, which has long length bangs running down to your chin. You can also do a low hanging style to quench the sharp corners and accentuate the right area of the face.


A round face is often even from all angles though it may look a bit wide with a rounded chin. For such a face, adding height and hairstyle tricks that shift the eyes to the face will be a good choice. Do a ponytail finish or something with a loose style; try a half up half down style. However, give your hair a bit of volume (layer and bangs) at the crown.


A heart shaped faces start with a narrow jawline and widens at the cheekbones and towards the top of the face. A slick style with the hair pulled all the way back will not do any justice to this face shape. In addition, giving more height at the crown will only cause more attention to the pointed chin and diminishing jaw. Fishtail braids with fringe, loose, wavy curls will do the magic and accentuate all the right feature of the face.


An oblong face has a straight jawline and a narrow or pointy chin causing it to look narrow and long. The perfect hairstyle is one that will make the face look a bit oval. For this, you can work with deep side parted, super straight, classic or tight curl styles. Even if you do not have long hair, cover the front of the face with a long layered bang. Add a bit of volume to the style and it will go a long way to creating a beautiful and glamorous look in the face


The pear face also referred to as a triangular face is narrow on top and wide at the chin. The jawline is a bit broad with a square chin. You should consider giving the hair a bit more motion using slightly waved and curly hairstyle for any of the half up half down style options. It will give more volume to the top thus taking the attention away from the jawline. Try a suitable center parting and cut in layers to give an added chicness to the style.

Destination Weddings: Advice from A Recent Bride

By: Victoria Johnson

Nearly twelve months ago, I married the man of my dreams in the beautiful Soller in Mallorca. Fairly soon after he asked me to marry him, we sat down and talked about what we wanted for our wedding. We knew what we did not want; we did not want to have a traditional Irish wedding, like our parents before us. Instead, we were intrigued by the idea of a destination location that everyone could enjoy. Soller was at the top of our list. We visited and looked at several venues, but we truly loved one of them, which is the one we picked. The wedding itself was incredible and was exactly what I pictured as a little girl when I dreamed of the day that I would get married. The following tips include everything I learned during the planning process and should help ensure that your big day goes smoothly.

Practice the Word “No”

You are going to have to say no during the planning process. The only opinion that matters when it comes to what kind of wedding you want is your own (and your future husband’s). Everyone else is going to try and tell you their thoughts. Listen to them and appreciate that they care, but remember to ultimately do what you want to do. If not, you will not be satisfied with your wedding.

Tradition is Optional

Traditions should be respected, but they do not have to be adhered to during your wedding. For example, consider picking dresses to suit each of your individual bridesmaids, rather than forcing them all to wear matching frocks. Your ceremony does not have to be held inside of a church, and you do not need to wear “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” Keep the traditions that you feel strongly about. Beyond that, simply make the choices that help you put a personal touch on your wedding. You will have a lot more fun if you do not feel pressured to do or include something in your wedding. Make your wedding about you and your future husband!

Set a Budget

It is natural to be excited about your wedding. However, you have to be a little realistic as well. You and your fiancée have a life to plan. If you spend an exorbitant amount on your wedding, you are certainly not getting things off on the right foot. Set a budget and do your best to stick to it.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Particularly if your wedding is at a destination location, consider hiring a local wedding planner that can attend to all the details of the ceremony and reception. If the wedding planner is too expensive, simply hire him or her just for the day of your wedding. That should take some of the stress off of you and allow you to focus on your love for your partner and the excitement of day.

Keep It In Perspective

Remember that your wedding day is just that: a day. You have many more days to come as a couple. Try not to stress about the little things. Focus on the larger issues, like your budget, your guest list and anything else that you feel passionate about. Forget about the little stuff and save yourself money where you can. On your wedding day, you will feel great and be much happier than if you had obsessed over every little detail. Keep your head up and keep smiling. Your day will be wonderful!

How To Look Your Best In Wedding Photos Without Editing Tricks

Every bride wants to look their very best in the photographs taken on their wedding day. This occasion is one of the few times you have the chance to wear a stunning gown and attract all sorts of attention. Therefore, looking great is essential. These handy tips will help you achieve a memorable day with little effort.

Find A Skilled Makeup Artist

While many brides may consider doing their own make up on their wedding day as a way to save money, this may not always be the right decision. Spending a bit extra to secure the services of a professional makeup artist can help ensure that you are wearing products that truly suit your skin tone and that flatter your face in photographs. In addition, professionals will use high-end foundations and eye make up that will last longer than your normal every day make up which will save time having to keep touching up your make up throughout the day and evening instead of celebrating.

