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Understanding the Fire Safety Tool Kit

Disaster brought about by fire is never a thing we like to think of, however, we all need to be prepared for it. It is easier to take a preventative approach and be prepared to tackle a small fire (where safe) rather than have to deal with the devastation of a fast-spreading inferno and the fire damage it can cause.


Fire Safety

Having the right equipment on hand will help you should a fire happen in your home or workplace and may save lives.  Here are a few items that can help you in the event of a fire.

Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

It is important to install fire alarms around the house or office in areas more likely to have a fire break out. They should also cover every floor of the building. Ensure they are located near any fireplaces, stoves and near bedrooms in order that you can hear them immediately they go off.  Check them weekly to ensure the batteries are working and change the batteries annually.  Whilst smoke detectors and fire alarms won’t actually fight the fire, they are a warning measure that will alert everyone to the fire outbreak and give extra valuable moments in which to plan your escape.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a vital inclusion in any fire safety toolkit. They should always be present and easily accessible in the home or office. As with smoke detectors and fire alarms, position them close to locations with a high chance of having a fire break out. Pick extinguishers that are easy to move, which are an ideal choice for the kitchen where small oil or grease fires are most likely to occur. The workshop and laundry rooms will also do well with large extinguishers. Placing a large multi-purpose extinguisher in a central point in the office or home makes good sense. Let everyone know where it is and teach them how to handle it.

Fire Escape Ladders

The hallways in the building may be rendered impassable during a fire outbreak and ladders may be a suitable solution to get people to safety. A rope, retractable or foldable ladder is a good choice and should be placed next to each room. Everyone should be aware of the location and how to use the ladder. Make sure anyone who is less able, such as a child or elderly relative, has someone assigned to help them in the event of a fire breakout.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets come in handy when battling small fires such as those that occur in the kitchen. It is important to ensure that the fire blanket is stored in an easily accessible area.

Fire Escape Plan

Always have a fire escape plan and make sure that everyone in the house knows what to do in case a fire breaks out. The plan should have more than one escape route for everyone, such that they know which route to take in case one is rendered impassable by the fire. The plan should also include a central meeting point for everyone once they are outside of the building. Pick a familiar place at a safe distance from the house. A good way of ensuring everyone understands the escape plan, especially the children, is to draw up the floor plans for the house and have everyone memorize them as they walk them through what to do. Make sure everyone understands the need to be concerned about the safety of each other and to avoid carrying anything else with them out of the house.

Bars And Clubs In Madrid – Capital Nights

By: Juan Antonio Segal

When you are in the process of planning a Madrid stag weekend, it will be in the night when action heats-up, and you are offered with a variety of choices.

Forget about planning an early evening event. In authentic Spanish style (and nothing is more Spanish than spending a night out in the capital city) the Madrid nightlife only comes to life after the witching-hour. In fact, you will carry on partying till the sun starts to rise over the classic buildings in the morning.

1. Popular Clubs Of Madrid

The Gran Via

Recognized as the more famous streets in Madrid, the Gran Via which stands for Great Way is a central hub when it comes to entertainment in Madrid and a go-to location for fun-seekers and tourists. There are a variety of Clubs of Madrid in this area. Full of restaurants, clubs and bars, Gran Via is a one of a kind destination for hens, stags and the typical weekend party-animals from all over Europe.

The Long Street and the expanse of side streets and alleys are full of cocktail bars, hostelries and tapas bars that offer endless opportunities for good fun, booze and food. Some of the bars to consider include:

• Del Diego

Similar to the majority of the Madrid nightlife, you can expect a bit of sophistication in Del Diego” explains IT support pro by day/clubber extraordinaire by night Alex Clarke. Frequently recognized as a top premier bar in Madrid, this destination offers a combination of a cool tapas restaurant and elegant cocktail lounge, yet still manages to maintain lively fun all throughout the venue. This spot oozes with electricity of the big-city life in true Madrileno style.

• Matador

If you are in search of an old-fashioned Spanish style boozer, this older saloon just off from Gran Via offers a change in pace. This may be the ideal spot for a couple of liveners before you head off for the real-action later that night.

