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The Evolving Showroom

Going online or staying offline? This has been a question looming over every business attempting to sell a product in today’s marketplace. On one side is the new option of selling one’s carpet product online, and on the other keeping one’s brick-and-mortar business and all the taxes, rental and utility costs that come with it and continue relying on selling face-to-face.

The New Shopping Experience

Technology is modifying the way we shop — some argue it is doing away with the old methods and even destroying them, killing the brick-and-mortar business. One way this is happening is through what collectively is known as ‘showrooming’: people are shopping for products in stores and then check their smart devices to see if there are cheaper offers to be found online. The design agency Foolproof made a survey in this regard and found out that one in five consumers admits to only visiting physical stores to check out a product in order to then buy it cheaper online.

Transforming Negative To Positive

However, while this new trend is worrying for those with physical showrooms and shops, it can be turned to the positive. Remember, people still need a showroom to be able to physically see the product before they buy it. With products such as fabrics that rely on their colors and feel to give the potential customers a good impression of what it is they are wanting to buy, showrooms are a must. No picture in the world will be able to transmit the sense of how a material will look and feel in the real world. So let’s take the above study and flip it on its head: four in five may buy online later, but it can also mean that four in five will buy in the shop.

All Markets Are Being Served

It is very important to remember that online retailing is here to stay and that a business needs to be able to deliver both to online shopper as well as the walk-in clientele. At the same time technology that helps visualizing a product is certainly on the rise. 3D technology for example will make it possible for clients to play around with a virtual version of the product to see how it would look and feel on them or in their environment, before coming into the store to actually buy it.

The Winning Combination

The merging of online tech with the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar shopping experience can mean that a retailer can serve both a local as well as a global shopping community. For clients it’s a reassuring feeling to know that there is both a physical as well as an online presence. Especially with costlier products a client may do his initial online research, but then will want to go the extra mile and come into the shop for the final decision.

The Landscape Is Changing

Despite its infancy, online retailing is certainly changing the world of shopping in dramatic ways. It is important to remember that a business needs to evolve in order to attract and best serve a brand-new generation of shoppers and their expectations. These shoppers may come into the showroom to get a hands-on experience of the product, but may then change their minds or the order or even go elsewhere to make the final purchase. Alternately they may do online research first and then show up at the shop for the final decision.

No matter which method clients prefer to use, both the physical showroom as well as the practice of showrooming will be around for a while.

Sizing Up A Room For Area Rugs

Choosing a wall color is fairly simple. So is furniture. Go with toned down hues that blend into the cream-colored walls, carpets and all you are left to belabor over is the accessories. That is where the snags lie — in choosing area rugs, and decorative pillows. Pillows are a topic for another day, because as it turns out, the topic of area rugs is involved.

Tie Together Rooms

Get the right area rug, and no one really notices. If you get the wrong ones, people will offer to help rearrange your home, and may even trip over the oversized rugs. There are three basic points that are vital to get the right area rug for a home.

Choosing Well: A Guide To Pick Area Rugs

Many people like a space that features a focal point. It should be so fascinating that it detracts from old, uneven flooring, or some imperfections on the wall. While for many this in itself is a challenge, come back to the rug. It is one place to begin improving your home.

Read on to learn helpful tips to ease you through the design process. It can be fun picking area rugs, and should not feel like such a frightening chore. In the dining room, for starters choose a pattern to break up the big wooden table.

This is a hint at why Oriental rugs are so commonly used in dining rooms. While it is visually interesting it also is working hard to hide stains. This is typically why dark red and burgundy tend to be found in the dining room too. The pattern is beautiful and distracts and detracts wandering and curious eyes from any underlying stains.

For the bedroom, the rug needs to be comfortable. It needs to be comfortable to the feet. Most people spend a good time walking around barefoot and should feel comfortable.

If you have gone to fabric heaven on the upholstery and drapes, then step back and go with a solid color on carpets. Yet, if you have gone toned down and plain with the furniture, a patterned rug is the right touch. It matters as much the type of material you choose for the area rug as much as how they feel to the touch.

