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A Wedding Hairstyle For 7 Different Face Shapes

hair to suit your face typePlanning a wedding can be a very challenging task with various aspects to consider, such as the venue, the band, the dress, the wedding photographer Moore & Moore based in Fleet Hampshire and the hairstyle best suited to Short Wedding Dresses Turn Into a Fashion Development. In order to identify this hairstyle, there is a plethora of additional considerations that must be made with the most important being one’s face shape. There is a great deal of pressure being placed on brides today to meet the trendy style and fashion; however, if you have not ever worn your hair in the trendy style it would be best to ignore this. After all, a wedding is about the bride and not society’s opinion. To find the most effective hairstyle and make-up for one’s wedding, this article will provide information on the types of face and the most suitable styles.

The first step to take is identification of one’s personal face shape. This is a relatively simple process; however, the match (or mismatch) between a face shape and hairstyle can be dramatic. We use an effective and very helpful chart drafted by The Beauty Department to assist with this matter. Once the face shape has been identified, it is recommended you try a few styles from the categories and base the final result on one’s primary facial features.

1. The Oval Face

The oval face is much wider than the majority of faces with the forehead and jaw being approximately similar width. This face is best set with retro curls, a sideways sweep or large loose curls, as this will bring width to the face and offset the rounded chin. It is highly recommended that one utilize some dangling earrings along with the high volume hairstyle.

2. The Diamond Face

Unlike an oval face, the diamond shaped face is long and narrow with wide cheekbones. Individuals with this shape will often present with pointier chins and this is best teamed with slicked back hairstyles. This type of face is very narrow and high volume hair can emphasize this characteristic; therefore it is best to pull it up and back. If there is a preference for tumbling hairstyles, the diamond face will be offset successfully with loose hair and a pinned back fringe.

3. The Square Face

A square face is one of the most solid face shapes and presents with wide cheekbones, a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. Long hairstyles are generally the more flattering when working with a square face and are most effective when straight. Ideally, an A line haircut is most complementary with long banks reaching the chin and playing down the angular features of the face. If one demands an up do, it is recommended that the hair be curly, loose and soft with bangs around one’s face.

4. The Round Face

don't forget how the bride's hair looks like from behindA round face is one of the simplest to work with as it is mostly even with length being the same size as the width, which contributes to the circular appearance. Despite being easy to work with, this face shape can be small and it is recommended that one utilize a hairstyle that will elongate the face. High ponytails are advised with height and volume; however, down styles can also be used with a great amount of layers. It is also possible to use a half up/half down hairstyle with the round face.

5. The Heart Face

A heart shaped face presents with both narrow and wide features being thinner at the jaw line and fuller near the top of the face. To compliment this wide forehead and cheekbones, it is recommended that the hair be pulled back with height on the crown. This will emphasize the smaller jaw line and pointed chin. Loose hair styles are also an option with a fringe and curly waves to accentuate the tapering in the face shape. The bride’s natural beauty can be enhanced with fish braids either tied up or laid down.

6. The Oblong Face

Unlike the tapering heart face shape, an oblong face presents with an elongated and narrow style accompanied by a straight and strong jaw line. Similar to the heart face, this oblong shape also presents with a pointy chin. The most effective hairstyle for this face is a classic do with either tight curls or straight bangs. It is also recommended that the hair parting be side partings as this will reduce the narrow shape.

7. The Triangular Or Pear Face

The triangular or pear face shape presents with a narrow forehead and slim cheekbones, descending into a heavy and full bottom. The jaw line of this face shape is wide and the chin has a square presentation. The ideal hairstyle options for this face are the half up/half down choice with a slight curl or wave. This curl will widen the jaw line and hide the narrow top half of the face. Another option for pear faced individuals is cut layers and a center parting.

Dental Veneers: What You Should Know

losing your teeth in 3 2 1Many people who come to our office have an interest in getting dental veneers. The veneers are designed to make the teeth look beautiful, straight and white instead of discolored, broken, damaged or crooked.

How Do They Work?