2. Night Clubs In Madrid

When you are in search of way to experience what it really feels like to spend a night out when you are in Madrid, you have to visit the massive array of really big clubs.

• Sala Sol

An extremely popular and well-loved resort in this city, Sala Sol has formed an essential portion of the Madrid nightlife scene since the late part of the 1970s. From funky classics and soul, music played spans over the decades before the popular DJs take over at midnight and fill the air with upbeat electronica until sunrise.

• Pacha

Similar to its namesake in Ibiza, Pacha is still an extremely hot club to visit in Madrid. This massive club with an emphasis on “massive” is the pulsating destination for music from world-renowned DJs accompanied by strobing lights. The nightlife only really gets going at about 3am, so you have a lot of time to relax and warm-up before you go there. Soon you will find hundreds of people that fill up the different dance floors, making this club one of the hottest that Spain has to offer and one of the main destinations for the clubbers from across the globe.

• Joy

If you are a techno lover, then Joy should definitely be on your list of clubs to visit on your night out in Madrid. From pumping music, house dancers and the laser lighting, this is one of the classic types of club venues. This club centers around a sunken, large dance floor which is always full of revellers that party until the sun comes up. The dance floor is surrounded by laid-out tables and sofas. Similar to the other main venues in this city, Joy also only starts to come alive after 3am in the morning.

Steps To Protecting Your Children When They Use The Internet

By: Yahoo

When it comes to entertainment and education, the internet can be an amazing resource.  The problem that many parents have is that the internet also has a lot of content that their children should not be exposed to.  As a parent, you are responsible for stopping this content from reaching your children. When it comes to entertainment and education, the internet can be an amazing resource.  The problem that many parents have is that the internet also has a lot of content that their children should not be exposed to.  As a parent, you are responsible for stopping this content from reaching your children.

The problem that many parents have is that they do not know what they should be doing to protect their children.  However, more and more government initiatives and internet provider initiatives have been established to help parents.  These initiatives are providing parents with the tools they need to keep their children safe when they are online.

Alex Clarke from Convergence IT gives some simple advice: “The simplest step that you can take to protect your children is to have any device that can access the internet in rooms where you can actively monitor what is being viewed online.”  Parents of young children will find this beneficial as they can turn web browsing into a parent and child activity.  When you do this, you will be able to see what they are seeing and turn the solo act of surfing into something more family orientated.

When your children become older, it will be more difficult to control their access to the internet, but there are steps that you can take to limit what they see.  The best way to do this is to use the parental controls on our router which will limit what content is sent through the connection.  Internet services providers will often offer this control as part of your package and you will be able to find out how to use them on their website.

If your child has access to a mobile device which can connect to a 3 or 4G connection, there is also something that can be done.  You can contact your mobile provider and make sure that parental controls have been activated.  This will limit what is seen through the mobile data connection that your child has access to.

If you are with an internet provider that does not have a filtering service, you can use other third-party services which are generally free.  Some of these services will protect all of the devices in your home or only the ones that you want to protect.  These services will cover all types of devices that can access the internet from computers to TVs to game consoles.
While you are able to protect your children from inappropriate content online, there are other aspects to staying safe that you need to know about.  These aspects will relate to how your children behave online and will include some basics such as:

  • Not telling anyone your account passwords
  • Not telling anyone any personal information such as where they go to school, their home address, their email addresses and their phone numbers
  • Taking care when opening any files, picture or texts that come from an unknown person or a person that they do not trust
  • Risks to safety also come from the interaction that children have with people online via email, social media, chat rooms and in-game communication systems.

This is why you need to make sure that your children understand that:

  1. They need to have parental permission before they arrange any real-life meetings with someone they have met online.
  2. You can never be 100% sure that someone is telling the truth on the internet.
  3. The way they treat people on the internet should be the same as they would treat them in real life.  Bullying, being rude and being hurtful is not acceptable if it is only done online.
  4. If they have any doubts about something online or something is making them uncomfortable, they should tell an adult about it such as a parent or teacher.

