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One Golf Network

One Golf Network is a marketing network organisation which helps golf clubs market and sell tee times to individuals, societies, corporate events or golfing holidays. It’s operated by Gemini Network Media which offers complete marketing and management solutions to golf clubs and courses.

This might include online booking of tee times to email marketing services to promote the club, the course and, naturally, whatever promotions and special offers the club might be running. It can provide total golf club management services under the Gemini Media banner, a service which provides complete management of all essential areas of the golf club, from managing memberships and golfer’s handicaps to stock taking and inventory.

As part of this wider network of services they form an integral part of a golf club’s marketing strategy. With an increase in both global golf tourism as well as heightened degree of formalising the use of golf for corporate, business and networking purposes there’s a requirement for robust booking systems, available both online and through third party agents. One Golf Network, as the UK partner of a global golf reservation service provider (Golfswitch) deliver real-time booking solutions which allows the golfer to have up-to-date access to tee-times and green fee costs and the chance to book instantly online.

Conversely this provides a further service for golf clubs themselves as it aids revenue and management – the tee times automatically logged on to the club’s booking system.

This is a marketing network aimed at delivering easier and more productive solutions for independent golf courses of any size. In this sense it is providing a different service to that which FORE Business provides. FORE Business delivers networking communities on a local basis aimed at businesses and business leaders coming together through golf for the purposes of growing their respective companies.

With regard to making bookings for golf events, ad hoc rounds for business entertaining and such like, the need to utilise a service for tee time reservations is minimised due to the fact that the members know that each month they have a scheduled fourball arranged through the organised events which run throughout the year. FORE Business members have their golf arranged for them which can be scheduled into the diaries well in advance, playing and indeed networking with colleagues and potential new business opportunities consistently and with minimum organisational fuss.



The Business Golf Network

logo-business-golf-network-version2The Business Golf Network (BGN) is a business networking organisation on of FORE Business’ competitors in the golf networking industry.

Founded by Richard Lock and Wayne Moussalli BGN has been developed on the principle that more business is done on the golf course than in the office. Using the strap line: Business 40% + Golf 30% + Networking 30% = Fun 100% the emphasis is very much on the notion that by introducing a leisure element (the golf) to business is a productive, profitable and enjoyable way to increase your company’s profile and growing the bottom line.

At its core is the use of golf as a major attraction and incentive for regular network event attendance. The idea being that everyone who is at the event will already have a love of golf as common ground on which to develop relationships and, the prospect of regular golf days will keep them coming back.

BGN believes in the philosophy that improvements in your golf can have a direct, positive effect on your career development. The idea being that by adopting the right application to improving your golf you are demonstrating the right attributes that will help you develop other areas of your life, such as your career.

Nevertheless they remain quite clear that they are not a golf society but that it is the business element of the network that is at its fulcrum. Their membership is targeted towards giving people in their local business community a regular way to mix and to meet in a relaxed, sporting environment to help foster long-term relations among differing businesses.

FORE Business offers its own advantages over BGN and other competitors when it comes to golf networking, offering different levels of membership structure to suit your own individual needs. In addition, for those who have never played golf but would like to participate, FORE Business helps to remove barriers by helping with access to professional tuition. Also, aware that, at its heart is the necessity to maintain the networking and relationship building beyond the golf course and club house, FORE utilise a social media style with group pages on LinkedIn and a member profile web page optimised for each member.

The Golf Club Network

The Golf Network is one of FORE Business’ competitors in the UK golf business networking arena. Founded in 1995 it was set through the combined forces of a collective of independent golf clubs with the objective of allowing individual members of the respective clubs playing rights at fellow clubs within the network.

The essential philosophy of the Golf Network is to afford its members the ability to play and experience other golf courses other than their own. This is achieved by allowing any member of a club within the Golf Network of clubs to play on any other club in the network for free during the week and with reduced rate green fees on weekends.

Since its beginnings the network has grown in numbers and today is made up of over thirty different independent clubs across the England. Given the range of courses available to members of network clubs added to the fact that these members can take guests to any of the clubs it does present an opportunity for using the courses for purposes of entertaining, hospitality and corporate golf meetings.

The Golf Club Network differs from FORE Business in that, although it can be used as a way for businesses to entertain across a region, it is not a set-up specifically targeted towards the business networking fraternity.

