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What Makes Video Advertising Appealing To Consumers?

Video marketing has exploded in popularity in the past few years. According to studies, online users are 4 times more likely to engage to an online video than traditional text. While it has been proven to help companies attract more traffic, many businesses still refuse to include videos to their advertising options. It is essential for businesses to understand the appeal of online videos to their target customers in order to deliver more effective brand messages. Another way to give effect branding is through vehicle and car wrap.

3 Key Factors That Explain Why Consumers Love Online Videos

1. Videos enable consumers to relate more.

It pays to remember that human beings are very visual, which means we rely on our vision when making evaluations and decisions. When we see something, it enables us to make better use of our senses and emotions. Basically, we are better able to relate to an online video than other forms of communication. Because of the emotional connection created by watching a video, it is possible for companies to attract the attention of consumers and earn their trust. In addition, people are likelier to remember products that they have personally seen over those that they have only heard or read of.

2. Videos are less time consuming and more convenient.

In today’s fast-paced world, everybody seems to be always in a rush. We always look for the easiest and fastest way of getting things done, and there always seem to be very limited time. Multi-tasking has become a norm in our lives, and videos enable us to do the things that must be done while watching.

It is worthy to note that watching a video takes considerably less time compared to reading an article. What’s great is that the same message can be delivered through a video in half the time. Consumers certainly want to know all the important details, but these must be delivered as fast as possible. Considering the reduction in our attention spans, it has become really difficult for us to focus on a variety of information for a lengthy period of time. By delivering messages quickly, they are better able to process and understand them.

3. Videos get more views and higher engagement rates.

Virtually everyone can access the Internet at any place or time, something which many people use to their advantage. Online videos can be easily viewed on smart phones and other mobile devices, as opposed to traditional webpages that contain blocks of text and require endless scrolling and squinting.

And the simple fact is that the majority of online users are social media junkies. When we stumble upon content we like on the web, we immediately share them on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Videos have been shown to get more likes, shares and other social signals. Not to mention, publishing a high quality video can even prove useful for some of our followers.

Without a doubt, videos do a good job of satisfying our visual needs, making them the perfect solution for businesses to advertise and deliver effective brand messages. Consumers can feel more connected to the brand by watching videos, which is why it proves effective as a means of marketing products or services online.

Easily Change The Look Of Your Home With Beautiful Floor Rugs

Floor rugs are great additions to any room. They help to infuse a splash of colour to the office as well. If you have large areas of a room that you want to separate from the rest of the house, an area rug can help to highlight that specific area. In addition, floor rugs have the ability to transform a neutral area into an inviting space. If you have beautiful hardwood floors you may be concerned about them being a bit too slippery and a hazard in the home. You can simply place a rug pad down over the wood flooring and cover it up with a stunning floor rug. This allows for a safer area for younger children or those who may have an issue with wood floors. If you are simply tired of the way your home looks, you may want to consider a floor rug as opposed to installing carpet or vinyl floors. It tends to be a much more economically sound investment in the home.

There are many types of floor rugs that can be found on the market. Many of these are named after the area of the world they are produced in or the type of material the rug is created from. If you are looking at specific locations of the globe you will find Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, and Tibetan rugs. In terms of styles and materials of rugs you are going to find contemporary rugs, braided rugs, and shaggy rugs

There are many ways you can use floor rugs in your decorating. The only rule of thumb is to be creative. You can use rugs for purely decorative purposes or they can be used in a much more functional sense. You may want to spruce up your dining room and give it a more contemporary look. A floor rug can help you achieve this look with the right style and colour. If you have young children in the home you may want to find a rug that will help protect your expensive wood floors. For a scenario like this, you would want a sturdy rug that is going to hold up tp daily wear and tear. In addition, a quality hand-made rug is going to last much longer than that of one that has been mass produced. However, it is always wise to look at each rug individually and make a sound decision from that point on.

While in the market for a new rug, you will typically see either synthetic or natural rugs for sale. The material of the rug is what is going to give it the unique texture and look. There are some rugs that are going to be more durable than others. There are many different types of materials that are used in rugs such as sea grass, bamboo, jute, and wool. Synthetic materials include acrylic, nylon, and viscose In order to find the perfect rug for your needs, you will have to do a little research into the best material. In addition, you will see that many rugs on the market today are created from several different materials.

