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The Value Of Collaboration In Business

By: University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections

In every modern business, collaboration is usually the fuel. Collaboration can be between executives aiming to improve efficiency, between workers trying to find the best way to get a job done, or between a business and its client to develop more popular and appropriate products. In the absence of collaboration, business as we know it would simply collapse. Leapfrog Internet Marketing encourage networking sessions to collaborate. However, the question is what does collaboration do that makes it so important?

Thinking Creatively & Coming Up With Original Ideas

You may be just a single person sitting at his or her desk and have ideas floating in your mind. However, you have absolutely no way of determining whether those ideas are good or not. Having a person to share and discuss ideas with is important. It helps you see potential problems or flaws in your plan that you probably would not have noticed until it is too late.

Collaboration also encourages generation of new ideas as well as thinking creatively. Everything becomes more feasible if you have more minds floating ideas around. Your business partner may have an idea of modifying your original idea, improve on it, or take it to another level.

Collaboration’s very nature brings together different ideas, voices, teams, and views all aiming to solve a particular problem and develop something completely different. This is what will move your business from the bottom to being a dominant player.

A Workforce That Is Happier And More Productive

It sometimes feels a bit suffocating to be working in a rigid organization that is lead from top down. Even if you come up with some new suggestions or ideas, you have no room to express them because of the organization’s rigidity. Even when you express them, they are largely ignored and this can lead to reduced morale and even quitting your job.

In a work environment that is collaborative, the employees enjoy a stronger sense of community and everyone has a chance to float ideas without fear of being ignored. This makes people more happier in their jobs and happy people are more productive. Collaboration has an added advantage in that it leads to a workforce that is better educated since both employers and employees alike learn from one another easily and effectively.

Fluidity Of The Business

One of the major issues that can cause problems to a business or even result in complete liquidation is lack of flexibility as well as failure to move with the times. Any business that is impervious to change and stuck in what it knows is often the one that will be left behind, which is something nobody wants. Being open to new ideas, collaboration, and fresh perspectives ensures that your business remains fluid, keeps up with technology, moves with the times, and that it pioneers new methods and ideas. Simply put, collaboration is the difference between being stuck in the mud and winning the marathon.

Dynamic Problem Solving

One of the critical aims of collaboration discussed above is problem solving. When you are working in an office by yourself and you encounter a problem, it might take you a while to develop a solution. Once you do come up with the solution, it might work for a short while but fail in the end.

If you have a collaborative workforce or partner then you can take a multifaceted approach of looking at the problem. The multifaceted approach looks at the problem from angles that you had not even thought of and this allows for coming up with more interesting, dynamic, and foolproof solutions. It also splits up the workload and helps in opening up your creative problem solving abilities.

As people often say, a problem shared is a problem solved. Therefore, ensure that your workforce is collaborative today.

Should Your Company Choose Outsourcing?

With IT departments and infrastructure increasingly becoming important for all companies, both large and small, many companies are pondering the decision to outsource it. IT systems keep your company connected internally as well as well in direct communication with your customers. It is likely that your business is already using its infrastructure for a variety of reasons. These areas are as diverse as help desks, fleet management and logistics, wages and benefits for employees, management of utilities, credit control, and market research. No matter what your core business is, IT exists at the heart of your company’s transactions.

When a company does not have sufficient internal expertise, it makes sense to outsource. You’ll be able to gain access to state-of-the-art technology that the business might not be able to afford otherwise. In fact, many companies have found that out-sourcing is cost-effective enough to allow them to actually reduce their costs while freeing staff salary up for projects that earn more money over the long term.

It Can Be Difficult To Trust An Outside Company With Internal Knowledge And Data

“Keep in mind that in IT, there are good companies as well as bad ones” explains Geoff Roy from Leapfrog Internet Marketing, who outsource some of their SEO work. Outsourcing won’t end your responsibility to see that your IT services are complete and well-run. The best solutions allow you to keep current successful business practices in place.

Outsourcing any service eliminates direct control over that particular area of the businesses life. Outsourced services include waste disposal, business accounting, office and facility cleaning, as well as IT. Before placing trust in any of the hired companies, business leaders must become comfortable with the idea of not controlling this aspect of their business and some find it almost impossible to place trust in a third party when it comes to their very vital internal IT network.

Understanding Outsourcing

Outsourcing isn’t something new under the sun but it has been growing by leaps and bounds as more businesses work to eliminate waste. IT outsourcing can vary from data collection services to data entry. A team may be hired to manage the network or do regular backups. Depending upon the size of your needs, you may choose to contract for services from an individual, a consulting service, or a company that provides comprehensive service.

Outsourcing offers three primary benefits. These are:

1. Since the provider’s main industry is IT, they will always stay abreast of current developments in the field. This means that you are more likely to have access to state-of-the-art technology when you outsource that when you keep your operations in-house.

2. Once IT is outsourced, you will be able to reduce staff and staff salary expenses for system maintenance. Many companies save a great deal this way and re-purpose their existing IT staff for development projects.

3. An IT company has enormous access to computer resources and will work with you take re-purpose your approach when market conditions change. Internal IT staffs are generally smaller without a broad base of knowledge.,

Keep The Downsides In Mind

Contract terms can present a tricky problem in the world of the Internet. While it is true that you’ll get better terms when you sign a contract for a longer period of time, you run the risk of being stuck with out-dated technology. The IT industry changes rapidly and you will need to understand the outsourcing companies approach to adopting new technologies before you sign on the dotted line.

Some companies require that you use a specific platform to access their services. This may interfere if you need to switch to a different one down the line. Keep in mind that staff morale suffers during the outsourcing period as well since employees fear the loss of their own jobs and find themselves confronted with either a lay-off or a transfer to a new position, if they wish to remain employed.

Outsourcing IT works great if you proceed carefully. Make sure that the contract is binding and clearly lists the services provided before moving forward. Move cautiously and arrange for a series of meeting and presentations before you commit and IT outsourcing will work well for your company.