The veneers are made from a durable porcelain material. The dentist will make molds of the patient’s mouth before they are created to ensure that they will fit properly. After they are created, they are carefully placed directly on top of the teeth to instantly change their appearance.

Unlike the natural teeth, they will not become easily stained. You could still drink some of your favorite beverages, such as coffee or tea without worrying too much about dealing with any of the discoloration they tend to cause. Not only do they remain white and resist those unwanted stains, they are created to look completely natural so people will never know the difference between them and your natural teeth.

To make sure the veneers will fit properly in your mouth, we will do the impression and then create a model beforehand. After taking a look at the model, we will then create the finished piece using the liquefied porcelain.

How Come Our Veneers the Best?

There are thousands of people who choose to have this cosmetic dental procedure performed. Unfortunately, not all dentists use the highest quality of porcelain available. There are some dental professionals who may use cheaper products to cut corners and save a bit of money.

However, those cheaper veneers may easily become discolored. And, if they are composite veneers, they will not offer the durability that the porcelain options offer. In fact, they may cost the patient more in the long run because of the need to constantly have them repaired or replaced.

We believe that it is only right to use the best materials to create the dental veneers. We want our patients to absolutely love the outcome, so we take time crafting custom options that are just right for each individual. The exact size and color of the finished piece will vary based on what will look best for the patient and fit comfortably too.

Should I Get Them?

Dental veneers are the perfect choice for those who want to achieve a smile that looks a lot like the smile of their favorite celebrity. However, not everyone is the perfect candidate for this type of dental treatment. A good candidate would need to have healthy front teeth that are not decaying or severely damaged.

Some patients may need to get a full crown instead of this option, such as those who are suffering from tooth decay or already have a lot of fillings in their mouth.

What You Should Know Ahead of Time

If you decide that you do want to get this dental treatment, some pieces of your natural teeth may have to get removed. After this process occurs, you will not be able to change your mind and then decide to switch back to living with just your natural teeth.

After the finished product is created, you will be unable to whiten them any further. Because they are designed to match with all of your other teeth, consider going for a few whitening sessions beforehand if you want them to look as white as possible.

Lastly, it may not be the best idea to get veneers if you have trouble with grinding the teeth. If you continue grinding them with the veneers on, they could end up cracking or breaking while causing you some serious problems.

Dental Veneers: Perfecting the Smile

oh my god look at her amazing crystal white teethPerhaps the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in demand today are dental veneers. These dental veneers can address several dental imperfections, including:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Gaps in between teeth
  • Worn out teeth
  • Chipped teeth

What exactly are Dental Veneers?

A dental veneer is a small shell made of porcelain that sits snugly on the front of the tooth and successfully hides the appearance of blemishes giving the wearer a flawless Hollywood smile. Dental veneers are the best way to modify the color, shape, length and size of your teeth.

Veneers have the additional benefit of being highly resistant to stains as well. This means that unlike natural teeth that will deteriorate with time and succumb to the browning effects of coffee, red wine and cigarettes, they will remain uncolored. They are also highly durable and achieve a brilliance unattainable by bleaching or bonding.

Even better, veneers look completely real. They are made of the thinnest translucent material which ensures they reflect light in the same way as natural teeth do.

To create veneers specially designed for your teeth a wax impression must first be made. From this wax impression a cast is made and filled with molten porcelain. By applying a certain amount of pressure the veneer is created and ready to be fixed to your flawless smile in a minor procedure.

What’s So Special about Our Veneers?

We recommend and work with only the highest quality products and best porcelain veneer to give you the best results possible.

You may find other dentists offering considerably lower prices for their dental veneers and this is largely due to the use of inferior materials in the production of their products. Laminates and composite shells are used to produce a more economical veneer. However, these have a considerably lower resistance to staining and adhesive properties. Additionally, only porcelain has the ability to perfectly match your tooth color and look real.

Although you could save yourself some money by opting for the composite shell veneer or laminate veneer you may find their extreme lack of durability a financial drain in the long run as they will have to be replaced, refitted and maintained.  Furthermore, these lower grade veneers are not as adaptable to individual circumstances as are porcelain veneers.

