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3 Tips To Reduce Teeth Staining

By: oliver.dodd

A pearly white smile is very hard to resist, and most of us would really love to have one. We floss, we use whitening toothpaste, we get out teeth cleaned at the dentist on a regular basis or even have our teeth chemically bleached. All of our efforts are made to achieve that Hollywood smile that we dream of having. Those are all effective methods for getting rid of corrosion and staining that are caused by everyday living. However, wouldn’t you like to prevent these stains from ever forming to begin with? In this article, we will look at three of the most effective things you can do to help reduce teeth staining permanently, but if you need the help from a professional, Dentist In Fleet is one of the best.

Stop Drinking Coffee And Tea Black

Many of our favorite beverages and foods can cause tooth staining. However, most of us don’t want to give up our daily fix of caffeine. What you can do instead is to try adding a small amount of milk to your coffee or tea. Coffee is full of extremely pigmented molecules and chromogens that can give your teeth that brown and decayed appearance, while tea is loaded with high staining tannins. These effects are the strongest when drinking these beverages straight. Try adding a small amount of milk to dilute them a little so that the staining effects are not as effective. That is the easiest way for you to still have your caffeine fix while maintaining a white and healthy smile.

Rinse Thoroughly

The two major causes of teeth stains are erosion of the tooth’s protective enamel and highly staining substances. Most of the damage is done when staining substances remain on your teeth for too long, which gives them a chance to work on your enamel. In order to ensure that this exposure is minimized, drink one glass of sparkling water after drinking a cup of coffee or tea, glass of wine or a meal that involves colored sauces. It won’t cure everything, but it can help to reduce the effects of color staining. The carbonation will also lightly scrub the staining materials off of your teeth so that they don’t have the opportunity to stain them. Swill your first mouthful in order to catch all of the chromogens first.

Eat More Cheese

That might sound like strange advice, but it actually does work. Eating plenty of cheese, or any type of protein will help to build the calcium up in your teeth, which will make the more stain resistant and stronger. In addition to cheese, you should also consume eggs, beans, chicken and milk. If you will be drinking red wine at a dinner party, switch to a hard cheese instead of a soft cheese like Brie. Hard cheeses contain more calcium, and in general are better for your teeth than soft cheeses. They act as a fill and polish for your teeth as well. They close the micro pores which makes your teeth a lot more resistant to staining. This helps to make stain rich drinks such as tea or red wine to bead up and then roll off. It acts like a wax on your teeth.

So there are three tips for you that you can start using right away to reduce staining on your teeth. Of course you will still want to continue to use whitening toothpaste and floss every night. However, if you use the three tips above also you should start to see an improvement right away. Caring for your teeth involves more than brushing them two times a day and visiting your dentist on a regular basis. It also involves making healthy decisions in order to keep you teeth looking pearly white and healthy.

3 Tips For Reducing Teeth Staining

By: Army Medicine

There is no way a person can resist having a pearly white smile, and for many people, this is what they aspire to have. We spend a lot of money on whitening toothpaste, flossing, and going to the dentist regularly to have the teeth cleaned or even having them chemically bleached, all in an effort to get that Hollywood smile. Many of the things we usually do is trying to get rid of the corrosion and staining caused by what we do daily, what can you do to prevent the formation of the stains in the first place? In the blog this week, we will be focusing on changes you can make in reducing the staining on the teeth for good.

Avoid Drinking Black Coffee and Tea

There are a number of food and drinks considered as favorite, that can lead to staining of the tooth. This doesn’t mean we will be asking you to do away with your daily caffeine fix. An easier alternative is adding a little milk to your coffee or tea. Tea has been shown to contain high staining tannin, and coffee, on the other hand, has chromogen and intensely pigmented molecules that can cause your teeth to look like a brown decay. When you drink it straight, the effect is very strong. If you add a little milk to dilute, they become less effective. The best way to continue having your healthy smile and favorite beverage is by adding a little milk.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse!

There are two main causes of stained teeth. The two are; highly staining substances and the erosion of the enamel beforehand. When the staining substance has been left in the teeth for a while, the damage caused will be worse. This is because the it has been given a lot of time to work on the enamel. To minimize the damage, you need to drink a glass of water after drinking your favorite beverage, wine, or a meal that involves colored sauces. This is not a cure, but a way of reducing the color staining. The carbonation will be able to scrub the damaging material lightly before they get a chance to cause a staining. Ensure you do a thorough swill to remove the nasty chromogens as fast as possible.