New Direct Vision Rules Might Have HGVs Banned From London

It may come as a surprise to many but London is implementing significant changes for HGVs.   The changes will be considerably drastic and when in place could mean that many HGVs will be completely banned from driving inside the capital limits.  After debating for over a year, the ‘direct vision rules’ have come into effect. For this reason, you may be asking how it will directly affect you.

What Is The Direct Vision Standard?

This is the new standard set by the transport for London and it comes with the full support of Mayor Sadiq Khan. It has the distinction of being a regulation designed specifically for HGVs that drive within certain geographical locations. The intention of this regulation is to increase safety. This regulation was introduced because studies found that 1/5th of all pedestrian fatalities and almost three-quarters of the fatalities for cyclists in London involved HGVs.

The researchers behind the studies found that one of the main reasons for these fatalities is the lack of visibility that the drivers of the HGVs have in their cabs combined with the way in which London roads are constructed. The Direct Vision Standard was put in place so officials could assess key factors and risk points where drivers can only see from the windows of their cab and without the ability to use mirrors or cameras. The rating will be between 0 and 5 stars and if an HGV scores too low then it is banned from driving on any of London’s roads.

CPC training can also ensure that drivers and operators of goods vehicles all adhere to a certain standard. Its three sections have been specifically designed to make sure that new drivers going out onto the roads are as safe as they can be, with a detailed and thorough knowledge of the industry in which they work.

How Will HGVs Be Rated?

1. They will be assessed based on their visibility when sitting inside the cab.

2. They will be assessed on the four key risk areas that have been found to be problematic through analysis.

3. Collision data is measured to determine how much of a person needs to be seen to allow the driver to take the necessary action and avoid collisions.

4. Technical measurements are used to calculate the greatest risk that can be seen by the driver regarding the volume of the weighted area.

Upon the completion of each of those tests, the vehicle will then be given a star rating. A higher star rating means that the driver can see more of the area around them and especially in the areas that have the greatest risk. Five stars is the highest rating a vehicle can receive and the ones that are likely to receive five stars are those that have particular features such as remodelled cabs and other design features that increase visibility.

When Does The Implementation Take Place?

As would be expected with this type of regulation, it won’t be put into place immediately. The period of implementation is designed to give manufacturers and firms involved in hauling, enough time to adjust their plans and when necessary purchase new fleets with greater visibility. By the year 2024, all HGVs that fail to get a rating of 4 or higher will be banned from London streets. The one exception to this will be those vehicles that have substantial safety systems in place.

It should be noted that there are still a number of elements in consultation and there are even some talks about an interim star rating that would help companies build up to the necessary standard. There’s also some talk that a special permit could allow drivers to prove their ratings.

It is hoped that this new standard will significantly reduce accident rates and fatalities on the roads in London. This is seen as making the area safer for pedestrians and motorists both. These new rules create huge pressure for haulage companies as it requires them to achieve a high star rating for their fleets. If they fail to do this it means they are likely to lose a lot of business to their competition who are willing and able to invest in vehicles that meet the new regulation’s standards.


By: Faylyne

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a guest or the mother of the bride, it always helps to have a few dressing tips.

Weddings are difficult to dress for, especially when it’s a somewhat obscure fashion statement such as a hat. It doesn’t help that wedding dress codes can vary quite a bit. So if you need some tips on the proper hat, keep reading.

Mother of the Bride

The mother of the bride is only as important as the bride needs her to be, in spite of what some mothers may claim! Still, that doesn’t mean you have to wear a bland hat. Even though your child might want to plan the wedding on their own, you’ll still be doing a lot of the social stuff. You’ll be talking with family, getting pictures, and all the other things necessary to keep the social wheels greased. To that end, you’ll want to ensure you can be seen under your hat’s brim. Consider getting a side-sweep hat or perhaps a cocktail hat.

Mother of the Groom

Whether you like them or not, your child and their partner are the centerpieces of this day. Mother of the groom should go for a hat smaller than that of the bride’s mother. Of course, if none of the parents are really hosting the wedding but are simply there as guests then there’s no real etiquette to hats.

Traditional Church Wedding

If the wedding is being hosted at a local church then chances are good it will wind up being a formal wedding. In that case, your hat should be simple. Try something like a pillbox hat in order to look stylish without being ostentatious.

