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Know The 2016-2017 Shoe Trends And Top Designs

Regardless of the adventures that you have planned out or where you like to spend a lot of your time, your footwear is always something that you need to keep in mind. Even when it comes to different dress shoes, athletic footwear and other shoe designs, the chances are good that you have a difficult time wanting to give up your favorite pair of sandals. Right now, however, your mind is probably very busy with winter and all of the new accessories and clothing pieces that you would like to get in your closet. This should include taking a look at the latest shoes trends for fall/winter of 2016 and 2017. Here is a recap of the top three designs that you should be looking at for your collection:

Victorian Booties

These are styled in a manner close to the 19th century lace ups that a lot of ladies used to wear, which are now becoming a must have for winter. They are feminine, yet gritty, with designs that include smooth leather for a rocker touch. This is a pair of shoes that you can easily ear either day or night, simply because they have a mid heel, which can be great for all day wear!

Combat Boots

Depending on what you like, these can be chunky, have a platform sole, or even be dressed up with unique laces. The right feminine clothing pieces paired with these boots can make a statement, while also keeping your feet nice and warm when the temperatures dip down. These are a fun footwear option that can also be stunning when paired with a ballgown or a romantic dress for a holiday party. You will even find a number of celebrities that pair them with gowns for the red carpet!

Velvet Boots

If you are someone who always feels a bit cold, you will see that this winter it is easy to cover it up with velvet boots. When you are looking for a brand new pair of boots, you will find that velvet boots come in a number of designs, including tall, short, and a number of colors. The ankle height velvet boots are just right to wear with just about any outfit for a nice touch.

2016-2017 Shoe Trends: Top 3 Designs You Should Buy

Okay, we know you’re still enjoying the beach and your sandals. You’re likely just back from holiday’s and it’s time to reconnect with the real world. This means that in spite of the fact that you’ve been lazing around in your sandals and flip-flops, it’s time to get into some real shoes. Here are the latest and greatest shoe and boot trends for your new season of 2016-2017.

Victorian Booties

The lace-up old-fashioned 19th-century ladies wore lace up booties that were not only comfortable, they were also practical. Keeping their feet warm and dry they offered plenty of protection as well as comfort all in one. A mid height heel makes these an ideal option for all day and night. Perhaps your ancestors weren’t so far off the mark of what to wear for practicality and comfort. Victorian Booties are all the rage.

Combat Boots

These chunky and sometimes platform soles with laces will leave you looking stylish as well as comfy. Feminine yet practical. Looking for something a little romantic yet classy? These designer heels will leave you styled and classy. You’ll be red carpet-ready in no time when you select combat boots for your “go-to” shoes. You’ll be ready for anything when you wear these boots.

Velvet Boots

If you’re like many women, you’re always cold. This winter you can be dry and warm and in style all starting at your feet. Many boots on the catwalk this year are sporting velvet so you’ll be ahead of the game and all dressed up with plenty of places to go. If you’re seeking a new style, this may be the one for you. Velvet is one of the coolest and most stylish new fabrics of the season and you’ll love how comfortable they are. If you’re not into high boots you can settle with ankle boots and still step out in class. Match your outfit or contrast it, it’s all up to you.

2016-2017 Shoe Trends: 3 Designs You Should Buy

While you’re still on vacation and thinking about the sand between your toes, it’s actually time to start thinking about your shoes. The holidays are over and it will be time to get back to work no more wearing sandals and flip-flops. Winter is near and you’ll need the right footwear to go with all that new stuff in your wardrobe

Image result for victorian shoesIf you’re looking for new shoes You may wish to consider some of the newest trends for 2016-2017. At the top of the list are Victorian booties. These booties lace up and are very similar to the 19th Century Shoes that ladies used to wear. These are a winter must have. Pretty and feminine yet they’re gritty and smooth. Their letter rock and roll style will be the one thing that regardless of the weather you can wear. Thanks to mid-line heal they’re ideal for all-day wear and all night wear they pair with just about anything in your wardrobe

