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Twelve Business Skills That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Image result for coach executiveThere are many important rules for business success that have not gone away with the digital marketing trends and executive coach. In fact, they have become even more important in this day and age. You may think that you need to throw everything you know about business success out of the window since this is the digital age, right? But wait a second. There are many things that cannot be thrown out that easily.

There are many important rules for business success that have not gone away with the introduction to the digital age. The skills listed below have appeared in almost every career book in the 1930s, 1980s, and 1990s – and continue to appear even in this day and age.

Communication Skills

Business is still tight on budgets. Hence, they need to be sold on new ideas and projects, even professional recruitment agency in Hampshire. This is where your skills to construct an argument and present it to your boss comes in handy. Although computers can present all the information you require, they are not good enough to package it up and present to the decision makers of the business.

Time Management And Organization

This ability goes a long way to move you and your team forward. A software may accomplish a certain task within a millisecond, but it doesn’t have an idea about time management and organisation. It will not know how to make a decision and act on an opportunity right now. This is where the skills of time management and organisation come in handy. It will help you deliver results without getting wrapped up in paralysis by analysis.

Goal Setting

No business could go anywhere without a vision. It is this vision that takes the business forward. No matter how virtualized or automated your business is, it will not get anywhere without the important ingredient of goal setting.


One individual will not be able to do everything that is needed to take your business to the next level. No matter how talented or educated the individual is. You need to have talented people around you to argument your point of views with the right people. This is what will get things done in your business.

Presentation And Public Speaking Skills

This ability will raise your profile to a new level. Although web-based conferencing makes it a bit easier, face-to-face encounters are what will make lasting impressions in the final analysis.

Relationship Building

Good relationships are essential for business success in the long run. Social media and email can help a bit, but relationship building is the key to the success of your business.

Involvement In Professional Groups

This is the best way to expand your network and learn new things. Although there are plenty of websites and forums that enable professionals to engage with each other, nothing comes close to sealing a bond like face-to-face activities.

Passion And Determination

Without passion and determination, you cannot succeed in your business activities. This is totally out of reach of any IT system available today.

Civility, Politeness, And Respect

Mutual respect is what makes a business a great place to work. This is a golden rule for every tech setups, Fortune 500, and public organisations who want to make a positive difference in the world.

Innovation And Entrepreneurial Abilities

Even the most technical environments, it takes a sense of imagination to think of new ways that create value. These ideas cannot be performed by machines. They will come from minds of the people who are using these machines.

Desire To Learn

There is nothing that can beat the value of education. This cannot be achieved by any machine that is available in the workplace today.

Adaptability And Flexibility

Rigidity didn’t work in the past and will not work today. You should be open to new ideas and responsibilities. Technology will change on a constant basis, and professionals need to change as well.

How To Personalize The Event Experience Of Any Conference

The success of corporate events and conferences highly depend on the type of audience and the keynote speaker. One of the hottest trends in the business world this year is the personalization of the event experience. In fact, according to a survey for Eventsforce, over 80 percent of the event planners admitted that personalising the event experience is their primary focus this year.

If you take a closer look at all the failed events, or rather events that did not accomplish their objectives, you’ll notice that they all implement a one-size-fits-all approach. Well, unless the audience is a group of people who have everything in common, from sports to favourite meals and colours, then it can be quite a hurdle delivering an event experience that will satisfy every attendant.

So, how do you exactly personalise the event experience? Well, capturing relevant data and using it to deliver a more targeted experience is the key to accomplishing all your objectives in a conference. The data might start off as fairly basic, for instance, a name and contact details, but during the run-up and the event, you have numerous opportunities to gather more data and personalise the event experience even more.

That being said, here are a couple of factors that every event planner should keep in mind:

The Registration Process

When I mentioned data collection, you must have immediately thought of coming up with a registration process that features a lot of fields to garner as much data as you can from the attendees. Well, that is not actually a good idea as asking for many details comes out as too intrusive and consumes time. It is ideally a great way to segment your email lists and discover a little more about your audience.

A simple and quick registration form asking for just a few additional details are even more likely to give you the results that you are after. Along with the basic details, come up with a few questions that will help personalise the event further. Such questions can be their occupation, the size of their business, the role within that business and such. Ideally, if the candidates are able to register for certain seminars, workshops and talks at your corporate event, then this is an ideal opportunity to personalise their experience even further.