For these reasons, we only work with the high quality, durability and realistic appearance that porcelain veneers alone can provide. Every veneer that we produce and fit is crafted particularly for the individual in our own on-site laboratory to ensure that the size, shape and color is exactly right for your smile.

Are Veneers a Good Choice for Me?

Although Veneers are an excellent solution to minor flaws and imperfections in the teeth they may not be the right solution for everyone. Veneers can only be attached to the front of the tooth and only if the teeth to which they are attached are in good condition.

If you have one of the following conditions a full crown might be a better option for you:

  • Problems with the Molars (the teeth you use to chew)
  • Extensive fillings
  • Decayed or decaying teeth
  • Overly crooked or already crowned teeth

Some Things to Consider

In order to properly attach the veneer to your tooth it is necessary to first remove the top layer of natural enamel from your tooth. This is an irreversible procedure and once completed you will never again return to your natural teeth. Should anything happen to the veneer it would need to be replaced.

It’s also important to note that once the veneer has been fitted to your teeth the color cannot be changed. So if you are thinking of having your teeth whitened along with the fitting of your veneer you should get this done first so that the veneer color will match the shade of your whiter teeth.

One final point on teeth grinding.  If you are one of those people who clenches their teeth and grinds while sleeping than this type of porcelain veneer may not be the best as they are relatively fragile. You could look into the full crown option with one of our specialists.

Tips On Investing In UK Student Property

In the UK, Knight Frank have recognized student accommodation as a well performing and top rated asset and it is set to attract investors interested in exploring this new market. It has recorded an investment of up to £6 billion during the last three years and presents a greater yield than the traditional buy-to-let market.

It would be wrong to assume that this means that you can acquire such student property and start to receive high returns immediately. Just like any asset, the purchasing of student property should be done carefully and precisely. This is the only way to ensure that an investment brings back the highest returns that it possibly can. There are certain guideline that one can follow to ensure that their asset yields as much as possible.

HMOs are family homes that ensure students can live together in a greater number, sharing central resources such as kitchens and bathrooms and thus keeping costs down.

Alternatively, purpose built accommodation offers the advantage of an affordable investment opportunity and the attraction of being able to add one student unit at a time ensures that new investors can check out the market with a lower risk than buying a larger property.  An investor can expect returns of up to 70% for this kind of property.

Many towns are renowned as being ‘University’ towns and this makes an ideal place to search for property.  The property should offer quick and central access to the campus and appeal to the target market.  Some towns and cities have several universities or colleges that will widen the market demand.  As student numbers are set to rise over the coming years, it’s a great time to find out if this is the market for you to be investing in.

Tips On Investing In UK Student Property

The UK’s student property business sector has a very solid standing both locally and in the global circle. Student settlement has been highlighted by Knight Frank as the top-performing resource class in the UK, with normal yields leading those in the conventional buy to-let area, and has pulled in over £6 billion of venture in the course of recent years.

However, it would be foolish to imagine that this implies you can simply get a student property and watch the profits come in. Similarly, as with any property, you have to pick your deal painstakingly so that your venture will give you a good return on investment. Here are a couple of pointers to consider when looking to buy property aimed at the student market in the UK:

HMO or Purpose Built?

Letting housing to students on a per-room basis such as HMO makes sense in terms of economies of scale. A solitary property can be let to various students whilst taking just the one set of resources needed to run the one property.

Alternatively, purpose build properties attract equally favourable benefits.  They are invariably centrally located and, as they are purpose built are usually fitted with all the mod-cons students require such as central heating and home comforts.  It is possible to dip your toes into the market by buying a single unit to test whether it is for you.  In general, purpose built properties offer a higher yield, often by as much as 70%.

College Rankings

Before rushing into a student property, it makes sense to visit the area you have highlighted and review the college or University that will supply your pool of tenants. Demand will be higher in towns or cities that have a Russell Group university located in it and property that is located near to the central campus will always be popular.


With student numbers set to rise over the next few years, investing in a student property makes perfect commercial sense.  Investors are advised to check out builders, in particular of properties that are purpose built.  They will know what sells, what students require and other key information that will help make your first investment a success.