One of the main problems with rugs is they have the ability to stain rather quickly. Considering how much foot traffic is going to pass over them daily as well as food and drinks it is quite easy to see why. To keep your rugs looking their best you will want to create a cleaning schedule. This is even more true of you plan to purchase some of the more fragile or expensive rugs on the market. One of the easiest ways to keep your rugs looking good is to vacuum the dirt and grime up on a regular basis. You may also want to rotate the rug, so not all the foot traffic is being focused on one area of the rug. If you have to move your rug from one room to another or are planning to transport it, make sure that it is always fooled up. If you fold it up to transport it, you can seriously damage the rug beyond repair.

Landlords Can Protect Profits As A Limited Company

A base rate of 20% is what landlords will be able to claim against. This is because of changes made to the tax relief on mortgages (buy-to-let), which were announced by George Osborne. This is opposed to their marginal rate, which may be as high as 45%. These changes may pose a challenge to people who invest in the property rental market, and if you’re curious to what has changed, then continue to read the rest of this article.

The proposed cuts won’t happen at the same time, as they will be implemented over the course of three years between 2017 and 2020. This means landlords have the time needed in order to make adjustments. This should also help them avoid missing out when the changes are implemented.

Property investors will have to take the changes into consideration when they are creating budgets of their portfolios. Not only that, but they will have to look at other ways to organise their business to take advantage of options that are out there. Some of these options may help offset the tax relief cuts, checking this out with your local mortgage broker can give you a better idea.

In light of the announcements, there is one way we can encourage investors, and that is to look towards thinking about investing as a limited company. Individuals who have a property portfolio are the ones being targeted by the tax relief cuts, which means the proposed changes do not affect limited companies. This is why people should consider investing in property as a limited company, instead of investing as an individual, but there is even more incentive to go down this route.

It was also announced that starting from 2017, corporation tax will be reduced, and this is huge. This is because it is going to go down from its current 20%. It will reduce by 1% each year, from 2017 to 2020.

With that said, it’s easy to see why landlords should seriously consider going limited. You will be doing a few things by going the limited route, with one being you will be removing your properties from the tax relief cuts’ firing line. Another thing you will be doing is potentially move your property/properties to a tax structure that is more cost efficient.

Also, it is worth pointing out that big players with a huge property portfolio are not the only ones who can become a limited company. In fact, investors of all sizes can. You may have only invested in just a single property, and if that’s the case, then you can still become a limited company.

Your business’s profits are what is taxed when you’re a limited company, which means the profits your property has made is what you are taxed on. With the corporation taxes being reduced versus an individual’s cut in tax relief, you may make more profits if you are a limited company. In fact, a limited company is a good route for landlords to take because it may help them preserve their profits, as well as allow them to be in a better position to grow.

Blick Rothenberg, who are Chartered Accountants, have mentioned that investors and buy-to-let landlords may find that becoming a private company is the best route. If you own property, then consider doing this. Moving your property portfolio down the route of a limited company may be one of the best decisions you can make. All you have to do now is take this information into consideration and then you can decide whether or not it will be beneficial to become a limited company.


The Things A Colour Says About Your Particular Brand

Scientific research indicates that the colour of a business brand can have a strong influence on a customer’s decision to buy or not buy items from your company, which can be made physically by a printing company. Really, it’s true. How may you ask? The fact is that the colour is not only the first noticeable aspect of any logo, but it will also have an effect on the customer’s feelings – unconsciously, of course. For example, warmer colours, such as yellow, orange, red, and black (yes, black!) encourage energy. Cooler colours, such as purple, green, blue, and brown encourage feelings of security and calmness.

Needless to say, when choosing the correct colour for your company you must consider which colours would be most appropriate. This is dependent on different factors like which industry sector you fall into. A black colour may not be the best option for companies working in the health sector because black is typically associated with death. However, blue may be more appropriate as it encourages feelings of trust.

Choosing the correct colour during the early stages of company formation is imperative as it could affect both your appearance and potential future sales; but how do you know what is right and what is wrong? This article will take you through some popular colour options used by top international brands and will explain how they can affect customers.