Hide And Prevent Stains

Take care the type of material you place in any room. For instance, the dining room must have stain resistant coatings and must be able to be steam cleaned or dry cleaned. While you should always pick a darker color to hide stains, be sure you can actually clean it. Many people choose wool because it is natural and takes well to cleaning. Sisal is another popular option but it must be replaced with a good frequency.

Meanwhile, the bedroom is one place where most people walk around in bare feet. Take care to choose pile that will not soak up oils, which give a stained appearance.

Measuring And Tabulating

In the living room, start by measuring where the furniture legs make contact with the rug. The point is to make sure that the front legs are all planted on the rug for every sitting space. The preference is to have the entire chair or chaise on the rug, but that is not always possible. Overall, what happens when the furniture is arranged with feet on the rug it gives the space a more pulled together feel.

In the sleeping quarters, the majority of the rug will tuck itself in under the bed. Though it depends upon all of the bedroom furniture, but it might be prettier to allow a few feet of rug stick out from under the bed.

If you can swing it, in the dining room, a good rule of thumb is to have six feet sticking out all about the table. It will give the dining chairs a chance to have all four of their feet planted on the area rug.

Alternatively, try to measure the whole dining room. Then subtract 1.5 feet from the total area measurements. This provides built-in proportionality for you. This makes sure that the right amount of area rug peeks out from under the table while providing a hint of the flooring as well.

Situating the right types of area rugs in your home will make the space more appealing and personalized. It plays a secondary function of protecting the floor underneath it while keeping it warm enough to walk on any time of Choosing a wall color is fairly simple. So is furniture. Go with toned down hues that blend into the cream-colored walls, and all you are left to belabor over is the accessories. That is where the snags lie — in choosing area rugs, and decorative pillows. Pillows are a topic for another day, because as it turns out, the topic of area rugs is involved.


Finding the Perfect Area Rug

When it comes to home decor, the details make the room. This is especially true when it comes to the area shaggy rug. If the rug is too large for the space, it won’t lay flat and could wind up posing a tripping hazard. On the other hand, if it is too small the scale will look wrong for the space, making the room feel awkward and unbalanced. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to determine what size of area rug is correct for your space.

Selecting the Ideal Area Rug

One thing that sets most amazing rooms apart from so-so rooms is that they have a strong focal point. A well-designed room will have key elements that catch your eye and draw you in, making the space feel attractive and inviting.

One area that most people struggle with is deciding on a pattern for their rug. This is actually easier than you might think. For instance, when choosing a rug for a dining room, you can typically go with a complex pattern since dining room furniture is traditionally fairly basic in its design.

The pattern on the rug helps add visual interest to the room while at the same time making it difficult to see any stains from accidental spills. Choosing a dark color for the rug can go even further toward detracting the eye from any stains that happen to be present.

In the bedroom, your key concern should be whether or not the rug is comfortable underfoot. This is one room in the home where you are likely to be barefoot much of the time. Because of that, it is important to choose a rug that is as comfortable as it is attractive.

In other rooms of your home, it is all about finding a balance between patterns and solid colors. For example, if your furniture is all solid colored, you should choose a rug with a pattern. Conversely, if your furniture is upholstered with printed fabric, your best bet is probably to go with a solid colored rug.

Material and Texture

The type of material that the rug is made from is also important. Rugs that will be exposed to a lot of spills should be protected against stains. Additionally, choosing a rug that is made from wool is a good move since it is easy to clean and can withstand a lot of wear. Sisal rugs are attractive but don’t last quite as long as other types of area rugs. Because of that, you may need to replace them more often.

Berber rugs are popular as well. However, they are not without their downsides – namely that they show stains easily. Again, this means that they may need to be replaced more often than other types of rugs. However, as long as you are willing to replace them when needed, they can be a good choice for any room in your home since they are quite affordable.

Size and Shape

The size of your furniture plays a key role in determining what size of area rug is ideal for the space. A good place to start is by measuring the width of the front legs on any pieces of furniture that will be included in a particular sitting area. Ideally, you will choose a rug that is large enough for all of these front legs to sit on. This will help create a cohesive space, making the sitting area look as if it is intentional.

