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Headline: Furniture restoration – an art and a craft for the modern world 

furniture restoration an art and a craft for the modern worldRestoring antique furniture, well any furniture really, is a skill that came close to being lost forever in our world of mass consumerism. However, there are signs that the traditional craft is going through something of a renaissance as society increasingly embraces the idea of recycling and living sustainably.

Second-hand furniture sales are on the increase and there are a number of courses running that teach the fundamental skills of restoration. Marry that with the numerous television shows that advocate mending and recycling household items and it is clear that the Great British public are falling in love with the idea of restoration.

However, while enthusiastic amateurs are busy replacing, repairing and rebuilding pieces of furniture with varied levels of success, the craftsmen and women at the top of the trade have a level of knowledge and skill that has been honed over years and sometimes through generations.

How would you describe the restoration of fine pieces of antique furniture? Craftsmanship? Artistry? Carpentry? Workmanship? Well people within the business are very clear that their’s is a profession that calls for the highest levels of craftsmanship, combined with intricate artistry. And with the clever use of powders, potions, waxes and polishes, you could even add the term alchemy to the job description.

One antique restorer, describing his work, says: “A host of skills are required for successful antique furniture restoration, from joinery and carpentry skills, metal work and lock smithing to traditional polishing and leather tooling.”

Here are some of the skills involved in furniture restoration

furniture restoration an art and a craft for the modern world traditional polishingTraditional polishing 

This can range from polishing out a scratch and reviving a finish to a complete re-finishing of a piece. While there are a range of chemicals enabling a fine finish, an experienced antique restorer will use a blend of waxes and polishes using traditional methods and recipes that replicate furniture makers from hundreds of years ago.

furniture restoration an art and a craft for the modern world joinery and carpentryJoinery and carpentry 

A broken leg, a split frame, a splintered table top – all of these can be repaired and replaced with surgical precision and to an exacting standards by a skilled restorer. This might involve completely taking apart and rebuilding the piece or making or a replacement part that exactly copies the original.

Traditional upholstery

furniture restoration an art and a craft for the modern world upholsteryThis craft dates back centuries and the methods used today have changed little in that time. Layer upon layer of wood, fabric and metal work has been used to produce a finished article, and replacing that upholstery is a painstaking process. The article, a chair for example, is taken apart and then the worn out materials replaced or repaired. The layers are then built back up to recreate the original. Layers are usually fixed using tacks, unless the wood is too fragile, and the process of stripping back the item to its bare frame, replacing the springs, the stuffing and the fabric, is carried out using century-old methods.

Playing detective

furniture restoration an art and a craft for the modern world detective for furnitureA less obvious skill within the furniture restorer’s cabinet is that of detective and historian. By recognising the era in which the piece was made or even having an idea of the actual original furniture maker, a modern restorer will be able to identify the materials used, the way the piece was built and a host of other clues that will help with the restoration of a piece. In its own way, furniture restoration contributes to giving each piece of furniture its own on-going life story.

Whether you are looking to learn the skills and crafts of restoration or whether you are considering taking your furniture to a professional for an overhaul, the outcome: breathing life back into a piece of furniture is hugely rewarding and a great way of creating your own little piece of living history in your home.

The Relationship Between Colour And Your Brand Personality

A unbelievable as it may seem, it’s a scientifically proven fact that the colours of your logo can influence the purchasing decision of your potential customers.

By making the wrong colour choice, you can influence the future of your business, as your customers are going to be chased away without even realising why.

Scientists have proven the influence of colours on the way humans beings feel. Colours have the power to change your mood, without you being aware of this. If you want your customers to feel more energetic when they see your logo, you should consider picking warmer colours such as red, orange and yellow. On the contrary, if you want to inspire calm and security, you should go for cooler colours such as green, blue, brown and purple. Before you have your logo designed, try to figure out what kind of feelings you want to awaken in your customers.

