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Make Video a Feature in your Email Marketing Strategy

By: MiNe

Video is an effective advertising technique as it permits your brand to create a feeling of identity so you can associate with your customers on an emotional level and in a manner that suits their occupied way of life. Paul Ashworth from video production company Team 360 feel this is a great way to build your marketing brand.

The use of video in email marketing has turned out to be more and more popular as of late since video mails have demonstrated to accomplish higher click through rates(CTR) and engagement rates. Video email advertising is usually used to increase brand awareness, conversions and to provide more information to many people.

Video Email Marketing can expand your CTR

From research, around 100 million online people watch videos as a part of their browsing schedule. Three quarters of administrators watch business related Videos from business sites four times every month on average. 90% of online customers get videos valuable when attempting to settle on what to buy.

If you are thinking of utilizing Videos to build your CTR, conversions and leads then it is vital to take a tactical way to deal with the making your video email advertising crusade so we have underneath made some top tips to assist you with planning your campaign.

Top 4 Ways to Develop a Successful Video Email Campaign

It is vital that the titles and body content of every email in your campaign passes on data that is uniquely significant to your business, serving to evade the messages getting caught in spam filters.

Customize your email by making sure you have content and video that associates with the beneficiary from the minute they open it. For instance, mentioning their industry or service sector, a brand or name that will prompt a response. If the email and Video seems, by all accounts, to be customized, it will have far more noteworthy effect, improving its relevancy, which thusly will build click through rates.

Relate To the Needs of Your Intended Customers

The vast majority of us find numerous emails each time we open our inbox and we are all guilty of sending trashing them without giving them just a look, chiefly in light of the fact that the title isn’t applicable to our needs at the time. So putting forth a clear expression that unites with your customer on an emotional level is pivotal to making your email surface above the rest and hence increasing the open rate.

If your title has set off an enthusiastic reaction and the subsequent activity is someone opening the mail, you now need to guarantee the body content and video substance will instantly relate to their needs to draw in them further.

The email’s tone content and video content is vital to get right and, if pitched in the right way, will assist increase CTR. Keep sentences and content clear and exact, and keep in mind, your desire is to develop a video view so it is imperative that the content propels the customer to see the Video. Try using expressive, proficient language, don’t use jargon, and keep the tone light and cordial. Use short paragraphs and incorporate subheadings and visual cues to help escalate the engagement.

Don’t Forget About Images

Employ images to increase interest in your body text and make an appealing Video thumbnail picture that will inspire the individual to click the video. You could incentivise this image which will further propel individuals to watch the Video.

Employ CTAs (Call To Action Buttons) to increase CTR

Your email recipients should comprehend what they must do to get the data they require as soon as possible. Clear CTA’s will guide clients to clicking a specific desired button. Whether it is watch Video’, ‘Go to site’, ‘Purchase Now’, ‘Download App’ – these buttons are truly valuable signposts that help expand CTR.

You can use a variety of videos for the content of your email advertising campaign. It could incorporate anything from your CEO discussing the item to your representatives saying the amount they adore working for the organization

Incorporate Video Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

By: Nicholas Tart

Video is a very powerful type of marketing tool that makes it possible for your brand to develop a personality so that you are able to connect on an emotional level with your audience, and in ways that are suited to their busy lives. Team 360 based in Surrey believe email marketing is a great way to push your company forward.

In recent years, using video with email marketing has continued to increase in popularity. This is due to the fact that video emails have been shown to achiever high click-through rates (CTR) and engagement. Video marketing is frequently used for educating an audience, conversions and increasing brand awareness.

Increase Your CTR By Using Video Email Marketing

An estimated 100 million online viewers watch videos during their daily routine. Seventy five percent of executives view videos that are work-related on business websites once a week at least. Ninety percent of online shoppers consider videos to be useful when they are attempting to make a purchasing decision.

If you are thinking about using videos for increasing your conversions, leads and click-through rates, then taking a strategic approach to your video email marketing campaigns is critical. We have detailed some of our best tips below to help you with planning your campaigns.

4 Tips For Creating Successful Video Email Campaigns

Personalization increases relevancy.

It is critical for each email’s subject line as well as body content that is part of your campaign to convey information that is very relevant to your company and business. This can help you avoid having your emails winding up inside the spam filters.

You should personalize your emails through including video and content that connects with its recipient as soon as they open the email. For example, mentioning a name or brand, or their service or industry that might trigger a reaction from them. If your video and email seems to be personalized, it has a much better chance of having a greater impact. It will also increase relevancy, which leads to increased click-through rates.

Identify with your audience’s needs.

A majority of individuals receive a huge number of emails every day. All of us are guilty of deleting emails without reading or even looking at them. This is mainly due to the fact that the subject line is irrelevant to what our needs are at the moment. That is why it is so crucial to make a clear statement that will connect with your readers on an emotional level. This will help make your emails stand out and increase your open rates.

If an emotional response was triggered by your subject line and it results in readers opening your email, then try to make sure that the video content and body text identify with your readers’ needs immediately to further engage them. It is crucial to get the tone of your video content and email text right. If you pitch it right, this will help with increasing click-through rates. Your text and sentences should be kept precise and clear. Keep in mind that creating a video view is what your goal is. So that is why it is so important for your text to motivate your readers to watch the video. Try using professional and descriptive language. Keep your tone friendly and light, and don’t use too many technical terms. Use short paragraphs and include bullet points and subheadings in order to increase engagement with your audience.

Use Images

Images can be used for creating interest in the text of your email as well as for creating an attractive and interesting video thumbnail picture that will motivate people to watch your video. Another thing you can do is incentivise the email to compel people even more to want to click on your video and watch it.

Increase Your CTR With Call To Action (CTA) Buttons

The recipients of your emails need to understand quickly what they need to do in order to receive the information that they want or need. Having a clear call to action will direct readers to click on a button in order to take a certain action. The buttons are very useful signposts that will help with increasing your CTR, whether is to “Download App,” “Buy Now,” “Go To Website” or “View Video.”

You can vary the video content that is part of your email marketing campaigns. They can include things such as employees talking about how they really love to work for your company or your CEO discussing your products.