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How to Develop Compelling Corporate Merchandise

Corporate merchandise can enable you to reach various goals for your business such as building brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty and defining your brand identity.

Nonetheless, corporate merchandise can’t be effective if it doesn’t convey the right messages to your audience. By striking the right chord with your potential customers, you can get one step closer to achieving your marketing objectives. The following considerations might help you set your corporate merchandising on the right track.

What Is Your First and Foremost Goal?

In order to choose the most appropriate messages for your merchandise, you need to define the most important things you’re trying to achieve. Do you intend to attract new clients? Would you rather hope to reward your loyal customers? Is the merchandise aimed at reminding your customers about your business, so that they can remember you easier in the future?

Once you have set your measurable and specific goals, you can go ahead and develop the right copy that would enable you to reach these goals. This may also help you choose the most appropriate materials, whether it be small personalised lead pencils or large branded tote bags.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

In order to choose the right messages and the types of merchandise to use, you have to get to know your target audience. Messages that strike a chord with young, dynamic athletes may not be as relevant to elderly people or business professionals.

Understanding who your core customers are, what they need and what kind of messages they find the most appealing will help you produce highly effective materials.

You should always start by identifying the biggest needs of your core target consumers and then figure out how your product or service can address these needs. You need to find the best way to put all these into words, in order for these people to understand that you can offer them a viable solution, perhaps the best one. By doing this, you’ll benefit from better personal connections with your customers, for the benefit of all parties involved.

When Should You Give Out Your Corporate Merchandise?

By distributing your corporate merchandise at the wrong moment, you can easily do more harm than good.

Most companies prefer to reach out to their potential customers during various industry events such as conferences and trade shows. If you choose this way, you should craft simple and effective messages, able to make a big impact on your target audience. The best example could be a promotional pen branded with your company name and with your logo, together with your contact details. If space allows, you may want to include your unique selling proposition, as well.

How to Choose Your Promotional Messages?

If you understand the needs and the behaviour of your target audience, you’ll be able to choose the best messages to cater to these people by offering them the solution to their problem. You have to clearly communicate that you have the answer to their need.

This is why you have to be specific right off the bat. Address the specific concern that may entice these people to buy your products. Your value proposition printed out on your corporate merchandise materials will act as a permanent reminder.

If you are specific in this communication, you have better chances to enjoy positive results.

How to Fit Your Messages to Your Merchandise

It’s always important to think about how your messaging will fit the chosen merchandise. The basic rule is that the smaller your product, the less you’ll need to fit on it.

If you have a short and actionable message, you may use it on a promotional keyring. However, if you need to communicate more than a couple of words, you may have to consider larger items. For instance, you may want to choose promotional shopping bags as they offer plenty of space for all types of messages and visuals. In addition, such materials will offer you additional free exposure each and every time their users will walk around with it around their neighbourhood.

Corporate Merchandise – Striking Just The Right Chord

Corporate merchandise is something that can help you accomplish many business goals, including helping to get your brand identity defined, encourage customer loyalty and increase brand awareness.

To ensure that your promotional merchandise is effective, you must get your message right and ensure that it strikes just the right chord with your current and prospective customers. This will help you to positively engage with your target market as well as achieve the promotional goals that you have set. For example, custom printed lighters with your company’s message are a great way to convey a message in a social environment. The following are some of the most important key things that need to be considered to make sure that your corporate merchandising succeeds.

What are you attempting to achieve?

In order to choose the right messaging to use with your merchandise, the first thing you will need to determine is what you are attempting to accomplish. Is attracting new customers your main goal? Or is rewarding your existing customers what you are hoping to do? Has your merchandise been designed so that it actively reminds customers of your business so that they are more likely to return in the future?

After you have defined your promotional merchandising goals, you can then start thinking about what your messaging should include to help you accomplish your goals. This can also help to guide you on what merchandise to choose.

Know your target audience

In terms of choosing the kinds of merchandise you want to use as well as your messaging, it is key to know your target audience. A promotional bottle that has an inspiring message on it may work great if you are a fitness or sports business, but if you have a law firm this probably wouldn’t be as effective.

When you understand who your perfect customers are, what they will find engaging about your brand and what their needs are, this will allow you to create a message that is carefully customised to address their specific needs.