There are colours that suit best certain industries. For instance, if you fancy a black logo, you should be aware that it might not work for a healthcare company, since it is rather associated with death. Blue would be a much better choice, as it suggests responsibility and trust, these being a few of the traits people expect to find in a healthcare company.

Here are a few of the colour choices of the most popular brands and their influence on us, their customers.


Yellow is a warm colour which suggests energy, hope and creativity. It suits companies that operate in the energy industry, as well as household services providers. It is less suitable for financial services or travel agencies.


Red is the colour of passion. It grabs attention and makes people feel more energetic, thus being a good choice for food industry and technology players.


Since blue suggests comfort and trust, there’s no wonder it’s the most popular choice across all industries and markets. Financial institutions and travel agents are very fond of this colour. Food and drink businesses don’t choose it as often.


Black stands for prestige and value, hence being one of the most popular choices of clothing brands and of the automotive industry. It is also very appreciated by attorneys of law, but less common among travel companies.

Colour is important, but it is only the beginning of what should be a coherent brand identity development process. Your logo has to match your overall marketing strategy. It has to be in line with your product packaging, landing page and stationery signage, so that people can recognize it at a glance. Branding consistency is key to building solid awareness for your company and your products.

We are more than happy to provide you advice in integrating your corporate colour scheme into your overall communication and branding. Just contact Zoo Signs for car wrap and sign writing  today, and get the professional assistance you need!

Floor Rugs To Add Color And Style To Your Home

The right floor rugs can make a world of difference for just about any room in your home. If you are decorating your office, they can also be a bright touch to an otherwise drab space. Whenever you have an area that is open and large, you can section it off with a throw rug, as it can help to highlight different zones. Additionally, a floor rug can be just right for turning a neutral room into a space that is light and bright.

Maybe you are concerned about your hardwood floors being too slippery? If so, you can put down a rug pad and then lay down the rug of your choice on top of it. This can really make your floors safe for kids or anyone who could be prone to slipping. When you are going through home renovations, you can add a floor rug to see about accomplishing decor goals without having to spend a lot of money.

There are countless floor rugs on the market and they each have names that will either tell you where they were made or a bit more about the type of rug that it is. Some rugs that are named after where they come from include, Tibetan rugs, Oriental rugs, or Persian rugs. You could also find some floor rugs that are labeled as contemporary rugs, braided rugs, and shaggy rugs, all of which tell you more about the design that you will be purchasing.

Floor rugs and carpets can be used in a variety of ways, so you need to be creative. Rugs can be used for decoration or they can have a function purpose. As an example, you may want to spruce up a formal dining space. Here, you could just a floor rug that will help you to set the right tone. Maybe you are looking for a floor rug that is function to help protect an area that gets a great deal of traffic. In this case, you can go with a rug that is well made that can truly stand up to the test of time. Look for a hand made item, simply because the quality will usually be better. However, you need to be sure that you evaluate each rug, as there will never be any sort of guarantee.

As you shop for a rug on sale, you should see that there are two major kinds on the market. There are synthetic rugs and natural rugs, both of which could be a good choice. Depending on what your floor rug is made of, you can usually notice a difference in how it feels and looks. Some rugs will also be a bit more durable than others, making them a bigger value than other rugs in their class. Natural materials like sea grass, jute, wool and bamboo all make great choices. By the same token, there are synthetic materials like acrylic, viscose and nylon that are also going to give you a great deal of value and durability. It all depends on your needs, the feel that you are going for and the budget that you have to work with.

It is more than likely that your floor rugs will be subject to staining over time. These rugs are known for taking on a lot of foot traffic and if they are place in a dining area, it is more than likely that the rugs will be subjected to spills of food items and beverages. It is going to be a good idea to make sure that you clean your floor rugs on a regular schedule to make sure that they stay in shape and are free of dirt and grime. You will also find that moving your rugs into other areas will help to keep them from wearing in certain spots. Just be sure that you only roll up your floor rug during transport and never fold it, as it could cause a good deal of damage that cannot be fixed.

