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Sunningdale Kitchens

Looking for the best in kitchen design?

A kitchen is a very personal thing. If you have ever tried to work in someone else’s kitchen then you’ll know what we mean. Everyone has their own system for where things are kept, what’s on the work surfaces, which areas are for food preparation and so on.

But though you know your way around your current kitchen, you are probably aware of where it is lacking. You may long for more storage space; a more ergonomic design; or hanker after appliances and gadgets that will make your life easier and save time rather than gathering dust. If you are hunting round for the best ideas for Sunningdale kitchens, why not try us?

Sunningdale kitchens designed around you

The issue with many of the big names in kitchens on the market today is that you risk ending up with something generic which doesn’t take into account how your daily life works. Your kitchen could be the place where the family naturally gravitates to discuss the ups and downs of their day, for instance. It may be as much for entertaining as it is for food preparation. Or you may yearn for a sleek, business-like kitchen that’s supremely functional and easy to keep clean. Whatever you’re looking for, we can suggest solutions. Because what makes Planen different is that it’s all about you. Every client is unique and there’s no such thing as a standard kitchen to us.

It’s the little touches that make us different. We know, for example, how busy you are. That’s why we work around you, even from the outset: we are happy to arrange an appointment outside of our normal opening hours, where we can sit down together over a cup of coffee and help you plan a kitchen that fulfils all your criteria. And from then on, our service is, as they say, ‘from soup to nuts’ – we manage your project from beginning to end, design to installation, removing all the stress and worry from the process. Because of our extensive experience, we know what works and what doesn’t and will suggest changes at an early stage so you don’t make expensive mistakes.

Why not call us today? We don’t do pushy sales, so there is no obligation. We like to think we strike a harmonious balance between practical and dream Sunningdale kitchens. And as an independent company, we regularly shop around – so you may be able to afford more than you think.

Beaconsfield kitchens

Planning a kitchen should be fun. Instead, though, many people find it a stressful time. They agonise over finding the perfect kitchen, with all the right features, designed by the cleverest people, supplied by the slickest company and fitted by the best kitchen fitters. In fact, it’s almost a wonder any kitchens ever get sold at all. After all, it’s a big financial commitment and a lot of people save years before taking the plunge. You really don’t want to end up disappointed with the final result, so there’s a lot invested in the decision, financially and emotionally.

But search online and you’ll probably end up confused by a plethora of both good and bad reviews, often for the very same company. It’s perhaps not surprising: companies like Howdens, Benchmarx, Magnet and the other big names deal with thousands of customers and kitchens each year. There are bound to be successes and failures.

Beaconsfield kitchens with style and individuality

Are you looking for something different, though? Are you seeking Beaconsfield kitchens with a touch of individuality, ones that can be tailored specifically to your home, your family and your lifestyle? If so, we recommend you speak to us. We don’t do a ‘bog standard’ kitchen. We have some great prices and special offers, but we don’t compromise when it comes to putting your needs first. Whether you run a busy family home or are a couple who loves to entertain, whether you have a huge or tiny space to work with, or if you have special requirements such as restricted mobility, we’ll work with these to deliver a kitchen you’ll love.

Two of the factors critical to our success are independence and our experience – between us, we have almost 50 years in the building trade. And the third all-important factor is that, unlike many faceless companies out there, we care. We care about our reputation; and our reputation is based on delivering what our customers really want. In fact, often we exceed our own expectations and deliver more than people had bargained for!

You’ll find that many bigger companies just don’t listen. And if there should be a problem further down the line, you’ll get passed from pillar to post, no one individual taking responsibility for the issue. Whatever space you have available, whatever requirements you have in mind, whatever budget you’re working to, we can accommodate them and create something you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and family.

Ascot kitchens

The kitchen has always been the real heart of the home. These days, it’s increasingly the centre of the action, too. Space is often at a premium. A greater number of homes are open plan. And kitchens have become multi-functional, multi-purpose rooms. Ascot kitchens are no longer simply a place for food preparation: there are a whole host of other events which take place there, such as eating, socialising with friends and family and even teaching the children how to cook.

Making the most of the space you have available brings challenges and opportunities when planning for a new kitchen. Luckily, we thrive on a challenge. You’ll be looking for a clever, intelligent kitchen company with a good idea of what will work and won’t work on a day to day basis. You’ll be looking for ideas tailored to your lifestyle. And that’s what we do. We combine our direct, hands-on experience – when you pool our expertise, we have nearly 50 years in the building business you can draw on – with your dreams and ideas. Whether you are keen on the traditional or ultra-modern look, there are some really clever ideas out there these days for space-saving options, time-saving appliances and downright elegance and style as standard – and we’ll know about them. Kitchens truly are our passion.

