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Five Predictions Real Estate Must Be Aware Of

There is no question that marketing is changing at a mind-blowing speed. It is hard to believe that only 10 years ago YouTube was in its infancy and Mark Zuckerberg was trying to launch Facebook.

However, taking a look at social media, live streaming, and pay per click is incredible to see all of the advances. It is hard to imagine that when you first launch your agency that one day it would be more important to be a marketer than an agent.

Over the years, it has been a struggle to keep up with all of the changes in Internet marketing as well as new ideas and innovations.

Below, you will find the top 5 predictions for real estate agents in Menorca for 2019;

1) Our first prediction assumes that agents will have to measure there ROI more on their marketing activities

When the vast majority of agents began to claim brand awareness at all in marketing campaigns, it began to realize that the overall return on investment was only measured in marketing that incited a response. This response could very well the attendance at an event, email opt-ins, or clicks to an ad, the agent was able to assign a value to that response to determine whether it was a success or not.

2) We expect that property marketing will become much more experimental including drone footage and virtual reality

During the last five years, we have seen a revolution in the property market in complete with professional photography and complete house tours over the Internet. A large number of agents are going to turn to this type of property marketing to influence potential clients. In addition, we expect to see additional services such as twilight photography, drone footage, home staging which will allow for agents to charge a higher commission fee or up-front marketing fee. In addition, as we see virtual reality becoming more affordable we expect to see more agents use it to attract buyers from out of area.

3) Personality marketing will be king

It is just standard marketing, that people buy people. In fact, this is especially true in the real estate industry where some of the key factors for people to buy are based on trust and confidence. Many agents understand that trust in big brands is vanishing and that this is the perfect time for small independent agents to use their individuality and personality to promote their independent status. We see that social profile photos show a person, not a brand. Updates and statuses have become much more personal and interesting, they have moved away from facts and figures.

4) The digital revolution will allow agents to fully automate their marketing strategies and lead generation.

As competition and tight margins have driven down commission fees, agents realized the benefits of automating their marketing activities. Agents have focused on creating a marketing funnel that has allowed for a fully automated lead generation system to run in the background of the agency. This allows the agent to pursue other opportunities and not be forced to hustle for new leads on a daily basis. The vast majority of agents have begun to search for services that will help them perfect marketing funnel system.

5) Live streaming will become a valuable asset to agents

As people have lost their attention spans, overall attention has become an incredible commodity. It is becoming harder and harder for online businesses to capture the attention of their audience. The vast majority of online content is simply ignored by the audience regardless of how relevant it is to their situation. However, video is number one outlet to gain an audience’s attention in the future. Local video is an incredible investment for a real estate agent, it may not be enough to capture attention. With that in mind, agents need to embrace the live stream media such as Facebook live.

Estate Marketing Tips

Marking is changing quickly and it is mind-blowing how quickly it is changing. It was not only 10 years ago that you would want to list your home with a local agent, YouTube was a small unheard of site and Facebook had just been launched.

Now if you fast forward to the market today and you will see social media, pay-per-click and live streaming is the main thing? Did you know that if you launched an agency twenty years ago you would think more of digital marketing than selling homes?

In the past few years, I have been working with independent agents to help them in building up their business through innovation and changes in technology.

Here are the predictions I am going to make for estate marketing in 2019:

1. Agents will look at return on investment with the marketing activities.

While the agents may have used to think about brand awareness in a campaign, they are now going to consider more of the investment is the only way of getting a response. This response could be the building of an opt-in list, live event attendance, or even the ability to attach a value to the campaign to see if it was a success or not.

2. Property marketing is going to start to become better with video and drone footage but even include virtual reality.

The way the photography and the 360 degree tours are now, they have become the new industry standard. This means more and more agents will start to look at this to help in getting the potential clients to come to the property. Not only that you will find that staging, twilight photos, and even drone footage will start to make the agents a higher commission to prove the up-front marketing fee was worth the cost. Not only that virtual reality will become more affordable and this allows the agents to market to buyers who are out of the normal area, for example, to be able to view properties for sale in Menorca.