Outdoor Wedding

The great outdoors is a great place for a wedding. This is especially true if you can get an outdoor countryside wedding. The hat styles out there tend to reflect a more comfortable, relaxed style. If you enjoy having your hair down, a big floppy hat can be perfect for such an event.

Evening Guest

If an evening wedding, then it’s time to bust out the elegant and glamorous clothes. A low-key hat could be a cocktail hat with some sparkle and glitter, or you could go with a comb.

Tips For Choosing The Best Hat:

1) A hat is an accessory, not the entire outfit. You have to choose your outfit first, and then figure out what hat to wear. If you’re not certain about what hat would look good with your outfit, you could ask your local milliner. Granted, you probably only have one of those if you’re in a large city.

2) Consider how you look in profile. Is your hat so large it’s causing your shape to appear imbalanced? A fedora could be a terrible choice if you’re thin and slender. In that case, you might want a trilby instead.

3) Choose the correct hat for the shape of your face. A rounder face should go with a more angular hat. This can cut across the face, making it appear more slender. A long face is best complimented by a soft hat such as a feathered cap. An asymmetric hat can balance the jawline if you have a face that’s more square. A heart-shaped face can go with more or less any style they want. And if you wear glasses, make certain that they don’t overpower your hat.

4) Take some time to ensure the color is spot on. You might think of getting a hat the same color as your outfit, but don’t do that! The color needs to compliment, but be different. Otherwise, you wind up looking like a big blob of a single color. What matters is that the hat suits your complexion and is complimentary to your outfit.

5) Lastly, wear your hair neatly. If you pull it away from your face, it will allow the hat to frame your face appropriately. If you want to wear sunglasses, take extra care to ensure the shape is right.

How To Choose The Correct Hat To Wear To A Wedding

By: Faylyne

Whether you happen to be a guest or the Mother of the Bride, here are a few tips to use when it comes to choosing a hat.

Knowing the right type of hat for a wedding can sometimes be tricky. This is because the dress-code may vary dependent on whether the wedding is a formal, church, bohemian or informal wedding. Here are a few top tricks and tips you can use to choose the correct styling and hat.

The Mother Of The Bride

The Mother of the Bride plays a significant role on the day of the wedding and you need to ensure you feel confident and comfortable when wearing a hat. Keep in mind that you will be spending a large amount of your time greeting and meeting guests and having photographs taken. You need to make sure that your face is visible from under the brim of the hat. For this reason, you may want to choose a perching-hat or side-sweep hat.

The Mother Of The Groom

Traditionally, none of the guests at weddings should outshine the hosts. For this reason, the Mother of the Groom should choose a smaller hat than the Mother of the Bride, like the cocktail hats. Should the groom and bride be the hosts of the wedding, the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom have the option to wear what they like when it comes to hats.

Guests At A Traditional Church Wedding

For church weddings in a city or town, you will probably choose a structured and formal outfit to reflect such an occasion. You may want to compliment your outfit will a tailored and simple style like the pillbox hats to finish the look.

Guests At An Outdoor Country Wedding

If you have been invited to a summer countryside wedding, you can choose a bohemian style comfortable hat that will reflect the more relaxed theme of this event. If you choose to wear your hair-down, this may be the ideal occasion to choose a floppy and stylish hat and allow those locks to flow.

Evening Guests

Headwear for evening guests should be glamourous and elegant like a headpiece, comb or a cocktail hat that features sparkle.

Tips To Use To Choose The Right Type Of Hat For You

• Your hat needs to compliment your overall look, which means you should be choosing an outfit first. A milliner is able to assist you in choosing a hat in the correct proportion, size and colour to match your outfit. If you are shopping for a hat on High Street, make sure you take along your outfit.

• When selecting a hat for the day of the wedding, keep in mind your silhouette as a whole and ensure that your hat is the right size to balance and compliment your look. An example of this is balancing a full 1950s style-skirt using a wide-brimmed hat. If you are after a structured appeal, rather choose one of the cocktail hats.

