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Drawing A Floor Plan

In general, a floor plan is a diagram offering scaled insight on how a room/building is viewed from above. It can be customised to show a room, a floor, or an entire building depending on what’s required. The floor plan will also include additional details such as furniture, appliances, measurements, and anything else necessary for the plan to be organised. These floor plans can be used for multiple purposes including setting up wiring systems, furniture, or simply seeing how the property looks. It can become a valuable part of being a successful real estate agent or leasing company owner because it clarifies what the property offers.

Benefits of Floor Plan Designs

Floor plan designs are a critical component of constructing a home. In most cases, the floor plan is going to act as a way to offer value to the space and illustrate how it flows from area to area. This can make it easier to resell on the open market.

What are key parts of a good floor plan?

1) Versatility

It has to start with ensuring the room is versatile or flexible. This means it should work for numerous requirements whether it is going to be a lounging area or a child’s nursery. This is critical while selling a property to a new buyer.

2) Proper Layout

This means a bedroom should never look like it is a simple entertainment spot. While bathrooms shouldn’t be directed towards entertainment spots where one would sit like the living room. You also want to look at the kitchen and where it is located with regards to the living room. This makes it easier for you to interact with guests while they are sitting in these rooms or if your children are playing in the family room.

3) Size

To design a floor plan, you have to think about the sizing. You want to understand how many people are going to be housed in a particular room. Will they be able to sit? Will they be able to move around freely? Will they be able to put furniture down without cutting off space?

4) Suits Lifestyle

The flow of a property is going to stem from its floor plan. It has to be able to entertain as that is going to ensure it works well from top to bottom. For those who are going to be working from home, it becomes critical to have a proper office that has light coming in. It should also be a spot that is peaceful. Another example would be someone who does regular laundry and wants it to be as close to their main room as possible instead of having to go down three set of stairs.

5) Balance

Balance is important because there are multiple factors at play such as the heating, cleaning, safety of the kids, and even utility bills. All of these details play a role.

6) Marketing

Floor plans are also essential when it comes to illustrating what the space has to offer. Buyers need to get a gist of what they are getting as soon as they see the plan. Research has shown real estate buyers pay attention to the floor plans and do deem it as an important part of their research and decision-making. In fact, buyers state they want a proper floor plan more than a set of images or a detailed description. The same goes for sellers who are looking to hire a real estate agent. They want someone that is able to offer a floor plan.

7) Click-Through Rate

According to studies done online, real estate agents that use floor plans see an uptick in click-throughs to the listing or website. It can rise up to 52% compared to sites without floor plans. This is why floor plans are also important when it comes to speaking with contractors for remodelling projects. It opens up everything.

Drawing Floor Plan

1) Choose Area

What area will be drawn? Is it already made? Is it a room/floor/entire building? If it doesn’t exist, you will want to brainstorm as much as possible. You will want to know how big it will be too.

2) Cite Measurements

If the structure is present, this will be easier as you simply have to measure everything (doors/walls/furniture). If it is a new area, you will need to focus on the land itself. You will want to compare buildings in the area too.

3) Draw Walls

The walls are key and can help scale the floor plan.

4) Draw Architectural Features

Start to add in the rest of the floor plan with things such as appliances, windows, and doors.

Different Stag Do Ideas To Consider

In all honesty, you can drink 10 pints at a local pub or you could be with your best mate in Spain, on their last weekend before they are married, and it should be a little more memorable. Here are a few stag ideas that you ought to consider that will certainly make the groom-to-be’s moment with you a long-lasting memory.

1. Barcelona Bangers

Are you having trouble coming up with Barcelona stag ideas right now? If you were to simply sit on the beach for the entire weekend, that would be a waste of time. At this particular coastal city, like the fun EVG capital Porto, there are many fun things to do. You need to get everyone up out of bed, check out a few bars, and discover why so many people regard Spain’s second city as being the first when it is actually not.