1. Yellow

Yellow is mostly associated with the sun and exudes feelings of warmth, energy, creativity and hope. It is often used by energy companies and companies servicing households with great success. However, it is not a positive option for financial services or travel agents, despite the association with warmth.

2. Red

Red is a highly provocative colour and promotes feelings of passion and energy. It is one of the bolder options and will typically demand immediate attention. This is a very successful choice for companies working in the food and technology industries.

3. Blue

Blue is one of the more popular branding colours as it promotes feelings of comfort and trust; something organisations are hoping to achieve with their customers. Blue is also associated with feelings of comfort and would be best used by companies in the travel industry and finance sector. It is not, however, practical for companies in the food and drink industry.

4. Black

Black is a powerful colour exuding feelings of sophistication and luxury. It can easily cause customers to associate prestige and value with your company and is a popular option for companies in the fashion and automotive industries; however, less popular for those in the energy sector and travel agents.

Final Words On The Matter

While choosing a suitable colour for your brand is only the first step of developing a successful brand, it really is just the first step. Once the colours are decided upon, it is necessary to integrate them into the marketing strategy consistently. This means that the logo, product packaging, signage, and website landing page must be integrated to ensure a maximum impact on potential customers. Some more information on the importance of brand consistency can be found in one of our earlier articles. Here at Zoo, we are more than happy to help you find your ideal colours.

The Top Ten Tips for New University Students

If you are planning to go to University, you have probably already begun making plans. You may have chosen which university you will be attending, completed your paperwork and begun researching housing choices and the socialisation opportunities. Continue reading to learn more about going to university.


This is probably one of the most important aspects of University. You want a location that is near your campus, yet also near to restaurants, shops and other facilities you may need. Some universities and cities have developed “student areas.” In this area, accommodations are generally cheaper and student friendly. Remember when choosing a location, you do not want to be isolated from other students, such as rooms for rent farnham.


One of the main things that students worry about is money. Therefore, it is essential that you follow a budget, keep track of your spending and avoid using credit cards. One way to save money is to walk, bike or use public transport rather than a car.

Get a Job

When you are at University, there will be things that you need and things that you want. Getting a job will ensure you will enjoy your time at school. There are a number of industries in which you can work, including pubs, bars, supermarkets and restaurants. In addition to this, there may be jobs that relate to the industry you are studying to go in. A job gives you the money you need to enjoy the student lifestyle. Additionally, it will give you skills that you will use when you begin your career.

Computers and Printers

When you go to university, you should purchase a computer and printer. This will keep you from relying on your friends or the university. If money is tight, look for a student deal or buy a computer second hand. Additionally, you will need to have broadband internet for your research and reports.

Research the Area Before you go off to school,you should know the location of bus routes, the local shops, and bars. In addition to this, you should register with a doctor and a dentist before you arrive. This can come in handy if you get sick.

Leisure Time

You can save money by going to a friend’s house or inviting friends over. Going to clubs can get expensive quickly! Limit your time spent in the pubs to once a week to help you save money.

Textbooks There are a number of ways to save money on textbooks. Search out internet sites or student notice boards for deals on your textbooks. Most of the time, you do not need to purchase brand new books.

Make Friends

One of the hardest things to do is leave your family and friends behind when you go to university. You can meet new people by joining some groups that are interesting. If you enjoy a particular hobby or sport, find out if there are any teams or groups in the area. If you have ever wanted to try something new, now is the best time to do it. Consider learning a new language or a new skill to meet new people.

Studying This is one of the most important aspects of attending a university. It is very easy to become so distracted that you forget to study. The new found freedom can be dangerous, especially if you have never been alone before.

Healthy Eating Habits

When you first go out on your own, it can be difficult to eat properly. You will need to learn how to cook a healthy meal before you go to university. This will prevent you from relying on takeout and frozen dinners which are not only expensive but also unhealthy. Finally, make sure that you have the necessary pots, pans, and utensils to cook a meal.

After reading this tip-filled article, you are ready to begin preparing for university. Going to university is an exciting time; so, make the most of it. Eat properly, follow a budget and don’t forget to study. A Student Home Starter Pack or Kitchen Pack from will allow you to start off healthy at University.

