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How To Pick A Wheelchair

When it comes to wheelchairs, there not all the same. From the footplate to the armrest, to the seat, there are a number of things on one that can be customized. Whichever is nest for your needs, know that having one can greatly improve your life. When you are disabled, having a wheelchair allows you to live your life the way anyone else would; you are able to get around freely in school, work and in general. In this piece, you will learn what makes electric wheelchairs different from manual varieties and what you can do to customize yours in order to fit your needs.

There are two main types of wheelchairs–mechanical ones move by the person sitting it using their strength to push it or by having someone stand behind it and push it. On the other hand, electric wheelchairs allow the user to simply press a button and have the chair move.

Unlike mobility scooters, wheelchairs are usually easy to maneuver, allowing the person to get in and out of stores and public places much easier. If you prefer to use a mobility scooter instead, however, no worries; look at our mobility scooter Best Buys to check out the top mobility scooters we have tested out!

Purchasing A Wheelchair For A Loved One

When purchasing a wheelchair for a loved one, be prepared for him or her to be hesitant. Many people who need a wheelchair are embarrassed or ashamed to use one. They think people will look at them differently. If you notice this is the case with your loved one, have a talk with them. Let them know people will not look at them differently and that having a wheelchair will help to greatly improve their life. Ideally, get them to try out a wheelchair first prior to actually purchasing one. They may be surprised at how much they like it.

One can purchase a wheelchair or hire one privately. Most people in the UK get their wheelchair through the NHS wheelchair service. To learn more, take a look at our guides regarding how to acquire a wheelchair, as well as wheelchair hire.

More About Manual Wheelchairs:

In general, manual wheelchairs are best for people who:

  • Need a wheelchair most or all of the time for mobility, whether indoors or outdoors
  • Those who have some ability to walk, whether with a walking frame or walking stick, but are unable to do so for long distances. A manual wheelchair can help people when they are out and about.

Manual wheelchairs require the use of arms, so only people who have the strength in their arms should be using them. If the wheelchair user cannot use their arms for this purpose, attendant-propelled wheelchairs are best, so someone can push them in it. Note that many self-propelled wheelchairs are equipped with push handles so that another person can help, when needed.

The back wheels on a self-propelled wheelchair are larger and contain an outer pushrim users turn in order to propel the chair. Since the wheels are so bulky, the chair can be difficult to fit into the trunk of a car. Therefore, when picking a self-propelled chair, find ones with quick-release wheels.

On the other hand, the back wheels of attendant-propelled wheelchairs are lighters, making them easier to get around. Certain obstacles are more difficult to get around with these chairs.

8 Wild Spanish Festivals

It seems that no matter where you go, from a quaint fishing port to a large, bustling city, you are always close to the next community gathering that is about to take place. Events include celebrating regional identities, welcoming new seasons or giving thanks for being alive.

So if you were thinking that Fiesta referred to the car that your mother used to drive you to school in or a magazine you found in one of your Dad’s drawers, then think again. The following are a few of the festivals that are held throughout the year in Spain, which provides the country with its own unique flavour of Latin eccentricity and colour.

The beginning of spring is the ideal time to visit Valencia to experience the city at its most crazy, colourful and vibrant as well. Another popular destination in Spain is Palma de Majorque pour EVG festival destinations.

This fire festival, which comes out of the pagan tradition, is a fiesta that you need to see with your own eyes in order to believe it. From the endless bonfires, fireworks and paper mache effigies of politicians, celebrities and anyone else deemed worthy to burn.

They certainly must burn, since when the festival’s grand finale arrives, just about everything ends up going up in flames.

It offers plenty of Spanish fun with its crazy and wild partying, both day and night.

Feria De Abril – Seville

April Festival in Seville is a fiesta that lasts for a week. Traditionally it is held after the Easter celebrations and is another Spanish celebration of spring.

It includes a week’s worth of traditional revelry, ranging from crafts to Spanish dancing and plenty to drink and eat, with more fireworks to enjoy on Sunday night at the grand finale across the Guadalquivir River.