By capturing just a couple of more details, you can be able to deliver more personalised content to your audience or subscribers. For instance, if you know about their role in an organisation, you’ll be able to recommend talks that are related to their fields. Ideally, you will be able to send them reminders during the event to ascertain that they do not get distracted.

Utilising NFC Wristbands and Event Apps

During the conference event, it is particularly useful when you track your audience’s interactions and movements with an aim of offering them more personalised content. To be more precise, this can involve the use of an NFC wristband on entering a certain area like the place where a seminar is being held. Knowing that the person has not only arrived but ideally attended what they signed up for helps you personalise your communications with them in the future.

Gamification is another useful tactic where the candidates are encouraged to visit a particular stand and earn prices or even privileges by swiping their wristbands.

Event apps can ideally be personalised and tailored for various audiences like sponsors, VIPs, speakers, attendees, etc. This basically ascertains that those people have access to the most relevant information for them.

Going Social

There’s a myriad of tools that you can utilise to incorporate social media into your event with an aim of making it personal. A plugin that simply shows social media contacts who have ideally registered for your event further engages the delegates. Simply knowing that someone is ideally attending gives them a chance to schedule a meeting which makes the event even more important for both attendees.

Implementing a social login is ideally something worth considering. A social login has benefits to the delegate(a quicker registration process) and the event planner as well. With the social login feature, you will be able to acquire permission-based data such as email, location, interests, preferences and more. This again alleviates the need to have a lengthy registration form which only deters the delegates.

Social event apps are another ideal way to help the attendees get more from the event. Participants can use the apps to let other people know that they are attending or even reach out to specific delegates like speakers and other guests, even professional recruitment agencies.

The above tips can help any event organiser create an event that is tailored for the audience in terms of interaction and communications. This , in turn, makes the event a success. Furthermore, if the event occurs after a certain period, you can use the data to make it even more personalised to the attendees next time.

Great Barcelona Bar Crawls

You cannot have a perfect Barcelona stag party or hen party without a famous Barcelona Bar Crawl. We can recommend the most famous, popular hangouts together with a few hidden secrets. We will even get you a few shout-out drinks or two. Your guide will also make sure that you have easy entrance to strip or night clubs after hitting the bars.

Barcelona has hundreds of watering holes. These include luxurious cocktail lounges, hot salsa bars, booze-fueled tequila dens, and old-fashioned pubs. With all of these options and very little time, you need an expert guide to get you and your party to all the right bars on your crawl. Sure, there might be a few bars that feel nothing short of a rip-off and some places that seem somewhat boring, but we will make sure your guide keeps tabs on where your party goes for fun without breaking your budget.

We have put together many great routes for Barcelona group pub crawls. We have allowed those routes to evolve and change as trends do. But, we can always tweak a crawl to suit the individual tastes of the people in your group. A pub crawl is one of the best ways to become introduced to Barcelona’s incredible nightlife and it is a great way to get bearings on the Gothic Quarter and the old town. We also can get you introduced to many local tavernas.

Your personalized tour will take you to four bars and will ensure that everyone will get a free round of shots for at least one round purchased. Have a few sharpeners, chat up the locals and then allow your guide to get you into a top nightclub for free. It doesn’t get any fairer than this, so take a pub crawl and see why the city of Barcelona is famous for more than just tapas and football!

Baby Bull Running in Marbella

If you are looking for a really unique Spanish experience, look no further! Simply try Marbella baby bull running. This is a once-in-a-lifetime bullring experience. This tradition in Spain is an ancient one that is fun and is meant to celebrate special occasions as well as a feeling of having bullhorns clipping your rear.

No animals are ever harmed in this event and if you attend, you will get to enjoy the thrill of spending an hour going from pillar to post in an attempt to dodge a baby bull. Welcome to capea, costa del sol stag!

The Marbella or Estepona Baby Bull Run Fiesta

There are plenty of reasons the baby bull run will appeal to you. You could be a best man or the organizer of a Costa del Sol stag party. You may just want to get your friends admiration. Whatever the reason, the Marbella baby Bull Run fiesta will separate the calves from the pigeons.

If you’ve ever considering doing anything as crazy as learning to be a bullfighter or a matador you will want more information about this event. You can forget about bloody images of bullfighters and matadors. There are never any animals harmed here, and because it takes place in Spain it takes place in a whole afternoon with sun and huge amounts of laughter and plenty of beer.

