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Intelligent Kitchen Storage And Fingertip Design Handles And Knobs

Image result for handles and door knobsI think most of us would love to make improvements to our kitchen’s storage at Handles4Doors. All too often there are corner cupboards in kitchens that can’t be properly accessed along with deep cupboards where it can be tricky to reach all the way to the back, particularly if they are low to the ground. However, we have the answer for you here at Handles4doors.

Our amazing Pull Out Wire Basket Sets can definitely make life in the kitchen so much easier. Place 2 or 3 baskets inside your standard kitchen cupboard and then pull them out the same way you would a drawer. The baskets have full extensions runners that allow them to come out of the cupboard directly, which provides you great access to all of your cupboard’s contents. We offer our baskets in the following sizes: 600mm, 500mm, 450mm, 400mm and 300mm.

Just measure the outside of your kitchen cupboard doors and that’s the size that you need to purchase in order to exactly fit your cupboard, as long as the carcase thickness is 16mm to 20mm.

Our Pull Out Wire Baskets carry 20 kgs each, are simple to fit, easy to maintain and are chrome plated. The baskets provide excellent food storage and easily hold boxes, large packets, jars and cans of food items such as rice, pasta and tea bags.

These quality, heavy duty baskets are suitable as well for storing large bowls, plates, serving dishes and oven dishes. In fact, you can use them for anything you are needing to store and have easy and quick access to.

Right now is an excellent time to buy – since we offering you a 10% discount on all of our Fingertip Design cupboard handles and knobs as well as our pullout wire baskets. So, think about a complete makeover for your kitchen, and perhaps paint the kitchen doors for a nice lift and also add some new handles or knobs. These days, so many different styles and finishes are available, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding something that appeals to you at Check out our Fingertip Design Cupboard Knobs and Handles. These excellent knobs and handles are also not just for kitchens. Check out your freestanding furniture, sturdy furniture and bedroom furniture also – maybe some new knobs or handles could also give them a nice lift!

Making Doors A Feature With Decorative Door Knobs And Handles

Image result for handles and door knobsDoor knobs and handles are essential in the home or office and serve a dual purpose – they are practical as well as functional and can also provide a decorative element that will turn your doors into features with Handles4Doors. Whether for outdoor, indoor, cupboards or closets, a beautiful door handle or knob can constitute a creative design element in just about any living space, bedroom, bathroom and even the kitchen.

In fact, decorative door handles have become so trendy that they are being used to make an interior design statement that adds to the overall style and look of any structure.

Indoor and Outdoor Handles And Knobs

There are two basic categories for door handles – interior and exterior. Exterior door handles are suitable for all entrances and exits to and from the home or office. These door handles are likely to be used more often than indoor handles and also need to withstand the outdoor elements so therefore need to be harder. Interior handles are for indoor cupboards, closets, drawers and doors. These need to be less durable and can, therefore, provide a greater range of style options.

The most popular handles for both interior and exterior purposes include:

  • T-Bar handles manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Contemporary design handles and knobs.
  • Glass or imitation glass knobs and handles.
  • PVS and PVC door handles on the plate.
  • Classic on rose door handles.
  • Victorian lever door handles on rose.
  • Traditional Mortice and Rim knobs.
  • Antique, black knobs.
  • Centred door knobs.

Traditional And Contemporary Door Handles

The selection of contemporary or traditional door handles is mainly related to functionality. However, this doesn’t mean that these door handles can’t be attractive and in fact provide the greatest variety of design choices. The choice is mainly related to the function – for example, modern chrome finish handles are more suitable for the office or modern home whereas antiquated brass handles are more decorative. Back plates to these contemporary designs can also be decorated and come in a range of styles.

Decorative Door Handles

Door handles can come in a range of styles and unique designs that are suited to a specific purpose. For example, colourful handles are ideal for kids rooms and designs incorporating fruit or other foods are ideal for the kitchen.

Kitchen Cupboard Handles

The sheer variety of handles and knobs available for kitchen cupboards, cabinets, drawers and organisers provide a wide range of creative options. It is advisable to choose handles that compliment the overall design of the kitchen. Popular kitchen door handles include Hammered knobs, Twister T-Handles, Shell handles, Bow handles and Cage handles.