Eat More Cheese

As strange as this might sound, it really works. When you eat cheese or any other protein, it builds up the calcium in the teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to stains. You can add some milk, beans, chicken, and eggs to ensure you don’t eat a lot of cheese. If you want to make sure you teeth won’t be stained with red wine when you go for an evening dinner party, go with hard cheese instead of the soft cheeses. This is due to the fact that hard cheeses are richer in calcium, which is important for the teeth. They will also act as a polish and fill for the teeth. The close the micro pores and make the teeth more resistant to stains. The drinks and red wine will bead up and roll off- just like a wax for the teeth

Those are some of the ways. This doesn’t mean you should not buy whitening toothpaste or floss every night before you sleep. Combining both techniques will guarantee an improvement in the way your teeth looks. Taking care of your teeth is more than just brushing twice a day and regular visits to the dentists, it also involves making healthy decisions, to have the teeth healthy and pearl white.

The Beginners Guide To Dental Veneers

Many dental imperfections can be remedied with the help of dental veneers. Some of these imperfections include discolored teeth, chipped or worn teeth, gapped teeth and misaligned teeth.

The Dental Veneer Process Explained

A dental veneer is a small porcelain shell. This shell fits over the front of each tooth and hides chips and imperfections. Dental veneers are a nearly automatic way to give anyone an incredible smile. They change the size, shape and color of the teeth right away.

Dental veneers are stain resistant, too. A smile will stay beautiful even if a person smokes, drinks coffee or red wine. One of the best aspects of them is how strong they are. They work better than bonding or bleaching and they look extremely natural.

In fact, veneers are made from a translucent material so they never look fake. They look like real teeth.

How Are They Made?

First, a dentist will make an impression of your teeth. The teeth are then modeled for the veneers from wax. From the wax, a cast is made. The cast is then filled with porcelain and applied with pressure to the existing teeth to form a perfect fit.

Our Veneers Are Special

Not all veneers are alike. They are a popular cosmetic dental procedure, but each set is different. We select only the best porcelain to use for each application. Quality is everything.

There are some dentists who offer inexpensive veneer procedures. They are likely using composite shells or laminates. These materials often have issues that include discolorations, bonding failure or they have a bad match to the colour of the natural teeth. They are never a bargain.

Porcelain veneers are more expensive than composites are, but they last longer. You will not need to have them maintained or replaced as often. The less expensive brands are also difficult to fit and are not as flexible as the porcelain brands are.

We do not want our patients to be disappointed and so we use only the highest quality porcelain for each patient. Each veneer is custom made and carefully crafted in our very own laboratory to make sure the colour, shape, fit and size are exact for each patient.

Are Veneers Right For You?

Veneers are a great way to get a celebrity smile. After they are fitted and affixed to the existing teeth, you get a smile that will dazzle everyone. Yet, the procedure is not for everyone. You might be better off with crowns versus veneers.

Veneers only fit over the front teeth. They can only be applied if those front teeth are in excellent condition. For this reason, if you have problems with chewing on your rear teeth or your teeth have already been filled, you might consider getting crowns. If your teeth are decayed at all, you cannot get the best results with veneers. Crowded or crooked teeth also do better with crowns.

You must remember that a dental veneer procedure involves removing a layer of the natural tooth enamel. This is done to prepare the teeth for the veneers. You cannot remove a veneer and go back to natural teeth later.

Another important consideration is that once the veneers are fitted they cannot be changed as far as the colour goes. It is recommended that you have your teeth whitened when being fitted for the veneer. This way, the veneer shade will match your new tooth colour.

Finally, do not choose dental veneers if you tend to clench your jaw or grind your teeth. This can damage veneers. Speak to our specialists about getting crowns instead. A special, dazzling smile can be yours. Find out which procedure is best for you.

The ABCs of Dental Veneers

Among the various types of cosmetic treatments for teeth, dental veneers are the most common. These can fix many dental imperfections which include:

– Excessive gaps between teeth
– Misalignment
– Teeth enamel that shows wear
– Chipped or broken teeth
– Discolouration

Definition of Dental Veneers

A dental veneer is a shell made from porcelain that is custom-made and fitted over the front side of a tooth. This can cover up any imperfections on the tooth and make it look perfect. You can improve the way your teeth look by changing their colour, size, shape and length.

With natural teeth, there is always a problem of staining from drinking dark beverages like red wine and coffee and from using tobacco. However, veneers are highly resistant to staining, so you will not have that problem. The material is extremely durable. The results you get from veneers are superior to what you can get from bleaching or bonding. The biggest advantage is that veneers look perfectly natural. The material is translucent. When seen in light, they look just like your natural teeth.

In order to give you a perfect fit, we first make a mould of your teeth. We use wax to construct a model. Then, we fabricate a cast and fill it with melted porcelain. Pressure is applied to complete the veneer fabrication process.