La Tomatina

The streets in Bunyol (close to Valencia) run red on the final Wednesday in August. This is the crazy Tomatina festival where the whole town participates in the largest tomato fight in the world. It has emerged as one of Spain’s most popular festivals of the years, with people coming from all areas of the world to join in on the action.

Sonar Festival Barcelona

Discerning dance fans and techno lovers should head on over to Barcelona in June in order to attend the three-day celebration featuring the best groovers from Spain and beyond. The Sonar Festivals attracts revellers by the thousands and blends modern multimedia with traditional DJing. This avant-garde event is a hot ticket and over the years has hosted such eclectic acts as the Pet Shop Boys, the Chemical Brothers and Bjork.

Baby Jumping Festival

I’m not sure what to what I can say about this festival since it basically does precisely what it says it is going to do – in astonishing fashion.

Newborn babies are laid out on a mat on the floor, with some of the dressed as small devils, and then adults jump over them – as a way of cleansing their souls.

This festival takes place in Castillo de Murcia, which is close to Burgo and has been taking place for some four hundred years. It’s the real deal.

Gay Pride Week In Madrid

Gay Pride Week celebrates the reputation of the capital city as a friendly place for all sexualities and genders. Since the 1980’s the event has been a summer festival taking place in Madrid (although it was on a smaller scale in the early days). Today, it is a bonanza of fun and colour across arts festivals, concerts and parties hosted by and for the country’s LGBT community.

Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

The annual bull run at the San Fermin festival is one of the most famous and notorious of Spain’s festivals, which is fantastic for team building. Thousands of people literally gather at dawn in Pamplona’s town square for the official start, where the herd of confused and disgruntled bulls are released into the town’s stress to charge and stampede the frantic revellers before they are led to the bullring for the more traditional bullfighting with a smartly dressed matador.

Fiesta for Near-Death Experiences

We really love the country of Spain and all of its glorious eccentricity.

This festival is held in the small town of Neves in Galacia, the festival is about individuals with near-death experiences- bull gouging, tomato in their eye, illness, that type of thing I guess- they meet in the town to say thanks and pay their respects to the Saint of Death.

It is carried out by people heading down the streets carrying open coffins that contain the people who were nearly killed.

A New Kind Of Show Room

Is it i-Street or the high street? That is the dilemma that all business owners with a product to sell are having to wrestle with. The question is, should they take their products online and stop having to pay high street rental amounts, utility overheads and business tax, or should they continue with the traditional selling method of in person and face to face with their customers.

A New Way To Shop

Technology is definitely re-shaping high street – and some say it is even destroying it. It is certainly changing the way that many people shop these days. Some of it comes down to the idea called Show-Rooming. This is where consumers use their phones as they are out shopping so they can check to see if they can purchase the same goods for a lower price online or somewhere else. The design agency Foolproof conducted a survey where one out of five consumers state that they only go inside a shop in order to check something out that they are intending to purchase online.

How To Turn A Negative Into A Positive

However, while all of this can be concerning for those of us who have showrooms and shops, it can also be something we use as a positive. People still like to have show rooms to visit so that they can get a good look at products before making a purchase, and when it comes to certain products like fabrics where color and feel are very important, for the consumer a showroom is critical so that they know precisely what they are buying. A photo online can’t give the complete sense of how a material is going to look in real life. Also, the figure quoted above can be turned on its head: maybe one out of five may purchase the product later online, four out of five will still make their purchase at a shop.

Serve All Markets

However, it is critically important that today’s businesses recognize how important it is to serve both the shopper inside the showroom and online consumer. Technology that makes visualization possible will become an important part of many businesses. The use of 3-D technology might allow consumers to play with ideas initially to see how different color schemes may look inside their homes and then visit the show room in order to make their final choices.

A Winning Combination

When online technology is combined with real shops or showrooms, a retailer can not only have a good presence locally but develop their global customer base as well. It can be very reassuring to have both an online presence and physical presence. When a customer is about to make an expensive purchase, they may do a lot of their initial research online, but also come into the show room to get the personal touch as well.