Camp Nou Stadium Tour

If the groom that you are trying to show a good time is a fanatic over football, Barcelona stag ideas might lead you to Camp Nou. You should consider taking the stadium tour while you are there. There are many things to see including the dugouts, changing rooms, commentators box, museum and even the pressroom.

Beach bar crawl

One of the top activities that people are attracted to when they reach Spain is going to the bars that so many people covet. It might be advantageous to go to Barceloneta beach, for the sole purpose of doing what many people call a beach bar crawl. There are several places including lounges and chiringuitos that have a great view of the ocean. If you happen to be in Barcelona, this is highly recommended for any stag that is there.

Yacht charter

Many people believe that chartering a yacht is going to be out of the price range, but that’s not the case if you are in Barcelona. We, in fact, have access to both charter and motor yachts, all of which are priced affordably. You might head over to Port Olimpic or try to achieve the ranks of Ambramovich et al. The time you will be on the cruise will be roughly 2 hours. Bottles of cava can be thrown in for the purpose of toasting the groom in his final hours as a bachelor.

2. Canyoning in Malaga

Extreme sports are something else to consider, or perhaps taking a canoe over to Malaga. Just make sure that safety gear is supplied and used, something that can help people stay safe as they are going through this portion of the canyon. You do need to be physically fit, and it’s also recommended that you are able to swim while you are in the water. Having a fear of heights is not recommended! That is because you are going to be able to go to the top of waterfalls, jump off into pools of water and truly experience nature at its finest.

3. Beer Biking in Madrid

Whether you have been regularly cycling, or if it has been a few years, it really doesn’t matter with this next activity. After all, this will not be as tough as the Tour de France. You will likely have power assisted panels, and there will be a driver that can steer for you. All you have to do is relax and observe the beautiful landmarks that you will see in this area of Madrid.

Two L of beer will be provided for everyone on the tour which will last about one hour. They also have a Spotify sound system, allowing you to create any playlist that you want.

Some people will feel that they have experienced much of the culture, even though they will not be touring an art gallery. You are simply taking a tour of Madrid, preferably on a beer bike, heading to all of the top attractions. This will include seeing the Neptune fountain, Cibeles Square, and many other marble sculptures. Will also had through the old city gate of Puerta de Alcala, plus ride down one of the most exclusive and expensive streets called Serrano Street.

4. Buggy adventure in Benalmadena

Finally, a stag should not just simply sit on the beach, but shouldn’t they explore as much as possible? There is something called the Benalmadena buggy adventure, and experience that will take you away from the typical tourist attractions. Unlike most tours that may be conducted on a Jeep, you will literally be in the driver seat. Some have referred to this as off-road karting. Once you are in the buggy, you will be able to go down steep hills, reach high elevations, and experience some of the most beautiful shallow rivers and rock outcroppings.

Unique Stag Do Ideas For a Great Weekend

Traditionally, stag parties are deemed to be low-maintenance events. The lads hit the pub downtown, sink a few pints and maybe hire a stripper. This is often considered to be the height of stag do ideas.

However, in this modern age, the idea of a stag party as something that deserves more thought in order to make it more exciting is becoming more and more popular. It is 2018, and it is time to upgrade. Stags are upping up their game- after all, it’s their last weekend of freedom, and it calls for something unique and memorable. We have decided to lower the burden by listing some of the best stag do ideas for a great weekend:

1. Barcelona Bangers

Of, course you can hit the beach all weekend, but there is nothing special about that. This is a coastal region packed with cool stuff. So, get the mates out of bed, avoid the bar for a few hours and get to know why Spain’s second largest city rocks.

Yacht Charter

The word yacht can quickly lead you into thinking that it is out of your price range. There are numerous motor yachts in Barcelona that are charted at decent prices. The average cruise time is two hours, and you can even get a few bottles of cava to cheer the man of the hour.

Camp Nou Stadium

If the man of the hour is a fan of football, then a trip to the popular Camp Nou can be an excellent stag idea. It is located in the city centre, and so, it would just be ignorant not to visit the stadium. Check out the player’s tunnel, press room, dugouts, changing rooms as well as the museum. The trip will undoubtedly be memorable.