Why Are Our Veneers Superior to Others?

Many places offer veneers among their cosmetic dental services, but not everyone can produce a high quality product. When we make veneers for you, we use only the highest quality of porcelain materials for the best results.

Some places offer veneers at a very low price. Beware of them because the materials used are most likely inferior. Examples are composite shells and laminates. These inferior materials are known to result in problems like:

– Imperfect match to the natural colour of your teeth
– Discolouration over time
– Failure of the bonding

You may pay less for composite veneers in the beginning, but they are not as durable. You will end up replacing and maintaining them more often, which means you will pay a lot more in the long run. On top of that, these other types of veneers are not as flexible as porcelain. That means they can only be fitted to your teeth perfectly when all the conditions are right.

These are reasons why we use only the best materials when fabricating our veneers. We custom-make every veneer to individual specifications in our own laboratory on site. You can be sure that the veneers you get will have the perfect colour, fit, size and shape to complement your smile.

Are Veneers the Best Solution For My Needs?

It is true that veneers can make your teeth look incredibly beautiful. However, this method may not be appropriate for everyone. Veneers are suitable only for the front teeth, and the teeth must be healthy.

There are situations where a crown may be the better choice. These situations include:

– Issues with your back teeth
– Teeth with filling
– Cavities
– Problems with crooked or overcrowding of teeth

Things to Keep In Mind

You should know that in order prepare your tooth for a dental veneer application, a thin layer of your tooth’s enamel must be removed. You will not get back that natural layer if you remove your veneer. If your veneer sustains damage, you will have to replace it.

Also, be aware that after your veneers are fitted, their colour cannot be changed. If you are planning to have veneers made and whiten the rest of your teeth, you should whiten your teeth first so that the veneers will match the new colour.

Lastly, veneers may not be suitable for people who grind or clench their teeth as this action will cause damage. If you have that problem, you should talk to your dentist about getting a crown instead.

All About Dental Veneers

By: Herry Lawford

Dental veneers provide the perfect solution for a number of dental imperfections such as worn teeth, discolored teeth, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth and gaps in between the teeth. In fact, it is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments of all dental remedies out there.

What Are Dental Veneers?

A dental veneers┬áis actually a small porcelain sheath that fits over the front of the tooth. The main purpose of it is to hide imperfections and blemishes to give you a perfect Hollywood smile. A veneer is one of the best ways to change the shape, color, size or the length of your teeth. They are quite stain resistant, and will not spoil over time similar to natural teeth. They are safe even when constantly in contact with high staining materials such as red wine, coffee or smoking. Veneers are extremely strong and produce a much better result compared to bleaching or bonding. The best thing about dental veneers is they don’t look fake at all. They are produced from such thin sheets of porcelain that they look translucent and reflect light quite similar to natural teeth. The cosmetic dentist will first take an impression of your teeth. The veneer will be modeled in wax thereafter. From this wax, they will make a cast and fill it with molten porcelain. Then, pressure will be applied to produce the final product – the dental veneer.

Why Choose Our Veneers?

Not all veneers out there are top-notch. But we choose only the highest quality veneers to fit into your teeth. If you find some dentists offering cheap veneers, It is quite possible that they are using inferior materials in producing the veneers. Most of the cheap products are made of composite shells or laminate materials. Latest studies have revealed that these products cause discoloration and bonding failure after some time. Composite veneers will not last for long. They will require frequent maintenance and replacement, which means they are more expensive in the long run. They are nowhere near as flexible as porcelain veneers. This is why we use the highest quality veneers at all times. We custom make and individually craft the veneers in our high-tech laboratory to make sure they fit properly, and enhance your smile.

Are Veneers For You?

Veneers will offer that dazzling Hollywood smile to you. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for everyone. They can only be fitted on the front teeth. This is only if you have teeth that are in good condition. In fact, a full crown may be the best bet than a veneer if you are having issues with the rear chewing teeth, your teeth are decayed, your teeth are over-crowded or they are heavily filled.

Important Factors To Consider –

The fitting of dental veneers involves the removal of a thin layer of natural tooth enamel. This is essential in order to prepare the teeth. It means you will not be able to remove the veneer and return to your natural teeth later on. When the veneer chips are cracked, they will have to be replaced. The color of the veneer will not change once it is fitted. If you have plans to whiten the other teeth, it is best to do it first before fitting the veneer. Then, the color of your teeth can be matched with the new teeth. Last but not least, If you are a person who grinds your teeth, veneers will not be the best choice for you. Grinding or clenching the teeth may damage the veneers. It is best you talk to one of our specialist to have a crown replacement instead.

The aforementioned is a comprehensive overview of dental veneers.