Combat boots these chunky sometimes platform soles have laces. You’ll always look good when you wear these regardless of whether you’re wearing them with a dress or your favourite jeans you’re sure to be ready for the weather. If you’re not convinced consider checking out the red carpet and getting inspiration from all those who’ve gone before you. Even Selena Gomez wore these at the Met Gala you’re sure to appreciate the style of combat boots

Image result for velvet shoesLast but not least are velvet boots. If you’re always cold in the winter, it will be great to cover up with velvet starting from your feet. The boots without the high heels are all coming back and in every imaginable material. If you’ve invested in a new pair choosing velvet will be one of the coolest Fabrics of this new season. If you’re unsure of How High the boot should go start out with some ankle boots and see how they work for your outfits. If you’re brave, go for the knee highs or thigh highs. You’re sure to get lots of looks and appreciate the comfort and ease of style.

Exploring The Dangers Of Chemical Drum Pumps

What Are Chemical Drum Pumps?

Many chemicals are corrosive and need to be handled safely to avoid causing explosions, leaching into the groundwater, and to prevent fire. So, why not just stop using chemicals if they are harmful? They are useful, and it is too costly. Globally, the U.S. chemical industry produces $770 billion worth of chemicals to the world annually.

That means two things. For one, the chemicals have to make it to other countries, through rough conditions, over land, through seas, and in the air. Whether chemicals are to be used locally or globally, they need to be stored and transported safely.

Chemical drum pumps are just such vessels that prevent the dangerous viscous, liquid, and corrosive chemicals from harming the environment and people living in it. Typically, IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) and 55-gallon drums are used to store such chemicals. It turns out moving chemicals from 55-gallon drums is safer than trying the same manoeuvre from chemical drum pumps.

Common Hazardous Chemicals

A lot of chemicals are necessary to make the world work. That means that many hazardous chemicals are commonly transported. They do use chemical drum pumps, which are dangerous in and of themselves. It calls for handling with extreme care and caution.

Two of the most commonly caustic chemicals that need to be transported are sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. Sulfuric acid is an agent that causes blindness, chemical burns, and dehydration. It is highly caustic and strips stone, metal, and even skin, among other surfaces. Hydrochloric acid is also corrosive. It is particularly dangerous to the skin, eyes, and to the rest of the body’s mucous membranes. Inhalation leads to ulceration of the respiratory tract. Signs of immediate exposure include chest pain, excessive coughing, pulmonary oedema and inflammation, along with hoarseness.

Nitric acid is another chemical that is highly corrosive to the body. Even mild contact causes minor irritation and hardening of the skin. It will cause yellowing of the skin and permanent damage if there is direct and prolonged exposure. Inhalation is often deadly.

Acetic acid is not as dangerous unless digested. If there is 25 percent solution or stronger that is ingested it can be fatal to animals and humans. It is corrosive to membranes, skin, and the eyes.

Aqueous ammonia is both explosive and a potential environment hazard if released into the environment. Avoid direct contact or ingestion. It is harmful to the skin, eyes, respiratory tract and the digestive tract. It can cause blindness lung disease, or lead to death.

Such deadly and harmful chemicals transferred by way of chemical drum pumps means that safety is extremely important. Even after transferring or using the pumps the equipment must be cleaned thoroughly. All safety precautions and regulations must be followed as well.

Beer Bikes A Great Activity for Team Building

Red Mago has developed an unusual activity that is a combination of sightseeing, team sports and relaxation at a bar. The Beer Bike allows you to enjoy all of these activities at once. The bike allows sixteen people to pedal a bike at the same time as they travel throughout the city. In the middle of the Beer Bike is a wooden countersteer bike set that has chilled beer on tap. You and your friends will provide the pedalling power and will provide a driver to transport you around the city. Beer Bikes are currently available in the cities of Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon and Madrid. All that is missing is your group to climb aboard and enjoy a tour of the city on a Beer Bike.