A Changing Landscape

Although it is still in its early days, online shopping is definitely making dramatic changes to the retail landscape. First of all, we need to continue to evolve our products and services in order to serve and attract the new generation of consumers. Those consumers might visit the showroom in order to get a product’s physical experience but then make changes and amendments to their order, or maybe go somewhere else to purchase their goods. Or maybe they will do research online but still show up at the showroom to make their final buying decision.

But either way, the Show-Rooming practice and showroom are here to stay.

How The Mind Can Heal

Your greatest asset is your human brain. It’s only now that we’re beginning to understand it better and use it to achieve healthier living. Just now we are seeing a global consciousness flowering and bringing with it the ability to consciously heal.

It’s estimated that the human brain has over 70,000 thoughts a day. 90% of them will be repeated every day, and 70% of those are negative. In his book “A New Earth,” author Eckhart Tolle describes a negative emotion as, something that is toxic both in the body and mind, and interferes with your balance and harmonious function. Such terrible emotions include anxiety, grudges, sadness, fear, envy, jealousy, hate… they are all things that disrupt harmonious flows in your body and negatively affect your heart, digestive systems, immune systems, and even your hormones. Even modern medicine, which doesn’t quite understand the human ego, has even begun to recognize that there is a connection between negative thoughts and disease.

Naturally we should question all statistics that we see. But no matter what the real statistics are, it’s a matter of fact that in order to have a healthy, balanced live we must bring positive thoughts into our existence. But how can we do this when it seems like life is always out to get us? We can only be dealt so many cruddy hands before we feel like giving up.

One of the things we fret over the most is what is “right” and what is “wrong.” We want to always be perceived as doing the “right” thing even if we’re not sure where those beliefs originated in our lives. There are literally a million self-help book on the market, each peddling what they believe to be the secret to happiness. However, one reader will leave many of these on the side of the road unopened or only half-read. This is because nothing clicks with them, and they pick up another book hoping for another clue to happiness.

After fighting cancer and going beyond in my life, I too have read many of these books looking for my own happiness, a way to build a business, and other such things. In the end what I have decided is that we must all focus on our uniqueness as individuals. No one else in the world thinks exactly the same way you do. No one else has your exact thoughts and feelings. Let your instincts guide you through life. They have been tailored to your wants and desires to help you make the right decisions for YOU.

Here at In Mind In Body, we can help you figure out what some positive avenues are for you by using our visualization MP3s. No one is capable of thinking both negatively and positively at the same time. Our MP3s help you make your way through the negative thoughts suppressing you and help you find the beneficial ones. The breathing at the beginning of the MP3 will help you pull away from your negative thoughts.

Just this past week we launched the In Mind In Body’s “Virtual Wellness Club,” a site that’s updated to help everyone who might be doubting that our negative thoughts truly negatively impact our bodies, minds, and souls. It only makes sense that to see positive benefits we have to make positive changes. We must not concentrate on the failures of our past or our fears for the future.

It’s important to think about what we’re grateful for and let it swell in our bodies. When we’re overcome with stress, we’re spending much too much time worrying about unnecessary things. It stifles our growth. You must think only of the now and think of what is positive about today. You can always find something to hinge on, even if it’s small and seemingly insignificant. By learning how to let go of the past, we are letting our minds and bodies move to a more positive future.

I believe that choosing what is right with you helps you be brought into better alignment. You find out who you really are and what makes you tick in positive ways. When you become more consciously aware about such things, you allow yourself to heal and find happiness from within.

Stay Active at Any Age: A Guide to Fitness

Many years ago, making it to the age of 50 was considered to be a feat. However, people of this age are now considered young and thought to have many more good years in front of them. There have been a number of medical advances that help us to live to a ripe old age, although they we need to stay active and eat right if we want to have the best life possible. In the United Kingdom, the average life expectancy has gone up quite a bit in the last fifty years, such that people are living to be 90 and 100 years old.

It is true that more people are obese now than in years past. However, for those individuals that try and maintain a healthy body weight, eat the right foods and listen to their body cues, it is possible for to stay active even as they age.