Keep Lip Color Close At Hand

It is virtually impossible to prevent your lip color from fading at least a little bit as you go about the activities of your wedding day. In order to make certain that your lips are beautifully defined in every photo, consider popping a tube of gloss or lipstick into your floral bouquet so it is never far away.

Consider A Photo Shoot In Advance Of The Wedding

Consider scheduling a photo session with your wedding photographer ahead of the big day. You will feel much more familiar and comfortable with your chosen professional and will be able to relax when it comes time to take pictures on the actual day. The difference can be truly remarkable, and the time spent will not be wasted.

Have Faith In Your Photographer

No two faces or figures are the same, and a skilled photographer will know how best to flatter every type of subject. The professional you have selected will have the ability to put you into poses and get the best possible angles on your face to guarantee terrific images. Therefore, do not hesitate to listen to what your photographer tells you and take their stage direction seriously.

Men, Empty Your Pockets!

Something that far too many grooms and groomsmen overlook on the day of the wedding is the need to empty their pockets. Nobody wants wedding photos in which all of the men have strange bulges in their pants pockets. Make sure to find a safe place to keep any essential items during the wedding as well as the reception so that every photograph is as sleek as possible.

Pay Attention To Posture

The importance of good posture in wedding photos cannot be overstated. Even if you are wearing the most elegant attire and have the very best hair and makeup, if you are slouching, the entire shot will be ruined. Work on standing up straight and keeping your shoulders back. Consciously tip your chin slightly upward, and you will achieve a slim, streamlined appearance. There is nothing wrong with practicing your posture well in advance of the wedding so that it all feels entirely natural once the photographer starts snapping away.

Natural Light Is Your Friend

When dressing on the morning of the wedding, make certain to identify a room bathed in natural light. This type of lighting is ideal for ensuring that your skin looks perfect in photographs and your makeup goes on in an exquisite, flawless manner.

Do Less Posing

When confronted by someone with a camera, many people have a natural instinct to stop what they are doing and pose in a stilted, formal manner. However, it is often the more candid shots which have the most appeal. Natural reactions and expressions are great for capturing the true mood of the day and will form the basis of memorable images to last a lifetime.

Take Advantage Of The ‘Golden Hour’

Every photographer knows this, but make sure you are aware of the stunning natural light offered just before sunset. The atmosphere at this time of day makes for romantic, dreamlike images you will certainly want to have in your finished album. Taking just a small amount of time to take advantage of these magical moments can pay real dividends.

Consult With Your DJ

Prior to hitting the floor for your first dance as husband and wife, make sure your DJ knows to turn off any strobe or spotlights. That way, you will avoid having strangely colored lights and shapes in photographs of this special moment.

The Favour Feud – Is It Worth It?

FavourThere’s no denying it, weddings are an expensive business. And with the costs of getting married rising every year, the modern bride is always looking for a way to cut the costs without cutting out the style. One of the most traditional wedding elements has come under the axe recently, and that’s the favours. It’s caused a bit of a divide among brides, some saying they are still a lovely and traditional thing to do, others saying they are just a pointless waste of time. But should you have wedding favours, are they really worth it? We examine both sides of the argument, and leave you to decide for yourself!


Wedding favours were originally a gift given by the bride to acknowledge and thank every friend or family member who shared in her special day. And the original wedding favour wasn’t extortionately expensive either- the bride would give 5 sugared almonds to each guest, wrapped in a delicate and attractive tuille bag or a box. Each almond symbolised a different wish for the couples future: Health, Wealth, happiness, Long Life and Fertility.

Now a favour is seen to be something more personal and unique to the couple, and there are all sorts of wonderful new ideas out there – from giving seeds, hot chocolate sticks, smoore’s kits or even Lego bricks. It’s a chance for the couple to get creative in the way they thank their guests, and it’s usually one of the more fun elements to the planning. They don’t have to be expensive either – I know many brides who have given homemade favours on their wedding day – cutting the costs while still keeping this tradition.

At the end of the day – it’s a way to say thank you, and this tradition is one that can easily be done on a budget and to a personal level – so there is no need to cut it out completely!

Spend Your Money On Something Else!

Sure, it’s traditional, but what’s the point, really? I mean sure, you could make them yourself – but that means spending the day before your wedding wrapping up biscuits or sticking labels to little potted plants for every guest – but what a waste of time! You could be spending that precious time drinking and celebrating with your friends and family, getting your nails done ready for the big day or just watching a movie with your bridesmaids in your pyjamas doing the ‘im getting married in the morning’ dance. I know I will be!

