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How to Prevent Burglaries In Your Home

1. Ensure All Windows and Doors Are Locked All the Time

By: Sherwood CC

Ensure All Windows And Doors Are Locked All The TimeLeaving windows and doors open or unattended makes your home an easy target for burglars. In addition to ensuring all external entry points are closed and under lock, you may have to replace weak locks with stronger ones. Thieves can be able to tell or spot a weak lock miles away, which is why installing stronger and more durable ones is recommended. Making it a habit of locking all doors and windows when leaving the house (even for brief trips) goes a long way in deterring burglars from attempting to gain entry into the same. To be on the safer side, consider using deadbolt locks in all exterior doors, and vertical bolts for sliding doors. Sliding doors should also be reinforced with a metal tract both at the bottom and top to prevent burglars from taking advantage of their weak points.

Particular attention and care are also needed for the garage door, and the door attached to the garage into the house. With many people neglecting their garage and adjacent doors, most burglars find these easy entry points. Be sure to put the adjacent door under lock, as well as the garage door for maximum security.

2. Invest In a Home Security System

The recent technological advancements have seen a sharp improvement in the home security system sector. Today, you can have everything ranging from door sensors, motion detectors, alarm systems, installation of money tube systems and security cameras installed in and outside your house at an affordable price. Some of these systems will not only deter malicious people from approaching your house but also record everything that happens in case of a burglary. Some of these systems send stress alerts to you and a security response system remotely hence recommended for all.

Always look for a trusted and reliable security systems company to buy these devices from, and have an expert install them. Most companies offer both installation and maintenance services too. Remember to alert family members and a few friends on the new systems in place to avoid false alarms.

3. Remember to Change Locks After Moving Into a New House

Whether you have already bought the apartment, or are a tenant, make sure the existing locks are changed as soon as you’ve moved in. The previous tenant/owner may still have keys for the same, or even worse, the locks could be compromised. Asking the landlord to change the locks before moving into a new rented house would, therefore, be a wise move.
3. Keep Valuables Safe And Out Of SightValuables such as car keys, jewellery, and other expensive items should always be kept away from the door or windows.  If possible, consider sing drapes or shutters to block the direct view into the house. Doing this will reduce/prevent cases of smash and grab as experienced in most neighbourhoods today. You could also invest in a lockbox or safe to keep most of your valuables in. Only share the safe’s passcode with the person you trust the most.

4. Never Label Personal Keys

While labelling your keys makes it easy to find the right one with ease, it also makes it easy for a malicious person to know what key to use where. Avoid labelling keys, but instead knowing them by how they look. Although it may sound hard at first, you will be surprised how easy it will be after some time. You also should avoid hiding spare keys outside the house. If possible, consider entrusting your extra keys to a trusted neighbour, friend, or a family member.

5. Reinforce Windows and Doors with Metal Bars or Safety Glass

Installing reinforcements on all exterior doors and windows makes it almost impossible for burglars to break in.  While it may seem extreme, this is a necessary measure for those living in dangerous neighbourhoods or concerned about their safety. A good manufacturer should be able to come up with innovative and creative ideas of working on the metal reinforcements to create something practical and aesthetically appealing.

Tips for Securing Your Home Against Burglars

* Always Keep Doors and Windows Closed and Locked

By: Kevin Jaako

Open doors and windows are open invitations for burglars to help themselves to the contents of your home. Doors and windows should be closed and securely locked at all times, both when you’re away from home and when you’re present. Professional thieves know how to spot weak locks and won’t hesitate to force their way through a flimsy one. Take a thorough look at your current window locks; upgrade them to more secure models if necessary. If your home has sliding doors, make sure they’re equipped with vertical bolts and a sturdy rod to block the operating track. This prevents both forced opening and lifting the door off its track. Always lock up your home when you leave, regardless of the potential brevity of your absence. Remain vigilant even if it’s raining; burglars don’t take the day off just because it’s damp!

The door between your garage and the rest of your home is a potential weak spot which is often overlooked by property owners. You can’t rely on your garage door for comprehensive security; the inner door needs to be as robust as your front door.

