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Video Advertising – What Is It That’s So Appealing to Consumers

online vod adsIn recent years video marketing has continued to increase in popularity at a dramatic rate. It has been estimated that individuals are 4 times more likely to give a response to a video than they are to written text. Although this helps companies with their expansion, many individuals are still failing to add videos as part of their advertising efforts. It is very important that businesses become aware of how appealing videos are to their customers. This will allow them to use them effectively to increase their customer base.

3 Factors Determining Why Videos Are Appealing to Consumers

1. They can relate to them more.

Humans are very visual. We use our sight the most when it comes to making evaluations. We see something that helps us with engaging our emotions and other emotions better. What that means is that there is a greater chance of us relating to a video than we would to other forms of communication. This type of emotional communication that can form means it’s possible to start to build up the individual’s trust in the product or brand. It is more likely that people will remember something they have seen and have been able to connect with, compared to what they have read or heard.

2. They are less time consuming and more convenient.

In today’s society, everyone is always in a big hurry. We are always searching for the easiest and quickest method for getting stuff done, and we’are constantly pressed for time. Our lives are dominated by multi-tasking. With videos, we can watch and do something else at the time.

Viewing a video also takes a lot less time than reading an entire article. You can relay the same message in less than half of the time. Consumers do like having all of the available information, however, you need to relay it to them as fast as you can. With attention spans steadily decreasing, we really don’t have the ability to focus on information for extended time periods. “You need to share your message quickly visually and audibly or people won’t be able to process it,” says a professional voice artist at Voice Fairy.

3. Technological advances

The average consumer can now access the internet from any place and at any time, so they want to take advantage of it. It is easy to view videos on small screens, compared to many pages of reading which requires lots of squinting and scrolling in order to view it on a small platform.

Most people these days are social media addicts. We like sharing information we obtain with our whole group of Twitter, Instagram or Facebook followers. It is more likely that a video will be watched by other people and get more likes. That is the aim of each post you make when you post a good video which may prove to be very useful for some of your followers.

Videos overall satisfy our needs for the visual, which makes them a perfect method of advertising for businesses. They do this through giving the customer the opportunity to feel more closely connected to a brand, which is the goal for any kind of marketing.

How To Choose The Right Area Rug

Choosing the right rug for your home, say the bathroom door, living room or even the bedroom is one of the most intimidating choices that most homeowners have to make. Choosing too small a rug makes it seem insignificant or impractical while a big one may be a hit-or-miss mistake in your home. This is the reason why you need to be very careful what rug you place where, and how big or small it is. Although small/big rugs may be useful in one area, they may be impractical in another. Discussed below are a few tips on how to choose the right rug for various spaces in your home.

Choosing the right Rug Style For Your Home

Most people love visiting a designer’s showroom or one of their friends’ homes because they are fascinated by their (designer or friends) taste of an enthralling focal point. This can be how the designer mixed various colors and patterns to create a beautiful illusion using their carpets. The best thing about this is that you too can learn how to choose the right rug or patterns for your home. Using what you have in the room, say dining room, such as a wooden table can help you pick the right rug for the area.

Oriental rugs, for example, are very common in the dining chambers. This is because oriental rugs have patterns that not only help mask spots but also create a beautiful illusion in the dining room. Experts, therefore, recommend going for rugs with a rich dark color scheme specifically for the dining room. Choosing rugs with cleverly designed patterns and designs also helps distract the eye from stains as well.

Bedroom carpets however need to be more comfortable than any other in the house. One of the reasons for this is that most people spend a lot of their time walking bare feet in the bedroom. A soft and comfortable rug under your feet is therefore a welcome idea for the bedroom.

Rugs with big patterns and flowers are specially designed and meant for the living room. You may however need to consider rugs with a solid color to match any other upholstery in the living room. Some people however love patterned rugs as they help create a beautiful illusion, and are a distraction as well. Nonetheless, you need to be very careful with the quality of the rug, especially the material and fibers.

Material Benefits

You also need to be very choosy with the rug material as well. Rugs meant for the dining room, for instance, should be made of a material or fibers treated for stain protection. Woolen rugs and carpets are also an excellent addition to the dining room as they are durable and very easy to clean. Sisal carpets are also very popular in dining rooms, though they don’t last very long. It would be advisable to identify and note down various rug manufacturers, and styles you prefer before setting out to window-shop for rugs.