Beach Bar Crawl

Barcelona’s beach bar scene is undeniably a place to behold. In the afternoon, take the mates to the Barcelona beach and do the beach bar crawl. This is a must do stag if you are in the city for the weekend.

2. Beer Biking in Madrid

It doesn’t matter whether you haven’t cycled in decades. This is not a sports competition. Much similar to beer bike in Lisbonne, a driver will handle the steering, and the bikes have power-assisted pedals.

So, load up as much cold beer as you like and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Madrid has to offer. Each member of your team gets about two litres of beer for the tour that lasts for 1 hour. There’s also access to a Spotify sound system, which gives you the opportunity to choose your own playlist for the ride.

You will be able to say that you experienced Madrid’s culture on your stag weekend without laying foot inside an art gallery. The beer bike trip will take you through the region’s popular attractions from the marble sculptures in Plaza de Cibeles to the Neptune fountain and through the old city gate (Puerta de Alcala) along Serrano Street.

3. Canyoning in Malaga

If you and your stag party members are on the search for extreme sports ideas, canyoning in Malaga is something you may want to consider. Canyoning is similar to coasteering in that it involves making your way through a part of a canyon with the gear provided. It requires swimming abilities and a considerable level of fitness. You also need a head for heights as you will be jumping off ledges, abseil waterfalls and generally fight nature’s forces. Regardless, it is a fun and memorable thing to do with your stag party team.

As you can, see there are may stag do ideas in Barcelona. Let it be exciting and memorable by doing some or all the mentioned activities.



Stag Do Ideas With a Different Approach

By: Michael Pollak

A good stag do is not about getting drunk. Well…maybe half of it is about getting smashed into next Sunday, but there is more to a stag do than sitting at the pub and playing coinage til everyone eventually passes out. You can do that next Sunday. For this occasion, you need to show your friends why you are in charge of the party. You are going to give your friend a proper send-off into a confusing world of monogamy and heaven knows what else. The least you can do is make it as kick-ass as he expects it to be.

1. Canyoning In Malaga

Do you have something challenging in mind? Does getting smashed and forgetting where you put the ring just doesn’t hold that much lustre anymore?  If this is the situation, consider canyoning. It will take you on an adventure involving all kinds of daring situations. Of course, you want to have a little fitness to your name before attempting canyoning, given the abseiling, extreme diving and swimming, climbing onto high ledges, this is not for the faint at heart. If a group celebrating EVJF in Marbella can do it then why not a stag group!

2. Discover Your Environment

Are you seriously at a loss regarding your Barcelona stag do ideas? Because you need to realise where you are for a second. There’s a reason why so many people confuse Barcelona as the capital of Spain, but you’ll only find that reason after getting your butt in gear. And don’t forget, you are dealing with a coastal city here. Everything from going in, to coming out, will leave an impression.

Camp Nou Stadium Tour

Chances are the groom likes his share of football, which is why you need to make it part of your Barcelona stag do. More specifically, you need to make your way down to the city centre and check out the notorious Camp Nou. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but after walking through the same halls as your favourite players, it really gets your blood flowing. In fact, staying in Barcelona without visiting the stadium should be considered a shame by all football fans.

Scout Out the Beach Bars

There is something different about a pub at the beach, and Barcelona boasts with the best of them. And the best time to start your beach pub crawling is in the afternoon. Head down to Barceloneta beach and go nuts between the lounges overlooking the ocean.

Charter a Yacht

Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? But it’s not if you know the right people. In this case, you are in good company, seeing as we own several motor yachts and we’ll gladly make them available to you. Just get that groom over to Port Olimpic and he’ll enjoy the night like he was meant to. The trip usually lasts about two hours, and we sponsor a few celebration bottles of cava for you and your friends to enjoy on the yacht.