Top Tips on Door Maintenance from Your Local Locksmith Professional

Most people do not even think about their locks until they stop working. When a lock stops working, you can find yourself locked out of your home or office. Instead of taking a chance on your locks failing, follow the advice listed below. Each tip will ensure that your lock is functioning properly. Continue reading to learn the top lock maintenance tips from a certified Aldershot locksmith, Gareth.

Lubricate Your Locks

The first line of defence against lock failure is lubrication. Locks contain small parts that must remain lubricated. These parts include the pins and springs located inside of the lock’s cylinders. When the cylinders in the lock are not properly lubricated, the lock may begin to function improperly. You may notice that it is more difficult to insert your key or it may be harder to turn your key to lock and unlock your door when the pins and springs need to be lubricated.

A water based lubricant works best on the locking mechanism. When inserting the lubricant into the lock, add more than you think is necessary. You cannot over lubricate a lock. Squeeze the lubricant into the lock and insert your key several times to help spread the lubricant. Then lock and unlock the door to help ensure each pin and spring are properly located. Wipe the lock with a soft, clean cloth to remove any excess lubricant that has seeped out.

After you have lubricated the pins and springs, it is time to lubricate the bolt. Open your door and look at the side of the door. Then, turn the lock so that the bolt is exposed. Apply the lubricant to all sides of the bolt and then lock and unlock the door several times to ensure all areas of the locking mechanism are lubricated.

Adjust Your Door’s Hinges

The hinges on your door are used almost constantly. Each time your door opens and closes, the hinges are engaged. Hinges can fail; however, most of the time this failure can be avoided with some simple maintenance.

The hinges include a hinge plate that is connected to the door itself and the frame. The hinge plate is held in place by three or four screws that on the door and three or four screws on the frame. Over time, these screws can become loose and cause the door to not hang properly.

Hinge screws should be inspected a couple of times a year or any time that the door does not properly open or close. To inspect your hinges, open the door and keep it propped open. You will notice the screws on the door frame and the door itself. Grab Phillip’s head screwdriver and tighten each screw.

Can You See Light?

When the door is sagging or the frame is damaged, it can cause the door to not shut properly. One of the easiest ways to check for this is to take a good look at your door. If you notice light coming around your door, it is time to repair the door. If you do not act quickly, it can cause door failure that may require expensive repairs or the door may need to be replaced.

Strike! You’re Out

The strike is the area of the door frame that holds the bolt when the lock is engaged. This area can become clogged with dirt and debris, which can result in lock failure. Clean this area regularly to keep the locking mechanism working properly. The best way to clean this area is a vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool attachment. Simply suction the area to remove any debris. If, after vacuuming, there is still debris in the strike, use a small screwdriver to clean the strike.

Find a Locksmith Before You Need One

There are many locksmith companies out there; however, some of those companies overcharge, or worse yet, hire underqualified and dishonest locksmiths. To help protect your home or business and avoid being overcharged, seek out locksmith services before you need one. Ask friends, family members and business associates who they would recommend. Then, do your own research by check the company’s Better Business Bureaus rating. Finally, contact the company and find out their rates and other pertinent information, including whether they offer 24 hours service.

Following the tips located above will help prevent many of the common door issues that occur in homes and businesses. Stay on top of your maintenance by inspecting your doors and locks every three months. This maintenance routine may help prevent costly repairs.

Six Managers From Britain Who Made The Move To Spain

Upon the sad news of the death of Howard Kendall and David Moyes heading to Real Sociedad, now is the perfect time to examine some of the great British football managers who left their imprint on the Spanish league over its rich and varied history. Check out how you can incorporate football into a team building activity.

John Toshack

Toshack lead Swansea from its place in Division 4 up to Division 1 in the 1980s. This legend formerly of Liverpool and Wales found himself on a winding path across many of the big leagues of Europe, especially La Liga. Tosh, as he was known, managed Real Sociedad 3 different times, solidifying their win at Copa del Rey in 1987. He also had 2 runs with Real Madrid, and a shorter stay helming Murcia and Deportivo. However, his greatest achievement was in 1990 when he led Madrid to their league title win.