Remaining Active As You Age

Cardiovascular activity is not just for the young. It is also now for the young at heart as well, as there are more “seniors” engaging in this type of exercise than ever before. Getting older is no longer an excuse to become a couch potato. Many people, ages 50 and older, are getting out and playing tennis, going for walks and jogging, participating in exercise classes, and even spending time on the treadmill.

This is not that unusual if you think about it. Muscles need to be used or they will not work properly any longer. When you get to the age of 40, it is not uncommon to have issues with bone density and muscle strength. This is why a broken bone is more likely to occur as you get older. However, if you stay active and continue to focus on your muscles, you will be able to slow down the decrease in muscle mass that many other people experience.

Staying Well

Staying active does a lot for your body. Regular exercise helps cut down on the likelihood that you will get sick or diagnosed with a chronic disease. It strengthens your immune system, helps the heart to stay strong, and lowers your blood pressure. In addition, exercising often will cut back on your chance of being diagnosed with certain cancers, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Furthermore, exercising allows your body to move more easily during the day. Your posture is often much improved, you stay strong, and you are much more flexible. As a result, your balance and coordination is better, which means you are less likely to fall down and break something.

Finally, staying active just feels good. You get the chance to be out in nature or to see other people. You maintain a better body weight, which helps with confidence. It is just a win-win situation overall.

Pay Attention to Body Cues

Anyone that exercises regularly should take a few precautions. If you are just getting started, speak to your doctor before you begin. They will let you know what exercises are right for you, particularly if you have a pre-existing condition.

Ease your way into the exercise program. There is no reason to rush things; you do not want to hurt yourself. Start slow and gradually increase your exercise level. Consider using a personal trainer or paying for a “boot camp” where someone can supervise you and give you advice. If you have questions, make sure you ask; it is the only way to learn.

Come up with a few goals that you would like to achieve in the next few weeks and months. It is very motivating when you are able to put a big check mark next to a goal. While it is certainly important to set long term goals for yourself, they are often not as motivating because they are so far out of reach.

As you get started, remember that your age cannot hold you back.

The Strongest Link in the Chain- Outsourcing IT Support.

The business world has never been as dynamic as it is now with versatile and unique approaches being adopted by companies to give them an edge over competition. With the ever growing wage bills in most companies, new and exclusive employment telecommunication techniques have had to set in place to maximize on profits and enhance value in the chain.

Dynamic world

According to the latest predictions by recruiters Adecco, there is a notable sharp rise in contingent workers; so much so, that it is estimated that the numbers will account for a quarter of the global workforce which is mind-boggling indeed. Most businesses are increasingly opening their eyes to the fact that talent is very much intertwined with value hence results. With this, companies are going the extra mile in tapping talent within and outside their realms.

IT being one of the most essential pillars in any business stands a lot to gain with adopting such flexible measures but this will require proper planning if it is to see the light of the day. Outsourcing IT support can therefore bear numerous advantages to companies and here are some.

The benefits of outsourcing

Flexibility and versatility have to be the main benefits offered by outsourcing services. This means that when companies outsource, they are not only allowed to procure IT support when need arises but also allowed to choose the capacity required. For instance, a business seeking to grow or expand has the privilege of procuring greater support at its convenience without necessarily having to bear losses pinned to staff recruitment and other related costs such as time factor or even the space for that matter.

Flexibility is also projected in the dynamism of support needed. This basically means that businesses are bestowed with the privilege of changing the type of support or systems required through outsourcing unlike with an in-house system which means a total overhaul of machines and re-training the staff involved. If for instance the outsourced company does not wield enough capacity to adapt to your business’s needs, there is always the option of seeking another provider that is competent enough to handle this.
Businesses also stand to benefit from specialization of relevant skills through this. To break it down, outsourced companies are in a better position to offer continuous training with the aim of developing their staff’s skills. It definitely wouldn’t be cost effective for small or even medium sized businesses in some cases to achieve this as some problems only arise once in a blue moon compared to outsourced companies where they deal with such every now and then through offering support to a range of clients facing the same challenges.