3. Beer Biking In Madrid

Whether you haven’t cycled in a long time or cycled at all in your life, this is the one bike ride you are going to enjoy without falling over. As the name suggests, you take a ride with 2lt of beer. And while you enjoy the beer and the scenery, a driver handles the bike with motorised pedals. Yes, this is an actual tour where you get wasted from start to finish. It’s about an hour long, so get ready to slug it down.

You should also know there is a Spotify sound system on board. This allows you to choose the music that gets played on the very informative tour. Wait a minute. You actually see something of value? Yep, it’s a piece of culture you’ll take home with you. Because you’ll make your way through the city centre and view scenes like the marble sculptures of Cibeles Square, and the Neptune Fountain.

4. Buggy Adventures In Benalmadena

Don’t feel like blending with all the other tourists? Of course not. You want to make this a stag do everyone in the party is going to remember forever. So, what about taking things off road with a buggy adventure? They are made to tackle those hills and steep climbs. What more can you ask for?

Plan the Perfect Stag Do For Your Mate

By: David

If your mate is getting ready to tie the knot, you may want to make sure you’ll get to celebrate in the most exciting and enjoyable way possible. If you’d like to prepare a memorable celebration for your mate, there are a few different stag do ideas worth considering. Whether you are organising an EVG or an EVJF in Madrid, Barcelona or anywhere in Spain, read our guide first below!

Get Busy in Barcelona

Many people love to travel to Barcelona for the beach, but why waste all your time sitting on the sand? There are so much more for you to do with your mates while hanging out in Spain. Instead of sleeping in, go out and take a look at what the city has to offer during the day. You can hit the bars and clubs in the evening after you’ve explored more of Barcelona together.

  • Visit the Camp Nou

Does the groom love everything about football? It’s a sport he may enjoy playing and watching when he isn’t busy snogging with his partner. Check out the full tour of the stadium with all your mates for a football-themed stag do. During the tour, you’ll all get the chance to visit the different spots that are commonly frequented by the players, such as the dugout area and the press room.

  • Hit the Bars on the Beach

If you do want to go to the beach, make it an unforgettable night by completing a bar crawl where you’ll get to visit several of the different bars throughout the night. There are quite a few bars on the beach that will give you and your mates the perfect view of the ocean water. It’s something that should be added to the to-do list for the stag do.

  • Get on a Yacht

Do you think getting on a yacht is going to cost a fortune? Well, not necessarily. There are tons of options available in the area, which means you’ll be able to find some great specials and deals since the different chartered yacht companies have to compete with one another. Take advantage of their competitive prices and hang out with your mates on the yacht while cruising for a few hours and drinking some tasty alcoholic beverages.

Go For an Extreme Adventure

Does each person in the group have a love of extreme sports and activities that will get the adrenaline flowing? If so, you might want to try canyoning. The group will get to explore the canyon while completing a few different tasks, which may include climbing, crawling, and even swimming.

Canyoning is best suited for those who aren’t afraid of heights or adventures. Your mates will have a stellar time jumping around from ledges and enjoying the natural waterfalls while exploring all that nature has to offer.

Bike and Beer While Hanging Out in Madrid

Hop on a group bicycle while drinking as much as you could possibly want to drink with your mates. Worried you’ll have to pedal all night long? Well, not exactly. There is a driver who can help with steering the bicycle and you don’t have to pedal if you don’t want to.

Most people start the night off with bicycling but stop using the pedals after they’ve had a few drinks. Whether you want to pedal or not, the beer bike tour is a great way to have some drinks and good conversations while viewing the scenery and seeing some of the best landmarks in Madrid.

Get Away From the Tourists

Would you like to avoid dealing with too many people? If you’d prefer something a bit more personal and private yet fun and exciting, why not go on a buddy adventure with your mates for the stag do? You’ll head out in the opposite direction of the popular tourist attractions and over to an area with tons of space and hills. You and your mates will get to have a pleasant time riding around in the buggies.

Planning the perfect stag do isn’t too difficult. Simply think of the things you know your mate would like to do and then create an itinerary that is loaded with fun and excitement.