Material Options For Door Handles

Door handles are manufactured from a wide range of materials. The most common are stainless steel, metal sheet, aluminium alloys, wood and brass. There are also different finishes available for each of these materials. For example, brass handles can be chrome or nickel plated or provide a satin or antique finish. Matt, gloss, dyed and stained options are also available.

Metal Sheet handles commonly have an oxidised copper finish but can also be antique black or have a stove enamel finish. Wood knobs and handles can be ornately carved and stained, dyed or even painted to provide a unique decorative element. Metal door handles are often the preferred choice over wood as they are more durable and long lasting.

Style And Design Choices For Door Handles And Knobs

It is important when selecting door handles that they match the overall interior design style of the room or space in which they will feature. Options like that type of material, colour, finish and decorative elements must all be taken into account when making a selection. Consider brushed nickel or polished chrome, polished brass or satin chrome, Florentine Bronze or Stainless Steel varieties.

However, the functionality of the handle must also be considered. For example, the quality of the locking mechanism, latch, back plate and other features.

Kitchen Storage at Your Fingertips with Pull Out Wire Baskets

Kitchen Storage at Your Fingertips with Pull Out Wire Baskets

Florentine BronzeEveryone wants more storage in their kitchen, don’t they? Corner cabinets or those cabinets that are really deep can make it difficult to find what you are reaching for, especially in your lower cabinets. If you would like to learn to create more usable space, check out Handles4doors.
The Pull Out Wire Basket set can make finding items much easier. You can place these baskets in a standard cabinet and pull them out like a drawer. They feature full extension runners. This means that all of your items can easily and comfortably be seen and used. They come in a number of sizes including 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm. So you are sure to find the size you need.

To determine the correct size, measure the outside of your cabinet door. How simple is that? If you need further help determining the appropriate size, simply leave a message and one their customer service specialist will be in touch with you quickly.

The Pull Out Wire Baskets are chrome plated, large and easy to maintain. Each basket can hold 20 kilogrammes, making them perfect for food storage or storage for your pots and pans. They will easily hold jars, cans, boxes, bags, cookware and more.

Each basket is strong and made from heavy duty materials. This means you can easily store your cookware, serving dishes, plates, bowls and other kitchen items. The pullout shelves mean you can easily access all of your items.

In addition to the pull out wire baskets, Handles4Doors offer a full line of cabinet door handles and knobs. If you want to update your kitchen, you can breath new life into your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint and new knobs. We offer every colour choice, finish and style imaginable. Additionally, this company has knobs and handles for all of your cabinets and freestanding furniture throughout your home. You can update any room in your home by changing out these knobs and pulls.

If you are tired items getting lost in the recesses of your cabinets, check out the pullout wire baskets that Handles4Doors has to offer. Begin loving your kitchen once again with these easy to install and use baskets.

Fingertip Design Handles And Knobs / Kitchen Storage Baskets

Image result for handles and door knobsAdding more storage space to the kitchen is the kind of minor home improvement project we can all get behind, right? Many of our kitchens feature some storage spaces that ended up wasted because they’re hard to get to with Handles4Doors. Corner cupboards go unused and deep shelves mounted down low are hard to reach into. Let Handles4Doors solve your storage problems.

We offer splendid sets of Pull Out Wire Baskets to get the most out all those unused spaces. A standard kitchen cupboard will fit two or three of these baskets and they’ll work just like drawers. They glide on full-length runners, making it easy to pull them all the way out and make full use of every bit of your cupboard space. Our Wire Baskets come in five preset sizes: 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, and 600mm.

To find out which size is right for you, measure the outside of your cupboard. Our measurements assume a material thickness of roughly 16-20mm.

Each Pull-Out Wire Basket is plated in chrome to improve durability and make cleaning and maintenance hassle-free. Each basket can support up to 20 kgs. These tough, attractive baskets are perfect for storing any sort of foodstuffs, including tea bags, pasta, rice, jars, cans, and the largest boxes and packets. Install two or three baskets depending on how much storage space you need.

These baskets are also perfect for organising and storing your cookware. They effortlessly accommodate serving dishes, plates, bowls, oven dishes, and more. Use these baskets to keep practically anything and everything you need in the kitchen handy.