The Golf Club Network works as a facility to be used by those who are already members of an independent golf club whereas with FORE Business has been set up with the express raison d’etre of harnessing the synergy between golf and business to create a vibrant networking community, offering the chance to become members and engage with fellow members and networkers at organised monthly events across their own local region.

For standard, full paying members of a club that has signed up to the Golf Club Network then there are of course benefits to being able to play a range of courses but the onus is very much on golf without distinction between personal and business. For golf events that are specifically targeted for business and corporate purposes then FORE Business is more tailored to the cause.

Golf Networking

By: Jason Meredith

You may have heard the popular notion about how more business gets done on the golf course than in the boardroom. Whether or not that’s true is a matter of debate, but what is undeniable however is the long-standing synergy that exists between business and golf.

Corporate golf days have been a staple of the social calendar for many a business over the years; sending invites to clients and potential clients for a day of links and drinks.


Quite simply; it’s all about the networking.

Building Strong Relationships

In the modern business environment networking serves a crucial function in the promotion and growth of your company. A chance to speak with customers, colleagues and partners within your own community, away from the confines of the office and in a more social atmosphere. Networking meetings exist in most major towns, cities and conurbations exactly for this reason; providing opportunities to share stories, swap ideas and to keep your profile high and your finger squarely on the pulse of what’s going in your industry and locality.

Most importantly of all, networking is vital in building, fostering and maintaining strong relationships. And the golf course can be a great environment to allow this to happen.

Inviting a client or partner for a game of golf presents you with an ideal chance to get to spend some quality time, away from the office, devoid of shirt and tie and allowing the focus to be on the game at hand as much as any ulterior business motive. It’s a way of forging strong relationships based upon more than just work; but upon a shared sense of camaraderie and fun. After all, what better way to spend a working afternoon than out in the fresh air, striding along the fairways and test yourself on the greens in the company of like-minded individuals?

Giving you time to talk

Golf for business has, in the past, been described as a six-hour sales meeting. That’s not to say a round of golf should take you six hours to complete of course. But, take into account the time spent together on the course along with the inevitable opportunity to keep the conversations going over drinks back in the bar afterwards and one can perhaps see where the sentiment comes from.

The reality is that a round of golf does take time; even before you consider the time spent in the apres-golf environment, you are going to be with on the course for at least a few hours. And in that time you’re going to be spending a lot of it walking along fairways, waiting at tees and such like. Which gives you plenty of time to talk; more perhaps than in other formal networking sessions that can often descend into a form of corporate speed dating session.

You don’t need to be Rory McIlroy!

Golf networking isn’t about the quality of your golf; it’s not an exclusive domain for the low handicapper.

Far from it, in fact.

Whilst, inevitably, there’ll be a degree of competitive spirit at play during a round, your abilities as a golfer are not really the reason you’re here, are they? This isn’t the Ryder Cup with you pitting your skills against the opposition, it’s a chance to get some time talking with those potential clients, decision-makers or associates important to your business.

That’s not to say, however, that you should be rolling over and letting everyone win. Golf works as a positive way of networking because it’s founded upon a sense of etiquette and fair play. Play to the best of your abilities, play fairly and follow this etiquette and you’re putting your relationship on a sound footing of trust and equality.

Formalising Your Golf Networking

It’s all very well having corporate golf days or arranging ad hoc rounds here and there; they certainly have their merits. But there’s always the danger that the moment is soon gone and all the positive noises that came from the day are forgotten as you head back to the routine.

But what if your golf was a consistent part of your networking schedule offering you a chance to liaise with and get to know others from the local business community on a regular basis?

That’s exactly what FORE business can offer. A chance to sign up to become a member of a regular golf network event local to you. Within your membership you’d get to play a monthly fourball at some of the best golf courses in your area at specifically held events structured around business networking. That means that you’ll not only be getting the chance to enjoy the golf but also opportunities to enhance you profile through some additional business benefits such as:

  • Meet & Greet sessions before tee-off
  • Presentation opportunities
  • Tailoring your networking to those with whom you choose
  • Online profiles and a chance to network through social media platforms

Combining the unique appeal that golf has to many thousands of enthusiasts with the best practices in business networking FORE business offers an excellent, fun and active way to help grow your business and widen your corporate reach.