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5 Ways Fires Can Start in Your Home and How to Prevent It

Imagine the nightmare of coming home to the sight of fire trucks and milling neighbors looking at what used to be your home, now mostly just charred wood and ash. Even the worst fires are almost all caused by just the smallest accident, and the results can be devastating. Read on to find out five of the most common causes of household fires, and some tips to reduce your risk of coming home to that burned down home.


One of the most common causes of household fires is cooking accidents. Cooking with hot oil can go from pleasant sizzling to a stove top inferno in seconds. Oil and flammable objects in the kitchen are tied for the most common causes of kitchen fires. Reducing your risk of this kind of accident is easy: never leave an active kitchen appliance unattended, and never let anything flammable like towels, rags, or paper towels near anything designed to get hot.

Central Heating Systems

Fire accidents aren’t limited to fireplaces. It’s important to have any heaters checked by a professional every year, and get your chimney cleaned on a regular basis. A broken radiator can quickly become a disaster if it overheats enough to light curtains, furniture, or clothing on fire. Just in case, keep flammable objects away from radiators, and never place shoes or clothing on a radiator to dry.

Smoking Accidents

One of the most common causes of home fires is smoking accidents, especially accidents caused by falling asleep with a lit cigarette. To avoid this kind of accident, never smoke in the bedroom, and always completely put out cigarettes in the ash tray. If someone is sleepy and smoking, watch them carefully or ask them to put it out, and keep flammable objects away from ashtrays. An improperly extinguished cigarette takes hours to burn itself out, and in that time your ashtray is a time bomb waiting for something flammable to come near.

Electrical Malfunctions

An electrical appliance that isn’t in good shape can easily be a source of sparks and heat to start an electrical fire. Here’re some important things to keep in mind to prevent electrical fires:

  • Frayed or loose plugs and cords can start sparking at any time and need to be repaired.
  • Never overload an outlet with too many plugs.
  • A wire under a rug or piece of furniture can easily become damaged or start a fire.
  • Don’t push extension cords too far.
  • If you’re doing your own wiring, make sure you know what you’re doing. Improper electrical installations are a huge source of fires, so if you’re not confident, hire a professional electrician instead.


The most common cause of home fires is unattended fires, for obvious reasons. An open flame in your home is just asking for trouble. Whenever using candles, keep them firmly placed on materials like metal or stone that will not burn if the candle tips over. Never use candles anywhere near flammable objects like curtains or carpets. If you have children or pets, keep the candles too high for them to reach in case they accidentally tip them over. Never leave a candle unattended. If a room with a candle is going to be empty, blow out the candle before you leave.


Christmas is a common time for house fires, so be extra careful. If you’re putting up Christmas lights or hanging lights on a tree, make extra sure that the lights won’t spark, and don’t overuse the lights and allow heat to build up.

80% of home fires are accidents that would have been easy to prevent. Follow these simple common sense tips to make sure that your home is safe from these accidents that could have devastating consequences.

What Does Specific Colours Say About Your Business Brand?

Did you know that choosing the wrong color for your brand can have an adverse impact on the client’s decision to purchase your products or services? In fact, this has been proven without a doubt. The color is the very first thing that your customer will notice about your logo. The wrong color may potentially lose sales in the future. Colors have an immediate effect on how we feel, whether we are aware of it or not. Warmer colors such as red, black, orange, and yellow make us feel energized while cooler colors such as blue, purple, brown, and green make us feel calm and secure. Make sure you think about the industry you operate and how you want the client to feel.

Depending on the industry your business operates, you should determine the suitability of the logo color. For example, black with its connotations with death are not the best choice for a healthcare company. In fact, blue – which exudes a feeling of responsibility and trust – is more suitable for such an industry. Here are some of the popular color choices used by the world’s top brands. Let’s learn a bit more about what they do for the clients.

Yellow – This is a warm sunny color that exudes a feeling of creativity and energy. It is a great choice for energy companies and household businesses. But not a great color for businesses that offer financial services or travel companies.

Red – This color makes you feel passionate, energetic, and captures immediate attention. Great for food and technology companies.

Blue – Blue is a very popular choice for branding purposes. It makes the client feels comfortable. The customer feels like trusting you since you are a responsible organization. It is a great option for financial and travels companies. But not the best color for food and drinks businesses.

