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The 5 Most Ridiculous Bachelor Party Stories

By: scottywaddy930

Many bachelor parties are renowned for being a bit wild, with all manner of jokes, ridiculousness and even dissipations waiting to happen. In these parties, you will never know what is going to happen when all friends are gathered together. As well as some games you can play on a stag do, we thought it would be good to share some of the most ridiculous stories we have found. To celebrate the release of “The Wedding Ringer” Movie starring Kevin Hart and Josh Gad; below are a few of the most ridiculous and hilarious bachelor’s party stories we could find.

1. Alex Tulloch

Mr. Alex made a very big mistake when he chose his old buddy Ben Goldsmith (Picture below) as the best man in 2012. Ben is a guy who is blessed with wealth, which gave him the power to pull pranks

that people can only dream off. After a normal night out celebrating, Mr. Alex and two of his friends went back to their hotel for a good night sleep only to find their room raided by the LAPD at 2 Am. They were taken to the local police station without any explanation to why they were being arrested. The only thing they were told is that they are in big trouble and they might be in the cells for a couple of weeks. This meant that Alex would miss the wedding. While in custody, they were subjected to two hours of nonstop interrogation until the rest of the bachelor’s party burst into the room they were being interrogated. The whole time they were being watched through a two-way glass. Ben had used an entertainment company he owned to plan the whole thing. Even weeks after the joke, Alex still did not see the funny side of it. Awkward.

2. Michael Ireland

In normal circumstances, people do try having their bachelor’s party in a trip club. What tends to happen at a Bachelor party can be read here; however, in Michael’s case, it was not an enjoyable experience. He was left seeing double and circular starts rotating over his head after accidentally being kicked on the head by a striper. This happened back in 2008 and Michael was compensated with $650,000 for the trouble.
Maybe it took him twice or thrice as long to count the money…

3. Craig and Bradley Barnett

These two guys were not getting married back in 2011. However, they were attending their friend’s bachelor’s party back in Bournemouth. Instead of them carrying their own overnight bags, they decided to carry six live chickens instead. After the husband to be had left the room, they decided to leave the chickens in the room and head to enjoy themselves. The moment they returned, all hell broke loose.

They found the chickens had been released onto the hotel’s car park. Two of the birds had left damage at the hands of a fox, another two had gone missing and the remaining two were in a terrified state according to RSPCA. Anyway, the two friends were prosecuted by the animal protection authorities, which resulted in £440 worth of fines and a cost of £750 between them. Fools…

4. Celina Complaint

Anytime when guys are on a bachelor’s party, the other half to be usually is usually at home or on other business. However, this is not the case for the woman, who goes by the name of Celina. After the husband to be had his party at the Treacys Hotel In Waterford, it was clear she was not happy what had happened. She took her frustrations on Facebook with the following message:

“My partner of 10 years has his bachelor’s party in Waterford last night at Treacys Hotel. 17 men went down €1,120, which was paid before arrival…. When they arrived yesterday in this hotel, they were asked to pay €50 each for an overnight deposit in addition to the existing one. The hotel guaranteed them; they will get back that amount the next morning. However, they did not get anything that was included in their package… No finger food, no round of shots, no breakfast and no deposit back. I think that this hotel was trying to earn some easy cash. I am going on every radio stations and get all the boys to comment and let every tourist I know from my job about this scamming hotel. €700 is a lot of cash today, Small claims court I think.”

Not one to be outdone, the hotel’s management replied in respectable fashion… Someone is in trouble when he gets home.

5. Nuns On The Run

Back in 2009, a group of fellows aged between 18 and 65 got themselves put down in Malia after being charged with misrepresentation and scandal of a costume for flashing their bare bottom dressed as nuns. Luckily, they walked free when nobody showed up in court to testify on their behaviour being offensive.

Enjoying The Fun Of The Best UK Antique Fairs

By: Jan Fidler

The antiques trade has had new life breathed into it thanks to television. The business experienced a slump in the 1990s and the early 2000s that seemed to threaten to put all traders out of business except for the largest ones. However, Bargain Hunt, Antiques Roadshow and programmes like them that are dedicated to finding old pieces of furniture, vintage items and collectibles, restoring them and selling them have breathed new life into the business, providing a new audience and a promising future.

Markets and fairs that are held around the country are the best places to discover antique gems. However, a lot of petrol and time can be saved by knowing which are the best places to go.

This guide will provide you with the some of the best antique fairs in the UK.