3. Marketing of the personality will take over for the brand marketing.

We know that we are going to buy from people and this is true from the estate marketing, which you will buy from the individual that you are going to trust. Since this is the case, you will find the brand name will not be as trustworthy as the individual agent who can promote the status as an independent agent. Not only that when you look at the social profile of the agents you will find in most cases they are going to be promoting themselves, rather than the brand of the company they are working for.

4. The advances in digital technology will allow for the automation of marketing of the estates.

You will find that this is going to allow for the agents to start to have more time to spend with the customers, but still have the same reach as before. You will notice that they will also start to get a marketing funnel that will allow the agency to have it running without the owner or marketing department having to hustle each day to find new customers or leads. In fact, more agents will start to outsource this type of work to experts to get it right.

5. The Agents will start to embrace the live streaming aspects of the properties they are selling.

This is going to allow them to get the attention of people. This will be quite a bit easier than what you would expect and it can be very interesting to see the live streaming happening. Not only that when you look at the data usage you will find that mobile content is over 50% of the mobile data usage and that almost 74% of all the Internet traffic was predicted to be based off of videos and watching the videos in 2017 which is a huge increase.

Critical Estate Agent Marketing Prognostications

There can be little doubt about the fact that marketing is transforming at warp speed. Just a decade ago, Rightmove contained only 1 in 10 property listings, Facebook was still in its infancy and YouTube was still a mystery to many.

Nowadays, activity in numerous sectors is dominated by streaming services, pay-per-click advertising and social media traffic. It is likely that back when you started your career as an agent, you had no idea how important marketing functions would be to your ability to sell properties.

During the time I have spent assisting independent estate agents with their marketing endeavours, staying abreast of the latest trends has been difficult, but I continuously strive to do just that.

The following are my top prognostications in the world of estate agency marketing for 2019:

1) Estate agents will pay far more attention to marketing ROI.

Whereas in the past, agents tended to consider increased brand awareness to be conclusive evidence of marketing success, nowadays most are of the belief that ROI can only truly be measured by efforts that yield actual responses from prospective buyers. Such a response could be an email sign-up or an RSVP to an event, but in any case, an agent will be able to assign real value to such a response and use it to assess the marketing campaign that brought it about.

2) Facebook Live and other streaming options will take centre stage as key components of agents’ overall strategy.

Obtaining and holding a prospect’s attention is the key to doing business these days. However, with all of the distractions of modern life, this is no small feat. With users able to instantly click away from an agent’s content onto something else, video content is more important than ever before. Mobile-friendly video now represents roughly half of all mobile data users and this clearly signals a new era of influence for agents able to take advantage of the trend. With projections suggesting that the upward trend in the influence of mobile video, this is an area to which independent agents need to devote real resources. Use of live streaming features mean agents will be able to reach potential foreign buyers too, for example, agents will be able to show potential investors properties for sale in Menorca!

3) Estate agency marketing is set to be experiential, using high-quality video productions and innovative tactics.

The past few years have witnessed some amazing transformations in terms of the marketing tactics used. Detailed photography and high-tech video footage are now the norms for premium-level listings. In increasing numbers, agents are making heavy use of these techniques to differentiate themselves from the competition and garner the attention of prospective buyers. Drone video footage, professional staging and the like are helping agents justify higher commissions and/or the marketing fees they charge. As virtual reality technology becomes even more prevalent and accessible, agents will have the flexibility needed to expand their marketing efforts to buyers located abroad.

4) Marketing focus will shift from brand to personality.

Personality is everything in the world of sales, and estate agency work is no exception. Rapport, confidence and trustworthiness are critical components in convincing a buyer to strike a deal, and agents understand this. Buyers are putting less and less faith in large corporate names and are increasingly willing to give smaller, independent agencies a chance. The key is to showcase personality and highlight independence. Social media can facilitate this type of strategy by personalising the agent and their presence in the local community.

5) Agents will turn to digital technology in an effort to achieve automation of their lead development and marketing initiatives.