• The hat that you decide on should complement the shape of your face. If your face is round choose angular hats that cut across your face, or you can soften an angular face using rounded hats that feature a soft trim. If your face is long, look for movement or softness in the hat like an adorned-headband or feathers. For a square face look for the asymmetric hats that balance the jawline. If you your face is heart-shaped, you can choose from any type of style that you like.

• Choose the right colour and you will look sensational as well as knock off several years from your actual age. Avoid trying to match the hat colour to your outfit. Provided the colour is able to complement one shade in your outfit or one of your accessories, you will look beautiful. What really matters is to choose the shade that matches your complexion.

• To make sure that you show off your hat to its fullest potential, your hair should be worn away from the face or up. Avoid wearing sunglasses when you wear a hat.


5 Of The Best Architects From Around The World

By: Eric Titcombe

The role that architecture performs in all of our lives is phenomenal. From beautiful houses that we envy, to the historical buildings that we have come to recognize, architecture is something that surrounds us every day. Here is a list of architects that have initiated the way when it comes to cutting-edge innovation and ingenious designs and have earned the recognition of pioneers when it comes to the built-up environment that we live in today.

Here is our list of the 5 greatest architects of all time.

The Top 5 Architects From Around The World

1. Tom Wright

It is very possible to be awarded and recognized as one out of the greatest for the modern architects in our time when you have only been noted for a single building. This is possible when this building happens to be the most popular and recognizable hotels in Dubai. Tom Wright a British architect is the man responsible for the spectacular Burj Al Arab in Dubai. This building has won many awards for the luxurious amenities when it comes to hotels, as well as a highly recognizable building in regard to modern architecture. Recognized for the tallest atrium in the world, along with its very own landing pad and helicopter and the tallest tennis-court right at the top of this building, Tom Wright deserves a spot in regard to the greatest modern architects of our time.

2. Zaha Hadid

Zaha is recognized as a contemporary and prominent female architect in Britain as well as across the globe. In 2004 she was awarded with the Pritzker Prize and was the only and first woman to gain such as award. She was the architect that was assigned with the design for the Cincinnati’s Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art. This building has been described as the newest and imperative buildings in the USA from the era of when the Cold War existed. A variety of the projects of Zaha’s include public transportation, opera houses and libraries.

3. Frank Lloyd Wright

Some people think that Frank Lloyd Wright is the best architect ever. This has to do with that he was already way ahead of his current time when it came to construction and building methods. He also never attended a formal based architecture school. His humble upbringing in America found him learning under another great legend known as Louis Sullivan. To this very day Frank is still recognized for his organic influences and prairie-styled buildings. His natural and organic forms that appear to blend into nature along with innovative detailing is still regarded as the best design and building concepts, even after 150 years.

4. Eero Saarinen

Saarinen was born in Finland and started his works in his father’s civil engineering contractors firm. It was in Cranbrook that he became acquainted with Charles Eames and the 2 went onto design new types of furniture forms. Eames and Saarinen were participants in the “Organic Design In Home Furnishings.” Saarinen then went onto further his architectural roots and produced the TWA terminal at the JFK Airport along with the Dulles International Airport.

5. Norman Foster

One of the fans of Frank Lloyd Wright, this British architect worked early on in his career as one of the associates for Buckminster Fuller, who was a noted inventor and visionary of the Geodesic Dome. The tessellated patterns of the triangular forms made a significant impression on Foster as the majority of his famous building all feature a similar surface treatment regarding their façades.

Exhibit A: The Mary Axe based in London also known as The Gherkin, is one of the commercial skyscrapers in the financial district on London which opened in the year 2004. The pickle-like form that tapers into a point, has become one of the international icons and is today as synonymous to London like the Eiffel Tower is to Paris.

How to Transform Small Bathrooms With Inventive Designs

By: Oskari Kettunen

Small rooms can appear to be more substantial when the floors are wet. Did you know that you can completely transform a shower room by removing the outdated shower enclosure? Today, many bathrooms are large, but there can still be comfort and style with a compact bathroom. All of this can be accomplished by merely maximizing the space.

What is the smallest room in a house? It could be the main bathroom located in a small house. Or, it could be the second or third bathroom in a house that’s large. One bathroom design is an en-suite bathroom. These are created to fit narrow settings. You often see them in loft conversions to utilize open corners. No matter what scenario you’re dealing with in your home, an innovative bathroom design can transform the tiniest room into an attractive and practical space.