Although Berber carpets are very common in many households, they too are not durable enough. Another fact you should note about these carpets is that they not only take up body oils (on the feet) but are also easily stained as well. Just like sisal rugs, you may need to replace Berber carpets once in a while.

Proportions and Measurements

The first rule of thumb when shopping for a rug (especially for the living room) is its size and contact points with furniture legs. The main idea is to ensure the rug covers all the furniture leg’s point of contact. This helps reduce bumps and prevent the mat from sliding on the floor.

The bedroom setup also dictates how big a carpet you need. Nonetheless, most of the area rug will be under the bed, with some bits of it extending on every side of the bed. This makes it even more appealing from a distant angle.

In the dining area, the area rug should extend all around the table, preferably 6 feet around. This provides enough room for the dining chairs as well. It would also be a wise idea for you to take measurements of the dining area, and then buy a rug with approximately the same sizes, or less by 1.5 feet.

Rugs not only help improve a room’s visual appeal but also protect the underlying floor from damage as well as keeping the floor warm. Having the right carpet/rug for each area also helps improve your home’s value as well. You however should be careful not to clash everything by choosing the right/appropriate style or pattern to suit your taste. You also need to ensure the material is durable and suited for the area too.

How To Choose The Right Area Rug

Have you ever heard that the devil is in the details? This can ring true when you are looking for the perfect area rug to go into a certain space. If you end up going too big, the rug can start to ride up the walls or actually trip people and get in the way of furniture. If you end up going with a smaller one, you can end up with a look as though it was a mistake and people may comment on it when they arrive at your house. There are some very helpful tips that will allow you to pick out the perfect size area rug to go into different spaces.

Selecting The Right Style Area Rug For Your Home

For a lot of people, what may attract them to other homes is the tasteful use of a great focal point. This can be something like trying to match up your patterns or mixing them, like stripes and florals. One great aspect is that the tips that are available will help you to easily pick out the right rug for a space. For example, if you are looking to get one for your dining room, you can think about going with a pattern as it will break apart the mainstay of a wooden table.

Have you ever notice that you will find an oriental rug in a dining room? This is because the pattern is going to give an interesting feel to the space while also helping as a mask to hide spots and spills. Think of a darker color for your dining room or even go with patterns that are going to fascinate the eye.

In the bedroom, you are going to want to go with a rug that is going to feel great on your feet. Most people will spend a lot of time in their bedroom with bare feet, so you need to keep it cozy.

While looking at big patterns and flowers, you may see that the living room will do best with a solid color, believe it or not. Solid upholstery will call for a patterned rug and vice versa. Basically speaking, you still need to take the material into consideration when it comes to your bedroom rug.

What Materials Should You Look For?

Within your dining room, it is always going to be best that you go with a fabric that has fibers treated with a stain protector. You may just go with wool simply because it can come clean and is very durable and quite simple to maintain when compared to other fabrics. Sisal is another popular option, however it will have to be replaced quite often when you compare it to other materials. If you go with an area rug that needs to be replaced often, just be sure that you take down all of the manufacturer and ordering information.

Going with berber carpet means understanding that it can soak up all of the oils from your body and feet. If you happen to have a dog, it can start to make the carpet look as though it is getting stained. Berber can be very affordable, but it will need replacing if it becomes stained.

Take Your Measurements Into Considerations

Always measure all of the spaces where you want to place an area rug, taking into consideration where the contact points of the furniture legs. You want to be sure that the front legs will be on the area rug for each separate sitting space. This will be good if your whole piece of furniture, to include the back legs, will also fit on the rug. You can try this as a way to make the space feel as it is cohesive and pulled together.

In your bedroom, you want to have the majority of the area rug under your bed, however you need to have some that is extending along the sides so that you can have it under your feet when you get in and out of it.

When you are looking for a rug for your dining room, you want to have it reach out at least six feet past all sides of the table. This will allow for room for the dining room chairs to slide in and out while still staying on the rug.

A good tip for measuring an area rug for this space is to take measurements for the whole room and then take away 1.5 feet. This will give you a nice proportion of carpeting to be sticking out and there is enough of the floor around the wall showing as well.