As competition reduces fees and margins grow ever tighter, agents everywhere are discovering the perks of using automation as they tackle their marketing endeavours. Developing a marketing funnel in this way helps the sales engine keep running behind the scenes while the agent can attend to other important customer service tasks. Agents who lack expertise in getting the most out of automation in this context will likely turn to external providers such as marketing gurus and others.

Copy These Perfect Summer Outfits Before You Head to the Beach

Today is a great day to start planning your wardrobe for the summer beach season. You may have plans for a day at the beach, a full beach vacation, or a romantic wedding reception by the water, for all of these situations, we have put together a list of some of the cutest outfits you need for any beach occasion.

Beach outfits tend to be a little dressier and are perfect for a casual date or summer-themed event. A casual beach outfit is designed for those days you want to head toward the water and enjoy it, but not get in it. There are beach outfits that may include a cute summer bikini or even a cover-up, which can be rather versatile.

The following beach outfits should help to give you a little inspiration to find a style you like and then make it your own.

1) Dressy Beach Style

With this type of style, you will find that it is the small details that you add to the style that will make it dressier. These types of outfits pop with long-sleeve white blouses which are generally lightweight, however, to make it really stand out, try lacy sleeves. When this is paired with bright tropical shorts, wedged sandals, and a quality hat by Rebecca Couture Millinery, this is the perfect outfit for a wedding reception, night out, or a quick bite to eat on the waterfront.

2) BOHO Beach Style

If you are going to be in the sun for any amount of time, nothing is better than a bikini. The two-piece is always going to be a classic, once embroidered flower patterns are added, this becomes sweet boho style swimwear. With a flowing flower inspired cover-up and a wide-brim hat, you are set for an incredible day at the beach.

3) Stylish Summer Bikini

If you are planning a day at the beach, nothing is going to beat a tie-dye inspired bikini with denim shorts. With a set of matching bracelets and a cute sun hat, the sunshine is going to be waiting for you.

4) Printed Maxi Dress

If you have seen some of the recent maxi dresses on the market, you know they are perfect for a day on the beach. They can be dressed up with a pair of heels or made casual with sandals. One of the best we have seen for the style is the Donna Morgan, it offers a great vibe with a casual style and perfect white top. You may want to try this as a tie-dye, stripe, or ikat print!

5) Maxi Swim Cover-Up

If you are looking for a full cover-up for the beach or pool, a see-through material is perfect for staying cool. However, it is important to keep in mind that this type of material is going to offer very little in terms of protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

6) Words and Crochet Are Great Ways to Have Fun!

Are you looking for a way to stand apart from everyone at the beach? Find a cute tank or tee with a saying to bring a little more attention to yourself. Add some crocheted shorts with a casual cropped jacket and sandals for a perfect ensemble for a day at the beach, shopping, or a casual picnic.

7) Fun and Stylish Rompers

We have seen a rise in rompers over the past few years and they are a great way to cover-up at the beach. If you are looking for something that you don’t see every day, check out some of the more unique crocheted rompers that are available. For a truly unique look, try one that offers a unique back or cutout which can then be used with a bright belt.

8) Neon Is Always Perfect for the Beach

Neon is a great way to add a little fun to a beach outfit. It should be noted that neon is not for everyone, however, if you look good, wear it!

9) Let’s Get Physical

Are you planning for a day at muscle beach? Or perhaps a brisk jog along the shore? Maybe renting a boat to ride along the boardwalk in the morning? These are perfect activities for fun and colourful workout clothes. Check out some colourful sports bras, leggings, and tanks for a happy feeling on the beach. You will be quite surprised how much a little colour can do for a bad mood.

10) A Spoonful of Colour

The beach is one of the best areas to experiment with bright colours. It is important to realize that you don’t have to wear bright colours from head to toe A better idea is to just add a spoonful of colour to your outfit, this will help to make it pop. In fact, you can just add a colourful hat, tote, or favourite piece of jewellery.