The best prices on Ascot kitchens from Planen

Because we are an independent firm we can search around to find the best of what’s on offer in the marketplace. Whilst we aren’t necessarily going to be able to provide you with the cheapest kitchen, we can promise you will get the best prices for Ascot kitchens in tandem with the high levels of service and quality we offer. Our kitchens are built to deliver on their promises, and they are also built to last.

We’re proud of what we have achieved with past clients. From making the best of awkward spaces to seeking solutions for customers with mobility problems and working to a strict budget – we take all these in our stride. We’ve dealt with them all and that’s why we’re delighted to show off to you the fruits of our labours. Why not take a look at the numerous case studies on our website and see what we’ve created for others? You never know, you may find your dream kitchen there. Or at the very least, some attractive ideas to get you started.

London kitchens

With a bit of luck, you won’t buy many kitchens in your lifetime. The main advantage of this is that it’s pretty much a one-off expense – get it right this time and you’ll have many years of use and enjoyment out of your new kitchen. However, a major disadvantage is that, if you’ve never done it before, the process of choosing and fitting out a kitchen can seem complex. There is real pressure to make sure your hard-earned money is well spent. After all, you’ll have to live with your decisions for a long time to come.

However, if you think about it logically, you’ve had access to a kitchen of one sort or another all your life. You know how you use your kitchen on a day-to-day basis and on special occasions. And you understand the constraints as you plan your new kitchen: from issues such as the budget you have to work with to physical aspects, like the placement of existing windows and doors. So when it comes down to it, you’re already a bit of an expert on what you can and can’t achieve in your new kitchen.

A personalised service for choosing London kitchens with Planen

The great thing when you come to Planen for London kitchens is that we don’t expect you to know all the answers from the outset. It’s our job to be your guide as together we plan a kitchen that’s matched to your expectations in every way. We’ll value your input as we talk through the options – after all, you know your requirements better than we do. But we will also be there to suggest those final tweaks, the smart ideas that lift it from being purely a functional kitchen to an aspirational kitchen. And thereafter, you can leave the finer technical detail, the project planning and all those other fiddly bits to us.

A significant factor in our reputation for excellence is our strong attention to detail. We pay meticulous attention to getting things right for you. You’re not just another customer to us. Your kitchen will become our life, at least for the duration of the project.

You needn’t settle for the restrictions imposed on you by other kitchen companies with limited ranges and a ‘one size fits all’ approach. You can find something unique and with character if you come to a local company like us. And it needn’t cost the earth either – as an independent company, we’ll negotiate on your behalf and get you a great deal on any of our new London kitchens.

Eight Amazing Facts You Never Knew about Your Kitchen

A place for everything and everything in its place.  It’s one of those sayings – which, if you like a perfectly tailored kitchen to your needs, may be true.  Whether you have the most wonderfully organised fitted kitchen or one that needs a little more TLC, discover some interesting facts about the treasures that you can find in your trusty kitchen. And some points that you may not be so keen to read about.  Read on…

1.  There’s more to your cutlery drawer. 

If you’ve always thought that cutlery just means a knife, fork and spoon you’d be wrong.  There is such a thing as a spork – a cross between a spoon and a fork.  In fact there’s even a splade – a spork with a blade.

2.  Quick – there’s a spillage.

There’s nothing worse than an overspilling saucepan when you’re cooking pasta.  Trying to clean up dried boiled water after it has boiled over is not an easy task.  If you place either a wooden spoon or fork across the top of the pan, it will prevent any spillages.

 3.  No tears please – it’s only an onion.

There are several ways to avoid the dreaded tears when chopping up an onion.  Carefully cut your onion under cold running water.  Alternatively, try putting it in the freezer for a short while before chopping.  And once you’ve chopped your onion, use lemon juice to remove the smell from your hands.

4.  Clever cheat to rid freezer smells.

This is a kind of a cheat as it involves the bedroom rather than the kitchen.  A sock filled with coffee granules can remove musty smells from a freezer.  Odd, but it works.  Obviously the sock needs to be clean… you don’t want to defeat the object!

 5.  Your kitchen – is it really the cleanest room in the house?

Most people think that the toilet is the most unhygienic place in your home but they are wrong.  The kitchen sink is the worst culprit, with over 100,000 times more germs than a bathroom or toilet.  Although it would be difficult to imagine eating near a toilet.

 6.  Think about your chopping board.

Did you know that the average chopping board has more than 200% more germs than the average toilet seat?  Keep your kitchen healthy – make sure you use separate boards for raw and cooked food.  Always wash after use with hot soapy water.  Also, glass boards are a lot more hygienic than wooden ones as they’re less likely to retain liquids.