Overall, rugs can be a great way to show visual interest and to protect your floors underneath them. You can size them up, pick out different styles and materials and more to create a perfect space.

Selecting the Right Wheelchair: Tips for Success

A wheelchair can make a huge difference in the way you approach life. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually a lot of differences in the various wheelchair models. Besides the fact that some are manual and some are electric, the footplate, armrest, and seat can all be customized. The features you choose affect the comfort of your chair.

If you can no longer get around the way you once did, either due to illness, injury or age, a wheelchair often becomes essential. If you want to remain active, it is important to either rent or purchase one of these machines so you can still get out in public, socialize and have fun.

Wheelchairs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are simple. You have to use your own strength to power the chair or have someone push you from behind. Others are more heavy duty and feature electric features, so that the wheelchair moves itself around.

Regardless of whether you select a manual or electric wheelchair, they are typically not as large as a mobility scooter. This means they are easier to use and navigate with. As a result, you may find that you prefer them when you are out in public, particularly if you are in a small space. Still, if you are looking at a mobility scooter, access our “best buys” information. it will help you choose a good option.

Purchasing a Wheelchair as a Gift

Do you have a family member that needs a wheelchair? Before you purchase, keep in mind that some people don’t want to use these machines because they feel it makes them “old” or causes them to stick out in some way. If this appears to be the perspective of your relative, have a talk with them. Point out everything they could do if they had the wheelchair. Figure out a time that you could let them try one out to see what they think. That way, you can get their unbiased opinion before you purchase anything.

While some people do buy wheelchairs, most users in the United Kingdom go through the NHS wheelchair service. If you would like to know more, there is information available.

When you are first looking for a wheelchair, you must decide whether you want one that is manual or electric.

If you are looking for a manual chair, keep in mind that these are best for users that must have a wheelchair both inside and outside, for most of the day. These users can typically walk, but they are not able to go long distances on their own or with the support of a walking stick. In addition, these individuals should have sufficient upper body strength, so they can push the wheels of the chair with their hands and make themselves go forward. If they can’t do this, you want to look for a chair that can be pushed by another individual. In most cases, manual chairs will have push handles in the back.

In addition, these chairs typically have bigger back wheels. They are covered with a pushrim that allows the user to touch and manipulate the wheels. This is how they steer and power the chair, but it also makes the chair a little bigger and more difficult to pack up. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing this kind of chair, search for a model with quick-release wheels.

Chairs that are meant to be pushed by another person have back wheels that are smaller. This makes them easier to manipulate.

Importance of Empowered Decision Making

If you have ever watched the cult 80’s movie Top Gun, then the scene where Maverick’s career as a US fighter pilot is threatened when he was disciplined for his instinctive decision making that went against protocol must have provoked you into contemplating whether Maverick’s action were irresponsible or superb ingenuity.

Subsequently, drawing from the above scenario, the dilemma of choosing whether to do things by the book or bending the rules if not breaking them is palpably evident. The latter seems to make more sense because many innovative solutions have been formulated when people use their own judgment when making decisions.

Nostalgically, I remember a sporting event I took part when I was seven years old. It was on an unforgivingly hot afternoon, which was punctuated with temperatures reaching at least 28 degrees. I remember all of us were bright red and sweating like sinners in a church. Unfortunately, we could not run to the taps and irrigate our poor throats because it was against the rules. As a result, the heat took toil on one of my friends and he ended up with heat stroke. Consequently, our parents were furious because such an occurrence could have been avoided if the teachers involved were daring enough to use common sense is such unprecedented situation. This shows that being confident and daring enough to go against status quo at times can be very beneficial.

When it comes to business, effective decision-making skills play a focal role when HR Directors and other senior leaders are being recruited. Senior positions in any company demand for reasonable experience, confidence and most importantly judicious decision-making skills that will benefit the whole business. Therefore, in order to for you to fit in the big shoes of any senior position, you must be able to see the bigger picture even when other are blind to it and be able to have remarkable strategic thinking through your inbred resourcefulness.

