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On-site event catering and management

They say an army marches on its stomach. It’s no less true of any other workforce. Listen in to conversations around the office any day of the week and it’s only a matter of time before someone starts talking about what’s for lunch or what the new restaurant on the high street is like. If you’re feeding your staff on a regular basis, holding an in-house event or inviting attendees onto your premises for a corporate affair, you’ll inevitably be judged to a greater or lesser extent on the quality of the catering you provide. And there are times when a plate of curled-up sandwiches delivered first thing in the morning by the local deli just isn’t going to cut it.

Have you considered using the services of a private catering company, leaving you free to concentrate on making sure your event or wider business runs smoothly?

What you need, when you need it

Perhaps you are looking for a long term canteen or restaurant service to take up position on site? If so, we can help. Alternatively, you may be holding a Christmas party or a team building event, a fund-raising function or a multi-day training course. If so, we can fulfil your requirements. Our services cover everything from the early stages of planning to delivery on a one-off or ongoing basis, right down to menu selection. Everything can be tailored to the unique needs of your company.

What’s on the menu today?

We can supply everything on site from a small grab and go canteen service to full on-site restaurant facilities. Again, the food we serve can cover the whole gamut, whether you are looking to supply breakfast options for early starters or morning meetings or buffet lunches of soup and sandwiches. For that special corporate event, why not consider the impressively visual display of a full hog roast? There are many other permutations you could arrange through us – essentially, you bring your idea to us and we’ll discuss the range of options available to you, in order to satisfy all your catering needs.

Our ideas and menus are as fresh as the ingredients we use and we can create platters to suit lots of different tastes, from simple, light snacks to full roast dinners or cuisine from around the world. All dietary needs are catered to, from the simply health conscious to vegetarians and those with specific health restrictions on what they can and can’t eat. Our food is all sourced locally where possible so you know you’ll be supporting the local economy too.

Furthermore, we will provide a full equipment hire service if required, not only bringing the chosen catering facility but supplying cutlery, napkins and even tables, chairs and freshly laundered tablecloths, if that meets your needs. Our expert and experienced staff will be there to make sure all food is prepared well, is served smoothly and the event catering or catering service runs seamlessly from start to finish. All members of our team are professionals, fully trained and carry up to date health and safety and food hygiene qualifications.

And because everyone is cost-conscious these days, not least in business, we’ll always aim to work within your limits, suggesting quality alternatives you may not have thought of to bring the catering facility or event in on budget every time.

If you are interested in finding out more about the corporate catering service we provide, feel free to ring us for an informal discussion today. Our goal is to surpass your expectations every time.

Wedding and catering to suit your budget

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life and yet conversely, it also has the potential to be the most stressful. There is so much vested in it and naturally, you want everything to go perfectly on the day. But one thing you don’t need to worry about is the budget when it comes to the catering. We will work with you to design a menu that comes in at a price that fits your budget.

As a highly proficient catering service with years of experience, we are well accustomed to fulfilling the happy couple’s wishes for their special day. The first decision you need to make is what role you want your catering service to play in the event. We are more than happy to supply the food and/ or beverages only, dropping them off at the required time. With this option, you can of course request hire of crockery, cutlery and glasses as well as linens and even tables and chairs, should these be required. It’s a simple, effective solution.

Total wedding planning, completely tailored to your wishes

However, where we really come into our own is when asked to handle the planning and the food. Why not remove the headache totally by placing everything in our capable and experienced hands? With over five decades of experience in the catering business between the two company directors alone, and many more years if you take into account the experience of our dedicated staff, we can offer you a discreet, professional service that will delight both you and your guests, whether your wedding reception is required at a home party or a specific venue.

Our total wedding planning and event management service is available for all types of wedding, from civil ceremony to a religious service of any type. Come and talk to us about your budget – it’s a good idea to have a list of what’s essential and not negotiable and a wish list of items for prioritization. Also give us an idea of any particular theme you would like to have. Some families prefer traditional Irish fare, others like a mixture of cuisines to offer a greater variety and choice, for example. Some have their heart set on a running buffet, while others believe a wedding reception is not complete without a more formal sit-down meal. Whatever you are looking for, we can accommodate it. We’ll run through the whole range of options and come up with a bespoke package, exclusive to your own special day.

And of course, a fully licensed bar can be provided, offering tea and coffee, red and white wine, lagers and beer and minerals and water, all with professional service from our trained personnel, up to 11.30pm.

The perfect look, the best possible taste

But good food in itself is not the be all and end all. One of the signs of a caterer who’s really good at their job is that the food will also look fantastic and be presented in a creative way that will make your meal or buffet stand out from a lifetime of others, to please your guests and win you compliments on the day and afterwards. To ensure this, we use only the best produce, locally sourced where possible, and all our food is prepared to the highest of standards. Overall, the wedding and catering services we provide for you will invariably be supervised by one or other of our directors, Paul or Peter Oppermann, personally.