Add Style And Colour To Your House With Floor Rugs

A floor rug can add spice to any room of a house. At the same time, rugs can add some life and color to seemingly dull office spaces. If you have large and open space that you are thinking of sectioning off, then a floor rug is one of the best ways to bring in some differentiation to different areas of your home. On the other hand, floor rugs can transform a rather neutral room into a bright and lively space. If you are worried about the slipperiness of your floor, you could simply place a rug pad on it before layering it out with a rug of your choice. Doing this will help make the area much safer for children and anyone that is prone to slipping. If you are thinking of renovating your home, consider adding a floor rug before doing anything to see if it will help accomplish whatever it is you want without spending too much cash.

The good thing is that there are many different types of floor rugs available in the market, and each type has its own name, which either reflects the part of the world the rug is made or which elucidates more about the rug itself. For instance, some rugs are named after where they are from include Persian rugs, Shaggy Rugs, Tibetan rugs, and Oriental rugs. You probably have heard of, or know rugs simply known as braided rugs, contemporary rugs, and shaggy rugs. Right? The names of these rugs indicate the design or style used to create the rug you are about to purchase

Floor rugs can be used in various ways, however, when it comes to using a rug, it’s important that you be creative to get the most out of it. The floor coverings can be used for both decorative and functional purposes. Let’s say you want to add some pizazz to a formal dining room, a floor rug might just be what you need to get to set the right tone. In an instance where you want to protect your floor in areas with high traffic, then a functional rug is what you should consider going for. In such an instance, you should ensure that the rug you get is one that has been made to withstand the test of time. Look for hand-made rugs as they are usually of better quality. However, it is advisable that you evaluate each rug you are considering on as there are never any guarantees.

When looking at floor rugs for sale, it is important to note that there are two types available on the market: natural rugs and synthetic rugs. Depending on the material used to make a rug, you’ll notice some differences in how the rug feels and looks. At the same time, some floor rugs are more durable than others and are therefore of a better value. When it comes to natural materials used in creating rugs, there are many materials that are used, and they include sea grass, bamboo, jute, and wool amongst others. The same goes for man-made or synthetic materials used to create rugs. Some of the most common man-made materials used include viscose, acrylic, and nylon. As such, when looking for a rug, it is imperative that you determine the type of material used to create your rug to ensure that you get something that suits your needs. Interestingly, you might come across a rug that’s constructed using a mixture of different materials.

It’s not uncommon for floor rugs to get stained over time. After all, they’re probably are constantly subjected to foot traffic, and if placed in an area like the dining room, it is quite likely that drink and food will get spilled on them at a point in time. As such, it is advisable that you clean your rugs on a frequent basis; this is important, especially if the rug is fragile or very valuable. Consider vacuuming your rug often as this is generally considered the safest way to get most of the loose dirt and grime off before it sets itself in too deep into the rug. At the same time, consider rotating your rug every once in a while so that each part of the rugs surface is exposed to different levels of use. As a final point, if you are planning on moving your rugs to another location, then consider rolling them up before transporting them. Folding your rugs could harm them, and there is a very high possibility that the damage cannot be repaired.

Influential Managers Who Made A Great Difference To The Spanish Football League

With news of David Moyes applying for a trade to Real Sociedad; as well as the upsetting news of Howard Kendall’s passing, it is a time that we take a look at other British football managers who have left an imprint on the Spanish league over the years.

1. Howard Kendall

One of the greatest managers of Everton’s ‘golden team’ during the mid-1980s left Goodison Park for the Spanish country and a two-year spell with Athletico Bilbao from 1986 to 1989. Despite having won the FA Cup and the Cup Winners Cup with the Toffees; Howard Kendall was not able to replicate the same level of success in Span. Yet, he was able to guide Bilbao to finish within a reasonable standing at 4th and 7th position in his double seasons before picking up and heading back to the North-East UK to resume the manager seat at Manchester City.