7.  The gadgets you simply had to have.

How many gadgets do you own?  Are you the proud owner of a melon baller, an avocado slicer or herb scissors?  A massive 87% of us own a kitchen necessity that we simply had to have – but never actually use.  This may possibly rank with the gym membership that was a great idea at the time…  What was that – you’re going next week?

8.      Become a better friend with your oven.

Does your baking not go to plan?  Are you sure if you’re cooking your dishes correctly?  Invest in an oven thermometer to restore your faith in your oven.  No more baking disasters – well hopefully not.  One of the most useful kitchen gadgets.  Ever.  If you care for the temperature in your oven, you’re more likely to create a culinary masterpiece rather than a disaster!

 9.  Don’t waste the wine.

If you’ve had a great evening but haven’t quite finished off the wine bottle don’t waste it.  Pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze.  Perfect for using in sauces, waste not want not!

Seven Fun Ways to get Kids into the Kitchen

You have a beautiful kitchen.  The heart of your home, it’s never too early to get children into the enjoyment of cooking and appreciating the delights that can be found within.  There are many ways to start your children becoming more aware of their food, how it’s cooked and most importantly – how enjoyable it can be to get busy in the kitchen.

1.  Something a bit different – cooking up spellings.

For a great way to make learning to spell more exciting, how about baking biscuits and icing the individual letters of the alphabet onto them?  Ask your children to make words out of the biscuits.  Start with their names.  You’ll have a delicious smelling kitchen and they’ll enjoy a great treat for getting their spellings correct!

 2.  Make healthy eating fun.

Invite your children to discover healthy eating for themselves.  On your worktop, display lots of different coloured salad and fruit ingredients.  See if you can track down a safety knife that is suitable for children to handle – making sure that small children are supervised.  Perhaps ask them to cut the fruit and vegetables into interesting shapes.  How about making a funny face fruit salad?  Think kiwis for eyes, orange segments for eyebrows, a carrot for a nose and maybe even some blueberries for a smile.  The possibilities are endless.

3.  Great ideas for pocket money.

Are you looking for ways to encourage your children to appreciate the beauty of your designer kitchen at the same time as the value of money?  Why not ask them to help empty the dishwasher if they’re old enough.  Always be careful of sharp cutlery though!  For every time they carefully empty and put away the clean items, give them a small reward.  Not only will this help you with your own kitchen chores, it encourages children to respectful of their own property for their future.

 4.  Let your child become a TV star

Make your child a TV chef in your own home.  Ask them to create a favourite dish and help them to prepare and cook it.  Video them explaining exactly how to make their chosen dish.   Kids love to watch themselves on the big screen and you will too.  You never know, you could be unleashing the next Jamie Oliver!

 5.  Create your own menu.

Children love to create.  Ask them to make up a menu – choosing a starter, main and a dessert.  Help them to make the dishes, and ask them to write and colour in a menu for the table.  Enjoy a wonderful dinner with the family.  Perfect for birthdays and special family occasions.

 6.  Design a kitchen.

A bit daring this one.  If you’re thinking of having a new fitted kitchen, why not get your family involved.  Think about all of the functions that you dream kitchen would have.  You might be pleasantly surprised with suggestions from your children – although you may have to explain that a magic everlasting pot of chocolate is unlikely.  Ask them what designer features they think would be great in their kitchen.

 7.  Teach them to take pride.

Now this needs to be done carefully and cleverly.  If you have a stunning luxury kitchen that you’re willing to invite your children to enjoy, they also need to appreciate the importance of keeping it looking wonderful!  Surprisingly, children love to wash up and feel involved.   Hand them the marigolds and give them the responsibility of restoring your kitchen to its former glory.  Although you might want to save your best china for another day – just in case.

Fancy a Change in Your Kitchen?

They often say that a great party ends up in the kitchen. So is your kitchen ready for visitors?  And what does the décor of the hub of your home actually say about you?  Whether you have a modern kitchen that has been tailored to your individual needs or a traditional country-esque theme, it’s likely to indicate the type of personality you have – or indeed wish to have.

Paint the town – or your kitchen – red.

Do you have a passion for all things hot and spicy?   Something a little more gourmet?  A dramatic colour – red – can make a real impact on a modern fitted kitchen.  Perhaps you’re not quite ready to go all out and paint the whole kitchen red.  Why not consider a red feature wall.  Think shiny red, or if you’re not feeling that brave, how about muted colours – you could go as far as burgundy or a lighter red.

White for a fresh look.

If you’re passionate for the simple life – perhaps no clutter, no fuss, how about a white kitchen?  If clean and simple appeals, this could be the option for you.  A white fitted kitchen means that it will be easier to match your appliances to your colour scheme.  A fitted fridge freezer, dishwasher, all perfectly in their place in your bespoke kitchen.

Dare to go back to black.