A Beer Bike will bring your friends or co-workers together and can be used as a team-building activity. Each member of the team must work together. A Beer Bike tour helps forge friendships and creates morale in your entire group. What better team building activity that travelling around the city, building relationships and enjoying a cold beer on tap. Our expert guide will direct your team to the best locations throughout the city and will act as an onboard bartender and DJ. Beer Bikers will sing their hearts out while travelling throughout the city enjoying a cold brew. Do you have special music you want to be played? If so, bring it along and we will play it. Otherwise, you can leave the music selection to us. Our thumping sound system will get your feet moving and keep you in a festive mood.

Pedalling the Beer Bike will work up a thirst. As your team travels through the best areas of the city, you will be able to enjoy a few cold beers, making the whole trip quite enjoyable. as you sit around the bar pedalling throughout the city, a festive mood will ensure. A chilled keg of beer will be tapped for you and your teammates to enjoy as you travel throughout the city.

Nothing is as festive as travelling around some of the world’s most beautiful cities on a customised Beer Bike. During your travels, you will make memories, sing songs and enjoy ice cold brew. Sharing the experience with your friends will help grow your bonds closer together. Not only will you and your team’s spirit be lifted, but onlookers will get a kick out of seeing you travelling around the city on a Beer Bike. You and your team will provide the power and your tour guide will do the rest, including pointing out the different sites and rocking the best tunes. Red Mago will develop a schedule of activities for you throughout the tour. The Beer Bike is equipped with LED lights. This means that you can enjoy a Beer Bike tour even at night. The beat of the sound system, the mobile bar and disco lights will light up the night skies while travelling in the city. Talk about fun!

Beer Bikes will change the whole meaning of a business meeting. Whether you want to visit Portugal or Spain, you can enjoy a tour on a Beer Bike. After a dull boring meeting or conference, you can inspire and recharge your team with a sightseeing tour on a Beer Bike. It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity that strengthens your team and business connections.

The Beer Bike experience is perfect for team building activities. Everyone must work together towards reaching a common goal, the team must communicate with one another and everyone will have fun. All with the added bonus of beer! Beer Bike tours can be scheduled day or night. Red Mago works with you to create a tour that fits your schedule. Come see the great cities of Spain and Portugal with a Beer Bike. Contact one of Red Mago’s representatives to learn about event packages and to schedule your tour.

Becoming The Perfect Student Housemate

Not many people are aware of that, but haring a home can be quite a challenging experience. Most groups of people have individuals who take wildly different approaches to life. It’s very easy for people to get into conflict when they start sharing a space every day, particularly in the beginning. Don’t worry, though – if you handle these conflicts intelligently, you can resolve them, and avoid the majority of potential pitfalls in the first place. Sharing a student house could be one of the best experiences in your life, and you might end up forging genuine, lifelong friendships – provided that you make good decisions throughout this time.

Here are ten tips which will help you become the perfect housemate:

Make an excellent first impression. When entering a situation like this, you and your housemates will likely be in a state of mixed emotions, ranging from nervousness to excitement. It’s a good idea to go out for a drink with them in the first night that you’re together, but if one of them is a bit shy, you should respect their feelings as well. There’s going to be loads of time in which you’ll be able to know each other, so don’t worry.

Knock before you go into anyone’s room. And by knocking, I mean knock and wait for them to invite you inside. Otherwise, you’re risking catching a housemate in an inopportune or embarrassing moment, and that could make things awkward for some time.

Respect others’ possessions. You may think this doesn’t have to be mentioned, but perhaps you’ll find that sometimes it should. Don’t eat someone’s food from the fridge or use someone’s towel. Even if something seems trivial to you, you never know how they’ll feel about it – it could potentially cause lots of resentment.

Make sure to be clear on any financial commitments. For instance, if you buy any items together or share the costs with food, make sure that there’s no doubt about who’ll pay what. Money is important and student friendships could be damaged if someone feels that they’ve been taken advantage of.

Do not encourage opportunist burglary by leaving windows or doors open. Such carelessness may end up getting something valuable of yours stolen by a passing thief.