Contact us today for a quote. While you may find we are not the very cheapest in Dublin, we are certain we can offer the best quality at the most competitive price.

Private catering for family and social events

There is something very special, unique and individual about family events. They mark the major milestones in our lives – from being welcomed as part of the family at a christening to coming of age birthday parties; from a wedding day to an event to commemorate an anniversary and even saying a loving farewell at a funeral wake.

However, for the host, very often the stresses of entertaining mean that you don’t have time to slow down and enjoy your own special event. Constantly on edge, you spend more time on the food and drink than with your valued guests. All your memories are of the kitchen and you can’t find yourself in the family photos when you look back on the day. You have the balance wrong. Your focus should be on your guests and enjoying their company, not on the timer on the oven.

As partners in a family-run business, we have hosted and attended more than our fair share of family events of our own, so we know how strong and pressing the desire is to get things right. To us, the art of entertaining well is to make your guests feel at home and welcome. Engage us for your private catering for family and social events and we can free you up to get on with that while we take care of the cuisine. From planning the menu to whisking the used equipment out of sight at the end of the night, your event will flow seamlessly with us in the driving seat.

What does Oppermann & Oppermann bring to the party?

We allow you to entertain in style, to your specification, in your own home or a venue of your choice, without the hassle.

Planning the food and drink element of any party is very important. Guests’ attention is often centred on the quality of the spread that is laid on. This alone can make or break an event. Instead of searching round for the perfect recipes, you’ll find we have done the thinking for you with our delicious sample menus which, between them, cater to all tastes and food fads. All that’s left for you to do is work with us to tailor them to your exact wishes to create a unique and individual feast to appeal to all the senses.

Whether you are after a drop-and-go buffet or a staffed hot and cold buffet, tasty canapés or a formal sit-down meal, we can suit our services to any occasion. For something a little bit different, why not consider spilling the party out into the garden? We’re fully equipped to offer everything from a simple summer barbecue to a full hog roast.

All this is planned with you beforehand; so on the day, you’re free to relax and enjoy the company as well as the food, leaving the food preparation, set-up and service in the hands of our discreet and professional staff. Fully trained waiters can ensure that your party runs smoothly, replenishing the buffet as they go, serving at a full licensed bar or waiting on, according to your requirements.

If you wish, we can supply all the required equipment, down to every last plate, glass and freshly-laundered napkin. For al fresco and informal entertaining, we’ll offer disposable tableware; or provide restaurant-quality plates and cutlery if it better suits the tone of your event. You don’t need to get the deck-chairs down from the attic – we can even supply tables and chairs if you need more seating.

Rest assured, this option is the ultimate in entertaining, but not necessarily expensive as you may expect. We can work to your budget throughout.

Just think: you don’t even have to face the washing-up after everyone’s gone home. You take the credit and we’ll take the dirty dishes. We can’t say fairer than that.

Oppermann & Oppermann – Food and event experts

Our ethos is that every event is unique. No individual or corporate client comes to us with the same brief. Our speciality is in taking your brief on as if it were our own, and our passion is to deliver quality catering and event management solutions with a creative flair and distinctive flavour all of their own, to get your guests eating, drinking, mingling and talking about your occasion for a long time to come.

To ensure your function is planned to perfection, every commission we undertake is overseen personally by one of our directors, either Peter or Paul Oppermann. We ourselves come from a well-known catering family and have many years of experience and a wealth of combined expertise, developed in roles within all areas of the industry, from management of events to running a restaurant. This gives us an unparalleled insight into exactly what it takes to create a successful event. We’ve acted for everyone from prestigious clients to the exacting demands of our own families; and we are delighted to offer you the benefit of our skills and knowledge as you plan your event.

Any time, any place, anywhere

Whatever your catering needs may be, whether you are after a formal or informal gathering, a family and social or corporate event, we are proud to cater for them all. We’re as comfortable in your home or apartment as we are in the top Dublin hotel and you’ll get the same level and quality of service throughout. With us, excellence truly is standard.

We can assist with all of your catering requirements. Some of the areas we specialise in include:

  • Private Catering for Family and Social Events

Take much of the stress out of entertaining – let us cater to your guests’ needs while you relax and enjoy the party.

  • Corporate Catering and Event Management

Create a splash with our visually stunning and equally tasty catering for your corporate in-house or external business events.

  • Wedding Catering to Suit Your Budget

Make your special day perfectly memorable with our meticulously planned, sumptuous wedding feasts, designed to satisfy every guest and every budget.

  • On Site Event Catering and Management

From one-off events to ongoing catering facilities, we can help fulfil your food and beverage needs to your exact requirements and within budget.