Tips On Investing In UK Student Property

According to property experts Knight Frank, the student property sector is the top performing asset class in the UK, outperforming the buy to let property market that was popular before.

However, it’s essential that the right student property and location is selected to make this a winning proposition.  Selecting the right property will need a lot of research and analysis in order to produce the desired results.

When thinking about starting a student property, just think of the procedure you would follow when setting up any business.  Below are some important tips to guide you:

Purpose built or HMO?

House In Multiple Occupation or HMO’S are family homes which are let to a group of students. This is done on a per-room basis hence providing an advantage in terms of economies of scale. This type of property is very affordable in accommodation investing as a single property can be let to many students in one go.

Purpose built accommodation has numerous advantages. Firstly, they offer high living standards for students as they are mostly located in desirable and central locations. This serves to attract the more discerning type of students who are growing in number each academic year.

Recently, most students have shifted to purpose-built accommodation as they have discovered how comfortable they are. Secondly, they offer an affordable entry point for investors as it is possible to invest in a single student unit.

University rankings

The first thing you need to consider when you want to start investing in student accommodation is assessing the university or universities found in the area. The higher the ranking of the university, the higher the demand for student accommodation. An example is a part of The Russell group.

Towns having multiple institutions of learning also tend to be an attraction point for more students. Accommodation that provides easy access to the campuses have a higher demand for quality accommodation and is ideal for landlords to ensure a solid supply of potential tenants.


With the removal on the cap of how many students a university can attract about to become lifted, there will be a rise in property demands over the coming year.  However, students are now more discerning and careful when choosing a property and this is the reason why an extra research on student preferences will help you.

After considering all those factors, it is finally very important to check out more about your provider when buying a purpose built accommodation. If the development is from an experienced developer and a managing company with a good track record, then you have high chances of making it in the property market. This is because the managing company and the experienced provider understand the market well and know what the students prefer.

Self Driver Trucks May Be Here Soon

driverless truck with lights onThe first ever driver-less truck is taking to the road in Nevada.  Yes, you read that right – one day you might be able to get inside a truck that drives itself.

You may think this sounds a bit like the TV show Knight Rider and you’d be right. Something that was predicted many years ago is finally becoming reality.

Built by Daimler, the Freightliner Inspiration truck will use GPS, as well as radar and video camera technology. They will enable the vehicle to drive itself at a steady speed whilst maintaining a smooth ride for anyone on board.  As of now, the technology will allow trucks to be fully automated on a freeway that is clear of space, but a human would need to be in control once the truck has approached complicated infrastructure, such as that of a city street system that has traffic lights,  pedestrians and other obstacles.  There will still always be the need for a driver to be behind the wheel to take over if and when necessary.

However, even though a driver will need to take control of the wheel at times, an HGV that can drive on auto-pilot on the open road does have potential. For example, it may be great for driver fatigue, as well as productivity, and it’s worth pointing out that there may be a reduction in accidents on the road. Furthermore, there may be cost-savings involved, and when you combine all of these things, then you can see why Daimler has decided to create such a truck.

There are already some self-drive trucks in existence.  They are used in the vast minefields of Australia owned by Rio Tinto and Lockheed Martin have some in production.

However, there are some issues when it comes to fully automated trucks on the road, and much more work and development needs to take place before they will be trusted to work on roads in built up areas.  This is predicted to be within the next two decades.

There are also questions that relate to the ethics and morals of a driverless truck. For example, what would a truck do in the event it was involved in an accident? Would the truck be able to have enough intuition to make the best decision in the event something happens and the safety of others were involved.  If the above scenario did occur, it is likely that a legal minefield would be uncovered.

Driver-less Trucks – Welcome To The Future

driver in driver less truckWith the announcement of trials in Nevada of the first road tested driver-less truck it would seem that the future has arrived.

You read that right, a driver-less truck – one that drives itself.

It sounds a bit like Knight Rider but this is not only real but also has been declared in some quarters as something of a major milestone in trucking technology.

