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For as long as I care to remember has motorsport, both club and historic, been a passion in my life.

Indeed, from my first ‘proper’ job upon leaving University have I combined my skills as an engineer with my love of the sport to enable me to prepare and race cars of all kinds and varieties from the CCC Speed Championships in my youth to, more recently, having the pleasure to race at the Spa 6 Hours meeting. I’ve always felt that, having a fully developed understanding of the mechanics of the car and indeed the sport, as well as my qualifications as an engineer have played a large factor in my improvements on the track over the course of my life as a driver.

However, it’s not only my own cars that I’ve developed and prepared. Over the years I’ve taken as much pleasure from working on and preparing other people’s different vehicles as well. Historic motorsport has grown in popularity so much since the turn of the century that more and more people are owning and racing their own cars; requiring someone with experience in the field to help with their preparation and maintenance.

Someone like me.

As an engineer with a large involvement in other branches of motorsport and the automotive industry I’m able to share some of the techniques and principles of these disciplines and modify it to the more modest budgets and vehicles of the club motorsport enthusiast. Of course, the budgets may be smaller and the pressures not as great, but the challenge in preparing a car to its maximum capacity still remains, and there’s a genuine thrill to getting that little bit extra out of the car.

And, of course, there are the challenges to overcome from an ever changing set of technical regulations across the variety of different motorsport classes. Having to dissect and understand those rules and then apply them to ensure the vehicle not only complies but is at its peak capability within those guidelines is always an exciting project. Knowing the finer details of what a car can and can’t do in relation to its own strengths and the rules by which it must abide can be crucial in gaining what one of my engineering and motorsport heroes, Mark Donahue, calls: The Unfair Advantage.

My Services.

As an engineer with a deep for love and passion for motorsport I’m able to deliver a broad range of different services and technical assistance to lovers and devotees of the vintage cars and historic motorsport.

These include:

  • Measuring and recreating rare but existing components in CAD for manufacture.
  • Working with Owners clubs to recreate unavailable but vital components.
  • Using existing drawings and converting to CAD format for small batch manufacture.
  • Re-design and manufacture of casting patterns.
  • Engine components.
  • Typical Services to Club Motorsport.
  • Design and manufacture of hubs, uprights and disc, bell, calliper arrangements.
  • Design of Roll cages with in MSA and FIA guild lines.
  • Suspension arms, and anti-roll bars front and rear.
  • Ducting and cooling design to maximize air flow efficiency.
  • Stressed lightweight fabrications
  • Engine and gearbox mounts billet or fabricated.
  • Fabricated brackets and covers.
  • Composite replacement panels and covers.
  • Airbox and inlet manifold design.

So if you’re a motor enthusiast with a car or other vehicle that needs some love and attention from a genuine expert in the field (who shares your passion for the sport) then please do give me a call and I’d be only too happy to help you out.



Increasingly over recent years, the use of composite materials has become more prevalent and considerably more important in engineering projects across a multitude of industries. If your design requires materials that are light yet strong then it’s highly likely that it will be a form of composite that meets the right specifications.

As the advancement in composite technology has increased dramatically – composites can now be made to high specifications from a huge array of ‘raw’ materials – so they continue to tick the important boxes when looking at materials to use on a project:

  • Adaptability
  • Versatility
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Sustainable
  • Performance

This is why composites are now used at the forefront of innovation on so many high-end industries, such as:

  • Aerospace & Aircraft
  • Defence
  • Renewable Energy
  • Motor Sport

Of course, while these technological advancements have brought significant breakthroughs in design engineering, so they bring with them challenges. Which is why industries call upon the services of experienced experts such as Leggero Forte to ensure the best results.

What We Deliver

Composite Design

One of the real challenges with composite design is that we are actually designing the material to be used on the project as well as the form that material will take when manufactured. This means ensuring that the material is made to exacting specifications so that, when manufactured, it will deliver the performance needed.

At Leggero Forte we have many years of experience when it comes to analysis and calculations on laminate (composite) materials as well as in the usage of core materials which enables us to design composites to meet accurate requirements. Our designs are adapted with efficiency in manufacturing in mind, helping to minimise the amount of time required at the infusion or Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) Stage.

Autoclave-based Prepreg

Prepreg composites are often seen as a popular option in projects which require a high-quality surface whilst being relatively easy to use. Industries such as aerospace, defence, sports products, renewable energy and motorsport including Formula 1, all of whom have adopted prepreg materials for various uses. With vast experience in these fields, coupled to our expertise in laminating processes enables us to deliver autoclave-based prepreg materials designed and produced to meet the specifications of the task.

Resin Infusion and RTM Component and Tooling Design

Tools are the very bedrock of composite production and at Leggero Forte we lead the way in experienced, expert tool design and manufacture. Designing both hard and soft tooling we’ve worked variously on everything from small-scale pre-production to full design and production of tooling for phenolic and epoxy resin systems.

With regard to composite manufacturing processes we’ve developed, designed and project managed numerous systems including Resin Transfer Moulding equipment and resin infusion or injection processes.

Pattern and Tooling Design

Using our wealth of expertise and years of experience we’ve delivered pattern designs for composite materials for a broad range of projects across a variety of industries. Working with our clients to get a full understanding of needs and specifications and combining this with our knowledge of the materials to be used we can design a full pattern process which will meet the needs to of the end user as well as being as efficient as possible for the manufacturer, blending high quality with a cost-effective approach.