Black – Black represents prestige and value to the company. It is a popular choice for the clothing and automobile industries. Less popular in the travel and energy industries.

Choosing the right color is only the first step of the process. The most important part is to integrate the color into all your marketing tools on a consistent basis. This means your logo, landing page, signages, and product packagings. The chosen color should be integrated into all these materials to get the maximum benefits possible. You can refer to our earlier article to learn about the importance of the right color in marketing.

We are happy to help you integrate your corporate color scheme into all your visual brand communications. You can contact us at Zoo right now, and we are more than happy to provide all the assistance you require to integrate the right color in all your visual brand communication efforts.

What Does Your Colours Say About Your Brand?

It is scientifically proven that colour can have an effect on your business. The wrong colour choice can impact a customer’s buying decision.

The first thing a customer may notice about your business is your company logo. If you use the wrong colour when creating this image, you could potentially cause your company to lose sales in the future.

Colours have an immediate effect on people. It can affect the way a person feels, even if they are not aware of it. Warm colours such as black, yellow, orange and red can make a person feel energised. Cool colours such as brown, blue, purple and green, can make a person feel calm and secure. When using colours for your company logo, you need to determine how you want your customers to feel.

The industry your business operates in, may also determine the best colour choices. For example, black is not a good choice for a healthcare related business, since many connect this colour with death. However, blue exudes a feeling of responsibility and trust, which can create a good image for a healthcare business.

Here are some of the most popular colours used by the world’s top brands, and how they are used to generate feelings in customers.


Yellow is a warm, sunny colour, that provides a feeling of hope, creativity and energy. This makes yellow a good colour choice for energy companies and providers of household services. Yellow is not a good choice for travel businesses and financial services companies.


Red is a provocative colour. It can make a person feel energetic and passionate. Red can instantly capture a person’s attention which makes it a great colour for technology companies and food businesses.


Blue is one of the most popular colour choices for branding. Blue makes a person feel comfortable and helps to create an image of a trusting, responsible business. This colour is a good choice for travel businesses and financial institutions. However, it is not often the best choice for food and drink companies.


Black is a sophisticated, luxurious colour. People associate black with value and prestige. Black is a popular colour amongst clothing brands. It is also popular with the automotive industry. It is not often used for energy companies and travel businesses.

Choosing the correct colour is only the first step in building your brand. You will also have to make sure the colours you choose can be integrated into all of your marketing tools, including your logo, product packaging, signage and landing page. By integrating your colours you can create the maximum impact with your customers. You can get more information about the important of brand consistency by reading one of our earlier articles.

We’d be happy to advise you on the best way to incorporate your corporate colour scheme into your brand’s visual communications. Contact us at Zoo. We’ll be happy to provide you with anything you may need to help build your brand.

How to Add Colour and Style to Your Home With Floor Rugs

Do you want to add colour and style to your home or office space? Floor rugs can brighten up any room. If you have a large open area, you use a floor rug to section it off, by highlighting the separate spaces. A floor rug can also be used to add colour to a neutral room making it into a brighter space.

Do you have slippery hardwood floors? A rug placed over a rug pad is a good choice, which can make the room safer for children or anyone prone to slipping. When considering a home renovation, adding floor rugs is a good way to see if you can accomplish your remodeling goals without making significant changes in your home, which will save money.

There are many varieties of floor rugs on the market. Most floor rugs have names that reflect the place in the world where the rug was made or the name may be based on the type of rug. For example, Oriental rugs, Tibetan rugs, and Persian rugs are named for the style of rug created in those areas of the world. Other floor rugs have names like the braided rug, shaggy rug or contemporary rug, which indicates the design, texture or style of the rug.

Floor rugs can be used in many different ways. You can get creative and use the rug for decorative purposes or the rug can be a functional part of your home. For example, if you have a formal dining room in your home, a contemporary floor rug can help set the tone for the room. If you changed to a shaggy rug, the room would have a different style, even if you do not change the furniture. If you have a high-traffic area in your home, with the constant pitter-patter of little feet, you may need a functional rug. This floor rug would need to be well-made so that it can stand the test of time.

When choosing a rug there are two common types of the market: natural rugs and synthetic rugs. Depending on the type of material used to make the floor rug, you will notice a difference in the texture and appearance. A number of different natural materials are used in the construction of floor rugs, including seagrass, jute, wool and bamboo. There are also several synthetic materials used for floor rugs, including acrylic, nylon, and viscose. Some floor rugs are made of a combination of materials.