October is the best time to buy. We’re currently offering discounts of 10 percent on both our Fingertip Design knobs and handles and our pullout wire baskets. Why not make your kitchen cupboards over completely? Combine a fresh coat of paint with a new set of hardware and a few long-lasting pullout baskets. Check out our huge range of styles and finishes at – you’re sure to find something that matches your dream kitchen. Bear in mind, though, there’s nothing limiting you to making use of these great handles and knobs in the kitchen only! They also work perfectly in bedrooms, studies, and on all sorts of freestanding furniture. Brighten up every space and every space with some fresh hardware!

There Is A New Type Of Showroom

Image result for showroomThere are so many things that business owners on high street have to deal with, especially if they have a product they are selling at HL Decorating. If they end up going online with their services, then they can stop paying costly street rental taxes and costs reality to utilities. However, should they just stick with the traditional way and deal with customers in person? Read on to find out more.

1. It’s A New Way Of Shopping

Technology has changed many things in regards to the high street, and one of those ways is how people shop. People these days use their phones when they are shopping for products because it allows them to find products at the best price. In fact, many people have said they will go to a store to browse products that they are considering buying online.

2. Taking A Negative And Making It A Positive

Sure, many business owners are concerned about how consumers are now shopping, but they can turn this into a positive thing because people will still want to go to stores before they actually make a purchase online. This is especially true when it comes to products such as clothing and fabrics because a picture can only tell consumers so much, and seeing them in person is much better than just looking at a picture. In fact, many people might end up buying online at a future date, but many others will make a purchase right there and then at the store.

3. Serving All The Markets

In today’s word, it is important to serve both online consumers and traditional shoppers. Technology allows visualisation to be a huge part of doing business. For example, 3-D technology allows consumers to come up with ideas or have a general idea of what things online will look like inside their home, and eventually they will head to the store to actually buy the product, which is good news for the business owner.

4. A Good Combination

Combining shops with online technology is a great combo because it allows business owners to grow a global base of customers while increasing their local presence. There is something great about having both a presence online and offline, and if a consumer is going to spend a lot of money, then they might go online and perform some research. Afterwards, they will visit the retail store in order to get the personal feeling of whatever they are interested in buying, and then they may make a purchase at the store.

5. The Changing Landscape

Online shopping still has not reached its potential, but it is changing the retail world. This is why business owners must continue to attract a new generation of consumers by evolving their services. Some consumers may go to the store for the physical experience but go to another place to make a purchase, while others will do research online and then make their purchase at the actual store.

One thing is for sure, and that is showrooms and stores are here to stay. So is online shopping. However, when combined, then great things can happen, and business owners should embrace online shopping and learn how to adapt and use technology to their advantage because it can help them in many ways.

Changing the Face of the Traditional Show Room

Image result for showroomThe world today is very different than it was thirty years ago with HL Decorating. Technology is constantly changing, and business owners have to change along with it. The Internet, in particular, poses new challenges and new opportunities for businesses. Many owners struggle with trying to decide whether they should continue to pay the overhead for a traditional showroom or whether they should move their business entirely online.

Shopping From Home

High street looks a lot different than it used to; the Internet has had a somewhat negative effective on it. What is certainly true is that the opportunity to purchase items online has altered the way that people buy their goods and services. Even when they head into a brick and mortar location, many shoppers still utilise the Internet. They pull out their cell phones to compare prices and figure out whether they want to buy in store or not. And, many people don’t even have any intention of purchasing an item in store; they just want to look at it in person before they buy it on the Internet.

Coming Up With a Solution

Business owners that have a physical location where they show off their products are rightfully concerned about this phenomenon. However, there is a solution. Since shoppers still like to look at products before they buy them, and they enjoy going over colour and fabric selections, a showroom is still necessary. After all, pictures on the Internet can’t give you a true sense of what a product is really like. And, even though some people will still leave and buy the item online, most can be convinced to make the purchase in-store.

Setting Up a Website

In order to have the most opportunity to make a sale, it is important for businesses to have an online presence as well as a physical location. This allows you to reach more potential customers. It is also important to incorporate the latest 3-D technology on your website; visitors to the site like to switch up colours and patterns on a product that they are interested in, in order to see how different combinations will look. Then go into a physical location to see the product in person.

Having both a website and a showroom is a great draw for customers. It will also give you the opportunity to serve people that live in other areas of the world. In addition, many customers like to see that a business has a physical location, particularly if they are making an expensive purchase. It adds an air of legitimacy to a company.