Despite the hype, this version of bullfighting has absolutely nothing to do with the real version of bullfighting. This is why it cannot be restated enough. No animals or humans are harmed.

The Spanish Kicks Bull Run Package

This exciting package comes with you and your friends getting to enjoy a Spanish bullring with authentic music, matadors’ hats and capes and of course, your very own friendly baby bull or bullock. This is a hilarious and fun experience to add to your Marbella trip.

This is the home of the Andalusian bullfighter! You can go for the whole hog and hire the entire place out for six-hour day. For few extra dollars we can throw in a delicious sizzling barbecue lunch together with the drinks of your choice.

Should you Engage a Video Production Company?

The organisations waking up to the power of video are increasing in number and it becoming more difficult to distinguish your business from your competition. If you have a ‘How to’ video, it is likely that your competitors have one too. If you have a promotional video on the homepage, you competitors have it too. The same applies to videos on other pages.

The video is the most popular form of content people love to consume and the billions of hours of video uploaded online have made the market highly competitive. Just a few short years ago, a video on an organisational website used to be a unique experience creative enough to offset any amateur production values. A good example is the ‘How to’ videos whereby customers would be grateful for any video instruction irrespective of the quality as long as they could see what to do.

Today, the situation is completely different and numerous ‘How to’ videos as other kinds of video content have exploded on company and social media websites as well as YouTube. The video is no longer a distinguishing factor on its own meaning that the quality of video content from both a creative and production perspective should be capable of competing with others that use the broadcast quality content.

You need a high-quality video if you want to be taken seriously in your industry, try NRG Digital. If you would like to be identified as being forward thinking and innovative, your video content needs to show this too.

All this points to the need for expert, professional assistance. So, what do you need to look for when choosing a video production company? Follow the tips below to hire a great video production company:

1. Ask For Relevant/Recent Projects The Company Has Undertaken

Video production companies always have a showreel for providing an overview of the projects they are involved in. However, it does not show the entire films but rather clips that fit properly together. While this can provide some background and provide a reason for contacting the video production company, you must never forget to ask for complete projects too. Doing this helps you understand how the company uses video for telling stories, communicating messages, and delivering results for clients as opposed to the perfect bits that are in the showreel.

2. Comparing Several Video Production Agencies

It is always good to explore your options even if you believe that you have found a video production company you are confident in and would like to work with. If not for anything else, it might just confirm that you have discovered the ideal partner. Still, you might find other video production companies better. It is a fair assessment to state that while some of the video production agencies might be technically proficient, they still lack the creativity other agencies exhibit while others might be good at making amazing looking content but fail to deliver on conversions.

3. Get Multiple Quotes

If you are considering several video production agencies, you can ask them to give quotes. You might discover that you will receive a range of quotes in proportion to the quality of their projects. However, this is not always the case. A good idea would be to spend your budget if you have one since you will get what you have paid for in terms of ROI, experience, production values, and creativity. If you are not sure if a video production agency offers value for money, consider digging much deeper. For instance, if most clients are on YouTube find out the engagement their videos are enjoying to have an idea of how successful they are and don’t forget to ask for testimonials for any current projects.

The demand for video content among organisations is growing and it is, therefore, a good idea to spend time finding video production agencies you can partner with moving forward. The advantage of doing this being that they will get to understand your company objectives, ethos, and culture, which in turn helps them generate amazing video content that aligns with your brand.

Benefits Of Engaging A Video Production Company

There was a time when the video was the latest thing in marketing. Having a video on your website was enough to set your company apart from your competitors. However, more organisations have woken up to the power of video and it has become challenging for businesses to differentiate their company from competitors, such as NRG Digital. If your company has a how-to video, your competitor also has one.

It’s true that people these days prefer watching videos as compared to other forms of content but a lot of videos is uploaded online these days on a daily basis which has made the market extremely competitive. There was a time when it was enough to have a video on the company website regardless of the production values.

Similarly, customers were thankful for how-to videos even if the quality was poor. The landscape has changed completely over the past few years as there is an explosion of how-to and other types of video on company websites, social media and YouTube. The video has lost its novelty and is no longer a differentiator in itself and therefore, the standard of video needs to be brought up from production as well as creative point of view to stay ahead of competitors.

If you want to be taken seriously, you need to have an amazing looking video. The video content should reflect innovative and forward thinking.

In other words, you need to get some professional, expert help for video production. However, you can’t just use the first video production company you come across. Here are some of my tips to help you hire the services of an amazing video production company.