* Make a Lock Change Part of Your Move-In Process

If you’re renting your new home, ask your landlord to have the locks changed if he or she hasn’t yet done so. It’s impossible to be sure that every copy of every key was turned in by the last tenant; copies may have gone astray at any point during their tenancy. You don’t want any stranger to have the ability to walk into your home at will, so it pays to take extra precautions when you move into a new home.

* Use a Lockbox Or Home Safe to Protect Your Valuables

Whenever possible, mount your safe securely by bolting it to the floor. Ambitious burglars may otherwise remove your valuables by taking the entire safe! The combination or code to your safe should be shared only with a loved one you trust completely. Do not leave your safe combination posted or hidden anywhere in your home.

* Don’t Label Your Keys Or Hide Spare Keys In Vulnerable Locations

Labelled keys are ultimately more of a threat than a convenience. If they are lost or stolen, they can cause significantly more trouble than unmarked keys. Thieves are well aware of all the common dodges property owners use to hide spare keys outside their homes; you cannot rely on fake rocks or inaccessible spots (e.g. over the door frame) to keep your keys safe. Instead, leave spare keys with a neighbour you trust or invest in a Securikey safe for your keys. For rural properties where you have no nearby neighbours, store spare keys in a discreetly-located lockbox protected by a secure combination.

* Invest In a Home Security System

Modern security systems come with a huge range of optional features, including outdoor motion detectors, exterior door and window sensors, loud audio alarms, security cameras, and more. Consider your choices carefully and prioritise the features the best match your situation and your security concerns. Purchase your security system from a reputable company with a strongly positive reputation. After it’s installed, your security system needs to become an integrated part of your daily habits. Nothing could be more disheartening than leaving your home vulnerable to burglars because you were overwhelmed with the minor hassle of arming your security system every time you leave the house.

Make sure every member of your family understands the operation of the security system; this will cut down on annoying and potentially-costly false alarms. Even more important than avoiding pricey fines is avoiding the ‘boy who cried wolf’ effect. You don’t want to train your neighbours to ignore your alarm by letting it go off pointlessly!

* Strengthen Your Windows With Bars Or Safety Glass

Bear in mind that burglars often prioritize speed when entering a home. The quickest entry route is often to break a window. You can preclude this possibility by installing metal bars and or safety glass. These security features need not be eyesores; you’ll find plenty of products available that strike a good balance between extra security and a pleasant appearance.

Safeguarding Your Home

Keep windows and doors locked, day or night.

By: Andrey

It is very important to keep doors and windows locked despite being home or away. Burglars often look for open exterior doors and windows as an easy access point. Make sure you have a good quality window lock. Thieves can spot a weak lock and can break it very easily. This can be a very easy way for burglars to force themselves into your home. Also, make sure your home is equipped with deadbolt door locks. These ensure the door is locked securely. Deadbolts are much harder locks to pick. If your home has sliding doors make sure they are outfitted with vertical deadbolts. It is also a very good idea to stick a wooden rod in the door track for extra protection. This way there is no possible way to slide the door open on its existing track. Whether you leave your home for a minute or a few hours always lock your front door. Burglars can work very quickly.

One common entry point for burglars is the doorway attached to the garage. Often times people don’t lock it because they think the garage door will keep out intruders. This is not always the case. Intruders often target this door because it is the most likely to be unlocked.

Make sure to change every lock when moving into a new home.

If renting, make sure to ask your landlord to change the locks. Or, confirm with him that he has already switched them out. Many times, former tenants make duplicate keys that can be lost, forgotten, or even distributed. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to your home security. You do not want an unwanted guest walking into your locked home.

Never leave spare keys outside. Never label keys.

Burglars know exactly where to look for spare keys. They search under mats, find that fake rock and voila, they have entry into your home. It is a better idea to leave a key with a trusted neighbour or a family member who lives close by.  Another option would be to install a digital key store. If this is not an option you can purchase a lockbox with a secure passcode and store it somewhere safe on your property. Labelling your keys gives thieves a map to entry. This is especially scary when you lose your wallet and keys somewhere. A burglar can easily look in your wallet to find your address and have easy entry into your home.

Securely store anything valuable in a safe or lockbox.

Make sure to only give your passcode to your safe or lockbox to your most trusted confidant. Never write the passcode anywhere. This can be found by an intruder and negate the safe entirely. Also, if you have a small safe it may be a good idea to have it permanently attached to your home by a bolt. Often times intruders will just take the safe with them.