Each type of material has its own set of benefits and problems. You need to determine the type of material that works best for your home. Generally, a hand-made rug of any material type will often be of a better quality than a machine-made rug. However, you need to evaluate each floor rug on its own merits.

Over time, your floor rug will become stained or dirty. After all, a rug may be subjected to constant foot traffic. A rug placed in a dining area or common area of the home may also have food or drinks spilled on them, at some time. Therefore, you want to get your rug cleaned on a regular basis. This is especially true if your rug is fragile or valuable.

Vacuuming is a great way to remove grime and dirt from your rug. In addition, you may want to rotate your rug so that all surfaces areas experience different levels of use. This can help to avoid your rug from having wear patterns from constant use. You may also consider moving your rug to another area of your home. Roll the rug up prior to transport. Do not fold the rug which could cause damage, that you might not be able to fix.

Limited Companies – How a Landlord Can Protect Themselves From The Tax Relief Cut

Chancellor George Osborne has announced changes to buy to let mortgage’s tax relief. Part of the summer budget, these changes mean landlords will only be allowed to claim against interest payments with a base rate of 20%. Previously, the marginal rate could reach up to 45%, for landlords that earn more.

Naturally, this is a major shift, which presents a challenge to those who invest in the property rental market. In order to protect their ever important bottom lines, they will need to adapt.

What Exactly Has Changed?

The changes will be made over a 3-year period – from 2017 to 2020. While the proposed cuts will not happen all at once, landlords are surely going to need to make certain adjustments in order to make sure they don’t lose out as the new changes are applied.

This shift will require the vast majority of property investors to factor in changes when they work on their own portfolios’ budgets. They will also need to look at alternative ways in which to organise their business in order to take advantage of options that may offset these tax relief cuts.

Invest As A Limited Company

One way to go about adjusting for these new budget announcements is to invest as a limited company. Since the new Tax Relief cuts are targeted towards individuals who have a property portfolio (which may consist of a single property or many), companies are not affected by these changes. This is the reason why setting up a limited company to handle your properties can be a quite viable, interesting proposition that has the potential to save your bottom line.

Not only it helps you circumvent the approaching changes, there are a few other benefits to following this route – and doing so may be the way to make the most out of your investments in the next few years.

Corporate Tax Reduction

While the Chancellor’s budget has some significant tax relief cuts, it reduces corporation tax too. Currently 20%, corporation tax will be reduced by 1% each year from 2017 to 2020, for a total of 17% by the end of the adjustment period.

Taking this into account, it’s very easy to see why the best choice for a landlord is probably going limited. Not only you protect yourself from the tax relief cuts, you’ll also move toward a tax structure that can a lot more cost efficient.

Why A Limited Company Is Quite Practical

The first thing to take into account is that a limited company is not only for big players that have a lot of companies in their portfolio. You can set one up even if you have invested in only one property.

As a limited company, you’ll be taxed on your business’ profits, that is, how much you made off your properties. Factoring in that corporation taxes are to be reduced and individual’s tax reliefs will e cut by 2020, your profit can be a lot higher as a limited company – and you’ll be able to withdraw as a periodic dividend payment.

In fact, Nicole Blakemore has reported in The Telegraph that a limited company is the recommended route not only for landlords not only because it preserves their profits, but also because they offer more potential for future growth.

Blick Rothenberg, Chartered Accountant, has a noted, taking a property portfolio down the route of a private company is likely going to become the preferred pathway for the majority of investors and buy-to-let landlords.

Your need To Knows: Fire Tool Kit

Whilst nobody wants to contemplate the horror of a house fire, it’s wise to be prepared. Knowing you have the equipment to tackle a small fire may be enough to stop it spreading and becoming a larger fire that may destroy your home and injure or kill your family. Begin by assembling a fire safety toolkit containing the following:

Be Sure Your Fire Alarms And Smoke Detectors Are In Good Working Order

Each floor of your home or office building should have a fire alarm and a smoke detector installed in areas in which fires are likely to occur. For example, you will want to have them installed in your kitchen, near your fireplace or wood burning stove and in or near every bedroom. Having alarms in or adjacent to bedrooms will ensure that all inhabitants will be aware of the danger and able to respond quickly.