The drawbacks involved

Similar to every technique or strategy adopted in business, outsourcing IT support has is setbacks as well. To begin with, an outsourced company will definitely be less familiar with your business’s day to day activities translating to weaker links compared to an in-house team. In short, as much as the support may be of quality standards, the outsourced support team barely shares the same vision or goal as you. Besides this, you also stand to lose significant control over how and who deals with the problem at hand meaning that your fate lies elsewhere.

Tackling drawbacks

All is not lost as the drawbacks stated above can easily be dealt with through having a flexible and modern outlook. The idea here is to dwell on the comprehensive chain and deeming it as one instead of separate functions which you may lack control over. Once you have settled for a specific support team, invite them over to the company for consultation and to share opinions, goals and expectations. In conclusion, the success of outsourcing IT support is imminent only if proper planning procedures are put in place.

Business Issues Taken To Court

Business disputes are always a problem, as nobody really wants to get to court. However, if amiable resolutions aren’t possible, the only way to dispute your business problems remains the courtroom. Litigation is one of the most difficult decisions, so you should ponder all cons and pros very well before taking your problems to court.

When Negotiations Fail

Going to court is always the last solution, chosen only after everything else failed. Most business owners and managers try to resolve their business disputes the painless way. Some of them are successful, but there are situations in which nothing works, so they need to resort to this last choice, taking their problems to court. However, you have to be aware that litigation in business circles is always something tricky, so you’d better have a very strong case, with hard evidence, otherwise you risk to fail. This is why, it is strongly advisable to have a written record of all communication with your business partners, even from the moment of the slightest suspicion that you might end up in court. Even if your worries prove to be in vain, it’s better to be prepared for the worst. A court case involves a lot of effort, so you need to be sure you are going to win it.

It’s also worth pointing out that if you win your case, the other part has to pay some of your legal costs, but they won’t pay for all your expenses. It is possible that they don’t have enough resources to pay you. Perhaps they went out of business since you sued them, so you are never going to see your money back. Additionally, you have to keep in mind that in case you lose your trial, you are going to need to pay the legal expenses made by the other side.

Making Or Defending Your Case

As soon as you decide the court is the only way to go, you have to start preparing your case. Hiring a good lawyer is a must, if you have to increase your odds to win the trial. Lawyers know very well how to make their cases in order to increase their chances to win. Additionally, an attorney can help you through all the stages of this process. After you’ve made your case, you have to submit a claim to your local court. The details of this claim are going to be sent to the defendant. If the defendant admits the liability or agrees to a settlement, you can consider yourself a winner. Nonetheless, it is possible that the defendant disputes the claim, so you should always be prepared for this situation.

If the defendant chooses to dispute your claim, your case is sent to a court that handles that type of claims. There are small claim courts, handling cases up to £10,000 and bigger courts that handle large claims. The court is going to schedule everything and inform you and the defendant about all hearings and other information you need to know regarding the times when you have to present your evidence or other documents. If you miss your deadlines, it is possible that you lose the right to continue the claim, so you should take it very seriously, even if you have to postpone other things to proceed with your claim.

Both you and the defendant are going to have your chance to make your case. The attorney of law is very important, as he can help you win by presenting your case in the most favorable light. The one of you who loses has to pay the legal costs. If you don’t agree with the decision made by the court, you can appeal against it, but this is going to cost you even more time and money.

Which Form Of Power Of Attorney Is Best?

There are many different forms of power of attorney, and the form you need will depend on the situation and the type of protection you need for yourself and your assets.

The Difference Between Lasting And Ordinary

The main difference between lasting and ordinary power of attorney is the timing of when the person who holds power of attorney will have power over your assets and decisions. If you want to give another person full access to taking action and making decisions about your well-being and finances while you are still mentally capable, the option of ordinary power of attorney would be best. This option becomes void when you are deemed incapacitated and is only valid during the time you are in full control of your faculties.

On the other hand, lasting power of attorney is a more permanent option. This form of continues even after you have lost your mental capacity. If you choose to give lasting power of attorney it is very important you only give it to someone you trust completely since they will have complete legal authority to take action and make decisions on your behalf when you are not capable of doing so, or don’t want to do so.