2. Ron Atkinson

One of the more exuberant and colorful UK managers is Ron Atkinson. Considering his fiery personality, it was completely understandable that there would be an explosion when he took the helm at Athletico Madrid in 1988 – then under the control of the equally colorful Jesus Gil. Despite the move being an interesting one, it is no surprise that it lasted only three months before Ron was sent directly back to the UK. It can be agreed that he did not have the same impact on the Spanish league as his feel countrymen.

3. Terry Venables

In addition to Atkinson, a second fiery personality was that of Terry Venables. Terry left the Queen’s Park Rangers for the manager seat of Barcelona’s Camp Nou; however, he was able to steady his personality and succeed where Ron had failed. Terry managed to take the 1985 Spanish league title during his first season; he then followed that with a trip to the European Cup Final. Unfortunately, his winning streak fell short with a drop in Barcelona’s rankings and a removal of Venables as manager. He was on a flight back to the UK in 1987.

4. John Toshack

Having guided the failing Swansea team from Division 4 to Division 1 of the UK league during the early 1980s, the former Welsh manager chose a path from Wales to Spain. Toshack, also known as Tosh, was offered the managerial position for Real Sociedad on three different occasions leading a Copa del Rey victory in 1987; as well as taking the helm with Real Madrid twice and short periods with Deportivo and Murcia. The highest achievement, however, was gained in 1990 when Tosh helped Real Madrid claim the Spanish league title.

5. Ronnie Allen

Former West Brom legend Ronnie Allen moved to Spain in the late 1960s completing two years of success in the sunny country with Athletico Bilbao. This outstanding manager achieved a Copa Deal Rey win in the first year, to be followed a respectable 2nd place finish for Bilbao in the Spanish league. After his two-year experience, Allen decided to say goodbye to Spain in 1972 and take up a position with the Portuguese team – Sporting Lisbon.

6. Sir Bobby Robson

One of the greatest England managers, Sir Bobby Robson, enjoyed a highly successful career managing teams across Europe once his international football career had ended; during this period becoming one of the most well-known names in European club management. His one season with Barcelona is one of legend where he brought the soon-to-be legendary Brazilian striker Christiano Ronaldo to the football world. He also led the Catalan giants to a treble Spanish Cup, Super Cup, and European Winners Cup achievement; thus, winning the European Manager of the Year award.

Old Rope Fitness

When it comes to fitness trends, all of the really good ones come back time and time again. One of the most recent trends in fitness is old school to the core – battle ropes. Making use of large, heavy rope to tone the body and build muscle isn’t the new kid on the block. In fact, for many years they have been an important part of football training, bootcamps, the boxing ring and martial arts gyms.

The Art And Science Of Undulation

At its most basic level, battle ropes is all about a rope being waved up and down. That may sound quite easy until you actually try it yourself. When you perform a workout with weighted ropes it relies on this “art of undulation,” or in other words using your body to create a wave-like pattern with the rope. It works every muscle in your body, especially your core. It also provides huge cardiovascular benefits. Working out regularly with rope increases muscular endurance and improves coordination as well. In addition, this very effective workout is also low impact, making it safe for anyone to use from dedicated gym-goers to injured athletes and complete newbies.

Complex Workouts

Using battle ropes is highly effective to individuals wanting to tone or build muscle without needing to utilize heavy weights. Also, due to the range of motion that is involved when waving them around, it won’t cause repetitive strain injuries. As a fitness activity, the real beauty to working out with ropes is that a complex set of muscle groups are used which results in building lean muscle, burning fat and your body working harder.

Get Started With Rope Training

To get started, integrate a rope work set into your regular workout session. Try doing three or four intervals of each of the following exercises and try to build up to doing six intervals of each of the exercises after you have become competent and confident with each of these moves.

Rope Exercises

The Wave:

This is a great exercise to focus in on your arms and is the most common of all the rope moves. A slightly squatted position should always be adopted. Keep your back straight and bend at the knees. Tuck your elbows in at your sides and alternate pumping one arm up and down and then the other, to create alternating waves within the rope. Keep going for 30 seconds and then take a break. Once you master the single arm wave, try the double wave by moving both of your arms in tandem.