Think about installing a home security system.

Home security systems have become much more advanced in the last few years. Often times companies feature systems that include video surveillance, motion detectors, sensors attached to doors and windows, and even a loud alarm that will sound so other neighbours can be aware a break-in has happened. When selecting a security system, it is best to think about which features would be most beneficial for your home. Most companies allow you to choose your own package. Some people definitely feel they need video cameras, for instance, while others just want a basic alarm that sounds.

After your purchase, your alarm system, make it a habit to use it every single time you leave the house. Try to be aware of the system to avoid false alarms that can be annoying, loud, and may even result in large fines. Also, make sure to display home security stickers on your doors and windows. Many security systems also come with yard signs to deter burglars.

Reinforce windows with safety glass or metal bars.

Depending on where you live, it may be a smart idea to reinforce your windows and doors. Often times, a burglar will break a small or large window for easy access to your home. However, with safety bars, it is impossible for the intruder to be able to fit inside through the bars. Metal bar manufacturers have done a great job creating metal bars that are more decorative than previous versions.

Safeguard Your Property Against Burglars With These Tips

Are you worried about crime, particularly burglary? If so, you can safeguard your home. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Keep Windows and Doors Locked

Keeping your door open or window open is inviting bad guys to go into your home. This is why it’s important to close them and lock them, regardless if you’re home or not home. Strong window locks can do wonders but do make sure you update your window locks if it’s needed. Bad guys can easily spot weak locks, whether it’s door locks or window locks.

Every door in your home should have a deadbolt lock. As for sliding doors, install vertical locks, as well as a wooden rod or metal rod in the track. This will make it hard to force them open or from being lifted off of their tracks.

Also, always lock your front door when you leave the house, even if you’re going to be away for a very short period of time. If it’s raining outside or storming, then still lock up. Remember, bad guys still operate when the weather is bad.

Never forget about your garage door. Burglars love targeting garage doors because it usually means they’ll be able to gain entry into the home. Lock up your garage door at all times.

Install New Locks When You Move Into a New Home

If you’re renting a place, then ask your landlord to put in new locks, if they have yet to do it. You don’t know if the previously used keys were duplicated, even if they were returned to the landlord. You want to be as safe as possible and this is why you want to have the locks changed. If you bought a place, then do it yourself.

Get a Lockbox Or Safe

Get a safe or a lockbox. If possible, secure the safe to the floor by having it bolted down. Many bad guys will just enter a home, lift the safe and then leave with it. It’s a good idea to buy a document safe that requires a passcode but do make sure you keep it safe or give it to a person you trust.

Don’t Keep Spare Keys Outside

Never store your spare keys outside because bad guys will look under plant pots and mats to check for them. On that note, you shouldn’t label your keys because this will make it easy for bad guys to know more things about you and your property. If possible, give your spare keys to a neighbour you trust. If you live in the countryside, then buy a combo lockbox and put in somewhere on your property, preferably in a discreet area.

Install a Home Security System

Security systems are packed with many features, and some of them include sensors on doors, sensors on windows, motion detectors and an alarm that is installed outdoors. Some systems include security cameras. What you want to do is find a system that has the features that you think are the most useful.

Also, find a reputable company to buy the alarm system from. Once your home security system is installed, you want to use it regularly. Sure, this may seem a bit of a hassle, but it is worth it.

Plus, many criminals know that people don’t like using their security systems because of the effort involved. Always use your security system and don’t just assume that stickers or signs in your yard are enough to deter criminals. It may deter some, but not all.

In order to reduce incidences of false alarms, you want to tell your loved ones about your system. False alarms will annoy people who live nearby. Not only that, but you might be hit with expensive fines.

The final tip we have for you is to use metal bars or safety glass. These can be used to reinforce your windows. Plus, bad guys will likely not be able to get into your home via windows that are reinforced.

Protecting Your Home from Burglars and Other Criminals

By: Informedmag

Always ensure that windows and doors are closed. Having exterior entry points unlocked is almost like inviting intruders to enter. Therefore, be certain that these areas are closed and locked, regardless of whether you are present in the home or away from the property. High-quality window locks can make a real difference, and it is wise to make updates to these if you are going to be updating windows that may still have trickle vents.

