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9 Top Fashion Trends We’ll All Be Embracing By Autumn

Once summer will be gone, it seems that we’ll choose glossy fabrics, animal print patterns and very long earrings to complement our outfits.

This article details nine of the best trends that hit the runway over the past month that we’ll all be happy to wear this autumn.

1. Checks

This is Clueless, the reinvented version. This geometrical print has been the star of the catwalks throughout the autumn/winter 2018 season. Furthermore, don’t shy away from doubling it up. Take a closer look at Stella and Rochas collections to see how they impressed their audience with their full two-piece outfits featuring identical patterns.

2. Shoulder-Grazing White Metal Earrings

You may already know last season’s vividly-colored fancy earrings. Autumn/winter 2018 takes this trend to the next level by adding a lot of weight to these ear adornments. You have a whole summer ahead of you to gradually train your ears to put up with these massive pieces of jewelry that will make next winter’s glory.

3. Glossy Fabrics

Whatever your clothing item, it better be glossy. This rule applies to coats, heels, trousers, skirts, driving gloves and anything else you can possibly think about. Lacquered fabrics are among the best trends of the moment, and the next season is going to push this trend even further. For best results, consider pairing these clothing items with various other tactile fabrics such as faux fur, knitwear, and tweed.

4. Sequinned Materials

Just take a look at Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello AW18 collection and you’ll see at a glance how big the impact of a sequinned dress can be. You can choose to apply this trend to a full-length dress or to a mini fun one. Whatever your choice, make sure to keep your makeup and accessories to a minimum unless you want to dress to kill everyone around you.

5. Headwear

The latest headwear fashion trends such as hijabs and turbans have ignited the spirits. Some saw them as inappropriate while others praised these trends for boosting the visibility of cultural groups often overlooked by mainstream fashion designers.

6. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots were arguably the hottest footwear trends that shattered this month’s catwalks. D&G chose to showcase a bejeweled version of these boots (this isn’t a big surprise), while Isabel Marant opted for a more conservative approach, simpler and much easier to wear. We’d suggest you cover the whole spectrum by adding one pair of each style to your wardrobe.

7. Animal Print

Although animal print has been around for ages, it has become a lot more obvious across the full fashion month for AW18. Among the most striking pieces, we can mention Victoria Beckham’s leopard-print trench coat, Isabel Marant’s snake-print trousers or Givenchy’s white tiger-print sweatshirt. They all look amazing, so why not add them to your wardrobe. Perhaps you may even want to wear them together.

8. Miniature Handbags

Now it’s time to give up the huge handbags that used to host your spare jumpers, unused notebooks, lip balms, make-up kits and other such stuff. Autumn/Winter 2018 won’t allow you to use your handbag for storing anything but your credit card and perhaps a few receipts – which you’d have to fold twice – as the new mini handbags won’t offer you room for anything else. If this trend upsets you, just take a look at Celine’s rope belt featuring several miniature bags at the same time.

9. Quilting

Some of the biggest fashion brands reinforced the suggestion that comfort is key. That’s why they decided to add quilting to their newest collections. As fashion show benches aren’t that comfortable, perhaps some Lacoste-style padded tops would be a great idea.

9 Key Trends From A Month Of Fashion Shows That We Will All Be Wearing Come Autumn

At last, autumn is underway after the heatwave of the summer and it seems that we will be wearing a lot of funky animal prints and fabrics that are shiny and glossy. With some serious accessories like shoulder length earrings, our wardrobes are sure to be anything but boring.

All eyes were on London, Paris, Milan and New York this season to view the multiple trends that designers have come up with. The collections had plenty of pieces that women can actually get excited about wearing this coming autumn.
Check out some of the stand-out fashion trends that hit the runways of the world over the past four weeks and that we will soon be wearing this autumn.

1. Checks

The Autumn/Winter 2018 collections were crammed with every conceivable geometric print that appeared on everything from clothing to accessories to headwear. And the bold designers were not afraid to double up with both Rochas and Stella showcasing two-piece ensembles cut from the same fabric with a knockout effect.

2. Glossy Fabrics

Lacquered fabrics with a glossy sheen reminiscent of the 50s and 60s are making a comeback right now and for the next season, everything is going to be even shinier than before. From trousers, coats, jumpsuits, leather gloves, and heels, you name it, everything is glossy. Teamed up with tactile fabrics such as tweed jackets, cable knits, and faux fur, they packed a serious punch on the catwalks.