  • Food and Beverage Consultancy

Benefit from over half a century of experience in the food and beverage industry to increase customer satisfaction while maximising your profits.

All you need from food and event experts and more

We don’t just serve the food either. Our equipment hire service ensures you will have everything you need on the day to make your event a success, from specialist catering equipment to cutlery, crockery, freshly-laundered linen napkins and even dining furniture.

Throughout our website, you will see the wide arrays of menus and contemporary ideas we can bring to your table, and a gallery of photos revealing the appeal and freshness of the food we serve. We can present the visually stunning drama of a roast suckling pig, succulent and mouth-watering, prepared before your guests’ very eyes and served professionally to them by expert waiting staff in crisp, immaculate whites. If it’s more suited to your event, we offer effortless, behind-the-scenes food and drink service at a functional working lunch, a slick, smooth service that allows your attendees to concentrate on the matter in hand with no distractions.

But you are not limited to what you can see here. Share your vision with us and we’ll concentrate on making it happen through our personalised planning service. We’re here to help you, whatever your aspirations.

Our ultimate aim throughout is to take the strain out of entertaining for you at parties and events of all kinds, freeing you up to concentrate on your own goals for the day, whether that’s your strategic business objectives or the unbeatable pleasure of enjoying quality, unforgettable times with your family and friends.

We operate within Dublin and all surrounding areas. However, contact us if you are planning an event further afield and we’ll let you know whether we are able to assist.

You will find that our prices are startlingly reasonable and, like our food, can be tailored in order to suit your budget. Every item will be costed out so you know what you can afford and we’re more than happy to suggest fresh, creative alternatives where appropriate. Why not request a quick quote today?

Whatever the event, function or ongoing service you’d like us to deliver, Oppermann & Oppermann can deliver bespoke, carefully crafted solutions. As food and event experts with well over half a century’s experience between us, we stand by our continuing goal to create the best possible experience for our client every time, no matter what the occasion.

Food and beverage consultancy

Are you making the most of your best assets?

Your customer reviews are great. Your adverts appear in all the right places. But you are still working 16 hour days, seven days a week and your food and beverage business only just about breaking even. There is clearly something wrong, but do you have the time, energy and insight left over at the end of each day to devote to this? It may be time to bring in an expert food and beverage consultant. A fresh pair of eyes can often bring new ideas – or even simply tweak old ones to refresh and reinvigorate a tired and struggling business.

There’s no substitute for first-hand experience

In the catering business, experience is everything – there simply is no substitute for it. An aspiring food and beverage consultant must have an insider knowledge and have worked in a wide variety of roles relating to the industry, otherwise how can he or she understand how it works and how to recommend changes?

Fortunately, with Oppermann & Oppermann, experience is exactly what you will be getting. From taking the lead in our own restaurants to managing others’ and designing and hosting an array of events in some of Europe’s top locations, we have been instrumental in creating a fresh and dynamic style and tone for one-off undertakings and longer term ventures, creative menu planning and theming and so on. Coming from a well-known catering family, we have lived and breathed the industry for well over 25 years apiece, so between us, we have a track record and level of experience which is second to none when it comes to dedicating our efforts to improve your business.

We have worked with companies to ensure their ethos and corporate culture is reflected throughout the food and beverages they serve on an ongoing basis. We’ve helped improve standards while putting the spotlight on cost reduction, all the better to lead to increased gross profits.

From Menu Development…

With food, you are selling emotion. We’ll work with you to build creative menus that no only appeal to consumers but surprise and excite them, bringing them back for more, time and time again. We’ll make sure you’re up to date with the latest trends, from healthy eating to street food; fast dining to the Michelin star experience; and which world cuisines are the flavours of the month. All of our menus are inspired by first-hand experience from other areas of our work, so our ideas will help you add style and flair.

…To The Bigger Picture

Great food isn’t everything though; otherwise, any good cook could run a successful restaurant and the failure rate of fledgling restaurants and other food establishments wouldn’t be so high. Investors wouldn’t see them as the high risk enterprises they are. So unfortunately, the food alone isn’t the magic formula – there has to be something more.

We offer you value-added consultancy. We won’t just concentrate on making sure your menus are right. We’ll work with you on two other key elements of any successful food and beverage business: marketing and managing your establishment. To make a profit, all parts of the formula have to be in place and balanced, from sourcing ingredients to pricing, from special offers to special service.

As an independent viewer of your business and how you currently work on a day to day basis, we’ll act as your critical friend to make sure you haven’t missed a few simple tricks that could turn the good into the great and see you turn the corner from managing into profiting.

Why not call us today to enquire about our services? We’re more than happy to have an informal consultation to chat about the areas in which we could help you improve.