Alarms do not provide any physical protection and cannot be used to fight fires, but they are very important in terms of early warning. Having good, functioning alarms in place can help you respond quickly and appropriately to small fires.

Install Good Fire Extinguishers

Your fire safety toolkit should definitely include an ample number of high-quality fire extinguishers. You should keep a good multipurpose fire extinguisher in any area that has a high risk of the outbreak of fire.  In the kitchen, you should keep a small fire extinguisher that is easy to move around. This will be very helpful in dealing with small oil or grease fires. Larger fire extinguishers should be kept in areas such as workshops, laundry rooms, and the garage. There should also be a large multipurpose extinguisher at a central point in the home. Remember that everyone in the home should know how to use all of the fire extinguishers.

Fire Escape Ladders Are A Smart Investment

It may never have occurred to you to purchase fire escape ladders, but if you have a two storey home this is a very wise purchase. Even if your second storey is not engulfed in flames, your exit route may be blocked by heavy smoke. If you have a folding ladder or a rope ladder in each room of your second floor, you can always escape through the windows.  It is important to be certain that everyone in the home knows how to use the ladders provided. Use the buddy system for small children, elderly or disabled inhabitants to be certain that everyone in the home can make good use of these smart devices.

Plan Your Fire Escape

Have a plan in place for how people will proceed and where they will meet in the event of a fire. You should have several routes mapped out, and everyone in your home should have these routes memorized. They should be aware of which routes are best to pursue in case the main route is blocked.

Establish an outdoor meeting place so that it will be easy to take a head count and make sure everyone has managed to escape safely. Make it easy for everyone to remember where the meeting place is. Choose an easy to find a landmark that is located a safe distance away from the building.

You can help your children learn the escape routes and remember the location of the meeting place by helping them draw maps of your floor plan and the area surrounding the building. Once they have drawn their maps, walk through the house and yard with them following the routes they have indicated. This way, you can be sure their plans will work and that they will remember to follow their plans.

It is also wise to assign each member of your household a specific job in the event of the fire. For example, each person may be assigned a specific item, pet or another person to be responsible for. Of course, this should never take precedence over escaping safely. Furthermore, all household members must realize that they cannot return to the burning building once outside.

The Statement Color Makes About Your Brand

downloadThere are many simple color tests online about mood and color. Some colors get people in the mood to eat more, while others put people into a relaxing mood. If you have a related brand and are proffering up a product or are selling a service, then you need to find out if you have the right colors representing your brand.

Science has proven that if a business uses the wrong color it may keep customers away from buying your products. They will notice your color to the point that it can be a decision changer that keeps customers away.

Color impacts how humans feel. This is regardless of whether people are aware of it or unaware. As it turns out such warm colors like red, orange, yellow, and even black can energize people. Cool colors such as green, purple, brown, and blue provide calm and security. How do you want your customers to feel? What kind of mood do you want to bring out in them?

Take into account the type of industry you are in to decide on the right color for your brand. Black might be best kept away from because most people associate it with death. For healers, black is best kept at bay. Blue is something of a trustworthy and responsible hue that is best for the healing professions.

Let’s explore the top brands vis-a-vis their colors to see how color and mood are married together. Yellow is a sunny color that is warm in nature. It brings out hopeful and creative energy. It works effectively for energy companies and any business that provide in-home services, such as travel agencies and financial planners.

Red is more provocative and boosts energy that is both passionate and attention grabbing. It works effectively for technology and the food industry.

Blue is again about trust and is for that reason one of the most favored colors for most brands. It works effectively for financial institutions, hospitality and travel, and food and drinks companies.

Black is all about sophistication and luxury at any cost. People think of prestige and value and associate those notions immediately with your brand if black is used. The automakers and clothing industry use black in particular.

Choosing a color is a start. Then it is up to your marketing agency or department to create logos and marketing collateral that thread that color scheme throughout. Even the associated packaging of materials and products need to incorporate the associated colors.

The color is a very significant characteristic for consumers when deciding whether to buy your products and services or not. If you want to incorporate the right colors be sure to incorporate the color scheme in your marketing collateral, in the logo, and in packaging alike. Get professional help with making the branding efforts come to life with Prints Specialists.