Space and Storage

One room that can become more chaotic than any other is the bathroom, particularly when it’s a family bathroom. It’s not uncommon in these situations to find toothpaste, cosmetics, hair gels and more covering shelves, window sills, sink tops, etc.

To make the most of the bathroom space, especially when the bathrooms are tiny, it’s essential to get smart with storage. Wall cabinets are a good idea. Placing these cabinets high enough out of reach of children, but low enough for easy access, is ideal. Floating shelves are another good use of tiny bathroom space. These kinds of shelves should be supported on concealed brackets and are a good solution for bathroom products.

Another great idea is tiered wire baskets. These are great for holding towels and wash rags. When you need to remove the items, tiered wire baskets makes it easy to do. Also, rail placed on a door or wall are useful. These are great for dressing gowns, robes and damp towels. Those floor level radiators take up a lot of space, and many of them are outdated in design. Instead, go for a heated towel rail and switch it on and off as needed.

How often do you use your bathtub? In the 21st-century, taking a bath has mostly been replaced by taking a shower. So if you rarely use your tub, replace it with a square shower cubicle. With the saved space, invest in a storage cabinet or vanity unit.

Light and Reflection

Mirrors and glass are as traditional as they come. But even today, they are a perfect and efficient way to reflect light and to give the illusion of depth and height. With that in mind, a sizeable mirrored cabinet or a long wall mirror, for examples, can make a narrow location seem wider than it is. Furthermore, when you place a wall mirror above a vanity unit, you can make the space look elegant and classy. Another way to get this look is with a glass bath screen which allows light to flow through. Finally, consider replacing your bathroom blinds over the window with a frosted window. You’ll still get the privacy, but you’ll retain maximum light.

Tricks and Tips

Color plays a significant role in how big or small a room can look. If you utilize dark flooring, for example, a small space will look even smaller. However, neutral walls and floor tiles will create a consistent feel of spaciousness and light.

Consider plain vinyl flooring. It provides a uniform space with no breaks or lines. The look also provides an open and fluid foundation for the rest of the room. Furthermore, vinyl flooring is durable and easy to clean, which is excellent for family settings.

Even though showers are popular these days, you may still want a tub. But how do you squeeze one effectively into a small bathroom? “Try a compact corner bath or a small square hip bath” advises water industry contractors Woodhams Group. These are great for small spaces and awkward angles. Or, try a freestanding bath with squared-off edges. These tinier, roll-top baths fit neatly into corners.

You’ll find that there are lots of useful tricks and innovative ideas you can utilise. They can turn the tiniest of rooms into valuable assets for your home.

Special Educational Needs For Disadvantaged Children

By: Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuño

As any parent will tell you, one of the most important factors of any child’s upbringing is education. Even in a general sense, there are many considerations that must be made. When it comes to children who have mental or physical disadvantages however, their special education needs can make matters even more complicated.

Many conditions — cerebral palsy for example — have a wide range of severity. It can be quite difficult to determine what’s best for a child’s education when they have special needs. However, most experts recommend the usage of an early support system in order to promote development even at a young age.

With severe cases, a child will often need highly dedicated support. Special cerebral palsy schools, therapeutic input, personal teachers, and corresponding equipment are also common requirements. On the other hand, there are milder cases of many conditions — even CP — in which the child may be able to follow along with a traditional curriculum without much additional support.

The Statement Of Special Educational Needs

For children that have complex, severe needs that can’t be accommodated by the resources of your average state school, the Statement of Special Educational Needs must be utilized. This can help ensure that the child can receive an adequate education. Additional support such as therapy, special placement, or teaching assistants can then be gathered, even in general school settings.

A Statement is a document that has complete legal binding. Its contents can help establish the specific special education needs of your child, while also determined which educational provisions would best suit them. In general, the best school that can fulfill these provisions will also be named.

Statements are generally divided into six parts. They are naturally immensely important documents given their aim to help children receive the exact degree of support they need. A Statement’s provision absolutely must be delivered, and it’s up the Local Authority to help see the matter through.