Introducing from Daimler the Freightliner Inspiration

BBC reports that the new innovation from Daimler will make use of a combination of radar, GPS and video camera technology to aid the vehicle in piloting itself on those long, open stretches of road all while maintaining a steady speed as well as a smooth ride to a pre-determined destination.

The technology as it stands only allows trucks to be fully automated on a clear freeway with human control resuming once the truck encounters more complicated infrastructure such as a city street with traffic lights, pedestrians and other obstacles.

Due to this, the Freightliner Inspiration’s capability of being fully unmanned is still some way off and this means that it always needs a living and breathing driver to be present in the cab.

However, even with a regular human driver on board for the trickier sections of road, having a vehicle that safely converts to autopilot on the open road certainly offers some potential when it comes to such things as productivity or even driver fatigue. Without a doubt, the people advocating for the increase in innovation in the field state the main reasons for its future introduction as being increases in productivity, reduction in accidents due to driver error as well as cost-savings through energy efficient driving.

Just picture a scenario where the driver is able to switch to autopilot to take a break and get some rest all while the vehicle continues to move unaided along the highway. This is a scenario that is neither far-fetched nor that as far away as we might believe.

Self-Drive Trucks Exist Already

Certainly, the existence of some kinds of self-driving trucks is already here with us, although used in low speed, off-road controlled environments such as Lockheed Martin’s innovations for United States Army Bases and Rio Tinto Mines in Australia.

Fully Automated Road Trucks?

Having fully self-driving trucks on public byways and highways does pose some legitimate concerns. First, is the fact that as stated above the technology in existence has not yet fully mastered the ability to have a reliable system that can operate in built up areas or on smaller roads. However, predictions are that this is something that within the next two decades will be overcome. It is believed by the experts that human involvement could be eliminated as early as 2030.

This in itself can even pose more questions concerning ethics and morals. For example, what would the inbuilt system of an automated truck do in the case of a scenario where an accident is unavoidable? Would it possess the conscious intuition enough to choose the best option in terms of safety to other parties involved?

Such a situation would most likely make for a legal minefield concerning responsibility and liability. However, given the apparent persistent development of automated technology as well as the move towards some kind of sci-fi world dominated by artificial intelligence, then just maybe the sight of a driver less truck rolling on our roads will come to be sooner rather than later.

What’s Your Brand Equity?

one does simply not just ignore brand managementYou may not have heard the expression ‘brand equity‘ but it is a term that is used within marketing circles to refer to the innate benefit of having a popular brand name.  It stands to reason that a company that has a strong brand name and image will be more successful than one that isn’t so well known.  Generally, brand equity can be defined under three headings:

Brand Loyalty

  • Reduced advertising expenses;
  • Trade control;
  • Attracting new clients through responsiveness and guarantee;
  • Time to react to aggressive threats;

Brand Awareness

  • An anchor to which different affiliations can be connected;
  • Familiarity, which prompts taste and preference;
  • Distinguishability, which helps get consideration;
  • Signal of responsibility to the client needs

Brand Associations (perceived quality included)

  • Help impart information
  • Distinguished position in the marketplace
  • Gives the client motivation to purchase
  • Create optimistic moods and attitudes
  • Creates the premise for further expansions

Therefore, How Do I Maximize My Brand Equity?

Produce Distinctive Assets

Your benefits are frequently your items, and while you may be thinking that your asset is giving a ‘stand-out’, the fact of the matter is there are a huge number of organizations out there, and there is always going to be more than one individual who will have the same thought as you. So as opposed to concentrating on your item being original, rather take a look at how you can make it distinct. For instance, you just need to show somebody a photo of a two-dimensional apple, a yellow shell with red outlines or the Michelin man for them to recognize the brand.