More Changes on the Horizon

Online shopping is still relatively new and is certain to develop more in the coming years. This will naturally have an effect on the retail world as a whole. Business owners must do what they can to change the way they offer their services to meet the needs of their customers. Having an online presence is crucial, but that does not mean that the physical showroom needs to go away either.

The Internet will continue to be a part of the shopping experience, and it may become even more important to consumers in the coming years. Businesses must grow and adapt as a result of this.

Baby Bull Running In Marbella

Related imageAre you ready to build some rare and prized memories on your next trip to Spain with The Spain Event? Make sure you drop by Marbella for some absolutely unique encounters in the bullring. Marbella is the home of baby bull running, a celebrated and historic tradition that gives you a chance to get into a bullring. (Don’t worry, this event is absolutely free of animal cruelty.) Also known as the cape, this experience will send you scrambling from pillar to post for at least an hour as you’re pursued by a baby bull.

Stop By Marbella Or Estepona For The Best In Baby Bull Running

If you’re setting up a memorable stag night on the Costa del Sol or just looking for a way to impress your mates when you’re in Spain, you’ll earn plenty of respect by bringing your group into a bullring for a real challenge. Do you want to try your hand at one of the world’s most dangerous and dramatic performance sports? Your introductory lesson to being a matador might be just days away!

If you’re thinking of bullfighting as a grim sport that inevitably involves blood and pain – for either the men or the animals involved – you’ll be relieved to know that this event doesn’t involve harming any animals. It’s just an exhilarating and highly memorable way to spend a sunny afternoon in Spain – there’ll be laughter aplenty and perhaps a few refreshing drinks.

Bull running in Marbella is a cruelty-free sport. It’s organised and managed by animal lovers, so you needn’t worry about inadvertently contributing to animal abuse.

Put your bullocks to the test in Marbella’s bullring!

Pony up some cash for the Spanish Kicks Bull Run package and you’ll get to spend a unique afternoon in a bullring. Accoutrements include the traditional hat and cape for your party’s matador, authentic Spanish music, and a very outgoing young bull! This event is fun to experience and also a treat to watch. It’ll be the capstone of your adventures around Marbella, and you’ll get your chance to follow in the footsteps of the great Andalusian toreros.

If you elect to make your stop in the bullring an all-day affair, we can also arrange a delicious barbeque lunch including your choice of refreshments.

The Different Top Places to Visit When in Spain

Image result for barcelonaIn recent years, Spain overtook the United States becoming the second most popular travel destination in the world. Online statistics reported that approximately 82 million international tourists visited Spain in 2017 – far more than the estimated 75 million tourists in 2016. Spain was also voted as the second most popular country for a stag do, only second to the popular junggesellenabschied destination of Lissabon. In this article, we will provide information of the most popular places in Spain with the lesser-known places that should be visited by tourists.

1. Barcelona

Well-known for its iconic architecture, excellent gastronomy and pulsating nightlife, Barcelona is the most vibrant seaside city in Spain. The beating heart of Barcelona is La Rambla, filled with shops, entertainers and restaurants. If you head through this centre, you will be able to see the medieval Gothic Quarter which is filled with elegant churches, palm-tree filled plazas and narrow Spanish streets.

In addition to La Rambla, it is essential that you visit Gaudi’s famous ‘La Sagrada Familia Basilica’ when touring Barcelona. This epic masterpiece has been under construction since the late 19th century and is only predicted to be completed in 2041.

Transportation: Barcelona is convenient for travellers because it is located close to the Barcelona-El Prat Airport. The airport is located only eight miles from the Barcelona city centre.

2. Seville

The sultry city of Seville has been dubbed the ‘frying pan of Spain’, but it presents with a cool city vibe making it easy to explore in a few days. Seville is well-known for its Moorish architectural influence with the ancient street and idyllic oranges. The capital of Seville, Andalusia, is popular for the tapas bars, flamenco dancing and fragrance of Seville oranges stemming from the popular orange trees.

If you are looking to indulge in architectural elements, Seville has an outstanding Cathedral of Saint Mary, the Alcazar Palace, the Plaza de Espana and the Jewish Quarter of Santa Cruz which is part of the preserved Jewish District.

Transportation: The Seville city centre is located only seven miles from the Seville International Airport.