If the bills aren’t included in your rent and you have to pay them separately, keep in mind that these costs are going to be shared among each of the housemates. Do not create tension by being wasteful – just because it’s a cold December day, it doesn’t mean that you should leave the heater on in your room 24/7.

I might sound like your mother now – but remember to clean up after yourself. The dishes aren’t going to wash themselves, and the dishwashers won’t load up on their own.

Gather your housemates and agree on a schedule for domestic tasks. It may be a good idea to write things down, but if you don’t want to, at least be considerate. Remember who was the last one to make tea of clean the toilet. Otherwise, it can be easy for you all to unwittingly let someone do all the work on their own – and that person is going to get angry eventually.

Incredibly, some people have a musical taste that’s different from yours. Even if that’s not the case, your housemates should be able to get some peace and quiet whenever they’d like, so if you have something on speaker, make sure to set the volume low.

Respect your property and your landlord. You and your housemates might have signed something called a joint tenancy agreement. If that’s the case, your landlord will hold all of you responsible for any damage to the property. If someone breaks a window, each of the housemates will have money taken from their own personal deposits, regardless of who was responsible. Make sure to thoroughly check the terms of your agreement – your you may end up paying out for a irresponsible or clumsy fellow tenant.

Overall, the rules of living together successfully aren’t all that hard. Just be considerate, build trust, show respect, and have fun.

5 Tips for Designing a Successful Leaflet

If you’re designing a leaflet for an event or business, there are some universal guidelines you should follow. These guidelines will help you to create a leaflet that can help you do the job for you and your business.

1. Headline & CRAs in Leaflets

There are two things your leaflets need. They need a powerful, attention-grabbing headline and a call to action (CTA). Your leaflet would feature a catchy short title or headline. Keep it short, under five words and focus on the benefit of your service or product. This is the first part most people read and it may be the only chance to grab their attention.

The best headlines are short and sweet. The same goes for your call to action. Research shows that people want to be told what to do next. Do you want them to check out your website? Do you want them to call you? Send you’re an email? Spell it out. Let them know exactly what you want them to do after they read your leaflet.

2. Colours

Many amateur designers want to make their leaflet “stand out” and use too many colours in the design. While this makes the leaflet stand out, it’s for the wrong reasons. If you’re not sure about which colour to use, stick to black and white, then choose one accent colour like green, orange, or mid-blue. With this combination, you can’t go wrong.

Of course, a company colour scheme should incorporate the brand colour. However, if your company colour scheme has more than three colours than you should reconsider your choices, or just leave some out.

3. Readability is Key

Although leaflets design features text, the biggest mistake is too many amateurs make is to add too much text to the design. It’s tempting to cram too much text into the leaflet. If there’s too much text the leaflet would appear confusing and the test may need to be small to fit it all on a sheet of paper, especially if you’re using a smaller sheet size, like A5.

Keep the information on the leaflet short and to the point. After you catch someone’s attention, you can send them to your website or have them call for more details.

4. Use Images for Impact

A leaflet that only contains text can be boring. That’s why you should incorporate images into your design. One tip is to use a large, high-impact image instead of several small ones. You can place a few larger images on a leaflet, depending on the size.

While many pictures can show your services or products effectively, one image may be able to get your potential client’s interest. Hook your customers with powerful imagery, and you only need one powerful image to gain their attention.

5. Use Your Logo

Most businesses have a logo, and if you have one, you should include it on your leaflet. However, unless that logo is well-known, you should keep the logo small. Save the space on your leaflet for text and images. Consider this, if you’re relatively unknown, the logo won’t mean much. If the logo is too large it would be a waste of space.

As your brand becomes known your logo can become bigger, since people will understand what you do and what the company stands for. Look at sporting event billboards, the biggest companies only need to display their logo, since they’re household names. Your business, most likely, is not quite there yet.

The idea is to tailor your leaflet design to your target market. Make the information easy to digest and make the design easy to digest. Look at the leaflet as an introduction, instead of a story. Make a great impression on your audience and the conversation that come after the customer reads the leaflet.