Apparently, it is important to understand that the bigger issues are not the only ones that require a healthy dose of ingenious human instinct. Even small issues might require the resourcefulness of personal judgment and instincts. A good leader profoundly understands this and tends to peg all his/her decision on the sensitivity of the problem at hand. If following stipulated rule won’t do much in solving the problem at hand, the a good leader will turn to his personal ingenuity and come up with a decision that will remedy the problem.

However, the need to use the resourcefulness of personal ingenuity should make you blind to the policies and guidelines of your organization. It is important to note and appreciate the benefits such as avoiding discrimination and harassment that come with having set policies and guidelines. Nonetheless, we must not limit the boundless human potential by always relying on set policies and guidelines even in situations that beg we use our own ingenuity.

When Steven Jobs jibbed “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,’ he profoundly captured the essence and beauty of using your own personal ingenuity.

Conclusively, it is important to ask yourself what is your organization approach to striking the delicate balance between empowering decision-making and following stipulated rules.

Beaches, Beer And Bikes: 3 B Cures Of Barcelona Hangovers

Alcohol – which is the main fuel source on stag weekends, is as we all know, unfortunately a type of depressant for our bodies. That means that with each shot downed and every pint chugged, your body reduces the rate at which it releases endorphins (your happy hormones) slowly, which can lead to a head pounding hangover. We have all gone through those on numerous occasions.

However, if you are in Barcelona on a sunny weekend with the lads, it isn’t an option to lay in bed with a pillow covering your head, crying out and hoping someone will take pity on you. This is just not an option for you. Fortunately you can quickly counter these terrible effects. You will be back up on your feet very soon, or in your bar stool at the very least!

Get on your Bike!

There is an easy solution to your problems! It is a bike tour. They not only help with rejuvenating you with some fresh air and sun, but they give you the chance to do a bit of sightseeing as well. This proves to your friends and family back home that you actually do have a cultured side to you.

When it comes to bike tour companies, there are numerous options in Barcelona. However, Pissup Tour, as evidenced from their name, are “Stag Bike Tour” expert that can create a tour that caters to the unique needs of your group.

The city of Barcelona is very flat, so you don’t need to worry about your fitness level too much. This is basically non-strenuous biking as your very first hangover cure ingredient! If you get out and about it help to get your blood flowing and help to stimulate those backed up endorphins into getting released. The fresh air hitting your face can help with waking up up and make sure your brain starts to fire on all of its cylinders once again.

Time For Some Culture

Your bike tour will take you through some of Ciutat Vella’s winding roads into the green and lush scenery of the Parc Cituadealla. The sunny park is definitely one of Barcelona’s most stunning spots. You and your friends will have an absolute blast racing over its dirt paths and enjoying the amazing scenery.

The second ingredient for your Barcelona hangover cure is to have more booze! That might appear to be counter-intuitive, however the hair of the dog treatment is a time-tested tradition that has been used for centuries. It was based originally on the belief that when a rabid dog bit you that your only cure was placing the hair of the dog inside your wound. Drinkers all over the world have adopted this colloquial saying. It is commonly known that having a small amount of booze the day following a binge might not cure the hangover necessarily, but it can help to alleviate the pain of it all! What you need at this point is a beer, and drinking one while sitting in front of the amazing “Cascada fountains” will help get your body to around 90% human.

After you’ve had your drink at the park, it’s time to go off to see one of Europe’s most visited attractions; the Sagrada Familia, which is still unfinished. The mind bending church was created by Antoni Gaudi, the city’s most renown architect in a long list of famous ones. The creation was started in 1882 and is still being added to. The estimated completion date at this point is 2026. When we refer to “Spanish Time” this is a prime example.

Head Out For Sangria, Sea And Sand

Sangria - cheap to make and great for the beach and Mexican theme. Can hire dispenser from or source plastic one from Overflow: From Gaudi’s masterpiece, you head downhill to the coastal community called Barceloneta. Here you will experience the final and third ingredient of your hangover cure. It’s the beach! Ride your bike down the boardwalk, starting at Port Olimpic down to Sant Sebastia and its amazing golden sand. This will make it possible for you to truly experience why Barcelona is Spain’s greatest city.

This area has numerous taps bars scattered across it. Each serves its very own sangria recipes and delicious food. Park your bike in the sand so that you can sample this tasty cuisine, along with a couple litres of local sangria. It’s also a great chance to dip in the Mediterranean’s turquoise waters. The mixture of sangria, sea and sun will surely get your back on track as well as your body back to 100% or beyond!