The point is, favours are an element of the day that doesn’t really affect anything. It doesn’t make the day better, and I can’t count the number of weddings I’ve come home from and the favour has sat on the side for a few days before being binned. I always feel a little bit bad – because the bride and groom probably spent a lot of time, money and effort on them – but they’re always useless. With so much else to plan and do – favours are the last thing you should be thinking about.

A Happy Middle Ground?

So is there a happy middle ground in the favour feud? Probably not. Each couple is different, and some might prefer to give lavish favours to every guest while others give nothing. It doesn’t make a huge impact on the day either way, and it’s all down to personal preference. If favours are your bag, I say go for it. But if you’re not fussed, then don’t sweat it and spend the time and money elsewhere.

What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer


At moore&moore photography, we know that choosing a photographer for your wedding is a very personal experience, and you want to be confident that you have made the right decision. You need a photographer who will work with you, capture your personality and style perfectly and reflect your day in its best light. To help you on your way, here are a few questions you should ask your photographer before you sign on the dotted line.

The Basics:

  • Do you have my date available? This is the basic requirement before the conversation can go any further. If they don’t have your date available, then there is no point in continuing the conversation. They might be the perfect photographer for you, but they can’t be in 2 places at once, and it’s easier to cut it off now and not waste your or their time.
  • Do you have a portfolio I can view? A photographer should always be happy to show you their recent work. If they decline to show you a portfolio, that is a very big red flag. We would always recommend against booking anyone who won’t show you their work beforehand to avoid heartache and tears if it doesn’t go well.
  • How long have you been in business? If ever there was a time that choosing a veteran over a new arrival is a good idea, it’s now. When it comes to your wedding, the dress, the rings and the photographs are the only tangible things left after the day, and you want them to be done properly.
  • Are you insured? A lot of venues nowadays require external vendors to be insured before they will let them work on the property. But this should only be 1 part of the equation – photography is the third largest expense in any wedding, and you want to make sure that is protected.
  • Will I be able to get digital copies of the photos, or do I have to buy an album? Some photographers will only give you hard copies of your photographs in an album, or charge you extra to get digital copies. If you want to buy an album from your photographer that’s great – but if you want digital images too, make sure they will provide them.

Style and Feel:

  • How would you describe your photographic style? Do they only shoot in one style, or can they accommodate any preferences you have? Will they take on your ideas and make them reality, or ignore them and shoot their way?
  • How would you describe your working style? This is different from their photographic style. This is how you find out if they will be a bled into the background photographer or a stand out and take control of the day kind of photographer. This will help you figure out if they will work for you.
  • How would you handle…? This can cover anything from illness and bad weather to you wanting your cat in every photo. Knowing all of your photographer ‘Plan B’s’ is a great way to find out if you can be relaxed and calm on the day, or if you will need to make your own Plan B.
  • Why are you a photographer? If the first answer is ‘it pays well’ then run for the hills! A photographer who wants to take photos because they are beautiful and their passion will go the extra mile for your photos and make them perfect.
  • Can you accommodate specific requests? Will you be able to give your photographer a shot list, or will they just do their own thing? Flexibility if essential, and if they can work around you then all the better.

And finally, a few bonus things you should ask yourself before you take the plunge and book:

  • Do you feel a connection with this photographer? Do you feel they know what you want, and will be able to make it a reality? Do you personalities match, and do you feel comfortable around them?
  • Are you comfortable with their work and communication style? Can you talk to them? Do they work the way you would like them to, or are they a bit alternative for your liking?
  • Have they listened and addressed your concerns? If the photographer is a good fit, they will have listened to all of your concerns and requirements and set your mind at ease. You should leave the meeting feeling confident that you found The One.

Moore and Moore – Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is an incredibly personal and intimate part of your wedding day – and also one of the aspects you are likely to spend the most of your budget on. That’s why husband and wife team Helen and Tony Moore of moore&moore photography photography are dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality, stunning wedding photos for affordable prices. No sacrificing style or creativity either- that’s all just part of the fun! We will deliver you beautiful, original and artistic photographs that you will be proud to treasure and display for the rest of your lives.

moore&moore photography are amongst the best wedding and event photographers in Hampshire – catering to couples needs as far out as Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and beyond. You will not find a pair of local photographers with more care and attention to detail, yet the calm and relaxed nature that makes our photo shoots and wedding sessions one of a kind. We pride ourselves on being an unobtrusive element in your wedding while still capturing all of the details and little moments that might go unnoticed. We believe that it’s the little moments as much as the big that make the perfect wedding, and our photography will be as unique and beautiful as your wedding is.