Burglars can easily identify locks that are weakened and easy to breach. Doors ought to be equipped with deadbolt mechanisms, and sliders need vertical bolting systems as well as a rod placed inside their tracks. This stops intruders from lifting the doors from the track to gain entry. Do not leave front doors unlocked for any reason, even if your absence will be momentary in nature.

Do not neglect to pay close attention to garage entry doors. These can be vulnerable locations, and burglars often exploit this fact. The automatic door alone is likely insufficient to keep your home safe.

Get New Locks Installed

When moving to a new home, make sure to get new locks installed. Renters need to request that their landlords make lock changes immediately. Though former tenants may have returned the keys that they originally received, it is possible that they made copies that were given to others along the way. There is no substitute for exercising caution in this realm because there is nothing worse than having an uninvited visitor enter your rental property.

Use a lockbox or a safe to keep valuables protected. Safes that are smaller in size or not wall-mounted can be affixed to the floor so that burglars cannot walk off with them. Do not provide your code to anyone who is not a trusted family member or friend. Also, avoid leaving the code in written form in a place that can be easily discovered.

Do Not Label Keys

Never label house keys or keep spare keys hidden outdoors. When labelled keys end up stolen or lost, there could be a real price to pay, particularly if they are attached to a wallet or ID card. Experienced burglars often search beneath doormats and in garden spaces for false rock key holders. A better option is to give a key to a friend who can be trusted. If there are no neighbours nearby who can hold a key for you, think about buying a combination box that can be kept in a secret spot on the larger property.

Explore Home Security System Options

Security systems for home use come with a range of features, many of which make a positive difference. Motion detecting lights, door and window sensors and alarms can be effective, as can security cameras to capture video of intruders. Choose the options that work best for your individual situation, and hire a well-known company to perform the installation work. While it may be a chore to turn the system on each time the house is left, burglars rely on laziness in this arena. Therefore, it is a step worth taking in order to thwart determined intruders from getting inside the home.

Learn everything possible about the new security system and teach the entire family about how it works. This prevents inconvenient false alarm events that can also be expensive and irritating to those living nearby. Also, it is important to avoid false alarms because they may desensitize your neighbours so that they do not respond when there is a true emergency going on.

Consider Specialty Glass on Windows

Consider installing metal bars or specialty glass on windows. This might seem a bit much for most homes, but it can be a good idea to use these techniques to stop burglars who are willing to smash the glass in order to get inside a home. These tools can keep intruders out successfully, and these days it is possible to find products that are actually visually attractive in addition to being effective.

How to Safeguard Your House Against Crime And Burglary

By: Informedmag

An open exterior door or window is an open invitation for burglars to enter your home easily, so make sure to keep them closed and securely locked whether you are home or away. Don’t underestimate the importance of having strong window locks, and make sure to update them as necessary.  KJM Group has a range of PVC windows that come with high-security features.

Thieves know how to recognise weak locks that are easy to force open. Make sure that there are deadbolt locks on exterior doors. There should be a vertical bolt on all sliding doors along with a wooden or metal rod in its track so that it cannot be forced open or the doors cannot be lifted off of their tracks.

Always make sure your front door is locked before you leave home, no matter how long you plan on being gone. Even when it is pouring rain, take the time to lock everything up before you go. Burglars don’t take breaks due to bad weather.

Don’t forget to lock the door that attaches to your garage. It is among the easiest targets and common means of entry. You should never rely on an automatic garage door for all of your security.

Whenever you move into a new home change the locks.

If you are renting, ask your landlord to change the locks if it hasn’t been done already. Even if all of the keys there were originally issued have been returned by the previous tenant, there isn’t any way of knowing for certain if other copies have been made and given out. It is better to be safe rather than sorry, particularly when it comes to the possibility of a stranger being able to get into your locked house.

Secure your valuables by storing them in a lock box or home safe.

If it is not mounted and is small, you could have the safe bolted to your floor given the fact that many burglars will end up taking the safe with them on their way out. Give your combination or passcode to someone you trust in the event there is an emergency. Don’t leave the combination posted any place in your home that would be easy for an intruder to access.

Don’t hide spare keys outside or label personal keys.