Consider what their major pain points and concerns are. What do you have to offer them that will address their issues? Also, how can you incorporate your offer into your message? That will allow you to create engaging messages that will connect personally with your target customers to make a much larger impact.

When your corporate merchandise should be given out

There are different situations where individuals typically give corporate merchandise out and the specific occasion that you have targeted can affect both your choice of merchandise and your messaging.

Industry event, like conferences or trade shows, are common ways to reach out to new prospective customers and to create brand awareness. For this type of situation, you will most likely want your messaging to be fairly simple and bold, to make a large impact and to make sure you stand out from the competition. That could be as straightforward as having a promotional pen to give out that has your company name on it, along with your contact information and some key value proposition.

How to choose your promotional message

If you have a good understanding of your target market, along with what is important to communicate to them, then the next thing that you need to do is clearly define the needs of your customers and what you can do to answer the need. That is what needs to be communicated by your messaging.

Your message needs to address the specific concerns of your customers up front. That will make them a lot more likely to select you in the future. Your value proposition is going to go directly on your merchandise to act as a permanent reminder.

If these key concerns are covered by the messaging you are using with your corporate merchandise then it much more likely that you will obtain positive results.

Fit your message onto your merchandise

Another important consideration is how your message is going to fit on your selected merchandise. The smaller your product is, the less will fit on it.

If your message is short and simple, then a promotional key ring, or something similar in size, will work well. However, if you are wanting to communicate something in more depth and longer, then you might need to consider other alternatives. For example, promotional tote and shopping bags will provide you with lots of space that you can work with while also being genuinely useful for customers. Each time they walk around with your bag in your local area, you are provided with some free, added exposure.

The Most Important Aspects Of Branding

1. The Brand’s Purpose

The greatest of all human necessities is the need for a deep, profound sense of purpose. People want to feel like their lives are important to a greater goal, to have some meaning beyond themselves. Everyone wants to feel that they’re doing something they were born to do, something that resonates with them. Since we spend the vast majority of our time working, it only makes sense that we want to work for a purpose that we care about, something that’s aligned with our worldview.

For this reason, it’s very important that you build your brand around a great purpose, one which will inspire employees and make work rewarding to them. You must come up with a clear, well-defined purpose for your brand and help put that purpose into words as precisely and succinctly as possible. Once that purpose is understood, it’ll become the driving force for your behaviours and actions.

2. The Brand’s Vision

Your organisation’s vision statement is simply the future it pictures for the people it’ll impact. It’s not the future of the company or its employees, but the future of the people you serve, a future that’ll become real through your services or products. Your design must be bold, ambitious with a vision that helps to articulate it in a simple, memorable and powerful way.

3. The Brand’s Motto

Mottos can be much better than a mission statement, for a number of reasons. However, we’ll often ask a company about their motto and find that they don’t have one. Mottos are very powerful. They can inspire employees to take action and overcome obstacles, to keep working towards their goals even when it becomes hard to do so. Look at some of the greatest companies’ mottos, such as Facebooks’ “Move fast and break things” and Harley Davidson’s “Live To Ride, Ride To Live”. Even New York State’s “Ever Upward” is a great example.

Your brand’s motto should be the core of the branding strategy, as well as its decisions, messaging and behaviours. You should come up with a unique motto which reflects your brand’s culture and intentions, making it all clear for customers and employees alike. This should be printed everywhere from promotional notebooks in the office to huge signboards around the city.

4. The Brand’s Core Values

Your Brand’s values are basically a set of guidelines and directions which should guide you and your employees’ choices, attitudes and actions in general. They’re like a code by which you all work, representing what is important for the company in a clear, unambiguous manner and helping employees understand what sort of behaviour and performance are expected of them. You must choose the main guiding principles of your company, which should support the brand’s vision, shape its culture and reflect what it truly stands for.

5. The Brand’s Archetype

Is your brand a rebel? A hero? A lover? Based on Carl Jung and Dr. Carol Pearson’s work, it is important to determine what archetypal storyline represents your brand best. It’s important to keep in mind that brands that take a more human approach and incorporate human-like traits do a better job at connecting with the audience. Doing so will help make the sort of character your brand should live out clear for your team.