The Biggest Fashion Trends In 2018

2018 can only be described as a catwalk season. It defied any neat and tidy explanations, just as the world does right now. One part of the fashion world exploded with uninhibited glitter and glamour. In another part, there was a huge wave of nostalgia and humour. Then there was a punk rock rebellion sense on the opposite side of the spectrum.

As always we will do our best to distil the current season’s numerous sub-themes and themes down into digestible pieces for fashion fans, to ensure that you can enjoy all of the best that designers have to offer in 2018.

Nineties Nostalgia

Whenever designers were not busy with revisits to the Eighties, they were recalling the Nineties and revived some of the top selling hits. Burberry revived its classic check.

Meanwhile, at Versace, the entire archive of founding designer Gianni was celebrated by Donatella, which brought back his most renowned designs and prints. The nineties are definitely a cause for celebration, be it silky slips, plaid dresses worn over t-shirts or the 2018 interpretation of the race day hats.

Some of the other ideas from the Nineties headed your way this spring: grunge, cargo denim, pastels, and cycling shorts of all things.

Micro-trend: Monogrammed bags. Yes, the monogrammed bag is definitely back, whether it came from Fendi, Gucci or any of the other big houses that are renowned for repeating logos. And the styles varied from clutch and bum bag to giant shopper.

Glitter and Glamour

For the past few seasons, we have seen glitter and glamour returning. Dries van Noten was the one who called it. He dedicated his Spring/Summer 2018 show to what he called ‘The Optimist, the one who knows the rules can break the rules. Addicted to elegance and fun, with cocktails at five.’ However, the real change this season is the abundance of evening wear. It’s time to break out the heels once again and pull out the glitter and sequins, as seen in Maison Margiela, Erden, Saint Laurent, and more. The bubble hemline has returned as an update to this season, the extensive pouffe that was first made famous by Cristobal Balenciaga. There is a definite impact made by a dress with a glamorous pouffe in black molten shimmer or swaying, opulent ostrich feathers.

Similar Trend: 1980’s Party Girl. That feel-good nostalgia sense ruled the shows in Paris and Milan and this frequently resurfaced through the comeback of icons and trends form the Eighties as seen in Givenchy, Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney and more.

It was the time when the internet was broken by the original Supermodels, pouffe hemlines and stonewashed denim made their comeback, and Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter, emerged as the new big catwalk star of the fashion industry.

Sheer Madness

Come spring, may all your skirts be transparent and long. There were strong cases made for sheer dressing by Christian Dior, Christopher Kane, and Dries van Noten, which gave an entire meaning to airy and light. From net to tulle, super simple to multi-layered, there are many forms to the sheer skirt.

Micro-trend: Bags made of clear plastic. Clear plastic bags, which can arguably be seen as part of the 1990’s nostalgia trend, blend in easily with the recent sheer trend for providing the audience with a sneak peek at what is underneath. See-through bags were definitely SS18 staples for Celine, Valentino, Chanel, and Helmut Lang.

Artificial Intelligence

Although plastic is traditionally used for items such as rain ponchos, water bottles, and grocery bags, it is definitely having its high fashion moment right now, and appearing everywhere from London in Burberry’s functional raincoats to the glamorous boots and capes of Chanel and futurist moto jackets by Valentino.

This is a trend that is full of irony. While elevating this synthetic material to luxury status, it has been used by designers to add a sporty element and dress down glamour.

Be prepared for rubbery textures and see-through coats.

Micro-trend: The ordinary is elevated. From Christopher Kane’s use of the humble marigold to Balenciaga’s ‘tablecloths’ on top of bags, some of the most basic and simplest household accessories are being pulled into the realm of fashion to add a sense of whimsy and fun.

Going to the Beach? Find Your Outfit Inspiration Here!

Summer is upon us, and that means you need to begin thinking about what you are going to wear to the beach! It doesn’t matter if you are just going for the day or if you have a week-long vacation planned, there are a number of amazing outfits that will help you look your best at all times.