The Slam

This movement works out your arms, core, back and shoulders. Lift both ends of your rope as high as possible, before slamming the rope onto the floor with full force. Throughout the move, keep a strong posture. Repeat this as many times as possible for 30 seconds and then take a break.


What this move is focused on is mobilizing your shoulders. Keeping your hands together, start out with ends of your rope in both of your hands. For 30 seconds, move your arms using large clockwise circles to swing the rope in circles. For the next set the move should be repeated using a counter-clockwise direction.

Each arm can also be worked independently. Take a rope in each hand and then move both of your arms either inwards in circles or outwards in circles.


This workout focuses on the back and arms. Hold onto the ends of the rope in each hand and go into a low squat. With your elbows bent slightly and arms extend out in front of you, whip the rope with both arms in tandem. You will feel and look as if you are attempting to fly.

Wrestling Throws:

This exercise is excellent for the core. Your feet should be keep close together and on the ground. In each hand hold onto one end of the rope. Then pivot from your waist and flip the entire rope over. Keep the movement going by flipping your rope left to right.

Here is a way to give our routine some serious aerobic work.

Burpee slam:

With this move, perform three slams first and then do three burpees. Continue this for one minute without resting.

To get more ideas on how to maximize benefits that rope training can provide you with, speak with a fitness instructor or personal trainer at the gym.

The Consumer Attraction To Video Advertising

In recent years, marketing with video on the Internet has dramatically increased in popularity. When compared to written text, a response by consumers that is four times more powerful has been determined when people view a video. Even though this information is very well-known, video as an advertising option is often woefully neglected by many companies. In order to increase their list of clients and boost their profits, these businesses must more fully appreciate video’s appeal.

Three Reasons Why Consumers Are Attracted To Video

1.Videos are more relatable.

When humans beings make evaluations, they rely on their most well-developed sense: Vision. Our emotions and our other senses are more engaged when we see something. This is the reason why, when compared to other types of communication, we are more likely to respond or relate to a video than we are to the same text. An individual’s trust in a product or brand increases once an emotional connection is established and videos can powerfully connect on an emotional level. When compared to something that has been read or heard, people are more likely to recall and connect with something they see.

2. Videos are less time consuming and more convenient.

It seems that everyone is always in a hurry in today’s modern society. We are always pressed for time and are looking for the easiest and quickest way to complete the tasks of daily life. To get through the day, people often find themselves multi-tasking which is a major reason why videos are so important when promoting a company. While watching a video, people can also be doing something else, but still get the message you are trying to deliver.

It takes less time to watch a video than it does to read through an article. In under half the time, the same message can be delivered. Consumers want access to information that is relayed in a rapid manner. In addition, focusing for extended periods of time is more difficult as attention spans steadily decrease. We won’t be able to process information unless the information is quickly shared.

3. Advances in technology make video a viable option.

Now that the Internet is available to the average consumer, it’s important to use this fact to your advantage. On small screens where the text is difficult to see and requires a great deal of scrolling, it makes more sense to view a video.

In addition, most people are now addicted to social media. We have the ability to share interesting content with our followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Since the aim of every post should be to get more likes, it makes sense to share something that people are most likely to watch and share. Some of our followers might find that the videos we post are helpful to them.

Videos are an ideal method for advertising a product or business because they satisfy our human need for the visual. Videos work because they create a deeper customer connection to a brand which is the best type of marketing you can find.

HGV Managed To Bring A Smile To Your Face With These Deigns

If you are looking for a killer candy bar, you know you cannot go wrong with a Mars Bar. There is nothing quite like biting into that delicious mixture of milky chocolate, gooey caramel, and nougat. It is hard to resist this giant -sized version as you approach Heston Services, you feel the need to get one. So of course, you pull in and grab a more normal size version to go with your coffee or soda.