If you label your keys and they are stolen or lost that could turn into a big problem for you, particularly if your wallet was with them that has your address and ID. Thieves know to look for fake rocks in the gravel or underneath mats to find hidden keys. You should instead leave your spare key with a trustworthy neighbour. If you happen to live in a rural area with the closest neighbour being several miles away, you can choose to have a combination lockbox placed in a discreet part of your property.

Consider purchasing a home security system.

Any security system has countless features, and some of the more valuable ones include security cameras, an outdoor alarm for alerting neighbours about an intrusion, sensor on the door attached to your garage, windows, and exterior doors, and outdoor motion detectors. Choose the features that fit your needs the best and make to work with a reputable, well-known company. After it has been installed, use it on a regular basis. Although it might seem to be inconvenient needing to arm the system each time you are getting ready to leave the house, there are many burglars who know that people often neglect this responsibility and might not be deterred by yard signs or window stickers warning that there is a home protection system.

Do your very best to inform your family and learn everything you can about your home security system so that false alarms can be minimised. They can annoy your neighbours and result in expensive fines. You also don’t want to end up being the boy who cried wolf where eventually your neighbours start ignoring your alarm when it sounds!

Reinforce your windows with metal bars or safety glass.

It might sound extreme, however, burglars frequently break small windows to gain entry. Install metal bars so they can’t squeeze through or safety glass so they can break through. For metal grilles, there are numerous decorative options that can make it both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Best Practices For Using Voice-Overs In Advertising

By: Victor

Voiceovers, which are one of the advertising world’s staples, have long been one of the mainstays in the arsenal of tools of the marketing executive to communicate effectively with audiences. However, there are risks associated with the powerful took, like using voiceovers continuously can result in lowered audience engagement and ads that are rated as being more generic. The following are a couple of useful tips to help you get the most out of your money when you are planning your voiceover on your next advertising.

What It Can Do Well

Aiding in communication is a key to a great voiceover. They are best used as a type of reinforcement technique, which is emphasizing or describing what is being shown on the screen or just reading the tagline of a brand out loud. Although they may not seem like a way to use an artist’s talent, it does work very well.

The Key Is Harmony

The best way to use professional voice over artists is to combine them along with complementary visuals that either enhance or back up the message you are conveying. Ideally, the voiceover shouldn’t be having to compete with the visuals for the audience’s attention since that can result in focus being lost and drowning out the message of the ad.

There are many instances where the visuals are trying to tell the story and relying on their voice over to convey the entire message. In general, it has been discovered that this splits the viewer’s attention and results in a recall that is much lower of the entire ad in addition to its core message. Advertisements, where the show and tell aspects are synchronised, are frequently discovered to be the most effective at communicating their messages to viewers.

Choosing the Right Voice Is Critical

It is time-consuming to find the right voice to use for your ad but it is definitely worthwhile. There are two important factors that can help you choose your voiceover artist:

  • Longevity – Longevity should be kept in mind since it has been shown by studies that individuals respond better to ads where the same voiceover artist is used over multiple ads. The artist becomes the brand’s voice and must be a voice that has staying power so your audience experiences a reduced level of repetition fatigue or semantic satiation.
  • Audience – Finally, although significant still, is make sure that you know your audience. Who is the piece of work intended for? You should ideally be prepared to make a short list of 4 to 5 voiceover artists and then have a focus group that is made up of your target audience and have them listen to different samples and give you feedback on who they prefer. Although this method isn’t perfect, it gives you the chance to get some feedback quickly at no or minimal cost.

Less is more

Whenever voiceovers are used improperly they can detract from the effectiveness of the ad. Ads that don’t have voices are rated quite often as being more unique or different but also rated to not as likely to be well understood. So it is very important that a balance is struck when determining when and how to use voice work.

Although there are definitely potential benefits and the chance to tell the consumer directly what you would like them to hear instead of hoping they will understand what you are attempting to tell them, it definitely is quite tempting to ensure that your voiceover doesn’t cause interference or conflict with the message you are wanting to convey.

Best Practices For the Use of Voice-overs In Advertising

By: Mish Sukharev

A common feature in the advertising industry, voiceovers have been used together with a wide range of other marketing tools to convey crucial information to audiences. However, use of voiceovers as a marketing tool does come with its downsides such as ads been assumed to be generic, and overuse of voiceovers resulting in audiences losing overall interest in the products or services being marketed. However, there are certain measures you can take when planning the voiceovers for your next ad in order to significantly increase engagement and arouse the interest of the audience.