Pros and Cons of the Driverless Car in the UK

Over the last couple of years, there has been endless debating about the driverless car, is this new and innovative HGV Training Cost technology a step forward or a tragic accident just waiting to happen. There has been close monitoring of the of the progress being made with this driverless technology, the design of these vehicles for the public is even being assisted with by Google. However, George Osbourne announced this year in March that in the UK, there were to be testings of driverless lorries, this is why we felt that it would be useful to look at the pros and cons of the driverless vehicle being on our roads.


The driverless car being introduced to the UK does have its good points. The mere amount of time that commuters could save is one of the, In England, the average driver will spend two hundred and thirty-five hours just driving every year — this adds up to six working weeks. While in a driverless car, you do not have to worry about controlling it and that time can be used in a productive manner.

Being as driverless cars are preprogrammed to avoid collisions, pull over for emergency vehicles and maintain speed limits, it could also make the roads a lot safer. As a matter of fact, the prediction is that 90% of all cars driving the roads were autonomous, a number of vehicular accidents would drop from six million a year to only 1.3 million, a number of deaths would drop from 33,000 to 11,300.

It is, however, a slightly different story for lorries. In Germany trial conducted with the driverless lorry were positive stating that it was much safer than when a human drove, they never got tired and focus and concentration are never lost. Regardless of how well you are able to steer a truck, accelerate or slow down, you will never to any of it as well as the highway pilot is able to. It is predicted that self-driving lorries can make the roads a lot safer by lowering the 3000 amounts of truck accident deaths that occur on a yearly basis as well as minimising pollution and delivering faster.


There are however some significant risks associated with not having a driver behind the wheel of a vehicle, especially a lorry. Since the launch of the driverless cars to be tested, many teething problems have ensued that are obvious by the dings and scrapes on the car. Towards the end of 2015, motorists were purposely driving into driverless cars to expose an important design flaw — they always follow the law, a human drive does not. The end result here was that human motorist who were not expecting it drove into the very cautious, driverless cars. There have been times in which a driverless car was pulled over by an officer for driving ate 24 mph in 34 mph zone causing traffic to backup.

The accident rates for driverless cars have undergone many studies that use naturalistic data, however the technology continues moving forward. That being said, this year the progress associated with the driverless car suffered a major setback. The first casualty of the upcoming driverless car was reported in May 2016. While travelling in a Tesla S model vehicle in auto pilot, Josh Brown, age forty was killed. The sensor software did not tell the difference between a white lorry and the sky, the car hurled at full speed into the lorry ending up under the lorry, the top was completely ripped off and Josh´s life ended. This fatal accident has made the entire industry question what this may entail for the future of driverless cars.

Driverless Lorries In UK – It is Perfect Or a Problem?

Driverless cars have been the cause of many debates over the last year. Are they a major leap forward in technology or are they an accident waiting to happen? Many have closely monitored the progress of driverless vehicles and HGV training for those vehicles.

Google is even assisting in designing regulations for these vehicles when it comes to using these vehicles in public. In March, George Osbourne announced driverless lorries would be trialled in the UK. That’s why we decided to take a look at the risks and rewards of these vehicles on public roadways.

The Rewards

There are many benefits associated with driverless cars in the UK. The main benefit is the amount of time this type of vehicle could save commuters. The average driver spends 235 hours each year driving. That’s the equivalent of 6 work weeks. Driverless vehicles allow a computer to hand over control of their car and use their time more productively.

A driverless vehicle is also safe. These cars are pre-programmed to follow traffic laws, stay within the speed limit, avoid collisions and pull over to allow emergency vehicles to pass. In fact, it has been predicted that if 90 percent of the vehicles on the road were driverless cars, road accident numbers would fall from 6 million each year to 1.3 million. That means the number of deaths from car accidents will fall from 33,000 per year to 11,300.

For driverless lorries, the story is slightly different. Trials in Germany have garnered praise for the autonomous vehicles based on safety. The driverless vehicles were safer than those driven by human drivers. The driverless lorry never gets tired, loses focus or lacks concentration.