Your Hangover Cured

As you head back to drop your bike off in the city center, you are going to feel a million times better compared to when you first started out. This makes the ideal segue to the evening, and a great way to see this amazing city as your wounds heal.

So that’s all you really need to know about avoiding a hangover as you celebrate in Barcelona. A small amount of proactive planning can help to ensure your body is in top shape, and make your weekend abroad the very best with your lads!

A Different Type Of Showroom

A common problem business owners who have a product to sell will eventually wrestle with is whether this is the “high street” or the “i-Street.” They wonder if they should take their businesses to the online world and stop paying all the costs associated with a brick-and-mortar business, such as overhead, business taxes, and street rental. Alternatively, they could continue business face-to-face with customers in a physical showroom.

A Different Way Of Shopping

Technology has reshaped the high street. Some may even say technology has destroyed it. No matter the view, technology has definitely changed how people shop. Some of the change can be attributed to “show-rooming,” which means shoppers use their mobile device while they shop. They can check to determine if the same product could be purchased online for a cheaper price. According to a survey created by the design agency Foolproof, approximately 20% of customers only go to brick-and-mortar stores to browse items they will eventually purchase online.

Creating A Positive From A Negative

Although this phenomenon can be concerning for business owners and showrooms, it can also be turned into something positive. Showrooms continue to be important for prospective customers to look at products before they make a purchase. In some cases, products, such as fabrics, the look and feel are important to the customer. A showroom is essential for a customer to know exactly what they will purchase. No matter how accurate a picture is it cannot portray how a product will look and feel in person. Although the previous figure may look grim, it still means 80% of people will buy their products in the store, even if they start their research online.

Including All Markets

Showrooming pt1 20131030Today’s businesses need to recognise the importance of targeting both showroom and online customers. The use of technology that allows visualization is increasingly a big part of our business and the customer’s shopping experience. For example, the use of 3D technology may allow customers to play around with ideas and determine how different colour schemes will look inside their home. They can come inside the showroom to make their final decision and purchase the items.

The Winning Combination

The combination of online technology with in-person showrooms and businesses gives retailers a combination of a local presence with the opportunity to reach customers at a global level. It can be reassuring to have both a physical and online presence. When a customer is making an expensive purchase, they may do their initial research using the internet, but put forth the effort to come inside a showroom for a personal touch.

The Changing Landscape

While there is more room for growth, online shopping has dramatically changed the retail landscape. First, we must evolve to make sure our services attract a different generation of customers and meet their needs. These customers likely want to visit a showroom for the physical experience the product can bring, but may want to make changes to their order or even buy the products somewhere else. However, they may do online research and come into the showroom to make their final purchase. In either case, “show-rooming” and the physical showroom are both a necessity and likely a permanent fixture in today’s market.

How To Choose The Best Area Rug For Your Home

The devil is all in the details, so the saying goes. No where is this more true than in choosing an area rug for a certain space. If it is too big it will ride up the walls, furniture or trip up people. If it ends up being too small, it will look like a big mistake that people will end up commenting on each time they come to visit. As it turns out, there are some useful tips on how to select the right sized area shaggy rug to place in various spaces.

How To Choose The Best Area Rug Style For Your House

For many individual, what they really find attractive about a designer’s showroom or friend’s house is using an interesting focal point tastefully. For many of us, it may be a bit like attempting to match mixed patterns, like two floral floral along with some stripes.

The best thing about some of these tips is they can help with easing your way through this particular part of the process. So for example in your dining room, you may do well choosing a pattern since it breaks part the mainstay that most residents have in their homes – which is a wooden table.

This is the reason why you see an Oriental rug on the dining room floor frequently. This pattern offers something interesting along with doing double duty for masking spots. This is why you might want to choose a richer or darker color scheme for whatever area rug you choose for your dining room. Having a pattern will also allow you to distract further from any stains by focusing the eye on your patterns.

For a bedroom area rug you want one that is comfortable. You want it to feel good on your feet. You may, after all be spending quite a bit of time walking around the house in your bare feet and want to feel comfortable.