Sir Bobby Robson

The former manager of England, Sir Bobby Robson had a noteworthy run managing teams across Europe once he left his international career, and in the process became one of the greats in the history of European club management. He had one highly successful season managing Barcelona where he was able to snag a then unheard of the striker by the name of Ronaldo, leading the team to a trio of wins at the Spanish Cup, European Winner’s Cup, and the Super Cup. In the process, he also was named European Manager of the Year.

Howard Kendall

This great manager left Everton’s winning team of the 1980s for Spain, taking a multi-year helm at Athletico Bilbao from 1986 to 1989. Winning the league title, Winners Cup, and FA Cup while at the helm of the Toffees, Howard Kendall never achieved quite that high of a level during his time managing Bilbao. However, his 4th and 7th place finishes were very respectable, and he is remembered fondly. After his two seasons at Bilbao, Kendall headed back to England where he took over the manager’s seat in Manchester City.

Ronnie Allen

Ronnie Allen is often considered as a manager who was just a bit ahead of his time. This former great of West Brom moved to Spain in the late 1960s, where he had 2 successful years heading up Athletico Bilbao. He won Copa Del Rey in the first year there, following that with a 2nd place trophy at La Liga the following year. He then left Spain for Portugal, taking the helm at Sporting Lisbon in 72.

Ron Atkinson

Atkinson is one of the United Kingdom’s most colourful characters in the management scene, and his reign at Atletico Madrid after Jesus Gil left in 1988 will be remembered as a somewhat rocky marriage. With only three months at the helm, “Big Ron” found himself packing back up and being shown the way out. It is fair to say he didn’t have quite as large of an impact as some of his predecessors.

Terry Venables

Another great that emerged from the 1980s English scene, Terry Venables, known affectionately as “El Tel” left the Queen’s Park Rangers to take the management position at Barcelona. However, unlike Atkinson, Venables managed to exceed expectations, leading his Barcelona team to sweep the league title in 1985, followed by making the final in the next season’s European Cup. Unfortunately, as is common for those at the top, this slight drop meant a swift end to his contract, and by 1987, he was headed back to London.

Procurement Heads

The Skills Every Business Owner Must Embrace

When it comes to the success of a business, there are certain rules that should be followed. The digital age has made these rules become even more important.

Many business owners think that due to the advances in technology and the digital age that they should throw everything they know about running a business out the window. This is the wrong way of thinking!

“The basic rules of business have not changed in the digital age,” says the owner of a successful warehouse equipment company, Pallet Trucks Direct. In fact, they are much more important than ever before. Continue reading to learn about the basic business rules that have been used by successful businesses throughout the ages. These rules have stood the test of time and are still relevant today.

Communication Skills

Companies still have tight budgets and need to be able to sell their new project ideas. Learning how to construct an argument and clearly communicate your ideas to your co-workers, boss and others will help your ideas come to pass. Computers may provide you with the information that you need; however, they cannot put it together and present it to decision makers within your company. You must do this by communicating with your team members.

Organization and Time Management

In order for your team to move forward, they must be able to organise and prioritise business tasks. Applications may complete tasks in seconds; however, a computer does not understand how to put its action into context with the overall scheme of the project. You must be able to make a decision quickly and act on it to ensure you are able to garner the results you want.

Goal Setting

No matter how automated your business is, you must have clearly defined goals. Sharing these goals with your team members will help them focus on reaching the goals and will solidify the importance of each team member’s activity.


No matter how educated or talented you are, you cannot do everything alone. To keep your project on track, you will need to depend on other people within your organisation. By using these people, you can ensure that the tasks will be completed in a timely manner.

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

The ability to effectively communicate is one of the most necessary skills needed in the business world. Many of your interactions will be over the internet; however, you will also have a number of face to face encounters. Communicating with others effectively will leave lasting impressions on those around you.

Relationship Building

Building and maintaining relationships are vital to the success of your business. Although social media websites and marketing have made it easier to stay in contact with your customers and clients, you still must keep communication lines open and work at building those relationships.

Professional Groups Involvement

Professional groups and conferences are some of the best ways to learn, exchange new ideas and expand your network of professionals, including opportunities for procurement jobs. Seek out groups that are relevant to your business and get involved.