Newark International Antiques And Collectors Fair

This fair is one of the biggest and longest standing fairs in the country and is listed in the book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”! With a vast range and selection, you will find something to meet almost every taste in collecting. The atmosphere at this fair is eclectic and lively with buyers and sellers from all over the world.

You will find everything from stained glass windows, industrial items and rustic pieces, to paintings, jewellery, silver, glassware, china and fine antiques. Although the range is extraordinary, the quality is generally very high and the people are very knowledgeable.

Sunbury Antiques Market

Attracting people from the continent as well as from all over the United Kingdom, this fair features a fascinating selection of items from vintage to rustic to antique. In addition to offering such a significant range of collectibles and antiques, this fair is easily accessed from London and is held at Kempton Racecourse – a beautiful venue.

Offering surprises, this is a bustling and busy fair that often features unusual furniture items.

Ardingly International Antiques And Collectors Fair

As one of the top antique and vintage fairs in the country, Ardingly should definitely be added to your list. Due to being situated near the Channel, this fair attracts sellers from Africa, Asia and continental Europe as well as all over the UK.

A fabulous mix of industrial, rustic, primitive, and vintage items in addition to silver, china, glass and traditional antique furniture, this fair provides a treasure trove for collectors of all tastes. Postcards, coins, stamps and other collectibles are also represented here.

The Malvern Flea And Collectors Fair

Located in the heart of Worcestershire, this laid-back, sprawling fair is our final choice on the list. Part of the appeal of this fair is the “hodge-podge” randomness of what can be found here. From kitchen utensils to taxidermy, ceramics and fishing gear along with agricultural tools, this is a real mix of worlds.

In addition to the collectibles and antiques you can also buy chutneys, pickles, jams and other home-made produce.

Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to explore this fascinating fair. There are stalls and sheds along the perimeter as well as the main exhibition stall. It is well worth taking your time to peruse all of what this fair has to offer.

5 Unforgettable Stag Do Parties

By: Zach Dischner

Stag do parties are very popular among guys of all ages. Bestmans Bestman helps tell you the best ideas. However, they can get an unexpected turning, as you never know what’s going to happen when lads meet to celebrate a thing like the last day of freedom of one of their friends.
The launch of The Wedding Ringer, starring Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, is the occasion of this article. Let’s have some fun with some of the weirdest stag do stories we managed to find.

1. Alex Tulloch

This story happened in 2012, when Alex Tulloch had the bad idea of getting his friends, Ben Goldsmith, to be his best man. Goldsmith is the uncrowned king of crazy pranks, so he had all the resources to come up with an unforgettable one. Tulloch and two of his friends returned to the hotel late at night, after hanging around in town. They didn’t know what stroke them when the LAPD raided their room and arrested them. They were taken to the local police station without any stated reason for this. The officers made sure to scare them well, by telling them their felony was so serious that the punishment would have been at least two-three weeks of jail. They could have kissed the wedding good bye. Two hours of hard interrogation later, all the stag do party guests entered the interrogatory room, laughing out loud, as they have been watching everything through the two-way glass. This sophisticated prank wasn’t cheap, but Goldsmith used his own entertainment company to organize it. Tulloch got so mad with his friend that he didn’t speak to him weeks after everything was over.

2. Michael Ireland

Strip clubs have seen many successful stag do parties. However, Michael Ireland wasn’t that happy with his, as he got accidentally kicked in the head by a stripper. The consequence was very severe: permanent double vision. The compensation was $650,000. As this happened back in 2008, we wonder how much money Michael has today.

3. Craig And Bradley Barnett

The two friends were invited by their friend in Bournemouth for hist stag do. They thought to bring six chicken with them instead of some clothes and pajamas like everybody else. When the stag left his hotel room, the guys let the chicken out and everything turned into the biggest mess of their lives.
By dawn, they let the chickens out in the hotel car park. Two of them were killed by a fox, two disappeared into the woods and the others were shocked and couldn’t move. The RSPCA qualified them as being “in a terrified state”, prosecuted our friends and fined them £440. Thinking they had already spent £750, this stag do was perhaps the most expensive they have ever attended.