3. Sequinned Dresses

Sequinned dresses made such a huge impact on the runways this season that Anthony Vaccarello of St. Laurent’s dedicated half of his entire A/W 2018 collection to different variations of this ageless favourite from tiny minis to full-length showstoppers. When wearing a fully sequined dress, remember to keep its beauty pristine by not venturing into overkill territory with jewellery and accessories.

4. Tuxedo Dresses

Power dressing inspired by masculine tuxedo styles were oversized or more slim-cut and flattering in prim tweed with matching gloves. One of the most favourite items in this style was a cute little black tuxedo dress that will take any savvy girl from the boardroom to a cocktail lounge with ease.

5. Animal Prints

Animal prints have stood the test of time and it was no less noticeable across all four of the A/W ’18 fashion weeks. One of the most talked about items was undoubtedly the lightweight classic trench coat in leopard print from Victoria Beckham’s collection. Givenchy’s white tiger-print sweatshirts were a hit and there were lots of glam animal print leggings. What with stunning snake-print trousers from Isabel Marant, if it’s animal print you crave you will be spoilt for choice this autumn.

6. Quilting

Many of the big names looked to quilting for their Autumn/Winter 2018 collections. Looking almighty comfortable, a pair of padded Lacoste trousers had lots of appealing.

7. Mini Handbags

Full-size totes that could hold anything from spare jumpers to notebooks have given way to tiny purses that won’t allow for any clutter. If you would like to follow the trends this autumn but don’t know how you’ll manage with a miniature handbag, don’t despair. Céline came to the rescue with a rope belt that had a range of mini handbags hanging from it. Problem solved and fashion lives on.

8. Cowboy Boots

One of the hottest footwear trends that stamped its mark on the catwalks this season was the humble cowboy boot. However, they were not so humble after D&G got hold of them and bejewelled them to the max. Isabel Marant kept them simpler and every day but to be on the safe side, why not cover your bases by getting a pair from each end of the spectrum.

9.  Little House On The Prairie

Continuing to look to the great American outdoors for inspiration, designs from the Wild Wild West featured ankle swishing prairie dresses with leather and tassel details. the king of Western fashion, Calvin Klein sent his models skimming down the runways in floor-length gingham and lace skirts teamed with a jumper on top.

9 Important Trends From The Latest Fashion Shows That We Will Wear By Autumn

As the heat of summer starts to fade, it appears that our wardrobes are going to get a lot shinier through glossy fabrics, more fierce due to animal prints, and more out there to a few shoulder-grazing earring pieces.

Here is 9 out of the stand-out trends that hit the runways over the past month that you can expect to be wearing as we enter into autumn.

1. Checks

Think about Clueless, yet cooler. For autumn and winter of 2018, the catwalks dominated with geometrical prints through all types of items. Here is when you need to throw caution to the wind when you double-up, where both Rochas and Stella showcased their two-piece outfits that feature the same material.

2. Shoulder-Grazing Silver Earrings

While the previous season of jewellery repertoire was made up of pom-pom ear-adornments in bright colours. For autumn and winter of 2018, things are getting way more extra and a lot heavier. Yet you still have the summer to train those earlobes with your semi-heavy earrings to prepare for the winter months.

3. Glossy Fabrics

Gloves, trousers, jumpsuits, heels, coats and especially mother of the bride hats online, it is all going to get a lot glossier. The lacquered fabrics have become extremely popular right now, making it shinier than it has ever been for the following season. Paired with some other tactile materials like faux-fur shoes, tweed jackets and cable-knit sweatshirts, they pack in an extremely serious punch.

4. Sequinned Dresses

The impact that the sequinned dress found Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello dedicating half of his collections to various options of this showstopper. Regardless of whether you choose a full-length drama or fun mini, ensure that you maintain a minimal look so that you avoid that risk of going into the overkill territory.

5. Headwear

Turbans, hijabs, hats and hoods all featured on many of the designer catwalks for this season and came along with mixed responses. A few viewed the use of this “religious” headwear as a tone-deaf cultural appropriation, and other celebrated the looks for increasing its visibility in the groups that are often under-represented within mainstream fashion.

6. Cowboy Boots

The traditional yet humble cowboy boots were definitely a hit in footwear trends to take over the catwalks this month. Reappearing under a number of guises, it was bejewelled with D&G, while Isabel Marant took a far simpler approach with an everyday look. We recommend investing in one from each category so that you have all your bases covered.

7. Animal Prints

While not regarded as one of the ground-breaking concepts, the animal prints were definitely popular throughout the 4 fashion weeks for autumn and winter of 2018. This included the Victoria Beckham trench-coat in leopard print, a white tiger-print sweatshirt by Givenchy or the snake-print trouser by Isabel Marant.