6. What Sets The Brand Apart

Regardless of how niche your company is, you probably have competitors doing similar work – so what makes your brand stand out and become particularly interesting? It’s important that you create some differentiation if you want to do better than the competition. People don’t want the ordinary, and you shouldn’t want it either.

Creating Your Own Personal Retreat

The modern lifestyle can be busy, hectic and very stressful. The best way to keep the effects of anxiety from throwing us overboard is to find a way to slow down, take a break and enjoy a peaceful setting. The great outdoors is a wonderful place to unload all your cares and worries. By learning to appreciate the outdoors and accept it into our lives we allow ourselves to become attached to the great beyond.

The outdoor space that can form a relaxing domain for your relaxation and retreat from the stresses of modern life as it is the best place to kick off your shoes and let yourself slip into sweet relaxation. Have you ever taken time at a resort or luxury spa and commented to yourself that there is the very thing you would want to have in your home every day?

Well, the truth is that the relaxing features you see in these places are available for application in your home and backyard. Just a little planning and your own private escape can be yours.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is an extension of your indoor living life. The outdoor living space of your home is valuable space that can add considerable equity to your total property value. Professional designers, like Magex Gardens, can offer you plenty of ideas on how to turn your outdoor area into a beautiful and functional living place suitable for outdoor cooking, entertaining and more. They can even customise the look and feel of this environment to reflect the style of your choice as well as add all the fireplaces and recliners needed for the perfect place to enjoy an outdoor evening.

Steps to Getting the Perfect Outdoor Space

The first step to getting an outdoor living area that is perfect for your needs and desires is to evaluate the lifestyle you prefer and consider how an outdoor area could best support this. You will need to consider the needs of the family. Do you have frequent parties and celebrations? Do you prefer a formal or relaxed environment? Do you like getting involved in gardening or do you need something that requires minimum maintenance?

You will also have to consider all the architectural features of your home with your landscaper as well as the way it sits on the property to make the most of the proper sunlight exposure, enhance a spectacular view or even create a feeling of seclusion if this is what you’d prefer. The idea is to take the natural features already provided on the location and accentuate them in the best possible way. This means that you can create a spacious place for tables and cook outs, or a secluded location for intimate encounters under the stars, or even an adventurous terrain perfect for tiny tots.

An outdoor cooking area should have a convenient way to access the kitchen and transport foods and more between the two locations. Walkways can be subtle and mysterious with lots of texture and colours. We could use a similar coloured stones or pavers to form a stream of colour that extends from the door to the exterior of the home in a long and continuous stream. You can also use hard contrasting colours to form the boundaries between certain portions of your outdoor environment.

Consider Enclosures

Evergreens can be situated to enclose a special area away from the rest of the world, structural elements can also be used to portion off an area of outdoor space or create a patio that is shaded from the sun and the wind. A drainage area is just drainage unless it has been transformed into a dry river bed that adds character to the landscape. Even a small patio can be transformed into a mini adventure if done right, never underestimate what can be done with the smallest outdoor areas.

The ultimate goal of all this is to create a place where the tastes, sounds, smells and sights will be enhanced and all the more memorable. No matter what type of living place you prefer or what type of functionality you’d like to achieve, you CAN create the home of your dreams!

Create Your Own Outdoor Nook

When was the last time you took a break from your busy routine? It is easy to feel overwhelmed between your job, your obligations as a parent and the many chores you have to take care of around the house. Spending some time outdoors with nature allows you to take a break, recharge your batteries and enrich your life. Take the time to appreciate the beauty of a sunset, to take in the smells of the trees and to spend quality time with the people you love. Landscape design professionals, Magex Gardens, can make your dream come true regardless of the kind of outdoor space you want.

Your Own Outdoor Space

You need to have your own outdoor space so you can take a break from your obligations once in a while. If you have ever been to a spa, a resort or a hotel, you have probably found a spot where you felt comfortable. You probably thought about how amazing it would be to have a little corner like this at home. Creating your own little outdoor space is possible. You need to pay attention to details and to create the right feeling. You can achieve this with a little bit of planning!

Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home. Your goal is to turn a corner of your yard into a livable space. This will add value to your home and improve your life. You can transform your patio into the perfect outdoor space. Design professionals can work with you to create the ideal outdoor space; plant a perennial garden, create a small outdoor kitchen or add elements such as sculptures, a fireplace and patio furnishings. The ideal design depends on how you will use this space and on what kind of environment helps you relax.

Your Lifestyle and Preference

Ask yourself what kind of outdoor space would bring you peace and happiness. This really depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Take your family’s habits into consideration. Do you often have guests over? Is being able to cook outdoors important? You might prefer a more casual or formal spot. We can design a garden adapted to the amount of maintenance you are looking for.

You should also think about your home and property. You could take advantage of a southern sun exposure for your outdoor spot or design it so you can enjoy a breathtaking view. You can also design a spot that will provide you with the privacy you need. Ask yourself what the assets of your property are and how to enhance them. Take things such as shelter, lighting, and furnishings into consideration. If you have a large area available, you will want to add seating and a table. Think about adding sliding doors or French doors so you can easily go from your living room to your outdoor spot.

If you are thinking about adding an outdoor barbeque, it would be convenient to place it near your kitchen or nook area so you can easily prepare food. If you want to add a walkway, choose a different texture or colour to make it stand out. You can use the same pavers or stone as your patio material to get a flowing colour. Use contrasts for your hardscaping to make these accents stand out. Hardscape can be functional. You can add a garden wall to structure your outside area or a winding pathway. Look for materials that will go well with the exterior of your home.

More Elements to Consider

If you would like to protect your patio from the elements, think about adding some evergreen trees or other structural elements to create an enclosure. If there is a drainage area in your garden, we can transform it into a river bed to create a unique landscape. No matter how small your patio space is, we can create something original. Working with a small yard can actually be very interesting and yield amazing results.

Your goal is to create the ideal outdoor space by combining sights, sounds, textures and smells. You will want to use colours, materials and practical elements to design a space you will love.

Get in touch with your local landscaper today for site assessment and talk about what you have in mind for your outdoor space!

A Beginner’s Guide to Your Ultimate Personal Retreat

Daily life in the 21st century is one of the most stressful schedules and busy routines. As a result, the majority of people find it difficult to take a break – although this is exactly what many of us need to do. To escape the pressures of daily life, we strive to engage with the outdoors as a means of enriching the mind, body and soul. When living a stressful life, you soon learn to appreciate the smaller things such as incredible sunsets, native wildlife, and inviting them into our lives to increase a love of the outdoors.

Outdoor Space

An outdoor space can be the ideal area where you can go and enjoy a retreat from the stresses of your daily life, be it having to deal with a work project or managing the household duties. It can be a wonderful place to kick off your shoes and let your hair down, similar to a spa or resort in the wilderness. Many people who attend these spas or resorts will often wish to take them home and never leave; however, it is not the resort itself that contributes to the good feelings. Instead, it is the surroundings, the details, the ambience and the feelings the area instigates in you that make you feel so relaxed. All of these aspects can be reinvented in your backyard with careful planning and motivation.

Outdoor living can be considered an extension of the home’s interior living space. An outdoor space that is turned into a living area is not only a beneficial item for your well-being but is also an investment with regards to property value. Garden landscapers, such as Magex Gardens, are able to unlock the secrets of the outdoors and transform the patio into the ideal outdoor living environment ranging from colourful perennial gardens to the outdoor kitchen made for entertainment. It is also possible to customise the outdoor settings by adding personalised touches such as a sculpture, furnishings and even an outdoor fireplace with a cosy hearth.

Planning the Ideal Outdoor Space

The first step to planning the ideal outdoor living area is to evaluate your current lifestyle as well as the manner in which you want to live. Consider the family’s habits and needs – for example, do you entertain regularly and would you need to dine outside? Are you interested in a formal or casual setting and would you prefer a low maintenance area or traditional garden? All these points will contribute to the ultimate personal retreat.

It is also important that you consider the current landscape and how the property sits on. Try to bring out the best of the particular site and enhance the view taking advantage of sun exposure or developing a secluded courtyard area. To identify what can be completed, it is recommended that you evaluate the site assets and enhance these. In doing so, the basic needs of furnishings, shelter and lighting will come into call. Large paved areas will provide enough space for various types of furniture; however, smaller areas will not.