If you plan on placing your bed on an area rug in your bedroom, make sure to choose a rug that is large enough that at least a few feet stick out on every side of your bed. This will help create visual interest in the room while at the same time keeping the rug from being entirely hidden by the bed.

When choosing a rug for the dining room, make sure to choose a rug that is large enough that all of the chairs can sit on it even when they are pulled out from the table. This way, all of the legs of the chairs will still be able to stay on the rug even when people are dining.

Some experts recommend choosing a rug that covers nearly the entire dining room floor, leaving a border of between one and two feet on all sides of the room. This will help create a nice balance between the rug and the visible portion of the floor.

Area rugs serve a number of different purposes. Not only do they help protect your floors but they also provide warmth and soundproofing. Additionally, they can be a great way to add excitement and interest to an otherwise boring room. With so many different styles, sizes, and shapes of rugs to choose from, chances are you can find the ideal one for your space.

Beating the Hangover on Stag Weekend with Beer, Beaches and Bike Tours in BARCELONA

Alcohol is the primary source of fuel for a memorable stag weekend, all too often this important food group can cause the body to feel inexplicably depressed. This means that as the shots start flying one after the other and the pints are being chugged, your happy-hormones, also called endorphins, are being suppressed.

And then there’s the headaches the following day that make one feel like ending it all…

…But NOT on a stag weekend in Barcelona while with the lads, this is no time for reflecting on the pain of being hungover. The show must go on and luckily there are some practical ways of rising above the unbearable after effects and getting back into the swing of things, or at the very least, upright in a bar stool.

To yer Bikes Mr Hearties!

Bike tours are the very thing for this condition. Not only will the warm Barcelona sun shining on your face invigorate and soothe your pain, but getting all that oxygen in your lungs is as every bit as good as sitting in your hotel room feeling miserable, probably better.

Plus, you will be able to get a look at the cultural side of this magnificent city, take plenty of pictures as photographic evidence that you and your mates are a cultural bunch after all, not the band of hooligans you sometimes appear to be in the comfort of home.

There are more and more options for this very type of tour, but “Pissup Tours” , as its name implies, is by far the most professional of the “Stag Bike Tours” featured in Barcelona. Count on them to cater well to you and your entourage.

No need to worry about climbing ruthless inclines or tumbling down the side of a cliff, Barcelona is a relatively flat city and is easily explored by people of all physical conditions. This non-strenuous activity is your first remedy to the hangover from last night’s activities.

Now to Soak up a bit of culture While We are Here

Ciutadella Park is a perfect stop for a bike tour to have drink before continuing through the twisting streets of Ciutat Vella, the “Old City”. This is one of the most beautiful spots in Barcelona, you and group will surely have a blast winding up and down the dirt paths amidst the shady groves and spectacular vista of Spanish design and art.

Then it is time for the second remedy for the wickedest hangover, a couple shots of this and a pint of that. You may think this is counterproductive, but this “hair of the dog” concept has been in effect for many eons now and who are we to dispute it.

The idea or at least the phrase, comes from the ancient belief that the best cure for a bite inflicted by a rabid dog is to grab some of the dog’s hair and stuff it into the wound. Whether that actually works or not is irrelevant here because drinkers from all around the world have found the idea to have certain merit when treating the effects of a hangover.

It might not cure you but it will certainly stabilize the constitutions and alleviate the pain, having you back and bantering with your cronies. So grab a beer and sit back to relax and enjoy the scenery around one of the many “Cascadas” — this should return you to regular robust self and get you in shape for the remainder of your treatment.

After a drink or two it is time to move on to one of the most popular sites in the continent; the Sagrada Familia. This is the masterpiece of one of the city’s most significant architects, Antoni Gaudi. Initial construction on the unbelievable conception of this incredible edifice was begun in 1882, it is still under construction and the date of completion is set for sometime in the 2026.