This option gives you the ability to have a greater amount of control over the actions and decisions that are taken and by whom, regarding yourself and your assets when you are no longer capable. This means that the person with limited power of attorney is only given power to make decisions and take action on your behalf for a very specific purpose. An example of this would be giving someone a limited power of attorney to sign the deed to a property on your behalf while you are away or otherwise unable to do so. This form of power of attorney usually has a specific end date.


This is more of an overall option, giving the person who holds power of attorney the same rights and powers that you have. If you want someone to be able to conduct various financial transactions such as paying bills and signing documents on your behalf, this would be the option to choose. Since you do not need to be mentally incapacitated in order for this option to be put in place, it can be useful if you just need some help with your finances.


This form option is valid until your death, or until you are able to function as normal – no longer incapacitated. It is essential to evoke durable power of attorney in order to allow someone to make decisions for your, handle your affairs, or represent you in course in the event you become incapacitated.


This form of power of attorney allows the same powers as the durable option, but is not valid until your are incapacitated. If you choose this option, you will need to make sure that the standard for incapacitation is clearly laid out in the documentation.

Property And Financial

For the purposes of having someone act on your behalf regarding finances and property, you are allowed to appoint up to four relatives or attorneys for property and financial power of attorney. The role of a person given financial and property power of attorney is to take care of your finances and assets according to your wishes, including investment funds, transactions, property issues and back accounts. In the case of a property and financial power of attorney, you do not have to be incapacitated, and they are able to work with you in any circumstances.

Health And Welfare

This form of power of attorney is generally considered more serious. For this reason it is often split between attorneys and family. Similarly to the property and financial option, you are allowed to appoint up to four health and welfare power of attorneys. The role of these individuals is to take actions and make decisions on your behalf regarding your welfare, medical care and health in the event you lose the ability to make those decisions personally. These four people will be responsible for making any decisions that are not detailed in your will regarding medical circumstances such as being kept on life support.

Having determined which form of power of attorney would serve you best, you can then plan for the future more effectively for peace of mind should you ever become incapacitated. If you are unsure about which option would be best for you, we can help you to understand the roles more thoroughly in order to determine your best options. Get in touch with one of our experts today for more information.

Tips For Purchasing Antique Furniture At The Auction

When you are at an auction, you may feel such a rush. It is exciting to attend one of these events. And, if you have never been to one before, it may be even more exciting to you. If you are planning to buy some antique furniture, follow a few tips to ensure that you are getting valuable antique pieces that will look great wherever you put them.

Before you decide to bid on something, take a look at the pieces that are being auctioned off. You may be able to take a view before the day of the auction. While it does take a bit of extra effort, it will help you out and prevent you from making some seriously costly mistakes.

While you are taking a look at the different items that will be auctioned off, start to jot down a few things about the ones that you are most interested in buying. You may also want to consider purchasing the catalogue or software. You can look through it and then decide on certain items that you are thinking about buying.

You can put an X mark over the items that you do not have any interest in so that you do not accidentally waste your time bidding on them. Consider writing down a specific price that you are willing to bid on each item. If you want to make sure that you can leave the auction with several items, you will need to set your maximum bid ahead of time.

Make sure to do an inspection of the items before you decide that you want to have them. You will get them in the condition that they come in, so pay attention to any small scratches, dents and other minor issues. Check through the boxes to ensure that everything is in good condition before you agree to bid on it.

Never be afraid to look around. You never know what types of valuable items you could end up finding by simply searching throughout the building. Make sure to follow some of these important rules when you are inspecting the furniture:

  • Check for damages, such as tears and scratches. These damages may need to be repaired.
  • Open and close dresser drawers to make sure that they work properly.
  • Look for the label or nameplate that shows who it is that made the furniture.
  • Carefully look at any china items to make sure that they are not chipped or cracked. You may be willing to purchase some cracked pieces, but it is still best to have a look at them ahead of time.