Speaking of large patterns and flower, which you may find in a living room, you are going to need some color as well whenever this occurs. In the meantime, if your upholstery is solid, you will want to have a patterned area rug. We touched on this briefly in the bedroom. However, an area rug’s material does matter as much as the feel and appearance.

Material Benefits

In the dining room, for instance, you may want to choose a fabric whose fabrics have stain protection treatment. Or you may want to select wool because it is fairly easy to clean and maintain compared to other fabrics and is also very durable. Sisal is also quite popular, however you do have to replace it quite often compare with other types of carpeting. Make sure to write down you manufacturer name and style so it will be easy to re-order.

In similar fashion, if you select Berber carpet for your bedroom, just be aware that it will take oil up from your body or feet. For instance, if you happen to have a dog, it can make your carpet appear stained. Although it is true that Berber is affordable, unfortunately it does easily pickup body oils, and does need to be replaced, like sisal.

Proportions And Measurements

When it comes to the living room, one rule of thumb involves measuring and recognizing the contact points on your furniture legs. What you need to do here is ensure that the front legs all are on the area rug for each separate sitting space. It’s good if the entire piece of furniture, which includes the back legs, also fit on the rug. Do what you can to make this room feel cohesive and pulled together. It will give a much better overall appearance.

In the bedroom, meanwhile, a majority of the area rug will be under your bed. Of course it will depend on the overall setup of furniture in your bedroom, however it can be more visually appealing and useful to have a couple feet of carpet showing from all sides of your bed.

In your dining room or eating area, it’s a good idea to have your area rug reaching out approximately six feet on all sides around your table. The reason why it is important is so that your dining chairs still will have all four feet on top of your area rug.

The other method for determining the correct size rug for your dining room is taking the measurements of the entire room and then subtracting 1 1/2 feet. That will help to ensure that there is a pleasing amount of carpet that sticks out form your table. A good ratio of flowing will be showing also.

Rugs are an excellent way of protecting underlying floors, adding visual interest and enjoy warmth under your feet. Many different styles are available to choose from that suit different tastes and there are numerous good ways to size them as well. Also, there are many different materials that can be used so that you can enjoy the feeling of your carpet in addition to its look.

Choosing The Perfect Area Rug

It is often said that the devil is in the details. When deciding which area rug is right for a room in your home, this is particularly true – if you pick one that’s too big, it’ll ride up the wall or even trip up people. If it’s too small, it’ll look like a very clear mistake, like a poor idea which people will either comment on or at least notice whenever they come over. Worry not, though – simply read on to find some tips on how you can choose the right area shaggy rug for a particular space.

Choosing The Correct Style For Your Home

For a lot of people, what truly rings attention to a designer’s showroom or even a friend’s home is a great focal point, used tastefully. It can be like when you try to match different patterns, like two floral patterns and then some stripes, for many of us.

Fortunately, there are a few tips which will make it easier for you to go through this part of the decorating process. In your dining room, for instance, it may be a good idea to choose a pattern because it’ll break apart the most common mainstay in that area – a wooden table.

This is the main reason why it’s so common to have an Oriental rug in one’s dining room. The pattern looks quite interesting, providing something for guests to look at and masking spots. For this very reason, it may be a good idea to select a richer or darker color scheme for an area rug in your dining room. Having patterns also helps distracting guests from the stains, since they’ll draw their attention.

Concerning bedroom area rugs, it’s important to make sure the rugs are very comfortable. Make sure that it feels good beneath your feet, since it’s quite likely that you’ll be spending plenty of time walking on it with your bare feet, and it’s important that being in your room feels good to you.

Speaking of big patterns and flowers – which you’ll often see in living rooms – you need to have some solid color near it. If you have solid upholstery, go for a patterned area rug. It’s very important that you keep in mind that the area rug’s material is as important as how they feel and look, so make sure it suits your needs, too.

Material Benefits

For example, in your dining room, you should go for a fabric that has fibers treated for stain protection. It may be a good idea to pick wool, since not only it comes clean, but is also easier to maintain and more durable than most other fabrics. Sisal is a popular choice too, but it requires somewhat often replacement compared to other types of carpeting. Write down the manufacturers and styles you’re considering in order to easily be able to decide later.