As you may have noticed, convenience foods and the snack industry in general, have blown away the competition when it comes to vehicle wraps on the sides of HGVs. So are you mildly surprised to have not seen more from the soft drink market?

Not too long ago, Coca-Cola impressed many with their ‘Holidays Are Coming’ campaign which is a massive build-up to the holiday season. However, they seem content to paint their delivery trucks with refreshing pictures that will keep consumers entertained all year long.

Of course, Pepsi is not going to go down without a fight and they have created their own ingenious HGV design with this graphic that is designed to turn heads and make them wonder which side is down.

You cannot help but fall in love with the ingenuity of this one. This HGV version of the Russian Nesting Doll complete with a container in the middle is a perfect choice for the marketing of Hot Wheels. Starting out with the larger truck on the outside and working down to the actual toy is loads of fun for children and adults alike.

It is a simply brilliant marketing design!

Of course, we are never going to advocate drinking and driving in any form. However, getting the drinks to the nearest stores and bars does not have to be a dull event. In fact, all one has to do is look to Heineken and see that they have the right idea in getting their product out of the distribution center in style.

Yet this one is not alone when it come to being pure genius.

Of course, it will all depend on your own taste as to which one you prefer. Are you a stout fella or a lager lover?

All one has to do is see the HGV design of this famous Irish export and know exactly where their product is going to go.

You have to admit that this HGV is almost kind of cruel.

Imagine yourself driving along the M1 and seeing this incredible vision in front of you. You may not know whether you are coming or going and that can be a huge problem.

If you grew up in the 1980’s you became familiar with the Rubix cube. Yet, they have never truly gone away and you can still see people trying to solve this puzzle. As you can see by this clever wrap, truck advertising can be really unique and fun. If you happened to pass this truck while driving wouldn’t you find it hard not to smile at least a little?

However, if you could never complete one of these puzzles, you might find this advertisement frustrating to look at.

If you have any boys in your home under the age of 7, you will surely recognize this as the champion of all HGV wraps. Mack The Truck is a hero to all boys as being the friend to none other than superior race car – Lightning McQueen This HGV has brought home vividly to life!

A Guide To Payroll For Small Businesses

Statistics released by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills indicate that that are approximately 4.5 million UK businesses within the private sector. It has also been noted that the majority of these businesses are “one man” companies without staff. Of the 1.2 million businesses that do present with paid staff, the act of paying wages is one of the company’s top priorities; unfortunately, this is not as simple as completing a monthly bank transfer. Financial laws exist dictating how tax and national insurance must be deducted from wages; as well as how pay slips must be issued and which records must be maintained for the financial year. All of the requirements congregate in a category known as ‘payroll’ which can be approached in a number of ways.

1. Outsourcing Solutions

The majority of businesses have discovered that the easiest way to manage payroll duties is through outsourcing. Payroll outsourcing to dedicated payroll businesses, such as eBOS, can reduce the time-consuming financial work you may have had to complete and will ensure that your company is compliant with current financial legislation. A further benefit is the reduction of occupational stress knowing that your payroll obligations are in the hands of an expert.

If you opt to outsource payroll duties, it is important that you take certain factors into account, such as communication. It is highly recommended that you maintain in contact with the outsourced company on a regular basis; however, it is not completely necessary. Basic communication can suffice, but you must inform the company of certain issues such as employees leaving, staff promotions, staff working extra hours or long-term absences. These situations can influence salaries and it is important the staff are paid the correct amounts.

2. Managing In-House Payroll

While some companies opt for payroll outsourcing, there are those who choose to manage payroll in-house. The drawback to in-house payroll management is that it can be very time-consuming and a member of staff may need to be dedicated to the task to ensure all aspects of payroll are completed effectively. One benefit of managing payroll in-house is that it reduces external expenditure.