Creative Ideas For Stag Dos

By: SAM Nasim

Let’s be honest, downing 10 pints at your local boozer anytime. It is your best mate’s final weekend of freedom, so that calls for something more memorable than that. So when you need something different, choose something from the following stag do ideas. From extreme sports in Malaga to chilled beer biking experince for your junggesellenabschied in Madrid, we have everything covered below.

1. Barcelona Bangers

Are you having a hard time coming up with creative ideas for a Barcelona stag do? You could sit on all weekend long on the beach, but that would be a crying shame. This coastal city full of seriously cool things to do. So get the boys to get out of bed, avoid the bars for a couple of hours and discover why this city is so awesome.

  • Camp Nou Stadium Tour

If your groom is a big football fan, then a Barcelona stag-do must include a visit to the sacred Camp Nou. It is located in the centre of the city so you really don’t want to miss taking a tour of the stadium. Check out the museum, commentators box, press room, dugouts, players’ tunnel, and changing rooms.

  • Beach bar crawl

It can be argued that the beach bar scene of Barcelona is the best in all of Spain. Head over to the beach in the afternoon and go on a beach bar crawl. Hit the lounges and chiringuitos that overlook that ocean. For any Barcelona stag do, this is an absolute must.

  • Yacht charter

You shouldn’t automatically assume that a Barcelona yacht charter is too expensive for you. We own several motor yachts that are available for charter at reasonable prices. Head on over to Port Olimpic to join Ambramovich and company. The average length of these cruises is 2 hours. We will even throw in a couple of bottles of cava for toasting the groom.

2. Canyoning in Malaga

If your groom is an extreme sports fan and you are searching for a good stag do ideas, then you should look into canyoning in Malaga. Canyoning is similar to coasteering and involves winding your way through a canyon through using your safety gear and body. You do need to be reasonably fit and be able to swim. You need to be comfortable with heights as well. Expect to be scrambling over rocks, jumping into deep pools off of ledges and fighting the forces of Mother nature while canyoning.

3. Beer Cycling In Madrid

It really doesn’t matter if its been years since you rode a bike. After all, this isn’t exactly the Tour de France! All the steering will be taken care of by a driver, and there are power-assisted pedals on the beer bike. Sit back and relax, drink all of the ice cold beer that you want and check out all of the famous landmarks in Madrid.

On the 1-hour tour, each member that is part of your stag party will receive 2 litres of beer. On board, there is also a Spotify sound system, so you can create a party playlist of your own for your tour.

You will be able to honestly say you got in some culture while enjoying your stag weekend without needing to go into an art gallery. Touring Madrid aborad a beer bike takes you through the top attractions of the city centre. Party, pedal and check out the Neptune fountain and marble sculptures at Cibeles Square. Ride past the old city gate of Puerta de Alcala and along Serrano Street, which is one of Spain’s most exclusive and expensive areas.

4. Buggy ride in Benalmadena

Are you interested in a stag do involving exploration rather than just sitting on a beach? Going on a Benalmadena buggy ride will take you up into the hills and away from the tourist areas. This activity, unlike Jeep tours, puts your stags in the driver’s seat. It is similar to off-road karting. These buggies have been built to be able to handle shallow rivers, rocky outcrops, steep descents, and hills.

How to Effectively Handle the Process of Change

By: Darren Moloney

Making effective changes to the operational process can be a tough one to get right. Whether it be a new forklift, altering processing orders for equipment or simple pallet racking it can be a challenge to perfect.

From the perspective of your suppliers, the only changes that need implementing are those that have been clearly outlined in the original contract and quotations. Many larger quotations should have stipulations that allow for these alterations but sadly most do not.

From the view of the customers, changes need to be made right away so that things can be the way they should. This is a brash attitude and often lacks a full analysis of the situation including details of what are the other options available and how this change will impact other aspects of the projects.

Following are some tips by Pallet Truck Direct on how to implement changes while mitigating negative consequences.