Are you planning to go to the beach for an event, like a concert, wedding reception or a date? There are stylish beach outfits that are appropriate for these occasions. Are you interested in hanging out near the water but you don’t want to swim? Picking up a casual outfit for your trip is just what you need. And if you are planning to swim, there are a lot of different suit and cover-up options that you’ll adore.

Take these ideas and run with them; figure out an outfit that looks great, feels great and works for you.

1. Getting Dressy With It

If you want to dress up for the beach, it is all about the details. Look for clothing that has a special touch, like lacy sleeves or a colourful pattern. Wedged sandals always look good on the beach, and pick up a cute hat as well. Not only will it keep you safe from the sun, but you’ll look great at the same time.

2. Maxi Dress Perfection

Maxi dresses look amazing at the beach. If you are headed out on a date or a wedding, slip on a pair of heels to look your best. These dresses also make great cover-ups; many of the patterns fit in perfectly with the waves and sun. If its a wedding you’re going to, couple the dress with wedding hats and you will be beach wedding ready in no time!

3. Bring on the Boho

If you are spending the day at the beach, a bikini is both cool and functional. Depending on the pattern you choose, you could really embrace your boho style when you step out onto the beach. Don’t forget a loose cover-up and a straw hat, and you’ll be ready to go.

4. Get Sandy

Are you at the beach to have a good time and don’t have an issue getting wet and sandy? Pick up a tie-dye bikini; the design screams fun, and when you pair it with some denim shorts, you’ll be ready for whatever the day throws at you. To add in a bit more style, accessorize with a sun hat and bracelets as well.

5. Go Long

Full-length cover-ups are extremely popular right now. Look for a breathable material that will help you stay cool. Keep in mind that if the material is sheer, it is not going to provide any sun protection. You need to use sunscreen to keep your skin from being damaged.

6. Get Graphic

If you want to make a statement when you step out onto the beach, wear a graphic tee with a saying on it. When you also don a pair of sandals and crocheted shorts, you put forth a very “together” appearance. This look is great if you are attending a casual event at the beach, like a late morning picnic.

7. Romp ‘n Roll

Who hasn’t heard about the romper trend that is sweeping the nation? Rompers are cool and comfortable, which makes them a great cover-up for the beach. Crocheted rompers are a little different and will help you stand out. If you want to accessorize, try adding a belt with a bright colour or pattern.

8. Brighten Up the Beach

Don’t be afraid to add a little neon to your outfit! It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you have a fun, outgoing personality, you should try it.

9. Show Your Muscle

Are you planning to go for a walk or run on the beach? Do you want to get a bit of exercise while enjoying the surf and sand? Pick up some workout clothes in bright colours. They’ll lift your mood and make you feel great while you are getting in shape.

10. Be Colourful

Experiment with colour at the beach. You don’t need to overdo it; add in bits of colour throughout your outfit in order to make a statement. And, don’t forget about adding on colourful accessories!

Six Holidays That Your Family Should Consider In 2018

Children never stop learning, regardless of their age. There are plenty of options to inspire them in 2018.

Have you ever thought about exploring the islands in the Indian Ocean? What about enjoying the spectacular beauty of the Scandinavian Northern Lights? If your child is studying a particular geographic region, how about giving your child the chance to experience it first-hand?

1. A safari in a winter wonderland with the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland. This is appropriate for children of ages 4 to 14.

Nature has blessed the Arctic regions with an amazing sky show of multicoloured lights that occurs regularly. This is the perfect time for it. To get the best view, you will need to travel to a location that is, at the minimum, above 60 degrees latitude. Finnish Lapland is an ideal destination because as you are looking for this treasure, you and your family can visit the reindeer farm, go snowshoeing, or go on a snowmobile safari.

2. Go to the Greek Islands and enjoy some sun, sand and sea. Perfect for children from ages 0 to 18.

Everyone spends their holiday in the UK, Spain, France, or Italy. So, why not do something different instead and head to Greece? The food is wonderful and the beaches are beautiful. Enjoy a slower pace and take in the richness of this ancient land.