It doesn’t matter how well a person can steer a truck, slow down or accelerate, they can’t do it as well as the automatic highway pilot. It has been predicted that self-driving lorries may make the road safer, cutting down some of the 3,000 yearly deaths caused by truck accidents. And reducing the pollution caused by speeding up for faster deliveries.

The Risks

Of course, there are going to be risks when you have a car, or lorry, driving down the road without a driver. Since the launch of the driverless vehicles for testing, there have been some ‘teething’ problems. This has been in the form of dings and scrapes to the car.

In 2015, some motorists made a point of slamming into driverless cars to expose a flaw in their design. The main flaw is that an autonomous car follows the law, all the time. Human drivers don’t.
When the safe and cautious driverless vehicle were driven into by a human motorist, it wasn’t expecting it, so it did not know how to respond.

Driverless cars have also been pulled over by police for going 24 mph when the speed limit was 35 mph, which caused traffic backups. Studies have been conducted that show the accident rates in driverless vehicles using naturalistic data. However, the development of this technology continues.

This year the progress of the driverless vehicle technology took a hit. In May 2016, there was a casualty caused by a driverless car. Josh Brown, age 40, was travelling in a Tesla S model using the ‘autopilot’ mode when there was a failure in one of the sensors. The software was unable to distinguish between the blue sky and a white lorry.

The car hurtled into the lorry at full speed. The car slid underneath the lorry, ripping off the top and killing Brown. This accident caused many in the industry to question what this crash could mean for the future path of driverless vehicles.

Making A Will: Five Easy Mistakes

Image result for willIt can be stressful at best to make your will services. Not only is it difficult emotionally, it’s also nerve-wracking to think about your own demise. However, having a will is essential unless you want to leave your belongings to chance. Do you really want your nephew to be in charge of your estate? Do you really want your family squabbling over your belongings when you die?

Here are five important mistakes to avoid when you’re making your will.

Failing To Update

Your will is a legal document and in the course of your lifetime, you’re going to go through a lot of changes. If you want to keep up to date you’ll need to keep your will up to date. If you’ve had a child, a grandchild, if there’s been a marriage or divorce or death in the family, if you’ve changed jobs recently, you need to take a few minutes and update your will. Were you married and now divorced but live with someone whom you love dearly? Then you need to make these changes in your will or your ex may just swoop in and take it all. Just because you tell your family your wishes doesn’t mean that is how things will go, unless you have a will that is legally signed and dated, your wishes may go unheeded. In fact, they may not be binding at all.

The Executor

Image result for willYour executor must be a person whom you trust implicitly. They must be a responsible person who can remain calm under the most stressful of circumstances. It is your responsibility to choose this person. They will be in charge of seeing to it that the wishes of your will are carried out to the letter. Don’t risk the future of your beloved family by not choosing a suitable reliable executor.

Failure To Prepare

If you were to die tomorrow, who would care for your children? What if you and your spouse were to die? Appoint a guardian for your children should you both die. This person will be in charge of your children until they reach the age of 18. You want someone who is reliable and trustworthy and has the same child rearing beliefs that you do. Be sure that you have this information signed and dated in your will. If you don’t appoint a person as guardian, the courts will. You don’t want to leave your children’s future to chance. Choose whom you want to raise your children, not the courts.

Home Ownership

Image result for willAre you buying a house? Who would that house go to if you were to die? If you’re in a joint venture you may find that the property automatically passes to the other person upon your death. You can’t pass the ownership if they are still alive. If however, you’re tenants in common, it won’t pass automatically. Learn the right verbiage and ensure that your home is in the right ownership upon your death.

Preparing An Illegal Will

Your will is a legally binding document and it must be signed in front of two responsible persons who are over the age of 18. These persons must also not gain anything from you upon your death. They can’t be in the will at all. These persons also can’t be married to anyone who would inherit anything upon your death. If you’re in doubt, get your will notarized by an attorney’s office or at a bank from someone who has no relation to you or anyone in your family.

If you have any questions regarding your will, check with an attorney or a professional.