Check the Portfolio

All the video production companies have a showreel that gives an overview of the video projects they have been involved in. The showreel does not contain the films in their entirety but the clips in the showreel fit well together. It will tell you a bit about the quality of work of the video production company. The showreel maybe good enough for you to contact the company but it is important for you to ask to see some of their complete projects.

Watching the completed projects will help you better understand how the company has used video to tell a story, communicate a message and deliver results for their other clients instead of just showing some pretty bits on the showreel.

Contact Several Video Production Companies

Even if you think that you have found the right video production company and would like to work with them, you should explore your options. If anything, it will confirm that your choice is right but you may also discover a company that is a much better fit. Some agencies may be technically proficient they may not have the creativity of other companies and it is also possible for a company to create great looking content which won’t deliver on conversions.

Get Multiple Quotes

While you’re contacting multiple video production companies, you should also ask them to give you a quote. Usually, the range of quotes will align with the quality of their production but this is not always the case. You get what you pay for is also true of video production companies.

If you have the money, you should spend it on a company that provides high production values, experience, creativity and ROI. You need to dig a bit deeper in case you’re not sure whether you’re getting value for your money. For instance, if videos produced by them for their clients are hosted on YouTube, take a close look at the engagement generated by the videos. You should also ask them to share testimonials for their recently completed projects.

The demand for video content is growing and therefore, it is important for you to find a video production company that you can partner with on a long-term basis. The benefits of taking your time to choose a video production company are they will understand your ethos and objectives, and company culture which will help them in creating great video content that perfectly aligns with your brand.

Choosing A Video Production Company

The video has become such a potent and accessible marketing tool that getting into this medium requires professional expertise if you want the best results. It’s not enough to create your own ‘how to’ video on a shoestring budget; your competitors have done the same thing. Have you uploaded a promo video to the main page of your website? So have they – and they have other video production agency in Hampshire studded throughout their site, too.

The latest research shows that watching videos is rapidly becoming one of the most heavily favoured ways for internet users to consume content. Now that there are billions of hours of video online being used for marketing purposes, the field is less forgiving to amateur production values and rookie mistakes. The mere presence of videos on a web page does not excite the visitor the way it once did; today’s users are looking for videos that are not only informative and useful but also polished and appealing.

In today’s landscape, where there’s ample video content covering similar topics available from both competitors and consumers (e.g. through video sharing sites like YouTube), you’ll need to hold to a high standard in terms of both production and creativity if you want to impress your audience. In order to achieve the best results, you need to approach the quality of broadcast video in your online efforts.

Whatever reputation you’re seeking to cultivate for your organisation needs to be reflected in your video content. Want to be taken seriously? Your videos need professional production and editing. Want to be seen as innovative? Your videos should showcase some cutting-edge values.

As you should hopefully be thinking by now, professional help has become practically vital if you want to develop the best possible video content. Enlisting a video production company in your marketing efforts can make an enormous difference. How are you going to pick out a good one? Let these suggestions guide your choice:

1) Ask For Examples of The Company’s Recent And/Or Relevant Projects

Like virtually all video production companies, we have a showreel that we use to give potential clients an overview of our capabilities and our experience. On these showreels, though, you’ll see clips and snippets from the company’s past projects chosen to show off its work in the best possible light. An encouraging showreel should be enough to get a production company on your shortlist and to inspire you to contact them. Before you make any final commitments, though, ask the company for examples of full videos that they’ve produced in the past. This will give you a fuller understanding of the company’s ability to achieve client goals, tell stories, and communicate clear messages.

2) Always Shop Around

This should really go without saying, but it’s important enough to state explicitly: You should never leap straight into bed with the first video production company you find. No matter how compelling a given company is, you may find that some of the others out there have better services to offer you. Different firms offer you different strengths, and you might want a production company that specialises in either the creative or technical side of video production. On the other hand, if your first encounter really is a match made in heaven, checking some of the alternatives will just serve to convince you that your first instinct was an astute one!

3) Get Firm Pricing Data

In your examination of multiple production companies, make sure you solicit quotes from at least two or three of them. You need some selection of pricing information to look at in order to verify that the firm you do choose to work with is charging reasonable rates for their services. Bear in mind that costs will vary from firm to firm depending on the scale, quality, and prestige of their work. Speaking very generally, though, you can expect to get what you pay for: More expensive companies deliver more impressive videos.