This is a good time to visit because Greek tourism has been experiencing a downturn of about 11 per cent. The economy has been a bit unstable. The eastern islands have experienced an influx of thousands of migrants seeking refuge from the turmoil in Libya and Syria because it’s the first port of call. However, that means tourists can often find great deals in town.

3. The ultimate in relaxation in St. Davids. Perfect for kids ages 0 to 8.

The coast around St. Davids in Pembrokeshire is full of wildlife and an endless coast that the children can spend hours exploring. While they do that, parents can just lean back and relax in the Ty Gwilym Holiday Cottages. This might not be the most exciting activity on your list, but it will surely be therapeutic for the entire family.

4. Experience ancient living history in Sicily, Rome, and Naples. Great for children between the ages of 7 to 12.

It’s difficult to convince a child that ancient history is interesting unless he or she can see and touch it. There are excursions led by archaeologists that are tailored to children. These take them through the ancient cities of Pompeii and Pompeii where they can use their senses to experience what life must have been like thousands of years ago. After this adventure, you can spend several days in Sicily where you can relax in a spa or with a round of golf while your children enjoy themselves in a kids’ club.

5. A wildlife adventure in Borneo. Wonderful for children from ages 12 to 18.

If your child wants an outdoor experience of a lifetime, Borneo is the perfect destination. This small island is world-renowned for its abundance in wildlife at every corner. The lava rock formations, cactus forests, pristine turquoise bays, lovely beaches, and hills of lush green make this island look like a true paradise. As soon as you arrive, you should get ready to encounter all kinds of wildlife that you would not see anywhere else in the world.

6. A self-conducted safari in Canada. Wonderful for kids from ages 13 to 18.

Who would not enjoy driving through some of the most amazing landscapes in North America? From the shimmering lakes to the snow-covered mountains, this safari is sure to create wonderful memories. You can start in the city of Vancouver, then drive toward Whistler. Continue your adventure with Wells Gray Provincial Park and Jasper National Park and all the way to Lake Louise. Along the way, keep your eyes open for bald eagles, moose and grizzly bears. Stop along the way and go horse riding, kayaking, whitewater rafting, and mountain biking.

Six Bucket List-worthy Holidays That Your Family Should Go on in 2018

No matter how old your children are, there is a whole wide world out there that is full of opportunities to challenge your family into trying something new in 2018.

Perhaps you would love to escape to an island in the Indian Ocean; or maybe you have been dreaming for a very long time of visiting Scandinavia and viewing the Northern Lights from there; or it might be that you want to bring the school curriculum of your children alive to them through visiting a place they happen to be studying right now.

1. Complete relaxation

Location: St. Davids

Best age: 0 to 8

Why visit now: This is the best time that there has ever been for your family to visit St. Davids, Pembrokeshire. The surrounding coast will keep your kids entertained with all of the amazing wildlife to investigate, while parents will be able to totally relax as the kids are exploring a completely new environment.  It might sound like it’s the least exotic of all of the options on our bucket list, but the St Davids Holiday Cottages just might completely transform your family dynamics, which can be life-changing.

2. Snow Safari and Northern Lights

Location: Finnish Lapland

Best age: 4 to 14

Why visit now: One of Mother Nature’s greatest displays is the Northern Lights.  It is a multicoloured, free show that can often be seen in Arctic areas.  In order to witness this celestial demonstration in its complete glory, you will need to head north, at least over 60-degree latitude. Finnish Lapland is particularly appealing for families since you can combine seeing the Northern Lights along with visiting a reindeer farm, snowmobile safaris, and snowshoeing.

3. Sand, sea and sun

Location: Greek Islands

Best age: 0 to 18

Why visit now: If you happen to be stuck in rut of always taking your summer holidays in Spain, France, Italy, or the UK, why not visit Greece instead.  The country’s delicious food, amazing relics, sleepy villages, and gorgeous beaches offer a richness and simplicity that is appealing to everyone.