When you get to the room where the sales will take place, remember not to go over your set maximum bid for each item. You want to be able to get an assortment of high-quality restoration antique items, so you need to spread out the expense. It may be a bit difficult for you to avoid the temptation, but remain as calm as possible, especially while observing the other people in the room who are competing against you to win some great items.

Some of the auctioneers use tactics to try to get people to bid more. They will act like someone has made a bid when they really have not just to get the price to increase. Make sure that you are paying attention your surroundings so you know when to avoid this.

Most importantly, have a good time and enjoy yourself while you are viewing some of the amazing antique pieces. There are so many great items that you may end up viewing, bidding on and even winning.

4 Things You Never Knew About Business Cards

 Once they’ve been outlined and printed, you presumably don’t give much thought to those little rectangles of card you give out at the networking occasions. While your business card can say a great deal in regards to you (and we’ll discuss that in next week’s blog!) today we needed to investigate our limited time companions, their history and what makes them such a key and famous business device.

They’ve Been Around For A Long Time

Much longer than you would suspect really. Business cards have been around in one format or the other since the 1400’s. They began in China, where they were known as Meishi, or ‘Visiting cards’ and were utilized as a calling card to announce a meeting with someone else. Only truly utilized by the privileged societies, they were embellishes with lovely calligraphy on high quality paper and regularly handed out at an establishment entryway in order for the proprietor to choose if the conveyor is worthy of a meeting. Around this time they were additionally circulating Germany, however as wood cuttings with the bearers name printed or cut onto them.

They Are Distantly Related To Greetings Cards

The business card didn’t come to Europe until the 1600’s, when it was presented by King Louis XIV, and alluded to as a trade card’. On one side there was regularly a guide to direct the receiver to the bearer’s home or place of, and the other would contain information. These trade cards weren’t simply utilized for business however, and were regularly utilized as a method for presentation, to express sympathies and to give notification of a departure or arrival. Interestingly, ladies’ cards were constantly shorter and more extensive (2.75-3 crawls wide by 2-2.75 creeps high) than a man’s card, which measured around 3-3.4 inches in length by 1.2-1.5 inches wide. When sending or leaving a trade card, the conveyor would compose an arrangement of initials on the card, which would express the purpose behind leaving the card. This was a specific style in France, where the most widely recognized initials utilized were:

  • p.r (expressing thanks)
  • p.f (congratulations)
  • p.f.N.A (Happy New Year)
  • p.c. (condolences)
  • p.p (if you want to be introduced to somebody, send your visiting card)
  • p.p.c (taking your leave)

But They Rapidly Became Signs of High Standing

By the 1700’s, trade cards were seen as the sign of a respectable man. Advancements were made in printing, and their plans turned out to be considerably more in vogue and flamboyant. A courteous fellow was allowed to carry his cards loose in his pocket, however a lady was relied upon to utilize a card case for cleanliness. When you called into somebody’s home, it was normal that you leave your card with the servants. They would deliver it to the hostess or the host, who might decide whether you were allowed inside or not. Men were expected, when visiting companions, to leave their card with each lady in the room, and if the card is folded into equal parts it indicated that it was for various individuals from the same family.

By The 1900’s, Their Use Was Divided

By this stage the lithographic printing procedure had been introduced, and there were new and wonderful approaches to print and showcase your calling card. Calling cards for organizations contained a ton of information that the modern ones do, while personal cards just contained names and locations. Letterpress printing had realized a mixture of cards imprinted on distinctive materials, and your card was a way of standing out. During this time, the trading of business cards was entirely casual. A few nations however were (and still are) fastidious about business card etiquette. For instance, in Japan it is impolite to fold and write on someone else’s card, while holding the card in who hands is an indication of admiration. When giving out your own particular card in Japan, you are required to bow and present yourself with your name, organization and title.

In Korea, it’s viewed as discourteous to study a card for a really long time after receiving it, and rather ought to be kept away quickly. You should likewise exhibit your own particular card before requesting anybody else’s. In India you should just present your business card with your right hand, while in Columbia you should just hold the card in one corner suing your thumb and forefinger, so you are not concealing critical information.

And then we achieved present day, where cards are traded openly in the UK, and are viewed as an organizations when branding.