As more and more organisations realise the value of quality video content, the demand for experienced production services is only going to grow. Why not find a reliable long-term partner that you can trust to bring your video concepts to life? The efforts of a good video production company can do a lot for your brand!

How to Engage a Video Production Company

It can be difficult to differentiate your business from your competitors, as more organisations wake up to the power of video. Do you have ‘how to’ videos? Yes, well so do your competitors. Do you have a promo video on your site’s homepage? Ditto and they have more content on the other pages of their website.

While we know many people favour watching videos over other types of content, billions of hours of video are uploaded online. That makes this market extremely competitive. Not long ago, video on a company website was a novel experience. This was enough to counteract amateur production quality. Customers were thankful for any type of video production agency in surrey instruction, so you could put up a simple ‘how to’ video and the customers were satisfied with the poor quality, as long as they could see what they needed to do.

Now, the landscape has changed significantly. There are countless ‘how to’ videos and other content on company websites, social media, and YouTube. It’s no longer enough to just have a video. The standard for video content from a production and creative point of view must compete with other online content. Since many companies are using broadcast quality content, you must do the same.

Do you want to be taken seriously? You need extremely good video. Do you want to be viewed as forward thinking and innovative? This should be reflected in your video.

This points to the need to get professional help. But do you know what to look for when you engage a video production company? Here are some tips for hiring the right video production company for your project.

1. Ask to See Recent and Relevant Projects

Video production companies should have a showreel, which provides an overview of their projects. However, it won’t show the entire film, just clips that fit together. The showreel will provide a bit of a background and a great reason to contact the company, however, you should still ask to see some complete projects.

A complete project can help you understand how the company used video to communicate a message, telling a story, delivering results for their clients. You won’t see this demonstrated in the pretty bits that they put on a showreel.

2. Look at Several Video Production Companies

Even if you’ve found a video production company that you’d like to work with, you should still explore your options. If anything, you will be confirming you’ve found the perfect video partner, however, you may find other video companies that are a better fit.

While some companies may have great content, but are unable to deliver on conversions. Other companies are technically proficient, but they don’t have the same level of creativity that other companies have.

3 Get a Few Quotes

As you look at various video production companies you should ask them for a quote. You’ll get a wide range of quote. The quote should be aligned with the company’s project quality. However, this is not always the case.

As a rule of thumb, if you have a large budget, you should strive to get what you want in terms of Experience, production values, ROI, and creativity. However, if you’re not sure the company is offering a real value for the money, dig deeper. For example, if the company has clients on YouTube, check out the engagement on the videos to determine how successful they are. You should also request testimonials for the company’s recent projects.

As the demand for video content increases, it’s worth spending the time to identify a video production company to form a long-term partnership with. The main benefits of this are that as you work with a company, they will get to understand your company objectives, ethos, and culture. This can help them create great video content that aligns with your organisation’s brands.

The Cost Of An In-House SEO Campaign

The cost of developing and implementing an SEO in fleet campaign varies in function of the keywords you want to use. A campaign with a large number of keywords or with popular search terms will cost more. You should also be prepared to spend more if your business has a weaker online presence than your competitors. Regardless of your situation, you can use these estimates to get an idea of what your campaign will cost.

Implementing your SEO campaign in-house is a great way to cut costs down. For instance, a small business can implement a successful SEO campaign that includes five moderately competitive keywords for anywhere between £100 and 2500 a year (see the details of this estimate below). The cost of implementing this same campaign should drop to anywhere between £100 and 1200 a year since a SEO campaign usually includes some important front costs.

Besides the cost of in-house SEO, you will need to invest time and hard work into your campaign. The amount of time required to develop and implement your campaign varies in function of how many people can work on this project and on their skills and experience. You should expect to spend between 5 and 15 hours a month besides the time spent learning about SEO and staying up to date with new trends.

Here is a breakdown of the cost and time required to develop and implement a successful in-house SEO campaign for a small business:

Cost Of Learning About SEO: £0 (20 to 40 hours)

You do not have to spend money on courses or books to learn about SEO. There are plenty of free online resources such as blogs or forums. You will find a lot of helpful advice here. You do not need to gain advanced knowledge of SEO strategies to implement a successful campaign for a small business.