Definitely a showstopper.  A luxury black kitchen says striking, individual and out to impress.  Does that sound like you?  Match with a gorgeous mirrored splashback to create a feature.  Not only will it look good, but it will also enhance the practicality of your kitchen.  Easy to clean, you’ll certainly have a kitchen that stands out.

For some sunshine just add yellow.

If you’re looking way to bring warmth to your kitchen, look no further.  A yellow kitchen is great way to boost your spirits and make you and your guests feel welcome.  Make a small kitchen feel larger and introduce white appliances to create a much more airy feel to your home.  For a family looking for a warm and friendly feel, yellow is a great option.

Fancy something on the blue side?

There are so many shades of blue – where do you start?   Perhaps you’re a lover of all things vintage.  Think pale and patterned.  Perfect for a vintage style, why not combine with some classic pale blue and white wall tiles.  Blue can be very elegant and has lots of different options.  Maybe you’re an assertive type of person, so perhaps a bolder blue colour would be right for you.

Eat your greens in your green kitchen.

If you have a green kitchen, chances are you’re more likely to be laid back, perhaps even someone who is at one with nature.  Green is a refreshing colour, it works great in combination with wooden cabinets for a lovely traditional kitchen style.  Go for chrome appliances such as a toaster and a  kettle to finish off your kitchen beautifully.

Are you a vibrant purple person?

The life and soul of the party, you like your kitchen to stand out.  With a shiny purple luxury kitchen, you’ll certainly do that.  Also effective when combined with another colour.  You could even choose to have a feature wall in purple and have the rest of the walls in a lighter shade to complement the colour.  Will work better with a larger kitchen – something to bear in mind.

Where to start?

If you’re thinking of having a new look in your kitchen, why not pick up some tester pots.  Try before you buy if you prefer.   You might discover something different about yourself!

Baking – Not Just for the Girls

Baking is trendy.  It’s official.  With the enthusiasm for programmes such as the Great British Bake Off ever-increasing, it’s oven gloves on rather than gloves off.  And it’s not just for the girls either.  Time to get back in to the kitchen and get creating something delicious.  And remember – real men wear pink!

Something for the boys.

Think of a list of celebrity chefs.  Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Heston Blumenthal.  What do they all have in common?  Yes, they’re all male.  Where in the past it may not have been a traditional career choice for the boys – baking and cooking is becoming a lot more popular.

It’s not just for the home either.

A growing number of office workers are bringing the delights from their designer kitchens into work.  Bake offs are becoming all the rage.  Why not consider hosting your own office bake off to raise funds for a charity of your choice.  Suggest three options of cake – think Chocolate Sponge, Coffee and Walnut, or if a large cake is too challenging – how about some delicious chocolate brownies.  Ask everyone to bring in their attempt anonymously and ask your colleagues to rate the bakes!

So where do you start? 

Time to make the most of your fabulous kitchen.  Get prepped so that you have everything to hand.  So you may be going back to your school years but it’s time to go back to being prepared.  Check the recipe.  What ingredients do you need?  Whether you have a bespoke kitchen that has everything in its place, make sure you have all of your equipment at a hand’s reach.  Start with something simple.  Scones – a traditional English staple.  Really simple – and delicious with some juicy strawberry jam and a blob of thick cream.  Sound good?

Feeling adventurous?

Once you’ve accomplished some simple cookies and muffins, why not consider trying something a little more challenging.  Have a look at recipes for a tray bake.  Imagine the reception to your own homemade lemon drizzle slices.  So you’re ready to move on to a full size cake.  Ensure that your oven is at the right temperature – the most crucial element.  Find a recipe for a Victoria Sponge and marvel at your handiwork as you admire your freshly baked cake on your worktop.

Traditional favourites.

It’s not just cakes.  Think back to your school days.  Jam roly poly, spotted dick and treacle sponge.  Once you’ve mastered all of the basics, these are certainly within your reach.  What a sense of achievement – being able to say “I made that”.

Not just sweet either.

There is a world of savoury for the taking.  Think man-sized pies. Start with the simple – there’s no shame in using ready-made pastry.  It’s all about the ingredients.  Whether you’re a meat eater or a veggie, there’s a pie good and ready for the making.  And look forward to the feeling of satisfaction as you wipe the flour from your brow when you’ve created pastry through the effort of your own bare hands.

A great hobby for you to share.

Why not get all of the family involved.  How about a Sunday family afternoon tea?  Make a list of cakes, muffins and traybakes that you’ll all enjoy.  Why not ask the children to create a menu – you can even make it educational! Ask them to write out all of the menu choices.  If they’re too young – how about drawing pictures? Set the table and imagine you’re all at the finest hotel.  Then enjoy the fruits – or chocolates if you prefer – of your labour.