Smaller businesses are more likely to use this method and the director of the company is typically awarded the responsibility; however, as the company grows there will be a dedicated payroll team. Irrespective of who is in charge of managing payroll, they must have knowledge of all the company’s recent PAYE tax systems, returns, national insurance and other documentation to be sent to HMRC. Information regarding employee start and leaving dates must also be acknowledged. As can be seen, this is a complex task requiring a great deal of knowledge and aptitude for numbers. Directors must bear this is mind when appointing an in-house payroll manager.

3. Digital Payroll Systems

In recent years, digital payroll systems have been released eliminating manual labor from payroll tasks. An effective system would be able to complete various payroll tasks with ease, such as completing calculations using input data, producing pay slips, sending returns to HMRC, printing P45 and P60, as well as printing additional documentation for employees. Learning how to use the systems correctly may be complicated and confusing; however, it is essential if you are dedicated to using the system for in-house payroll management.

The digital payroll systems can be obtained via downloading as software for a single machine or as an online portal that can be accessed from any location. If you opt for the online portal option, you must consider how payroll data in the digital system will be transferred to the accounting system. Will it be necessary to input the information manually or is there a payroll system compatible with the accounting system that is able to streamline the process?

4. Staying Up To Date With Legislation

One of the greatest challenges in-house payroll management teams face is the task of staying up to date with financial legislation. This is due to the fact that legislation and regulations change continuously. To manage this situation, it is highly recommended that payroll software packages are updated frequently to ensure new regulations are updated; furthermore, the payroll manager should review legislation on a regular basis.

The importance of research in payroll cannot be suitably expressed and support in payroll solutions require as much attention. If technical problems are identified and are preventing payment of employees, it is essential that a professional is called to answer queries regarding the issue. Of course, outsourcing payroll duties will ensure adherence to up to date regulations; as well as implementation of legislation in the company’s everyday financial situation. However, managing in-house payroll requires you to deal with these situations and it is essential you approach it carefully.

Final Words On The Matter

Irrespective of the manner in which you choose to deal with payroll duties, it is necessary for you to be certain that the option chosen is the best for your company. Any mistakes with payroll can be costly; therefore, it is recommended you take time to contemplate the situation and find something that suits your needs. Contact eBOS for more information on the details of payroll management or to acquire a ‘no obligation’ quote for outsourcing payroll solutions.

Setting Up Your Surround Sound System

When it comes to connecting your surround sound system, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The Klipsch Reference Premiere high definition wireless speaker placement will only get you half of the way there. You have to then connect all of it. You can get rid of cables with this cordless system and each speaker comes with their own wireless base station and amp so that you can keep the channels in sync. Priced at just over $5,000, you will want to watch all of your favorite movies all over again.

Center Channel

This is a speaker that takes on mostly all of the spoken dialogue, so you need to have it positioned as close the the mouths of the characters as possible. A good position is the center and bottom portion of the television. Do you have a set that is bolted to the wall? If so, you can mount the center channel as well. Do you have quiet dialogue while the remainder of the soundtrack deafens you? With a proper home theater system, you should have the ability to boost the center and bring a good deal of balance.

Stereo Left And Right

When you want the most sound possible, you can place your left and right just a few feet to either side of your screen and then find the spot on your couch that lines up perfectly with the center of your television. You can then turn the boxes slightly inward so that they are able to face the spot. Start at about 20 degrees and then tighten up the angles until you get the best sound. When you have group viewing, you can widen the soundstage simply by twisting the speakers back again.


Lower frequencies can be difficult for the brain to hone in on. You can put your subwoofer just about anywhere that sounds good. When testing the arrangement, just play something that has a lot of base and you can slide the speaker around. Never shove it right up into a corner or against a wall, as this can make it boomy and low instead of punchy.

Surround Channels

You want this for ambient effects, including birds chirping, cars going by or distant gunshots. Put them on stands or even shelves that are right above ear level, yet aimed at your head. Never put them on the floor and be sure that you move items in the way that can sap the sound waves.

Your Room

Believe it or not, your decor can dampen the drama of your sound system. Carpeting will be better for sound and you will see that moving certain items around will give you a different feel.