Melt outs

Design and manufacture of melt out or wash out cores, including mould design or fully machined.


Design and manufacture of composite silicon or metallic intensifiers in combination with pattern and tooling design.

Component machining

We often find that structural composite components need to be machined – or cut and shaped – so that they fit accurately to the product design. Whilst this remains a facility with which we have experience and the capability to perform at Leggero Forte we believe that this process can be minimised through a thorough approach to the design stage. Using this approach has enabled us to provide a composite design and manufacture process more cost-effective and time-efficient for the client.

Jigs and Fixtures

We’ve worked on, developed and used a raft of tried and tested designs for many types of fixtures used in our composite engineering projects. These include:

  • Machining,
  • Assembly,
  • Bonding


As part of our ongoing research, development and innovation we routinely test composite structures on their durability, integrity and safety. This includes work with a number of large companies on impact testing; evaluating the effect of small to larger sized impacts or how they cope under different environmental circumstances. This is invaluable data and research we endeavour to use for new projects, particularly in regard to automotive and aerospace projects.


Over the years we’ve worked upon many varied high-level design, manufacturing and project management assignments for an eclectic range of industries. In doing so we’ve become experts, with vast experience, in working with a wide range of different materials. This includes our extensive work with composites, as you can read about elsewhere on the site.

It also, as you will see below, includes working with Metallics, in which we can deliver unsurpassed levels of quality, design work and skills to give you the highest level of performance at the cutting edge of the industry.

Whatever the project, working with Leggero Forte ensures that you have an engineering partner who’ll deliver the most acute attention to detail, providing professional and innovative engineering techniques in order to deliver the very best product and results each and every time.

Our Metallic Expertise:


Our experience in this field enables us to have a sound grasp on the different metallic materials available, be they ferrous or non-ferrous metals, so that we can ensure the correct type is applied to meet the demands of the project from durability, stability through the machining process and suitability according to budget.

Machining (Milling)

At Leggero Forte we believe strongly that through taking meticulous attention at the design stage we can develop the materials with accurate measurements that can reduce the amount of actual machining required, thus making for a more cost-effective project.

That said, where machining is required our wealth of wealth of experience using appropriate materials for each individual project ensures that we adopt a painstaking approach to the machining stage of the project to ensure the material is cut, sized and shaped to exact specification.

Machining (Turning)

Dependent on the needs of the project and the types of parts required we will expertly design components suitable for use on traditional manually turned lathe machines or the more modern approach of using a computer numerical control (CNC) machine.


There are a number of different welding processes available to an engineer and it’s important to have an understanding of which one to use and when. At Leggero Forte we are fully experienced and skilled in knowing when to use Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Metal Inert Gas (MIG) or Gas welding and upon which materials each process will best serve.


The process of designing structures from raw materials (fabrication) is a value added service that we can deliver to our clients. Whether from stock images to the use of laser, water and plasma we have the ability to create fabrications to meet the needs of its application.

Fabrication machining

This is a process we would generally use when working with more durable metals with a higher tolerance and would be usually carried out in conjunction with other machined components.

Assembly and tolerances

Understanding the respective tolerances of the metals we are using is extremely important when it comes to new designs as this will play a part in dictating the most suitable metal for the job at hand. Combining this with accurate knowledge of the how the material has been assembled and fabricated can make a huge difference in the design process as we can gain an accurate understanding of how the material will react during fitting in the final production. This can help reduce further machining requirements and help reduce costs.


At Leggero Forte we understand the need to ensure your metals and other materials are protected. With the expertise and experience of working with a diverse range of metals we know which type of protection and coating is needed given the material, its tolerance and the environment into which it will be exposed.


At Leggero Forte we pride ourselves on delivering unsurpassed expertise and workmanship in the design and manufacturing of Composite and Metallic tools.

Why Choose Leggero Forte?

As one of the leading names in our field we’ve garnered a wealth of skills and experience over many years, providing bespoke engineering solutions in Composites and Metallics across a variety of industry sectors, such as:

  • Aerospace
  • The Automotive Industry
  • Defence
  • Motorsport

With composite materials playing such a large, and ever increasing role in engineering we ensure that our research, design and manufacturing remains at the cutting edge of our industry, bringing innovation, professionalism and the highest level of quality to every project.


Our approach is flexible so that we can tailor the service to meet exactly what you require.

If you need an engineering partner to oversee and manage an entire project then we would be more than happy to do so. Working with you to establish the exact brief and specifications we’re able to undertake the entire project from:


These projects can be taken on independently and in-house or in conjunction with your own engineering team.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for expertise or consultation in one specific part of your project or to add our skills to part of your team on a short-term basis, again we’re happy to be of service.

Leading the Way

As the materials we use become more advanced, allowing us ever greater performance, so the processes can grow more complex. This is why we ensure that we remain at the forefront of our industry, using our skills and experience while constantly adding to our knowledge.

Working with Leggero Forte means you are working with industry leading professionals. No matter if it’s a new Formula One racing car, an aircraft or wind turbine – whatever the project and objective we’ll ensure that we work with the most appropriate materials in the most effective fashion for the very best results.

Every time.

Among Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Composite Tooling Design
  • Machined Component Design and Processing.
  • Mechanical Design and Assemblies.
  • Composite Design.
  • Composite Pattern and Tooling Solutions.
  • Composite Processing for Manufacture.
  • Jigs and Fixtures.
  • Fabrication Design.
  • Project Management.