What Does It Do Well?

The main aim of a voiceover should be to aid communication. Voiceovers are best used as reinforcements for already existing or occurring communication, for instance describing or explaining something being shown on a screen or simply mentioning a company’s tagline aloud. While the latter use may not be the best way to make use of a voiceover artist’s exceptional talent, the important thing is that technique works and it has helped many brands succeed.

Harmony Is Key

“Voiceovers are best used when mixed with complementary visuals that enhance or back up the information being conveyed,” says a voiceover specialist at Voice Fairy. The voiceover should at no point be competing with the visuals in an ad to catch the attention of the viewers. When this happens, viewers can easily lose focus and the message in the ad may be poorly grasped.

It is very common to find ads where visuals are used to convey a certain narrative while the voiceovers are left to give full explanations of what the narrative is all about. This has been found to split the concentration of the audience thus reducing how easily and quickly they can recall the core information in the ad and sometimes even the ad itself. Ads that sync both the visuals and narration (voiceover) aspects of the storytelling have been found to be the most effective at getting the message across to the audience.

The Choice of Voice Is Important

Finding the ‘perfect’ voice is not always easy and may take up a lot of time. There are two things that can help you in picking the perfect voice or voiceover artist for your content:

Longevity – Consider longevity when choosing a voice because many people prefer hearing the same sweet voice over and over again. You should be able to use the same voice on multiple adverts which in turn makes the voice you choose your ‘brand’s voice”. The voice should be good enough to hold the attention of users repeatedly so that no one gets tired of hearing it.

Less Can Sometimes Be More

When not used correctly, voiceovers can reduce an ad’s effectiveness. It has been observed that ads that do not use voiceovers are commonly rated as being unique or different but they are also rated as likely to be poorly understood. It is therefore important to be careful when deciding when and how to use voiceovers in your content.

While there may be many opportunities and benefits you can use to tell the consumer directly what you want them to hear or know than hoping and praying they do understand what you are saying, you must ensure that your voiceover does not jump the gun and conflict or cause unnecessary confusion in the core message of the ad. All in all, keep it short and simple. Remember, a little something goes a long way.

A Guide to the Best Practices for the Use of Voice-Overs In Advertising

By: Stilgherrian

One of the staple elements of the advertising world, voice-overs have constantly been used as a mainstay in the marketing executive’s toolbox for effective communication with audiences. However, this powerful resource presents with various risks such as leading to adverts being rated as generic and using continuous voice-overs can result in flagging audience engagement. This article will provide information on how to use voice-overs effectively and plan the development of this tool successfully.

What the Voice-Over Does Well

The key to a quality voice-over is to aid in audience communication. This tool is best employed when reinforcing a message, typically describing and emphasising the item being depicted on a screen or merely reading a company’s tagline aloud.

Harmony of Communication Is Key

A voice-over can best be employed when combined with suitable visuals to backup or enhance the brand message. For full effectiveness, the voice-over artist should not find themselves competing against the visuals for the attention of the audience as this can lead to miscommunication. It can also lead to a loss of audience focus and drowning out the message based on too much information.

The situation where visuals are used to tell a tale while relying on voice-overs to convey the full message is commonplace; however, this has often been found as a detrimental option as it splits the attention of the audience and causes a lower recall of the core brand message and the advertisement in its entirety. Advertisements that are able to synchronise the show with audio aspects of advertising are typically the more effective options and can communicate the message to viewers well.

Choosing the Voice of the Voice-Over Is Crucial

Finding the correct voice for the advertisement’s voice-over can be time-consuming, but it is worthwhile when the ideal person is found. When choosing the best person, it is important to keep several factors in mind including the following two points:

1. Longevity

Longevity should always be considered when searching for a voice-over artist. Evidence from scientific studies indicates that people respond more positively to adverts using the same voice-over across multiple ads instead of different voices. By using a single voice, the artists become the “voice of the brand” and improves staying power among people reducing any chance of repetition fatigue.