Motivation and Drive

These two skills are not able to be produced in a machine. Motivation and drive both come within the psyche and helps to ensure that you are successful in your business endeavours.

Respect, Politeness and Civility

Mutual respect is vital to the success of a business. Whether you are a new startup company or run a Fortune 500 company, you should make a difference in the world. This means that you respect others and care for their well-being.

Entrepreneurial Skills and Innovation

Even in the most technologically advanced company, you must have a product or service that is valuable to man. Computers cannot generate new ideas. Ideas come from the people running and using those machines.

Desire to Learn

An education is essential to being successful, whether it is a formal education or learning technical skills, you need to continue to grow your knowledge. Other ways you can learn is by learning from your co-workers or others in your field.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Even back in the 1930s, rigidity in the job place did not work. This is still true today. In order to be successful, you must be open to new ideas. Technology is constantly changing and you must be ready and willing to change too.

Pooch Dog Spa

How Dog Therapy Can Help Us Be Happier

Dogs are awesome beings. They have been our trustworthy and loyal friends since the beginning of time. They have adapted to our needs, they have helped us love and feel loved, without asking for anything in return. You may have already known all of these, but did you know dogs can do wonders for our health and happiness, too? If you already have a dog, you probably know how your furry friend can bring peace and happiness into your soul, thus contributing to your general well-being. Those of you who can’t own a dog for various reasons can consider borrowing one from their friends or even becoming a dog sitter or a dog walker.

1. The companionship dogs provide us is priceless.

Dogs are the most loyal animals, as we are the centre of their universe. They would gladly choose to spend all moments of their life with us. Pet parents use to talk to their furry children, especially when there’s nobody else around to hear them. A house can be a very quiet place if it doesn’t have a dog. If you decide to adopt a dog, make sure you offer him the companionship he longs for. Don’t leave your dog alone for long periods of time during the day, as this is not good for him at all.

2. Dogs can assist elderly, ill or disabled people in their daily activities.

Since very long time ago, people train dogs to assist disabled persons in doing various things most of us take for granted. These dogs have helped many individuals significantly improve their quality of life. Moreover, such trained dogs are used to provide therapeutic visits to hospitalised patients or to people in care homes or disabled individuals facilities. The innate desire of dogs to connect and communicate with us is something that has helped many humans in need.

3. Dogs help us stay in good shape.

A dog that doesn’t play isn’t a healthy dog. They are always eager to run and play with us, so whenever we try to comply with these requirements, we also improve our fitness levels. The better our fitness, the healthier we become, as we burn a lot of calories and strengthen our muscles in the process of playing with our beloved pets. Besides, stroking a dog triggers a wave of serotonin through our body, the consequences being a lowering of the blood pressure and a reduction of the stress levels. Clinical studies have proved dog owners are less exposed to the risk of developing depression at some point in their life. After all that exercise, treat your furry friend to a bit of pampering or just plain hair cut at a dog groomers.

4. Dogs make us more sociable.

When you walk your dog, you can’t possible stay away from other dog owners. In addition, even people who don’t have a dog may give you attention and interact with you, especially if they are dog lovers. Most dog owners can tell you how many times passers-by stopped to say hello to their little furry friend.

5. Dogs love us for what we are.

A dog is never going to try to change his owner. They take us just the way we are, with all our problems and issues, with our happiness and our sadness, with our good or bad manners. A dog’s love for his human is unconditional. They are truly our best friends.

6. They satisfy our need to nurture.

The need for nurturing is imprinted in our genes. Our parental instincts are innate. By adopting a dog, we can show him all our love, thus satisfying our need to nurture another being.

7. They can put a smile on our face and joy in our heart.

We all know how powerful a smile or a good laughter can be, and how healthy these simple actions can make us. Waking up in the morning and seeing my dog automatically puts a smile on my face. I wake up in happiness, as I love his playfulness, his cheery mood and his unconditional love. I am positive most people tend to smile when they pass you and your dog during your walks. Dogs have this super power of making people smile, thus making them a little healthier and a lot happier.