3. Valencia

Valencia is one of the most popular Spanish cities offering a vast array of tourist attractions ranging from the elegant art nouveau structures and museums to the Modernist architectures with a high-character old quarter. Culture vultures and history lovers can head directly to the UNESCO-listed La Lonja de la Seda, the Valencia and Mercedia Cathedrals, and the Museo de Bellas Artes.

Another feature of Valencia is the gourmet gastronomy with long lunches and exquisite dinners. The city is surrounded by fertile farmlands where fruit and vegetables are grown by local farmers. The vegetables are used in popular Spanish dishes, such as paella. While the food is a great drawing factor, Valencia has a strong nightlife that invites many young tourists.

Transportation: The city centre is only five miles away from Valencia’s Manises Airport.

4. Malaga

Malaga is becoming one of the most popular Spanish tourist destinations with its artistic and culturally-rich environment. Filled with theatres, museums and monuments, it is easy to discover the remains of a Roman amphitheatre alongside a 13th century Alcazaba. Malaga is home to many notable personalities, but the most popular is Pablo Picasso and there are several art museums dedicated to this well-known artist.

If you wander around the historic city centre, you will more than likely find yourself walking through a stunning cathedral or ambling through the botanical gardens before joining friends at the popular tapas bars. If you are more interested in retail stores, then Malaga is a popular location because of the elegant shopping street. The marble-lined shopping street, Calle Marques de Larios, is worth a visit for the architecture and the shops.

Transportation: Malaga city centre is only five miles away from the Malaga International Airport.

5. Binisafuller, Menorca

If your idea of heaven is a secluded cove along the beach laced with silky white sand, teal water, and knotted pines; then look no further than Binisafuller in Menorca. While you are never less than thirty minutes drive away from Menorca’s International Airport, you would not guess that this small idyllic hide-away actually exists. While there is nothing apart from the beach and whitewashed villas, it can be a beautiful place to gain some peace and serenity.

6. Murcia

Murcia is one of the most historically rich areas in Spain, as well as presenting with worldly cuisine. It offers some of the most delicious food in Spain; therefore, it may be tempting to spend the day travelling between tapas bars and enjoying the food at Murcia. The city combines Islamic architecture with the attractive plazas and gourmet foods.

Tips For Designing A Good Leaflet

Image result for folded leafletAre you going to design your own leaflet? If so, there are guidelines to keep in mind, regardless of what the leaflets are for at Tower Press. Here are the guidelines you should take into consideration for designing your own leaflet.

1. Headlines And CTAs

Your headline and call to action (CTA) need to be strong and they need to grab people’s attention, so keep the headline or title short and catchy. Ideally, your title should be five words and focused on describing the main benefit of what you’re offering. The title is where you have the chance to grab and keep people’s attention.

The best thing to do is to keep your title short and sweet. The same goes for your call to action. Your readers need to know what you want them to do, so keep your CTA short and sweet.

2. Colors

Your leaflet needs to stand out, but in a good way, which is why many amateurs make the mistake of using too many colours. Keep things simple with black and white, as well as a colour such as green, orange or blue. If your company uses more than three colours, then think about what you want to use, but be prepared to leave one colour out. If you don’t use a colour scheme, then keep things as simple as possible.

3. Readability

Most leaflet designs contain some sort of text, but the biggest mistake one can make is using too much of it. Sure, it’s tempting to use as much text as possible, but people will be confused. You want to keep the content in the leaflet short and sweet because the chances are people will visit your site or call you if you grab their attention.

4. Use Images

A plain leaflet is boring, which is why people tend to use images in their design but choose one large image that is of high quality instead of using numerous smaller photos. Sure, using small pictures may show products off more effectively, but a single large image is what usually grabs the attention of people. You want to hook potential clients and the best way to do this is by using a flattering, single large photo.

5. Incorporate Your Logo

Most companies have a logo, and if you have a logo, then you’ll want to place it in your leaflet. However, if you’re not very well-known, then keep your logo small because you want to use images and text more than anything. If you’re not that known, then people won’t care about your logo, so you will be wasting space.

When you become more well-known, then you can start making your logo bigger on leaflets. Think about it, only the biggest brands and companies use only their logo in their advertisements and this is because people already know who they are. You’re probably not that known, yet, which is why you should use images and text.