On to the Sand, Sea and Sangria

Barceloneta beach is a perfect spot for truly enjoying the views of this Spanish City. Leaving Gaudi’s architectural innovation it is a downhill ride to the beaches of Barcelona’s coastal community. Here is where we will find the third and final treatment for a hangover, the Beach.

The place is dotted with the most charming tapas bars all selling a great variety of delicious munchies and quality beverages. This is also a great chance to go hit the waves and spend time bathing in the therapeutic waters of the mediterranean. The mix of sun, surf and a decent sangria will restore you to be full 100%.

Hangover Cured

36918346_sThen you will head off to the city center where you can return the borrowed bikes., feeling a thousand times better than when you had started. With a bit of planning and a sense of adventure you can keep in tip top shape and fully enjoy your stag weekend with the lads.

How To Choose The Best Area Rug

As the old adage goes, the devil is in the details. This is particularly true in choosing an area rug. Too big a rug can trip up people and even furniture. But go too small and it will not fit in with the overall theme of the surroundings, prompting negative comments from people who come over. Fortunately, there are tips on how to choose the best area rug for different spaces.

Selecting The Right Style Of Area Rugs For Your Home

Many people find that what attracts them the most when visiting a designer showroom or a friend’s home is the presence of a fascinating focal point. You can think of it as mixing and matching different patterns, such as using a couple of floral patterns along with a few stripes.

The good news is that there are certain tips that can help you get through this process easily and quickly. In the dining room, it’s a good idea to pick a pattern in order to break apart the mainstay possessed by most people — a wooden table.

This is precisely the reason why you see Oriental rugs used in many dining rooms. This pattern does not only satisfy the visual needs of visitors but also serves to mask unsightly spots. Because of this, it’s wise to go for a darker rug or one with a richer colour scheme in the dining room area. In addition, choosing intricate patterns will give your eyes something to focus on instead of being distracted by the stains.

For bedroom area rugs, the single most important thing to look for is comfort. Be sure that the rugs feel good on your feet. Remember that you might be spending plenty of time walking around these rugs in your bare feet, so they must be as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to floral patterns, which you typically see in living rooms, be sure to select a solid color. In case you have solid upholstery, choosing a pattern area rug is definitely a must. This provides contrast to make the area more appealing. Remember, however, that the material from which the area rugs are made is just as important as how they look and feel.

Material Benefits

In the dining room, you may want to consider an area rug whose fibers have been treated to resist stains. Many homeowners default to an area rug made of wool simply because it is clean and durable. Not to mention, this material is very easy to maintain compared to other fabrics. Sisal is also popular, but it requires replacement more often than other carpeting. List down the manufacturer names and styles to make reordering easier.

On a similar note, understand that a Berber carpet in your bedroom can absorb the oils from your feet and body. If there is a dog in your home, your carpet will most likely look stained. While Berber is affordable, it picks up bodily oils very easily and also requires frequent replacement just like Sisal.

Measurements And Proportions

When it comes to choosing a living room area rug, the rule of thumb is to measure the contact points of all furniture legs. The general idea is to ensure that the front legs of the furniture set on the area rug for each separate sitting space. It would be better if the entire piece of furniture fit on the area rug too, including the back legs. You can do this especially if you want to make your room appear more cohesive. For sure, the end result will be a better-looking room.

In the bedroom, area rugs are almost always placed under the bed. This all depends on the set up of all the furniture inside the bedroom, but in most cases, it looks more beautiful if the carpet extends outward from every side of the bed.

In the dining room, an area rug that extends up to 6 feet from all sides of the table is a good idea. This helps ensure that the dining chairs and their four legs will remain planted on the area rug.

Another way to choose the right size of area rug for your dining room is to determine the measurements of the entire room and then deduct 1.5 feet from it. Doing this can help ensure that the carpet will extend out from the table while still leaving a bit of flooring to be shown.

Area rugs are an excellent way to add a focal point to any room in your home. They also help protect underlying floors and provide comfort to your feet. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, so you can surely find one that suits your taste. Be sure to look beyond aesthetics and take into consideration the material from which they are made as well.