4. Celina Complaint

During a stag do, the other half usually understands it’s her future husband’s last chance to have foolish fun with his friends, so she minds her own business and waits for everything to come to an end. However, this woman named Celina decided to do otherwise. She wasn’t too happy with her spouse’s party at the Treacys Hotel in Waterford, so she thought to post the following message in Facebook:
“My hubby-to-be had his stag do at Treacys Hotel in Waterford. They made an upfront payment of €1,120 for all 17 of them. Upon arrival at the hotel, they were asked to pay an additional €50 each to serve as guarantee. This money was going to be returned to them after the stag do night. However, they never got this money back. Moreover, they also didn’t get the services supposedly included in their pack. They had no finger food for their party, no welcome drinks, no breakfast, nothing. The hotel took advantage of them. I’m determined not to leave the things like this, so I’m going to contact all radio stations to tell them the story. Perhaps they are even going to invite my partner and his friends for some interviews. Everyone should find out and avoid this hotel like plague.”
We don’t know what happened when he returned back home, but we can surely guess the hotel management replied in a fashion that was going to make Celina miserable.

5. Nuns On The Run

Back in 2009, a group of guys had the idea to dress up like nuns for a stag do. This wouldn’t have been a problem, but they felt the need to go out on the streets and show people their bare behinds. The result was them being charged with “scandal and misrepresentation of a costume or uniform”, a situation that could have landed them lots of troubles. Luckily, no witness actually showed up in court to testify, so the guys got released and walked free.

5 Stag Do Stories With An Unexpected Ending

By: Mills Baker

Stag dos can go awry sometimes. You can’t imagine how situations may evolve when a bunch of lads gather together with the intention of making the funniest jokes ever. Now, on the occasion of the launch of The Wedding Ringer, starring Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, we gathered a few of the most unexpected stag do stories and we published them here to your greatest amusement.
Let the show begin…

1. Alex Tulloch

The biggest mistake of Alex Tulloch was to appoint Ben Goldsmith as his best man in 2012. Ben’s creativity overload made him set up a prank that’s going to be remembered for a very long time. Tullock and his two friends spent a night out in the city, then returned to their hotel room, where an LAPD patrol raided their room at 2am and brought them to the police headquarters without allowing them to tell anything and without explaining the reasons of this action. The officers made sure to tell the subjects they were in a very bog trouble, so they are probably going to spend at least two weeks in jail. It was very clear they couldn’t have attended the wedding anymore. The best moment of the show was when the rest of the stag party gang entered the room, laughing like crazy. They’ve been watching the whole “interview” the entire time through the two-way mirror. Goldsmith had asked the staff of his entertainment company to help him organize this prank. Even weeks later, Tulloch failed to see its funny side.

2. Michael Ireland

Strip clubs are common stag do locations, but Michael Ireland surely didn’t have too much fun with his experience. One of the strippers kicked him in the head by accident, leaving him with double vision for the rest of his life. He was awarded $650,000 back in 2008. Hopefully, he managed to make even more out of it, but we are never going to know this for sure.

3. Craig And Bradly Barnett

In 2011, Craig and Bradley were invited to attend the stag do of on of their pals in Bournemouth. They decided to take six live chickens with them instead of any luggage. Once the stag felt the room, the guys set the chicken free, but they had no idea what was going to happen next.
By sunrise, two of the chickens were already dead, killed by a fox in the hotel car park. Two of them got lost and the remaining ones were is state of shock. The RSPCA found them, and fined the brothers £440. If we add the £750 costs between them, we can see what an expensive and foolish idea they’ve had.

4. Celina Complaint

Most brides-to-be are usually waiting patiently for the stag do to come to an end, knowing it’s the last night of total freedom for their other half. This girls, called Celina, decided to do something else. Her husband to be had his stag party at the Treacys Hotel in Waterford, so she thought to have a little fun and posted the following message on Facebook:
“My life partner decided to have his stag do party at this hotel in Waterford. He invited 16 of his friends and they all paid a total of €1,120 before arriving at the hotel.
Yesterday, upon arrival, the hotel asked them to pay an additional €50 per person as an additional deposit they were going to get returned the next morning. They didn’t get any of the services specified in the package they’ve purchased… no food, no drinks, no breakfast and no return of their deposit. I think the hotel manager thought this was some easy money to be made, but I’m determined to give him a hard life. I’m going to contact all radio and TV stations and let everybody know they should stay away from this hotel”. Of course, the hotel manager replied to this message in a way that was going to cost the guy quite a lot. We don’t know what happened to Celina after he returned home.

5. Nuns On The Run

Back in 2009, a group of guys and girls had the crazy idea of dressing up like nuns in Malia. They ended up under arrest, as a consequence of showing their bare behinds to all people in the street while dressed like nuns. This isn’t something people would easily overlook, so they got arrested. Their luck was that nobody showed up in court to testify on their offensive behaviour, so they got away easily. However, that was a stag do with an unexpected end. It should make other people think twice when they choose their prank ideas.