Education Options

All schools must admit any student if they have any special educational needs in place. Even institutions which feel ill prepared to cater to the child’s requirements can not refuse them. In general, this helps produce a more inclusive environment. The same must be delivered even for children who do not have a Statement given existing admission procedures which state that fair treatment is a necessity.

It must be considered that children that do have Statements are afforded ultimately have more options however. If the parents have a school preference, they can suggest it in a Statement by name. Only in instances where the Local Authority feels the special needs of a child would not mesh with the education of the other students can a parental school preference be denied. In some cases, a specialist school will be necessary.

The Choice Of The Parent

Parents always have a right to express their preference of schools for their child. All of their reasoning will be fully accounted for. There are no rights that offer guarantees that their preference will be chosen however.

In many instances, it will be clear which special requirements a child will need. Educational and health care professionals can also step in to help determine which school might be best for them. On the other hand, there are often disagreements between parents and authority figures within those industries over what type of school (and which school in particular) will be necessary.

In instances with children that have mild to mid cerebral palsy, there are just as many possible choices on the table. It can prove very challenging to make sure the best possible educational path is taken. As a final word of comfort however: the vast majority of children are generally accepted into the school that the parents choose.

The Top Three Reasons Why Commercial Properties Need Fire Sprinkler Systems

By: State Farm

Any business or commercial property owner will agree that one of the most crucial aspects of property ownership is fire protection. It is essential that one maintain the safety of not only the building, but the employees within the property. In addition to the fact that fire damage can result in damage costs and loss of labour, legal regulations expect property owners to meet a minimum standard of safety maintenance making this a top priority feature. This article will provide information on how fire safety can be attained and maintained.

1. Fire Safety Procedures And Planning

According to statistics, approximately 35% of all businesses do have fire safety plans. This means that 65% of companies do not have any fire safety procedures in place. This is far too low as fire safety should be a top priority among owners and their staff. All employees should be aware of fire safety procedures and know where the fire exits are for their own security.

2. The Prevention Of Commercial Fires

One method used to prevent commercial fires is the use of fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps. The fire sprinkler system is a type of equipment designed to actively control or extinguish a fire. This system is able to keep a fire contained until fire-fighters are available to put out the fire completely. The majority of “quick response” water sprinklers release approximately 24 gallons per minute; whereas, the standard fire hose will release approximately 80-125 gallons per minute.

It is well-known that the majority of corporate buildings utilise fire sprinkler systems to prevent fire damage to the property. What is not known is the significance of these sprinkler systems in the case of fires. In fact, evidence has found that the use of fire sprinkler systems is a form of protection that is more effective than the use of fire hoses.

3. The Benefits Of The Fire Sprinkler System

If you are considering investing in the fire sprinkler system, it is important that you take into account the different advantages to using this piece of equipment.

• The System Is Practically Flawless

Recent research performed on fires has found that the use of fire sprinkler systems operated effectively for 91% of all reported structural fires that were large enough to activate the fixture settings. Consequentially, approximately nine out of ten times the sprinkler system was successful. The reason why the fire sprinkler system ceased to work was due to poor or no maintenance. This fact indicates the necessity and significance of regular maintenance to commercial sprinkler systems with replacements when required.

• Ability To Reduce Property Damage By 50%

It is common knowledge that fires can lead to devastating structural damage with detrimental injury to people inside the property. Research into fires discovered that when paired with an early warning system, the automatic fire sprinkler system was able to reduce the property damage, staff injury and potential loss of life by at least 50%.

• Reducing The Number Of Fatalities

Potentially one of the most significant aspects of the commercial fire sprinkler systems is that they are able to reduce the number of fire-related fatalities. Research conducted by the National Fire Protection Associated founded that there is no record of more than two lives being lost in buildings using fully functioning and well maintained fire sprinkler systems.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, using a complete fire sprinkler system is essential for effective fire protection within corporate buildings. If the property already presents with a sprinkler system, it is recommended that the fire alarm inspections are up to date and the fire protection equipment is fully functioning. Fire alarm inspections can contribute to fatalities; therefore, it is essential that the equipment is functioning when required.