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Five Methods For Effectively Measuring Customer Service

1) Monitor Repeat Business

The primary and most obvious way to measure how good your customer service is, is to have repeat customers. If initial business is good but your return rate is low, that is a strong indication that you have poor customer service.

If this is your situation, you need to review who your first-time buyers are along with who the repeat customers are. Figure out if the buyers have increased the frequency and quantity of their purchases. You are headed in the right direction if this is the case. However, you do also need to consider any outside factors which may be affecting purchases. The reason for increased purchases could be seasonal or your product may not have a lot of competition at the moment. 2) Ask Customers

In terms of conducting customer surveys you do need to strike the proper balance. Asking your clients to answer surveys too often can be asking for a bit too much. It isn’t their responsibility to perform your job after all.

When you do ask questions, try not to be too demanding about it. Many times a simple email or phone call to assess the level of satisfaction that a customer has will be appreciated. On the other hand, if you send customers a long list of detailed questions to answer, that can be annoying and you may lose some goodwill in the process.

When creating a survey, keep in mind that the easier the survey is to fill out and answer, the more responses you will receive. Be sure that you ask straightforward and easy questions if you want to have a good response rate.

3) Analyze Customer Complaints

Another thing that is very important to do is to monitor how many complaints you are receiving from customers within a specific time period. Obviously if you are receiving a lot of complaints, that’s a serious problem. However, if you aren’t receiving a lot of complaints don’t get complacent. Keep focusing on providing good service.

When people receive bad customer service, they complain about it. Average customer service rarely receives complaints. However, you do not want to settle for mediocrity.

For each complaint you receive, be sure to carefully review all of the details. Then follow up with your unhappy customers as soon as you can. Try not to be too defensive. Think about it this way, your customers are providing you with very helpful information that shows what you are doing wrong or areas that you can improve upon.

Collect customer feedback. Then take action immediately so that unhappy customers don’t switch to your competition.
4) Record Phone Calls From Customers

You can monitor phone calls without interrupting the conversation. Just record the calls so that you can review them. This way you can evaluate your customer service representatives and make not of any recurring problems that need to be addressed.

Make sure all customer service staff get evaluated using the same criteria and use the same standard when reviewing the calls. Make sure you focus on issues that customers care about not just ones that relate to your internal company practices and procedures.
5) Hire A Mystery Shopper

Many consumer industries have used this technique for a very long time. the mystery shopper traditionally is an individual who gets paid to pretend they are a diner at a restaurant or shopper in a store. They will employ various techniques to test show efficient the staff is of the organization they are representing.

The shopper fills in a score sheet to rate the organization. It is important that these reviews are consistent. For the evaluations to be fair, the organization should be judged on the exact same points by all mystery shoppers. Personal bias should not influence their views. It is better to employ more than one person to get opinions from. One drawback is this method is labor intensive.

Use or more of these above methods to measure the quality and efficiency of your customer service staff. Try to avoid allowing external circumstances to distort your findings. If at all possible, use more than one method to measure your customer service to get the most accurate results.