4. Live ancient history

Location: Sicily, Naples, Rome

Best age: 7 to 12

Why visit now: If your children are reluctant to learn about the classics, the best way to overcome this issue is to take them directly to the source.  You can follow the same paths that the ancient Romans took, including child-focused, private tours in Pompeii and Rome (such as archaeologist-led tours highlighting the smells and sights of the Great Sewer near the Forum, or the dead Pompeians along with their animals, cowering forever from the rain of ash that proved to be lethal).  Then you can round out your tour with a relaxing couple of days in Sicily, where the parents can relax at the spa, while the kids club will keep the children entertained.

5. Wildlife bonanza

Location: Borneo

Best age: 12 to 18

Why visit now: Borneo is arguably the world’s most well-known wildlife-viewing destination, and if this happens to be the last year your child will be living at home, then it might be time to go on this visit of a lifetime.  The land of Borneo is full of tropical beaches, turquoise bays, lush green highlands, cactus forests, and stark lava formations.  The best thing of all is at every turn you will find an abundance of wildlife. Within just minutes of landing on this small island, you will be faced with more curious and fearless creatures that anyplace else in the world.

6. Self-drive safari

Location: Canada

Best age: 13 to 18

Why visit now: Offering some of the most stunning landscapes in North America, a self-driving road trip winding is way through the snow-covered Rocky Mountains and past glistening lakes is tough to beat.  Start off by touring the cosmopolitan city of Vancouver, and then set off to see such sights as Lake Louise, Jasper National Park, Gray Provincial Park, Wells, and Whistler.  You will see an abundance of bald eagles, moose, and grizzly bears, along with plenty of opportunities for kayaking, white water rafting, horse riding, and hiking in the mountains.

The Job Description for Marketing Executives

What Is the Role of a Marketing Executive?

Marketing executives play the role of overseeing and developing marketing campaigns in order to promote services or products. The job description of the marketing executive usually involves commercial, creative, digital, administrative and analytical responsibilities. Details of this role vary according to the size and type of the employer along with the industry type. These executives will usually work with the other employees closely in the areas that can include production, advertising, distribution, sales and market research.

Required Training and Qualifications

The marketing opportunities happen to be open to graduates from all types of degree disciplines. However, a postgraduate qualification or degree in subjects like economics, marketing, statistics, sociology or business might be beneficial for certain employers. Certain jobs, especially the ones involving industrial marketing will require a technical or scientific background. Professional qualifications and membership on offer from professional bodies, like CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) of the IDM (Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing), may be useful when it comes to securing graduate jobs.

Relevant voluntary or paid work experience is also beneficial. This is obtainable in all commercial areas that involve contact with either the general public or customers. The large employers are known for running placements and vacation courses which offers insight into this profession.

Most employers also look for experience through extracurricular activities or part-time work which demonstrates communication skills and customer interaction. Demonstration of problem resolving experience either through personal experience or through 8D  problem solving training is also highly desired in marketing executives. Some examples can include, a student ambassador on open days at a university, promotion work, %u201Cstreet teaming%u201D work within retail and telesales work.
Important Skills Of The Marketing Executives

  • Adaptability
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Network abilities and communication skills
  • Attention-to-detail
  • Writing and creativity skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • IT skills
  • Numerical skills
  • Good planning and organisational skills

The Primary Responsibilities

The marketing executive will oversee many aspects associated with campaigns from start to finish of the idea, service or product. Because these executives usually take on a lot of responsibilities, they will need to manage their duties and time well. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Developing and overseeing marketing campaigns
  • Analysing data and conducting research to define and identify audiences
  • Presenting and devising strategies and ideas
  • Promotional activities
  • Distributing and compiling statistical and financial information
  • Examining data analytics and maintaining websites
  • Proofreading and writing creative copy
  • Organising products and events exhibitions
  • Coordinating the culture of the organisation and internal marketing
  • Updating databases along with using a CRM (customer relationship management) system
  • Managing campaigns associated with social media
  • Monitoring performance

Dependent on the employer type and size of the form, marketing executives may or may not be a graduate or entry-level role. The graduates usually join the SME (small-and-medium-sized enterprises) in the role of an executive. In the larger businesses, the executive might work closely with junior marketing-assistants and/or marketing coordinators. Most of the marketing-specific graduate programs usually hire the graduates in the role of an executive.