Our clients come to us looking for more than just a few snapshots of the dress, the cake and the couple. That’s the sort of thing their friends can take with their cameras or phones. Instead, our couples come to us looking for real works of art – they want us to create something truly beautiful and stunning that can be framed and hung in their home for years to follow. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and we make sure that every moment is beautifully captured and preserved – even the moments you might miss on the day.

Our wedding packages include private bride and groom portraits, allowing you to capture those special and intimate moments in a day otherwise whirling by. Capture a moment of peace between you and your spouse, and make a really special memory – that is what we do at moore&moore photography photography. We work with a number of venues throughout Hampshire, and are happy to work in smaller venues (for example registry office weddings) so that you still have those perfect images of your special day. We have a wide range of stunningly beautiful and artistic wedding photos within our portfolio, so you can be sure that your photographs will be taken with all of the attention and care they deserve.

As a husband and wife team (and having planned our own wedding!) we know what couples are looking for in their wedding photographer. It’s one of the aspects of the wedding that you will spend the most on – and one of the few that will last beyond the day itself – so it’s important to make sure it’s done right, and you get exactly what you want out of it. We are dedicated and passionate about our photography, and we make sure that we keep ourselves up to date with the latest techniques and equipment to make sure your day can look as stunning as it really is. Members of the Royal Photographic Society, The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and the Canon Professional Network, we continue to learn and to grow as photographers so that we can always deliver the best photographs of you and your family.

Our studio, based in Fleet, Hampshire, is the perfect place to come for your consultation and engagement shoot. Featuring the picturesque landscapes of Hampshire, you can enjoy a day of pampering and fun as we learn all about you, your wedding plans and exactly what you want from your wedding photography. It is important to us that you feel relaxed and comfortable with us, as this helps bring out the best in your photographs. because of our wide range of skills you can chose any style of shoot you want – from natural to contemporary, stylish and bold to muted and personal. The world in your oyster and we can guarantee that you will be happy with the results. We offer a huge variety of packages to suite any taste or budget, so why not get in touch to see what we can do for you?

We are always happy to chat with you about your wedding and your requirements, and we would love to hear your ideas. To have a talk with one of us, or for a free quote, please get in touch and see what we can do for you to make your special day even more beautiful. Just give us a call or drop us an email, and we will get right back to you.

Moore and Moore – Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Based in Fleet, Hampshire, moore&moore photography are wedding and family photographers dedicated to documenting the most precious and cherished moments in your lives. This stunning Hampshire based wedding photography is brought to you by husband and wife team Helen and Tony.

We are a husband and wife photography team absolutely dedicated to our photography. We have many years experience in weddings – including our own – and we know how daunting it can feel when choosing a photographer for the big day. So we invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of tea while you let our portfolio do all the talking!

At moore&moore photography we specialising in creative, delicate and stunning wedding photographs that really bring to life the passion and joy in your special day. We will be there from the moment you start doing your makeup and hair, the moment you say ‘I do’ and even for your first dance as husband and wife. We are not obtrusive photographers – in fact you will barely notice we are there – but we will capture those precious moments that you might miss in the whirl of such a busy day.

We not only offer on the day service to capture your wedding naturally and beautifully, we can also provide you with a selection of candid bride and groom portraits. So if you want some beautiful shots you and your new spouse that will capture who you are as a couple, we can help.  But it gets even better than that. Our clients are looking for more than just snapshots they could have taken themselves – they are looking for artwork that they can proudly hang in their homes – and that is what draws them to our studio in Fleet. As a husband and wife team we know what couples look for in a wedding photographer, and we know that the right photos and the right people can be what makes the day perfect. We take the time to get to know you and what you want from your wedding photography, letting you chose the direction and style that will fit in perfectly with your wedding day. Whether you are going with a rustic Hampshire countryside style or a sophisticated and elegant theme, moore&moore wedding photographers will capture it all in just the right light to make it shine. We love creating works of art for you to hand in your home and treasure forever.

Fine quality, professional photography is an art form, and capturing the fast moving and excitable mood of a wedding is a skill that we have honed over the years. Members of the Royal Photographic Society, The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and the Canon Professional Network, we continue to learn and to grow as photographers so that we can always deliver the best photographs of you and your family. We have ensured that we are equipped with the very best in equipment – allowing us to photograph even in low lighting and ensure your images always come out beautifully. Our photographs are tailored to the beautiful backdrop of Hampshire, and whether it’s an engagement shoot or your full wedding day photography – you can be confident that your photos will be taken with the care and trust they deserve.

While we are Hampshire based wedding photographers, we also serve the communities of Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and beyond – so if you are looking for a professional, high quality wedding photography team for your big day – look no further!