8. Mini Handbags

If you are used to stuffing a tote filled with unused notebooks, receipts, lip balms and a spare jumper, then this is the ideal time to cut down on the clutter. By the time autumn comes you will only have space for a few bank cards and maybe one or two receipts neatly folded in half, because the latest handbags are no bigger than a mini-purse. If this restriction in space is stressing you out, consider the bags from Céline, where the answer lies in a rope-belt that holds a number of mini-bags off one rope.

9. Quilting

Cementing in the suggestion of how important comfort is, many of the bigger brands looked at quilting within their collections. After spending four weeks going from one show to the next, those fashion-show benches that are painfully uncomfortable has made me think that the padded trousers from Lacoste are an appealing option.

9 Hot Trends From 4 Weeks Of Fashion Shows That All Of Us Will Be Wearing This Autumn

Following summer’s heatwave, it appears that our wardrobes are going to be getting much shinier through the use of glossy fabrics, much fiercer due to animal prints and even more elegant from those shoulder-grazing earring works of art.

Check out the following 9 hottest trends brought to us by Rebecca Couture Millinery that have hit the runways during the past four weeks that all of us will be wearing just as soon as the fall season hits.

1. Checks

Like Clueless but cooler. For fall/winter 2018, all of the catwalks were full of the geometrical print over every type of item. Don’t hesitate to double up – both Rochas and Stella showcased entire two-piece outfits that were cut out of the same cloth and the whole front row went into a swoon.

2. Shoulder-Grazing Silver Earrings

Although last season’s jewellery collection consisted of pom-pom brightly-coloured earrings, things became even bigger for AW18. And much heavier as well, we have to add. But you have the entire summer to train your ears gradually by wearing semi-heavy earrings to prepare for a winter full of glory.

3. Glossy Fabrics

Gloves, jumpsuits, coats, heels, trousers, everything is glossy this year. Lacquered fabrics are getting their special moment right now, and for next season it is shinier than ever. When paired with other kinds of tactile materials, like faux fur shoes, a tweed jacket or cable-knit sweatshirt, they definitely pack quite a punch.

4. Sequinned Dresses

A sequinned dress makes quite the impact. Anthony Vaccarello of Saint Laurent’s dedicated a half of his entire AW18 collection to this showstopper of a dress. Whether you choose a full-length of fun mini, be sure that your beauty look is kept minimal so that you don’t wander into overkill territory too far.

5. Headwear

Hijabs, turbans, hats, hoods all made an appearance this season on quite a few designer catwalks and received a mixed response. There are some people who view using religious headwear as a form of tone-deaf cultural appropriate, but others celebrated it as a way to increase visibility for groups that mainstream fashion tends to ignore or under-represent.

6. Cowboy Boots

One of the largest footwear trends to appear on this month’s catwalks was the humble cowboy boot. Reappearing in several different guises, it was bejewelled to the absolute max by D&G (of course), while the take from Isabel Marant was much simple and for regular use. We recommend that you snap up one from both ends of the spectrum so that you have all of your bases covered.

7. Animal Prints

Although the concept might not be groundbreaking, animal print was very popular over all four fashion weeks of AW18. We loved it all – whether it was the snake-print trousers from Isabel Marant, white tiger print sweatshirt from Givenchy, or leopard-print trench coat from Victoria Beckham. Maybe we should wear them all at the same time?!

8. Mini Handbags

If you tend to stuff your tote full of unused notebooks, receipts, lip balm, spare jumpers and more, then it’s time for the clutter to be cut out. For Autumn/Winter 2018 you are only allowed to have a credit card and maybe one folded receipt – since your new handbag is going to be a miniature-sized purse. If the thought makes you break out into a cold sweat, check out Celine. They have come up with a solution that involves a rope belt that trails several mini bags from it.

9. Quilting

Comfort is key, and several large brands have added quilting to their collections. After being on the road for a month – and sitting on those really uncomfortable fashion benches – a padded troos from Lacoste sounds really good right now.

9 Fashion Trends You Need To Be Aware Of For This Autumn/Winter Season

As summer comes to a close, it would look as though our wardrobes for going to become a lot shinier through glossy fabrics, fierce animal prints, and some incredible shoulder grazing earring masterpieces. Take just a few minutes to glance over nine of the hottest trends that have it the runway in just the last four weeks as these are the hot looks for autumn.