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

The outdoor barbeque is one of the more popular alternatives for an outdoor retreat area and this should be placed near the kitchen for convenience when preparing food. Walkways between the barbeque and kitchen can be created using different types of materials including paving stones or stone as a patio material. The colours can be rich or subtle in both texture and colour dependent on your preferences. Contrasting colours can be used in hardscaping as a means of accentuating different areas of interest that will complement the outside walls, such as textured garden paths or structural trellises.

Developing enclosures in the outdoor area can be an interesting task and there are various structural elements to define these spaces. It is possible to use natural elements, such as trees or bushes, to enclose areas. However, one can also use manmade structures such as fences or trellises. Both of these options are useful in minimising the wind and reducing sun exposure. It might be beneficial to turn a drainage area into a natural looking dry river bed and create an enhanced landscape feature that could contribute to area enclosures. Do not underestimate the smallest of possibilities in the yard as these items can sometimes be the most intriguing and rewarding.

The Top Five Tips for Effective Commercial Property Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, the commercial property maintenance industry is completely different to simple building maintenance.  It is not only the property that requires maintenance but you need to be aware of advanced technology regarding properties, Green and health certifications as well as have knowledge on how to tailor the premises to meet your company’s particular needs.  Below are some top tips for commercial property managements that will help develop your property maintenance programme.

Commercial Property Management Tips:

1) General Internal And External Property Maintenance

The appearance of the property will always be highly significant; therefore, a rundown building is the opposite of what you are attempting to achieve.  To ensure your building remains in pristine condition, it is recommended that you schedule routine maintenance checks on the property with reputable engineers such as the Woodhams Group.

A first impression will count and will influence the impression of a company’s brand on the viewer.  This is why the exterior of a building should be carefully maintained.  Areas that need to be regularly inspected and maintained include the external walls, glass, roofing, signage, landscaping, gardens and parking space.

Of course, the interior should not be ignored and all areas of importance inside the building need to be inspected.  The interior areas include flooring, walls, lighting fixtures, plumbing and furnishings.  It is essential that all items are clean, in working order and up-to-date.

2) The Latest Technological Advancements

Effective commercial property maintenance ensures that the commercial property is updated with the latest technological advancements relevant to the property.  For example, the most secure surveillance systems and alarm units.  In today’s modern society, the contemporary buildings are expected to be an intelligent part of the business offering high-tech workstations with high-quality bandwidth for video conferencing with potential clients.  To achieve this level of “smartness”, it is essential that the company hires trained professionals to offer these services or outsource an external IT support service.
It is important that you have a professional who understands how advanced technology operates so that they can quickly troubleshoot any problems experienced offering speedy solutions for the issue.

Experts are able to train the staff and manage emerging technologies that will become part of the property.  Gaining technology before competitors receive it can be an effective method of attracting clients and generating more revenue.

A business can thrive when using convenient and compact solutions; however, if you cannot care for daily maintenance of the property it may be useful to use a professional commercial property maintenance service.  This will be costly, but it can be beneficial because it allows business managers to focus on expanding revenue streams and not have to focus on maintenance of the property.

3) Becoming Eco-Friendly

“Intelligent and green” are the growing trends in the world of commercial properties with focus being placed on eco-friendliness.  By becoming more eco-efficient, your company will improve its carbon footprint helping the environment – and gaining some economic advantages in the process.

Some commercial property maintenance services will demonstrate the amount of power your building is using and advise on the latest technology to use to reduce the energy. Furthermore, you may be eligible for tax relief and funding if opting for energy-efficient building improvements.

4) Being Compliant

When renting a commercial property, you will take on certain legal responsibilities as are listed in the lease and in compliance reports. It is a legal requirement that you perform a health and safety risk assessment annually and take action to remove any hazards that are apparent.  The tenant in a commercial property is typically responsible for fire safety, so it is important that you are fully aware of your obligations.  For more information visit this website:

5) Effective Communication

Ultimately, successful commercial property maintenance involves dealing with people. Therefore, you will need strong people skills to communicate effectively with different individuals and handle crises with a calm approach.