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A Guide to International Shipping Series – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our 4 part series on international shipping.

Now that you know who is involved in the international shipping process and what roles they play, you know what to start looking for.

That means the next logical step is to look at how to chose, and more importantly NOT to choose your international shipping company. We’ve made it nice and simple with some do’s and don’ts.


– Shop on price

While this may seem like an attractive option to go for, it’s the quickest and easiest way to run into trouble. The less trustworthy companies in the market prey on people who are too lazy and ignorant to ask questions and shop around – so don’t fall into their trap. If you go to an online mover search engine and pick the lowest rate, you are bound to find a scammer who will cost you more money and trouble than it’s worth.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on what isn’t included in their terms, as this is usually where they will start to cause problems. There will be various expenses not included in the cost, and this is where they will get extra money out of you once you’re hooked into their contract.

– Not get a visual survey

If you hear the phrase ‘You know better than some stranger what you need to ship.’ alarm bells should be ringing and you should be looking elsewhere. Visual surveys are the easiest way to sort the good from the bad in this industry. The inspector isn’t really just looking at what you’re shipping, but also what street you live on, logistics for trucks and all sorts. It also helps you sift through the brokers working from their basement too far away to help. It’s always safer to trust the company who will give you a visual survey.

– Ignore the fine print

The most common question  we get asked is ‘Does the price include everything?’ This is a perfectly understandable question, but you would already know the answer if you had read all of the quote. If you had, you’d know that there are certain elements that can’t be predicted and therefore aren’t included. It’s also music to a scammers ears. If you contest a final bill from a scammer, the first question anyone (including the judge) will ask is ‘What does the agreement say?’ Don’t get caught out – always read every word of the quote.


– Get sorting

It makes no sense for you to spend time, money and effort shipping items that are going to be thrown away on your arrival. Get sorting and only ship what you need to ship.

– Get references from knowledgeable people

Find someone impartial and who knows what they are talking about to give you advice on a selection of quotes. Don’t just go with the first option, get a few and then get them looked at by someone who doesn’t stand to gain anything from your choice.

– Get visual surveys

Like we mentioned before, visual surveys help you in a lot of ways, so make sure you always get one.

– Read the entire quote

Again, to avoid getting scammed, losing money or getting a large unexpected bill, make sure you’ve read everything on the quote.

– Get it in writing

If you run into problems, it’s not going to matter what the salesman did (or didn’t) say over the phone or in your meeting. The only thing that will help you avoid getting caught out is getting everything in writing.

– Get insurance

It might seem like an unnecessary expense on top of an already expensive endeavour, but it’s invaluable when it comes to protecting your move. You are pouring a lot of hard earned money into this move- it makes sense to protect it.

How to move your home halfway across the world

Packing up all your belongings and moving your home to a different country is a daunting prospect. In reality, there’s help out there, and it can be an easier process than you think. With many people now choosing to live in another country due to a career change or for family reasons, it’s not an uncommon event.

If you don’t know where to begin, simply search online for freight forwarders UK. You’ll find plenty of companies that can help. International freight forwarders can facilitate the packing of your household belongings and arrange for the secure passage of all your possessions.

Residential shipping doesn’t have to be expensive or challenging. Freight forwarders can take care of all the complicated issues such as import and export procedures and customs paperwork.

One stop shop freight forwarders

You may think you’ll have to deal with numerous logistics companies in order to coordinate the shipping of residential goods. In fact, a UK freight forwarder can handle everything for you from collection to delivery. When requesting a quote for freight haulage or a freight container guide, ask what special services the forwarder provides for residential shippers.

Even if your home address is on a narrow lane or tiny cul-de-sac, appropriately sized removal vans can be provided. Quiet residential roads may prohibit the use of large trucks. Also, height or weight restrictions may be in place somewhere along the route. Smaller delivery vans can be combined with a selection of freight services to offer the home owner a complete moving package.

The smaller truck or van will collect your goods and transport them to a larger facility or terminal. It’s here that they will be loaded onto a larger vehicle. This process can be executed in reverse for your destination address.

How to ship individual items

It may not be possible for you to ship all your belongings at the same time. For whatever reason, you may need to transport single pieces on their own. It’s simple to arrange a quote as long as you know the approximate weight of the item. All you need to do is enter your collection and destination postcodes, along with the dimensions and weight of the goods to obtain a free quote.

Less than a container load (LCL) or less than a truck load (LTL) allows you to take advantage of unused space. Instead of paying for a full load you’re only paying for the space you use. Freight forwarders have an extensive network of courier services and logistics handlers they can call upon to find competitive pricing. Cartons and parcels are sent to central terminals where loads are consolidated before their onward journey.

Freight forwarder packing services

When deciding on packing materials, freight forwarders can advise on boxes, cartons and pallets that offer maximum protection for each item in transit. They’re able to provide a range of materials suitable for protecting every type of household object. This may include house packing boxes and bespoke wooden cases or soft wrappings with plastic bags and bubble wrap.

Within a consignment, there’ll be multiple items requiring varying degrees of cushioning, from the sturdiest piece of furniture to the most fragile ornament. Experienced freight forwarders will help devise the most suitable packing solution for each article.

Wooden cases can be custom-made to suit your requirements and built to protect individual items. Specialist services are available for the packing of antiques or unique items that could be easily damaged during the shipping process. This could include blanket wrapping or shrink wrapping of delicate goods.

So don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of moving your home halfway across the world. There’s plenty of help and advice out there to ensure the safe and stress-free delivery of your possessions to their new home.