Step 1. Identify the change

Where is the change needed and who brought it up? Was it the staff? Senior management? Did the operations team mention the need for a change? Perhaps it was brought to your attention that wire decks were the most applicable pallet safety option, as opposed to safety bars. If you are timely with your response you can save resources and prevent your carefully planned timetable from being seriously impacted.

Take the time to fully measure the change that is needed and get a look at it from all angles, especially how it is expected to affect the baseline. Get a full view of what the project will look like when you are done.

Step 2. Look at the impact carefully

Will the scope, quality, cost or projected timeline be altered? What are the various changes that a change will cause in the expected final results of the project? The performance baseline for example.

Step 3. Create a change request

To ensure that everything runs smoothly and is properly coordinated, create an updated proposal, revised quotation, end-user request form, sign-off sheet and as many other documents as you can think of to ensure all parties have plenty of review and reference materials available to them. The process of all the changes to be implemented should follow the process.

Step 4. Assess the change

Will the project be affected by these changes in any significant ways? Could this change represent an entirely new project? Go all the way back to the first step and ask if the changes are really needed anyway? Perhaps the way things are running now is simply good enough and any possible advantage don’t really justify the change.

Perhaps the change was brought up at a time when the pallet safety features were being constructed? Does everyone involved fully understand what the purpose the change will have? Were they even aware of all aspects of the project when it was underway? We should also point out that wire mesh and safety bars are not your most common type of change. Nevertheless, we can see from this example that the replacement being suggested may not be necessary at all, a point that the shareholders will understand once they have been explained the full impact of the change.

Step 5. Look for options

What can we do to achieve the same results, without actually implementing the exact change suggested? What are the options? What are the opportunities presented by this change and what are the biggest concerns? It could be that the management team made no approval for the pushback racking system. So, everything is in place to implement the change, except for the equipment to do the job that will be ready in two weeks, because of a scheduled implementation.

But, if you were to consider other options you may find that doubling up on the racking could produce the same results you need. This will also improve the speed of completion, reduce costs and even benefit leads times. It may not have the same density you hoped for (but if density is an issue you can try going back to back double deep) but the alterations will have the same desired effect. You may see that the design and functionality is not changed that much, but it could require different equipment, for example. Will you need a special reach forklift because of your changes?

Dave Macleod’s Guide to Choosing Winter Gloves

By: David Jones

Your personal choice of the type of gloves you use is important, whether you use leather gloves for driving or waterproof gloves for winter activities. In this article, we will focus on the latter There are two main factors affecting your choice – the activity where you intend to use them and the environment. Other vital aspects you need to know fall on how thin or thick these things should, fast drying or waterproof, warm or efficient. There are many questions about choosing a winter glove. Some ideas have been clarified by a Pro-Team athlete named Dave Macleod. This is a guide for winter climbers who find it hard to pick the best type of gloves for them.


In most circumstances, it takes a lot of energy and strength to wear thick gloves when using ice tools for a prolonged period. A thick glove tightly covers your hand which means there is less muscular energy while there is greater friction. In fact, these are the two elements explaining why climbers tend to endure pain on a hard route.

Dave Macleod added that as a lean rock climber, fat is stored on the fingers and heels. It was the time when he had his DEXA body composition scanned. His background in physiology helped him realized that the hand insulates itself on a palmar side. The hands are composed of thick ligament sheets which are spread through the palm. These sheets are called palmar aponeurosis. They are both useful in insulating the hands each time you touch cold surfaces with your palm. However, the back portion of the hand is covered with thin skin. This means that this part of the hand is sensitive while the palm is resistant to extreme temperature.

Thus, the thickness cannot affect dexterity because of more insulation in the glove’s back portion. However, it can affect protection.

Fit Your Gloves

As mentioned above, one key factor to check when looking for a glove is its insulative properties. This is highly essential, especially with mountaineering and climbing activities. When talking about the functional aspects (such as dexterity), how the gloves fit your hands is crucial, too. In choosing thicker gloves, you must consider the design and curve of the finger articulation. Bear in mind that the palmar surface’s frictional properties are vital to achieving less muscular effort and good grip.

