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Exercise Your Body through The Power of Your Mind

the power of exercise visualisationAs ridiculous as it may sound, psychologically exercising the body can offer the same benefits as physical exercising, and it is scientifically proven.

That single visit to the gym will not tone the body instantaneously. A person needs to cover an average of 25 minutes in each session spun over a minimum of three visits in a week to see notable changes. Then again, speedy results are achievable through the new high intensity routines.

Just like every muscle in the body, the brain also needs to be worked to up its functionality. Engaging in psychological exercises needs enough practice time to master, which will require session of 25 minutes or more just like with physical exercising. However, the difference between the two is physical exercises will need a full day’s recovery period in between sessions while mental exercises are be done with just a few hours in between per day. Nevertheless, both need sufficient sacrifice in terms of time to feel and the benefits.

1. Study from Harvard

The Harvard Medical School conducted a study in 1997 in which volunteers were asked to play a 5-fingered notes combination on the piano repeatedly. The fingers used for the combination were thumb finger first, then the index, the middle, the ring finger, then the little finger and back to the ring, middle, index, and finally the thumb finger. This was to be done for 2 hours repeatedly over a period of 5 consecutive days.

The volunteer has transcranial magnetic stimulators wired to their head for neuroscientists to monitor the section of the brain associated with the movement of the fingers. Results showed that that section of the brain has grown enormously by the end of the 5th day. After analyzing the slides Dr. David Hamilton estimated the growth be around 30 – 40 times.

The study also included another group in which volunteer were asked to imagine playing the same notes over the same period using the same combination of fingers. They also have wires connected for the transcranial magnetic simulators. The results were identical. In fact, there was no notable difference between those who physically played the piano and those who imagined playing the piano.

This was an outstanding discovery; one that proved that muscle capacity can be increased through the process of thought (imagination). Meaning it is possible to exercise the body by use the mind.

2. An Experiment from Lerner Research Institute

In 2004, the Lerner Research Institute in Cleveland did an experiment in the Department of Biochemical Engineering that required volunteers to flex their small finger back and forth for around 15 minutes each day, for 5 days, in a 12 weeks period. Scientist then measures the strength of the fingers at the end of the 12th week and results showed a 53% increase.

Interestingly, there was yet another group who were to take the same activity, but they were to visualize doing it. They did this over the same set period and tests done thereafter showed a 35% increase.

The Lyon University scientist took up a related study in 2007. They has 30 volunteers who were to life/imagine lifting dumbbells of different weights. The interesting discovery was that their muscles were triggered accordingly when they imagine lifting heavy weights than light weights.

In Summary: Think Big !

This proves the power of the human mind is LIMITLESS. It is the MASTER of the body.

Our intention when creating In Mind In Body was to build belief and revive hope in people battling with, or undergoing cancer treatment. I know that chemotherapy can be debilitating, with days that the body cannot even be able to get you on your feet. Engaging in any form of exercise to get fit seems impossible. The use of “Visualization MP3s Guide” is not intended to be a treatment alternative but rather a beneficial practice used along with the medical cancer treatment recommendations. It focus on adding the much needed exercising through the mind into the conventional treatments for a comprehensive recovery.