Working Life, Salaries and Promotion

The opportunities for a promotion in this role are excellent, typically into the senior-marketing roles that can include marketing manager, marketing executive or a marketing director. These types of executives are also able to move to specialised roles such as PPC (pay-per-click) manager, SEO manager, or a digital-content manager. Job description for the other types of marketing roles can also be found right here.

The typical workday of a marketing executive includes a nine-to-five day, but on occasions, they may be required to work after hours for large projects or for attending events. The starting salaries typically range from ‘17,000%u2013’21,000, while the senior-marketing executives can earn a salary that ranges from ‘31,343%u2013’41,957. The private-sector employers usually offer salaries that are higher in comparison to public-sector organisations. The highest salaries are usually found in utilities, gambling/gaming, IT/telecommunications, FMCG and electronics sectors.

Marketing Executive: Job Description & Salary Info

Are you interested in becoming a marketing executive? If so, then you’ll want to have an idea of what they do and how much they can make. Read this description to learn more.

Marketing executives create and oversee marketing campaigns that are designed to promote services and products. Marketing executives can take on a number of responsibilities, such as commercial, creative and administrative. The exact nature of the job will depend on the company they work for and the size of the company.

Executives tend to work with other employees. They usually work alongside those who are involved in market research and advertising. Executives also work alongside those in sales and distribution.

Key Duties

Marketing executives oversee various aspects of campaigns, and they are likely going to take on a lot of responsibility early on. They might also be required to work mainly alone. As for what some of the responsibilities are, this may include:

  • Creating marketing campaigns
  • Presenting strategies and ideas
  • Coming up with promotional activities
  • Creating a sales copy
  • Managing social media campaigns
  • Tracking performance
  • Organising events

When first starting, a marketing executive may take on an entry-level role, but this really depends on who the employer is and the size of the employer. Those who take on a graduate role tend to work for small companies and medium-sized companies. At larger companies, executives may work alongside marketing coordinators and marketing assistants.

Many graduate schemes hire graduates as full-time executives and work with corporate trainers such as GBS Corporate Training to get them trained to the managerial level required. However, this does depend on the nature of the role they are doing. It also depends on the company they work for.

Salary, Work Life And Promotion

There are a lot of opportunities for marketing executives to be promoted, and usually, they can enter into senior marketing roles, which includes being a marketing manager, senior marketing executive or a marketing director. They may also work in specialised roles such as being a digital content manager or a PPC manager, as well as an SEO manager.

Generally speaking, marketing executives work a traditional 9-5, but sometimes they work out of those hours when they are required to attend events or if they’re tackling large projects. They can be paid on average of around £20,000 per year, but they can move up and earn around £35,000 per year. Some private sector companies offer much higher salaries, but this is usually for industries such as IT, FMCG and gaming or gambling to name a few.

Training & Qualifications

There are a number of routes you can take to become a marketing executive, especially for those who are school leavers and university graduates. Generally speaking, employers do prefer candidates with degrees in subjects such as business, economics and sociology, but there is no specific degree of discipline that is required. Some jobs will require a specific background, such as a background in tech or science.

There are a few professional bodies that provide memberships and qualifications. This includes the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Obtaining qualifications for those might help you land a graduate job.

Voluntary work or relevant pay can come in handy, and this can be gained via an area that requires a person to speak with members of the general public or contact with customers. Large companies often have vacation courses or placements. This is to provide more insight into the job.

Employers usually look at past work experience and they look for part-time work experience or other activities that show the applicant has communication skills and have interacted with customers. Some examples include being a student ambassador or doing promotional work or telemarketing. Retail work is often considered too.

As for skills marketing executives should have, this includes being adaptable and having commercial awareness. Other skills include attention to detail and having creative writing skills. IT skills and numerical skills are other key skills marketing executives should have.