Similarly, if you choose a Berber carpet in your bedroom, keep in mind that it will absorb oils from your body or feet. If you have a dog, for example, the carpet will probably look a bit stained. Berber is quite affordable, but it picks up body oils very easily and requires frequent replacement like Sisal.

Proportions And Measurements

A good rule of thumb for your living room is measuring the contact points of your furniture’s legs. The idea is that all of their front legs are on the rug per sitting space. It’s even better if the entire piece of furniture, the front legs as well as the back legs, fit on the rug, too. This makes your room feel more cohesive and put together – making it look better altogether.

When it comes to your bedroom, the majority of the area rug should reside under your bed. It’ll depend on the whole furniture setup in your bedroom, but it can be quite visually appealing and useful to have a few feet of carpeting extending out from each side of your bed.

In the dining room or eating area, your area rug should reach out about six feet at all sides around your table. This is very important, since it’ll make sure your dining chairs will have their feet on the area rug as well.

Another way to determine what size your dining room’s area rug should be is subtracting 1.5 feet of the entire measurements of your room. This makes sure a good proportion of the carpet sticks out from your table, whilst showing a bit of your flooring, too.

Rugs are an excellent way to add a visual spark, enjoy warmth beneath your feet, and protect the floors beneath them. There are many excellent ways to size them up, and many styles which will suit a broad variety of tastes. Make sure to look at the various materials available too, so you can pick something with a great look and feel.

Learn All About Buy-To-Let Mortgages

Although there have been a shortfall in houses with rising property prices in the United Kingdom, the buy to let market is showing significant resilience. Even with certain changes to the legislation and taxation in the industry, the market seems to grow year after year. It offers prospective investors a real chance of earning a healthy return on their investments in the long run. It is not a surprise at all that this growth is prompting a healthy increase in the amount of buy to let mortgages. In fact, there are more and more investors of various budgetary concerns who are trying to get a foothold in this market. If you plan to apply for a buy-to-let mortgage, this article provides important things to consider before you set out.

Buy To Let Mortgages Usually Come With Higher Deposits Than Residential –

The buy-to-let mortgage is very different to the residential mortgage in so many ways. The arrangement fees are quite higher than a buy to let mortgage. The deposit that you need to put down is also higher than the deposit you need for a residential mortgage. These are two main differences between these two mortgage types.

The typical buy-to-let mortgage has a loan-to-value of 75% which means you need a down payment of 25% of the total value of the property you plan to buy. Although you may find more favorable terms out there, you may have to provide a large down payment for such mortgages. It can be in the range of 30-40% most of the time.

Do Not Let Your Property On A Residential Mortgage –

If you plan to purchase a property with the intention of letting it out, you need a buy to let mortgage. You must not take out a residential mortgage for this purpose. You may have to provide details to the lender on how you wish to rent the property as well as your income details. A residential mortgage on a property that you envision to let out constitutes a fraudulent act. This can harm your chances of financing in the future and see you even imprisoned at times.

Re-payment Terms –

It is important to have an idea about the criteria for obtaining a buy to let mortgage. It will include the level of monthly rent that you are receiving from the venture. The lender typically looks at a rental of 125% of the interest payment. This means, a monthly rental at least 25% higher compared to your monthly payment amount. This additional amount is included in the terms as a buffer. It is to guard against certain void periods where the property will be empty. This means you are still able to meet any repayment terms even if the income is not sufficient.

All About Taxes –

Whatever income you receive from this investment is taxable, and it should be declared as part of the yearly self-assessment. The level of tax will depend on your income. Currently, it is around 20 to 45%. In fact, you can offset some of the income through legitimate allowable expenses incurred on your property. This will definitely ensure that you are paying the exact levels of tax after all.

Tenant Types –

There is one more important thing to remember when you are applying for a buy to let mortgage. That is, if you plan to enter the market for student letting, you must apply for the Houses-of-Multiple-Occupation (HMO) mortgages. This permits you to let to 3 or more individuals with shared living area. These are very important factors to consider when you are applying for a buy to let mortgage on the market.

In fact, the buy to let market continues to thrive while the prospects for sustained long-term growth remains strong in the United Kingdom. If you plan to enter this market, you need to pay attention to the nuances and regulations before applying for a buy to let mortgage. It will help offer a better foundation upon which you are able to build an excellent property portfolio in the long run.