In addition to this Dave Macleod’s guide to winter gloves, selecting the right size of the glove should not be overlooked. He stated that picking a small size prevents this thing to protrude at the end of the fingertips. Thus, it will not be hindered if you want to achieve dexterity. However, your gloves should not be squeezing your hands whenever you grip around your ice tool.


In most cases, waterproofness of the gloves is an issue that should be addressed accordingly. If you have been to various winter mountaineering activities (including Scottish winter), you need to provide at least a pair of waterproof gloves. This is a very important piece of kit that must be with you always.

Sliding ropes using your hands can melt snow even in extreme cold. Without the presence of a waterproof membrane, the snow will be soaked through the glove easily. However, this situation does not tell that the waterproof gloves will not get damp inside. The moment you have to take these things off will pave the way for moisture to get in the gloves and your hands.

Make sure that your hands are dry before putting on the gloves to your hands. As much as possible, do not expose the glove opening to the cold and snow itself. The best way you can do is to put the gloved hand inside the outer jacket (which is half-zipped). Do this before you draw out the hands out. This is an effective technique to stay warm and comfortable with your gloves.

It takes extra care to guarantee that your hands will stay amid cold mountaineering activity. Your knowledge about choosing the right winter gloves will keep you going. Using this guide from Dave Macleod’s, you can prevent wasting money because of the wrong choice of gloves.

Colour Therapy and Its Benefits

By: Marco Verch

It was in early 20th Century Europe when the therapeutic use of colour was investigated, just after reflexology course was established. The most notable figure in the investigations was Rudolph Steiner, who related colour to shape, form, and sound. Rudolph suggested that some forms amplify the vibrational quality of certain colours and that some combinations of shape and colour have either regenerative or destructive effects on a living organism.

Max Luscher, a former Basle University psychology professor, was another prominent figure that claimed that colour references show glandular imbalance and/or states of mind, and can be used as the basis for psychological and physical diagnosis.

Luscher developed a theory that forms the basis of Luscher Colour tests, which rests on the idea that the significance of colour for man is rooted in his early history when day and night governed his behaviour. According to Luscher, colours associated with the two environments i.e. dark blue and yellow, are connected with the differences in the metabolic rate and glandular secretions suited to the energy needed for hunting in the daytime and sleeping during the night. Luscher also believed that involuntary or autonomic responses are also associated with other colours.

In the 1940’s was when support for Luscher’s theories was provided by S. V. Krakov, a Russian scientist that determined that the colour red stimulates the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system, while the colour blue is responsible for the stimulation of the parasympathetic part. Robert Gerard confirmed these findings in 1958.

Recent Applications of Colour

On the other end of the colour spectrum, red light has shown great promise when it comes to treating Cancer and Migraine Headaches. Due to this development, colour is increasingly being used as a therapeutic tool with various applications in the medical field. A new technique that has been developed over the last 2 decades due to pioneering research is PDT or Photodynamic Therapy.

It is based on the discovery that some photosensitive chemicals injected intravenously not only accumulate in Cancer cells but selectively identify the cells under ultraviolet light. The photosensitive chemicals then destroy only the Cancer cells when activated by red light, which has a longer wavelength that allows it to penetrate deeper into tissues than other colours.

PDT can be used either for diagnosis or treatment. The developer of PDT, Dr Thomas Dougherty, reports that over 3000 people from all over the world, with a wide variety of malignant tumours have actually been treated successfully using this technique.

Other Therapeutic Applications

Research also reveals that colour-tinted eyeglasses can be incredibly effective when it comes to treating learning difficulties, and dyslexia in particular. Helen Irlen, a psychologist, was the first to discover this, but it was regarded sceptically until the British Medical Research Council’s recent investigations confirmed the claims made by Irlen.

The Intuitive Colourimeter, a new optician’s device, was availed to British opticians in June 1993 so that they could measure which tint i.e. blue, green, yellow, or bright pink best helps the people that usually see text as wobbling, swirling or with the letters appearing in the wrong order.