The Hottest Festivals in Spain

When it comes to staunch traditional festivals that swing with some batty circles, there is no place like Spain other than famous EVG destination de Lisbonne.

It seems you can hardly venture into the country for more than five minutes without the sound of a communal gathering beginning to assemble somewhere close by, and that always means the fun is about to begin.

There are festivals for every reason under the sun from regional identity celebrations or the arrival of another season to a celebration of gratitude for escaping death — Yes, that’s right; see the story below.

So if the word Fiesta conjures up images of a car your mom once drove around or some magazines you found in your dad’s toolbox, then maybe you need a little change of perspective. Following are some of the fascinating ways a trip to Spain can extrapolate the colourful significance of the term “Fiesta” to cover some of the most eccentric human rituals.

Valencia and the Festival of flames

The beginning of Spring is the opportune moment to begin a foray into the vibrant city of Valencia when visitors can view the city in all its splendour.

There is a festival of fire that you won’t believe unless you see it for yourself. There will flaming structures the likes of which you have never seen, many unfortunate politicians will be torched in effigies —don’t forget Donald Trump!—as well as the most spectacular fireworks displays you can hope to see in your lifetime.

Don’t miss the grand finale when the whole spectacle is set a blazing — then prepare for dancing and revelry around an open flame.

Feria De Abril – Seville

The April Festival lasts a whole week in the sunny city of Seville And is another hearty “Ola” to the coming of spring. visitors can count on plenty of Spanish food, drinks, wine and song as well as more fireworks and a beautiful finale that culminates on the banks of the pristine Guadalquivir River on Saturday Night.

La Tomatina

Bunya is not far from Valencia and hosts a festival every August on the last Wednesday that can quite literally paint the town red. This is a bizarre celebration that centres around the largest annual tomato fight in the world.

People fly in from around the world in droves to be a part of this juicy jaunt — and I hear it’s good for the skin.

Sonar Festival Barcelona

those looking for some thumping beats and splendid music gatherings would get a huge kick from the three-day “Sonar Festival” held in Barcelona each year. attracting droves of revellers from across the planet the spectacle is always hosting the hottest names in music including the Chemical Brothers, Bjork and Pet Shop Boys.

The Baby Jumping Festival

Of all the voodoo hocus pocus traditions that there are to witness on the planet, this one takes the cake. The Baby Jumping Festival is centred around a 400-year-old tradition to ward off the evil spirits that can plague the souls of infants — or so the story goes.

Babies, appropriately dressed like little devils, will be laid on mats where their little souls will be purged by adults leaping over them, works like a charm. You can witness the whole thing in the Castillo de Murcia near Burgos — just be sure to bring your own baby if you hope to participate.

Gay Pride Week in Madrid

This celebration is all about the city of Madrid and how it has become a friendly haven for all genders and sexualities; this celebration has been held annually since the early 80s — as you can imagine it has become a much larger celebration than it was during its humble beginnings. Today the festival is a splash of colour, excitement and parties with many concerts and art show set up by the LGBT communities here.

Pamplona Running With the Bulls

Perhaps the most famous festival in Spain is the annual Bull run in Pamplona. The celebration is in honor of Saint Fermin and the whole city will gather at the town’s center to await the Mayor and his command to “Release the Bulls”, at which point a band of irate bovines will converge on the fleet-footed revellers— many of the bold and less fleet-footed are sure to be bounced around by the bulls.

The bulls will be led eventually to the bullring where a lavishly clothed matador will dispatch the animal in a traditional spectacle.

Fiesta of Near-Death Experiences

The town of Neves in Galicia holds a little festival for people who have had a brush with death —probably at another festival. Those who have narrowly escaped the jaws of death can head on over to the big guy himself, the Patron Saint of Death, and thank him personally for the reprieve.

This is done by getting some supplicants to carry the one who should be dead around town in an open coffin — I am telling you, you will never feel so alive!

10 Helpful Tips For New Students

Maybe you have started planning already if you are excited about going to University. You may have selected the university you want to go to already, have all of the paperwork sorted, and researched the various social aspects and accommodation options in the new town that you are going to live in. What other things do you really need to know?

1. The most important aspect is accommodation. Be sure to select someplace that is close to your campus, and also close to shops as well as other kinds of facilities that you are going to need. There are student areas in some cities which can result in cheaper prices since there will be plenty of accommodations for you to choose from. You definitely don’t want to be isolated from your school friends.