Cost Of Research: from £100 to £200 (10 to 20 hours)

You should do some research on the keywords you want to use and on your competitors. You can perform keyword research for free thanks to your expertise in your field and thanks to Google’s free Keyword Tool. If you want to learn more about your competitors and the keywords they use, the links that bring traffic to their sites and their online authority, you will have to use a tool like This tool costs £50 a month but you will not have to use it every month. You will probably use it during your first month and can wait three to six months before using it again.

Cost Of Optimizing Your Site: from £0 to £300 (5 to 10 hours)

Optimizing your site will not cost you anything if you learn about on-site optimization and can make some changes to the code of your website yourself. Keep in mind that editing your website requires some technical skills and that even a small error can have negative consequences on how your website ranks in search results. If you are not knowledgeable enough to optimize your site, get some help from an SEO consultant.

Cost Of Developing Your Content: from £0 to £1000 (20 to 40 hours)

You need to create an individual page for each service or product you offer. You should have between 5 and 15 asset pages to create back-links, encourage readers to share your content on social media and a blog that is updated at least once a month. Try creating your content yourself since no one knows your products or services better than you do. Hire a copywriter to edit and improve your content if you are not satisfied with the results.

Cost Of Creating Your Back-links: from £0 to £1000 (20 to 40 hours)

You can build back-links without paying for them. Purchasing back-links actually goes against the guidelines set by Google. It is possible to get your site to rank higher thanks to free back-links but purchasing links is a good way to get your site to rank higher in a short time frame. Purchasing a link can cost from £10 to £100 for a small business. If you need between 50 and 100 back-links, you should be able to achieve your goal by purchasing only between 10 and 20% of your links.

Cost Of Tracking Analytics: £0 (5 to 10 hours)

You can track all the relevant analytics thanks to the Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. These tools allows you to track the ranking of your site, the keywords that have helped users find your content and the number of visitors you receive. You can easily learn how to interpret analytics to find the areas you need to work on. You should review analytics only once a month if you run a small business.

Raising Awareness of Great Opportunities for Your IT technicians in the Financial Sector

A recent article posted in the Computer Weekly discussed a comment made by a leading London IT Telecoms in Surrey. According to this company, many young people are missing out on exciting careers and opportunities due to misconceptions or lack of awareness.

Investment 2020 is a firm that provides recourse for young people attempting to obtain apprenticeships and career opportunities has identified the most prominent obstacles that keep intelligent young minds from reaching the Financial Sector.

These include:

  • The idea that the IT sector is one better suited to the Male workforce. This was made evident in a recent O2 study that demonstrated how a large percentage of youngsters aged 11 to 18 (47%) considered the IT industry a better idea for men.
  • The idea that they are not personally suited to this type of work or that formal qualifications and excellence in technical skills are more important than the capacity to overcome problems with creativity and innovation.
  • The perception that an apprenticeship is less desirable than a university degree or that it will not present sufficient opportunities to the individual.
  • A preconceived notion that there are already too many jobs in the IT or Financial industry and that an apprenticeship would not be worth the furious competition.
  • Negative ideas or misconceptions about the financial system in general.
  • Ideas that this is only a sector for “rich” or “white” people
  • Not being fully aware of the many exciting opportunities awaiting in the Financial Industry.

What is Required:

A Professional Attitude and Confidence

IT recruitment specialists, investment companies and career counselors are continuously trying to remove these obstacles and create more awareness of the opportunities that await young minds in the financial sector. The most important thing they can do is emphasize the need for enthusiasm, creativity, superb communications skills as well as a professional attitude. This is a far cry from the purely technical abilities that were favored not 5 years ago

In Synch with the Speed of Finance

It is not just the need to understand the technical side of business but to understand that technology is moving very fast. This means that the technical skills of a young apprentice will be as necessary as their ability to keep up with trends and innovations that propel the financial sector forward.

The Supported Apprenticeships Alternative

Many career commentators and industrial leaders say that supported apprenticeships are a perfect alternative to a university education. They allow young people who are trying to figure out what in the world they want to do, a chance to prepare for a lifetime of professionalism by introducing them to the industry in which they hope to excel. This allows them to develop the skills for success from the time they are very young

What does this mean to you?

When taking on a IT technician it is important that they fully comprehend IT skills. But remember that their technical input is only part of their whole contribution. They will be in possession of other skills that will add value to your organization.

Keeping your options for diversity open and offering these structured training programs is one way we can take advantage of this valuable source of talent. Furthermore, with proper training and nurturing this talent can be a major benefit to the Financial sector in the future.