2. The Audience

One of the more significant features to consider is the target audience. It is crucial that you discover who the advert is made for and shortlist voice-over artists based on these audience groups in voice search engines like Voice Fairy. Ideally, the company should be prepared to perform focus group studies consisting of the intended target audience where the participants will listen to voice-over samples and offer feedback. While this is not an optimal method of choosing a voice-over artist, it does provide the opportunity to receive feedback from a target audience at minimal or no cost.

Less Could Be More

When utilised incorrectly, a voice-over can detract from the advertisement’s effectiveness. Adverts without any voice-overs are often rated as being more unique than others, but they are also rated as being less comprehensive. This is why it is vital that a balance is struck between when the voice-over is employed and how it will be used.

While there are various potential benefits to using a voice-over, it is important that the voice-over artist does not cause confusion or conflict with the message being conveyed. Remember, ‘brevity is the soul of wit’ and hoping the consumer will understand the message is not worthwhile.

Four of the Best Stag Destinations

By: scottywaddy930

There are so many choices these days that it can become confusing to know if you have made the best decision. This is especially true when it comes to stag destinations that seem to grow with each passing day, made available for British men. There are so many choices these days that it can become confusing to know if you have made the best decision. This is especially true when it comes to stag destinations that seem to grow with each passing day, made available for British men.

Yet making the decision on the type of stag you want will usually be the tricky part. Perhaps you want an affordable weekend away which can be found in many of the Eastern Europe cities.  Or perhaps you are more interested in no-holds-barred classic experiences that you can find in the Dam. Is the party more into adrenaline-rushing madness or hard partying?

Here is a list of top-rated stage destination that offers a bit of each, and in some cases everything that you are in search of. Hopefully, this list will assist you in making the best choice for a stag destination.

1. Prague

The booze prices in Prague are regarded as reasonable in comparison to the UK. In fact, it will cost you just over £1 for pints and around £3+ for a drink with a mixer.

Things to Do

Over and above the great sights that include Old Town Square and Prague Castle, there are plenty of daytime activities to enjoy in Prague. Some of these include an exciting trip on Strip Ship or sailing down the beautiful Vltava River.

The Nightlife

The nightlife action typically centres around Old Town. There are many places to choose from, but we recommend booking a Prague Bar Guide for one of the nights you are staying in the city. The mega-club known as Karlovy Lazne is open till 5am, which features 5 floors from everything from house classics to disco.

2. Budapest

Even cheaper in comparison to Prague, you will pay just under £1 for a pint.

Things to Do

Similar to Prague, Budapest is divided into Buda and Pest, by the mighty Danube River. To experience this city better, you should think about booking a boat-trip. There are a number of crazy-shooting activities such as airsoft and paintballing along with something that is unique to Budapest known as Arnie’s Commando Shootout. This is something that all those budding action-heroes should be trying.

The Nightlife

The nightlife in Budapest centres around downtown and District 5. You can book the Budapest Bar Crawl where one of our experienced guides will navigate you through the array of pubs and bars. Szimpla a ruin pub is the top-rated and should be on the top of your list of things to see and do while you are in Budapest.

3. Valencia

Things are not as cheap in Valencia when compared with the Eastern European destinations. The price of a pint is similar to Amsterdam which averages between £3+ and £5.

Things to Do

Valencia is the destination to go for beautiful beaches with most that are easy to reach through the Metro system. Between June and August when the weather is at its best we suggest trying Parasailing or Wakeboarding.

The Nightlife

The nightlife centres around El Born and the Gothic Area. Here you can find various nightspots, bars and cafes with music that caters to all tastes. This is the town dedicated to night owls, with the locals who prefer to start late at night and finish early in the morning. In this town, you can expect to find plenty of Valence EVJF groups on wild bachelorette weekends.

4. Lisbon

You will probably pay around £1.5for a pint, but the drink and food in this city is pretty cheap.

Things to Do

This ancient Portuguese city is rich in history which has all been preserved in a remarkable way. If you are interested in seeing what life used to be like in this city, we highly recommend a Tour.

The Nightlife

Lisbon is regarded as a vibrant student town, that has a population of around 120,000 people, with this number increasing during the term times. And with so many students you can be guaranteed to find great parties and cheap booze. There are a vast array of clubs and bars to choose from on the medieval winding streets. Booking a Bar Guide and Nightclub is really worth your while.