Depression generally seems closely linked with melatonin levels, and the people that suffer from it usually show rapid improvement in response to light therapy using full-spectrum lamps or natural sunlight. Research also confirms that some parts of the brain are not only sensitive to light but also respond differently to different wavelengths. It is now actually believed that radiation of different wavelengths (colour) interact differently with the endocrine system to reduce or stimulate the production of hormones.

It could be thought that modern-day healing using colour is based on the discoveries of Western science over the last several decades. However, it is based on an older and esoteric science whose practices and principles have still not been acknowledged, much less verified by scientists in the West.

Healing using colour has its roots in ancient mysticism whose major principles are common to several different cultures all over the world.

Colour Therapy Benefits

By: Ann

Throughout the early twentieth century, investigations were carried out on the therapeutic uses of colour, and especially by Rudolph Steiner in Europe, who related colour to sound, shape and form.

Steiner suggested that certain colours have a vibrational quality that some forms amplify and that certain combinations of shape and colour have either regenerative or destructive effects on organisms.

There was another prominent figure by the name of Max Luscher, a former psychology professor at Basle University, who made the claim that colour preferences indicate a glandular imbalance or certain states of mind and that they can be used as the basis for psychological and physical diagnosis.

This theory of Luscher’s, which the Luscher Colour Testis based on, is centred around the concept that the significance of colour for mankind originated during our early history when our behaviour was governed by day and night. Luscher believed the colours associated with the two environments were dark blue and yellow and were connected to the differences in glandular secretions and metabolic rate appropriate for the energy needed for daytime hunting and nighttime sleep. He also believed the involuntary (autonomic) responses were associated with different colours.

During the 1940s there was support provided for Luscher’s theories by S.V. Krakov, a Russian scientist, who established that the sympathetic part of the human autonomic nervous system is stimulated by the colour red, while the parasympathetic part is stimulated by the colour blue. Robert Gerard confirmed his findings in 1958.

Recent Colour Applications

It has been shown that red light is effective in treating Cancer and Migraine Headaches. This has resulted in colour becoming widely accepted as an effective therapeutic tool for many different medical applications. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a new technique that has been developed over the last twenty years from pioneering research.

The therapy has been based on the discovery that when certain photosensitive chemicals are intravenously injected accumulate within Cancell cells and also identify those cells selectively under ultraviolet light. Then those photosensitive chemicals destroy Cancer cells exclusively when a red light activates them. The longer wavelength enables it to penetrate more deeply into tissue than other colours can.

PDT may be used for both treatment and diagnosis. The creator of PDT, Dr. Thomas Doughtery, reported that a worldwide experiment involving over 3000 people, who had a wide variety of different malignant tumours, were treated successfully using PDT.

Other Therapeutic Applications

It has also been shown by research that colour-tinted eyeglass can be very effective in treating learning difficulties, dyslexia in particular along with a herbalist course. Psychologist Helen Irlen first discovered this but was received sceptically until the British Medical Research Council conducted investigations recently that confirmed the claims made by Irlen.

The Intuitive Colorimeter, which is a new optician’s device, was made available in June 1993 to British opticians that allowed them to measure which tint – blue, green, yellow or bright pink helps people the best who normally see text as wobbling, swirling, or with letters arranged in the wrong order.

In general, depression appears to be linked closely with melatonin levels, and those who suffer from it tend to see rapid improvement when exposed to light therapy that uses full-spectrum lamps or to natural sunlight. It has also been confirmed by research that certain areas inside the brain have different responses to different wavelengths in addition to being light sensitive. It is now thought that different wavelengths of radiation (colour) interact with the endocrine system differently to reduce or stimulate hormone production.

It may be assumed that modern Healing With Colour is based on Western scientific discoveries over the last couple of decades. However, it is actually based on more esoteric and ancient science whose practices and principles have not been acknowledged, let alone verified by modern scientists in the West.

Healing With Colour has its roots in ancient mysticism, with major principles that are common to various cultures all over the world.