2. The biggest concern for a majority of students is money. Budgeting properly is very important and you want to make sure that you track all your spending and avoid using credit cards. Consider using a bike, public transportation or walking since that will be much less expensive that driving a car.

3. Try to find a job. Some good places to look include local restaurants, bars, pubs, supermarkets and shops. You may also be able, to get a job that is related to your coursework. A job can really be valuable in help you afford your lifestyle as a student, and might even provide you with the opportunity to put what you are learning in school into practice out in the real world.

4. Be sure to have a printer and computer so you won’t need to rely on the university computers or your friends. It may be possible for you to buy used equipment or get an inexpensive student deal. You also will need to check to make sure your student housing included a broadband-enabled phone line, or think about purchasing a mobile broadband package for internet access.

5. Learn as much as you can about the area you will be living in. That way you will know where the best local shops are, as well as the bars and pubs, the bus routes and their timetables, and all of important things that you are going to need to know. It is also a good time to find a local dentist and doctor as well.

6. You can enjoy inexpensive nights out by going to a friend’s house or staying in instead of going out to a club or pub. There isn’t anything wrong with you going out one night a week, however it can be costly.

7. You can find inexpensive textbooks in numerous places, including different internet websites and student notice boards. It isn’t necessary to purchase brand new textbooks, particularly if you will only need them for a short time. However, you shouldn’t rely on them being available in the library.

8. You will have a much more enjoyable time if you get to know people. Join groups that you find interesting, or try out new hobbies or sports. If you have always dreamed of learning French, or flying or rock climbing, this is a great time for trying out something new.

9. Make sure to set aside enough time to study. That might sound obvious, however that is why you are at University to begin with. While having a great time and enjoying your new found responsibilities and freedom are nice, if you fail all of your exams, you won’t be too happy.

10. Keep in mind you are what you eat. If you fail to eat healthy, you can’t expect that you will be able to party hard and study hard. If you learn how to cook now, before going off to university, it will allow you to take care of yourself, instead of having to rely on takeaways and ready meals or your friends. Be sure to have all of the pans and pots you are going to need, in addition to all of the right utensils and tools you will need to make cooking easy and quick. Having the ability to cook can save you lots of money and time, as well as make some new friends.

So now that you know how to prepare yourself for the university, isn’t time for you to get organized?

It can be a lot of time being a student, so be sure to get the most that you can from the experience. Don’t forget that it is just as important to eat properly as it is to take good care of your money and study. Why not get a Home Starter Pack or Student Kitchen Pack? That way you will be able to start cooking immediately, and get off to a healthy start during your time at University.

How To Get A Designer Bathroom On A Budget

Designer bathrooms are great and they look amazing, but they can be expensive, which is not surprising because expensive materials are used in them. The truth is that many people have a small budget and they think they cannot get a great looking bathroom, but they actually can. Below are a few tips that can help you create a stylish bathroom, all without spending a boatload of money.

1. Take your shower curtain down and put up glass sheets. Plastic shower curtains are not attractive and they are difficult to clean and maintain and they can make the rest of your bathroom not look good. Glass sheets are easy to clean and maintain, and they create a sleek look for your bathroom.

2. Use vinyl tiles. They are better than marble tiles because they are more affordable. Not only that but vinyl tiles are easy to clean and to maintain.

3. The right design for your bathroom vanity corner is important, and this doesn’t mean to just have something with a mirror located above. A good design is equipped with cabinets that allow you to store various items and to access items you need while in the bathroom. Some of these items include toothpaste, bath salts, bath oils and things of that nature.

4. Hunt for sales on various types of furniture, especially if you are looking for high-quality furniture while on a tight budget. Usually, furniture sales take place at the end of seasons. If you want to score some awesome deals on high-quality furniture, then hold off to the end of the season and then find pieces for the bathroom.

5. Get the right decorations for your bathroom. Little things matter, so go out and find the right accessories for your bathroom. Some of the best accessories include small plants, colorful towels, and small candles that are scented and colorful.

A designer bathroom is usually expensive, but getting the look of one doesn’t have to be. All it requires is a plan and some action. The above tweaks are simple enough to implement right away. Implement those tips today and before you know it, your bathroom look completely different and it will look like a designer bathroom.