Adjust and Differentiate Yourself

With a specific end goal to truly be different from other brands in the commercial market place, you have to be adaptable whenever change comes. One of the things that help an organization to maintain reliable brand quality is their capacity to adjust to changes in the market and consistently differentiate themselves from their competitors. If you are ready to prove to your clients that you are better than your competitors in all aspects, then you will have the capacity to charge those premium prices you want to charge. Businesses with lower brand equity in the same sector are going to get into price wars when they are not able to prove why they charge high prices for poor services. Usually, the most ideal path for a business to do this is to develop a list of products around the main offering. This, we have seen with a company like Apple. In such a case the main customer attractor is a phone, tablet or PC, and once they have purchased the core offering they present a scope of ‘peripheral’ items like chargers, cases or software, making an ecosystem of their own for clients within the product range.

Pay Close Attention on Change and Progression

For each Apple, Coca-Cola or Microsoft, there are scores of failed brands, all of whom neglected to perceive changes in the market place and make adjustments accordingly. By settling on choices basing on their own feelings, or on the premise that ‘this is how we usually do it’ are those most likely on their way to failing – all because they didn’t listen to the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. By lending the market an ear, accepting changes in technology and trim your approach to fit what your clients need, you are more probable to succeed as well as develop a strong brand equity that will be known forever. Don’t become the Betamax video of your industry, but reach out and become a leader in your field and become the next ‘big’ brand or concept.

Dental Veneers: A Beginners Guide

i was gonna have my teeth whitened but then I said just get a tan insteadOf all our cosmetic dental treatments, dental veneers take the lead. They provide an ideal remedy for many types of imperfections that include:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Worn teeth

About Dental Veneers

A veneer is a small shell made of porcelain that is designed to fit over the front tooth making it possible to hide any blemishes and giving an individual the perfect Hollywood smile. They are ideal to use when one wants to change the color, size, shape or length of the teeth.

Veneers are also known for their high resistance to stain, i.e. they do not get spoilt with time the way natural teeth do, and that is even when they get exposed to staining components such as coffee, red wine or tobacco. They are amazingly strong and produce better results than bleaching and bonding can attain. And they don’t give that fake appearance as veneers are made from translucent materials just like teeth.  This makes them reflect light just like natural teeth.

To make veneers, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth, then model it in veneers wax that is made into a cast. The cast is then filled with molten porcelain then pressure applied to give a finished veneer.

Why Are Our Veneers Special?

Despite the fact that veneers are a popular cosmetic procedure, it does not mean that each veneer out there is of top quality. We, however, choose the best porcelain veneers that fit onto your teeth perfectly.

It’s possible to find some dentists offering veneers at a price much lower. This is because they use inferior-quality materials such as composite or laminate shells. Research on the use of these materials have revealed several things about them which include:

  1. Failure in bonding
  2. Discoloration
  3. Poor matching of color with natural teeth

Although a composite or laminate veneer might be cheaper, the fact is that they will not last very long and will need to be replaced and frequently maintained will mean that they are more expensive over the long run. Also, cheaper veneers can be fitted only in extremely specific circumstances and do not offer the flexibility offered by the more expensive porcelain veneers.

Taking all of these points into account, we only use the highest quality materials to make dental veneers for our customers.  They are always custom made and individually designed in our hi-tech on-site laboratory ensuring a precise fit, shape, size and color that matches your smile.

Do I Need A Veneer?

Although veneers are the best way to realize that stunning Hollywood smile, they might not be suited for everybody. Veneers can be fitted only on the front teeth, and that is if they are in good condition.

A full crown may be more appropriate than a veneer when:

  • You have problems with your rear ‘grinding’ teeth
  • You have decayed teeth
  • Your teeth are overcrowded or crooked
  • You have heavily filled teeth

Things to Know About Veneers

Keep in mind, in the process of fitting a veneer, a small layer of the natural tooth is removed as a part of preparing the tooth. Once you have the veneers, you cannot remove them to have your natural teeth back. Whenever that veneers crack, replacement becomes necessary.

It is also important to know that once your veneers are fitted, it is impossible to get their color changed. If you are considering whitening the remaining teeth together with the fitting veneer, we recommend that you start by whitening the teeth so that the veneer color can match to your new tooth color.

And if you grind your teeth, veneers may not be for you as you may end up breaking them. A crown replacement may be better suited for your needs and you can discuss this with our team to ensure you get the best possible product for you.