All these lead to the point that dogs provide us tremendous health benefits. You should be thankful for having such a wonderful presence in your life. If you do, please show it to your dog by giving him the love and the attention he deserves.

Personalising Event Experience In A Digital World

Successful corporate events and conferences depend on having the right people walk through the door and take all the actions that fulfil your event’s objectives. Personalising an event experience is the in-thing in the events industry this year. According to an Eventforce survey, 82% of respected event planners said that personalising the event experience has become their number one priority in 2016

From my experience, events tend to fail when they stick to the one-size-fits-all approach. Unless the people you are addressing are highly niche, for instance, “Surrey CEOs who have more than 155 employees and who play golf every Friday afternoon and like the colour pink”, then it is going to be very hard to create an event experience that satisfies everyone.

One of the best ways to personalise the experience – before, during and after the event – is to ensure that you capture data and use it to create and deliver a more targeted experience. The data you collect may start off looking fairly basic with all you are getting is something like your audience’s name and email address. However, as you come nearer to the event itself, and as the event take place, many opportunities to collect extra data present themselves, allowing you to personalise the experience further. This can be further helped by a video production company to advertise your event.

Here are three factors every event organiser should consider:

3 Ways Of Personalising The Event Experience

1. Registration Process

A time-consuming registration process with too many fields to fill in can lead to potential attendees abandoning their attempt to register, especially if the details being requested are too intrusive, or take up too much time. It is important to note that the registration process presents organisers with a very good opportunity to segment their email lists and to find out more about their delegates.

A simple and straightforward registration form requesting very little additional details has a better chance of being completed than a longer one. Apart from the basics (that is a delegate’s name, contact details, company name, and email address, amongst other things), identify extra questions that can help you personalise and improve your communication. Some of the questions to ask are like the size their company, the sector they operate in, and/or the role they play in that business. At the same time, if your delegates register for specific talks, seminars, and workshops at your event, then this opens up extra opportunities to improve and personalise their experience.

Having acquired some of your delegate’s personal information and additional details, it will be easier for you to deliver more personalised content to their email inboxes. For instance, knowing a delegate’s role in the organisation they work for means that you can offer them talks that are relevant and which will interest them. At the same time, with the information about sessions they’ve registered for, you can send them reminders during the actual event to make sure they do not get side tracked.

2. Social

In this day and age, there many tools out there that you can utilise to integrate social media into an event, personalising it even further. A simple plugin which shows contacts on social media who’ve also registered for an event can engage other delegates even further. Knowing that this person or that or someone that they know will be attending a scheduled meeting or event could make them consider scheduling a meeting, making the event more important for the two parties.

Using social login is another option to consider as it presents some benefits to both the delegate (a faster login process or registration) and the organiser. With this option, the organiser can acquire permission-based data like a delegate’s place of work, interests, preferences, location, email ID etcetera.

Another way to help your attendees have a great event experience or to help them get the most out of your event is by using social event apps. Attendees can use them to others know that they will be attending the event or are at the event. They can also use to them to reach out to a specific set of people like potential business partners or speakers.

3. NFC Lanyards, Wristbands, Event Apps

During events, it can be very useful to track the movements and interactions of your attendees as it can help you personalise their experience by coming up, and providing them with personalised content. On a more basic scale, this could involve swiping their wristband when entering specific areas of the event, like into the theatre where your seminar is being held. Getting to know that an attendee not only arrived at the event but also attended the seminar, which they’d signed up for, is useful information that’ll enable you to personalise communication.

Other options include gamification – this is where an organiser encourages delegates to visit particular keynote speeches or stands and earn privileges or prizes by simply swiping their wristbands.

Things like event apps can be personalised even further, and can be tailored for different audiences such as attendees, VIPs, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers. This ensures that these individuals always have access to the most relevant information and that the organiser can deliver more personalised content throughout his or event.

Personalising an event experience doesn’t end when the meeting ends and everyone goes home. With all the insightful data presented here, it is easy to see that there are plenty of opportunities available to continue engaging people. The benefit of having such data as that mentioned here is that organisers can highly personalise their interactions and communications, and this will result in better outcomes.

Additionally, if the conference is something that you hold on a regular basis or annually, you have better opportunities to tailor its experience for all the people attending the next time around.