Designing a leaflet doesn’t have to be difficult, and the key is to figure out what your market is before you release a leaflet to the public. You want to design a leaflet that targets your audience, which is why you want to make the info in the leaflet easy to understand and attractive. Think of a leaflet as a short intro to a book instead of the actual book itself. Intros can grab people’s attention, make a great impression and then the conversation can continue from there.

That is how you design a good leaflet. As previously mentioned, designing a leaflet doesn’t have to be difficult, but the above tips should be kept in mind. If you implement those tips the next time you design a leaflet, then you should get results with it, which means you will grab people’s attention and they will contact you so they can find out more.

The Best Events Are The Personalized Events

Image result for EventsGetting the correct people through the door, people who will make the right moves in order to fulfil the objectives of the event, are largely what determines the success or failure of conferences as well as corporate events at Tower Press. This year, one of the hottest trends in the event industry is personalising the event. A survey performed for Events Force found that eighty-two percent of senior event planners believed that in 2016, personalising the event experience should be the top priority.

Many an event is a flop when a one-size-fits-all approach is taken. Unless your crowd are all in the same industry such as SEO companies in surrey, the kind that has lots of employees who regularly meet up for poker or golf, delivering a satisfying event for a large group of eclectic people can be quite difficult.

A great way to personalise an event, prior to, during and even after the events is to begin capturing data which will be able to offer a more targeted experience. The data may begin at a quite basic level such as with personal information; names, email addresses etc. There are however quite a few opportunities during the run-up to the event as well as during the vent itself in which more data can be collected, this can bring about an even more personalised event.

here are three ideas that should be taken into consideration by event planners:

Three Ways To Personalise The Event

1. The Registration Process

A registration process which is lengthy and with quite a lot of fields to be filled in may result in those considering attending to change their minds about registering, this is especially true if the information being required seems intrusive or time-consuming. This is, however, a great opportunity to separate your email lists as well as acquire further information on the representatives attending.

Attendees are more likely to complete a more basic registration form with only a few added details. It is important to include not only the basics, such as name, company name, email address etc, but also find some key questions that will help to make communications more refined.

Perhaps it can be what are they operate in? How large is their company? What role in the business is their responsibility? If the representatives can register for specific workshops, talks and seminars taking place at your event, this is another great way to make their experience more personalised.

You will be able to provide more personalised content into the representative’s inboxes simply by having inquired about a few more details. If for example, you know what role they play within a company, you are able to suggest talks which are relevant to their sector. By having the information about their sessions, during the actual event, reminders can be sent to keep them on the right track.

2. Social

There are quite a few tools available which can help to add social media to an event making it even more personal. A basic plugin which demonstrates the social media contacts which have registered for your event can help to further engage the representatives. If they are aware that a certain individual is attending the event, they may see it as an excellent opportunity to schedule a meeting, this makes the event even more important for both guests.

Another option to consider is using a social login. This provides a quicker login process, also known as the registration process which is beneficial for both the event organiser and the representative. By using the social login, permission based data such as location, email ID, preferences, place of work, interests etc can be easily pulled by the event organiser.

Attendees are also able to get way more out of an event with the use of social apps. Representatives are able to use them to inform other people attending that they are at your event. They can also easily reach out to important individuals such as potential partners or the speakers themselves.

tracking the interactions and movements of your attendees during the event can be quite useful, this would be with the purpose of offering them content which is more personalised. On a more basic level, this could include that when they enter a certain area in the event, a wristband is swiped, this could be for example the theatre where a certain event is taking place. being aware that a representative did not arrive at the event but they did attend the seminar which they had signed up for is information that can help your further your more personalised communications.

You can also include tactics such as gamification, this is where prizes and privileges are offered when representatives attend a particular keynote speech or visit a certain stand and get their wristband swiped.

There are many ways in which an event app can be further personalised, they can be tailored to fit the needs of exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, attendees and of course VIPs. This guarantees that the most relevant information for each individual is easy for them to access, this also allows for the event organiser to provide content which is personalised during the entire event.

The personalised event experience is not over simply when the representatives head home. Due to all the helpful data being provided, the opportunities to further engage representatives are endless. One of the bonuses of obtaining this data is that the communications, as well as interactions, can be highly personalised by the event organisers, this will provide overall better end results.

On top of that, if your event is regularly featured in your event calendar, the more opportunities you have to in the future tailor your event for the needs of each individual.