Remember the movie Clueless? This is along the same lines at 10 times cooler. During the autumn/winter 2018 season, the catwalks were smitten with this geometrical print on just about every item possible. In case you’re wondering, it is perfectly fine to double up. In fact, Rochas and Stella both showcased two-piece outfits designed from the same cloth and made the crowd fall in love.

Shoulder Grazing Silver Earrings

During last season the vast majority of jewellery was filled with colourful pom-pom ear adornments, however, this season things are about to get a lot wilder. And, I guess we can say a tad it heavier. Don’t worry though, as you still have a couple of months to prepare your ears for these heavily styled earrings to look incredible during the winter.

Glossy Fabrics

Coats, trousers, deals, and gloves, all of them and more are going glossy. This is the time for lacquered fabrics and they are going to be shinier than you ever imagined. Combined with other tactile materials such as tweed jackets, faux fur shoes or a cable net sweater they are going to pack a serious fashion punch.

Sequinned Dresses

You know that sequined dresses are going to make a huge impact when Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello prepared half of his fall and winter collection to various designs of this gorgeous showstopper. Whether you prefer the full-length trauma or a fun many, you want to keep your beauty look as minimal as possible to not overkill the whole design.


Hijabs, hoods, turbines, and hats all managed to make an appearance on the catwalk this season to some mixed responses. There were those that saw the headwear with religious themes as tone-deaf cultural appropriation, while others it helps to increase the visibility of many cultural groups that are never seen in mainstream fashion. Wedding hats, popularised again by the royal wedding, was also seen in the Rebecca Couture Millinery collection.

Cowboy Boots

One would not expect to see the simple cowboy boot become one of the hottest footwear trends to hit the catwalks over the past two few months. However, it did make a number of appearances in various guises, D&G maxed it up with jewels while Isabel Marant allowed the boot to appear in its much simpler an everyday form. If you want to be prepared for anything for the upcoming season you may want to grab one of each to cover all of your fashion bases.

Animal Prints

The design of the animal print is nothing that may be so groundbreaking, however, during the last four fashion weeks, it was a popular option. Victoria Beckham appeared wearing a leopard print trenchcoat, Isabel Marant showed off snake print trousers, and one could not forget Givenchy’s white tiger-print sweatshirt.

Mini Handbags

Is your tote so full of lip balms, receipts, spare jumpers and used notebooks? If so, it is time to clear all of that junk out. By recent standards, you should only be carrying one credit card and one receipt folded twice over because the new handbag is going to be the size of a miniature purse. If you are in a panic like I am, just take a look at Céline, who has designed a rope belt that features several mini bags trailing off of it.


Showing that comfort is key this year, several major brands looked to the art of quilting for their collections. Perhaps after spending months on the road and resting on those uncomfortable fashion show benches, the thought of a padded troos à la Lacoste became more appealing.

Booking Maintenance And Decorative Work During The Summer Holiday Works

With the half term for Summer fast approaching, now is the time when schools begin to think about September.

Does that sound surprising? Maybe a little, but the reality is that all maintenance and refurbishment processes that can be carried out over the long Summer break to facilitate a fresh start in September really need to be thought about now. By staying one step ahead when planning your decorative schedule, you should be able to significantly reduce the cost and duration of the work.

Why the Summer Holidays?

The long break during the summer months is an excellent time to schedule maintenance work in a school. It doesn’t matter if the work is structural or just decorative, contractors are going to need a few people using the buildings as possible to get on with their work. What’s more, many of the learning resources used throughout the year are cleared away for the summer, making it easier for contractors to access various areas. For example, most teachers take student work off the walls for the summer, as they want to make room to display the work from their new class in September. Blank walls sure make decorating easier.

Where to Begin

Planning is essential. Scheduling a decorative plan while the structure of the building is still in tack means you know about challenges that have to be overcome. It’s easy to overlook areas that require work when a building is bustling with learning activities. Once the corridors and classrooms are empty, you need to begin inspections and make an inventory of things that need attention. It’s also vital to ask teachers for feedback about how they use the space.

Professional Decorative Advice

If you feel like the whole building is in disrepair and you don’t know where to start, this ithe time to call in a rubbish clearance service like Roup Cycle and a decorator. We can use our many years of experience to provide you with professional advice as to how to best plan for maintenance and painting work. Furthermore, it’s useful for us to observe a space flagged for decorating when it is in use. We can then understand how people interact with the space on a practical level and make recommendations for both your decorative plan and schedule.

Summer Holiday Challenges

School administrators often hire out the school building to commercial clients during the summer break. This means there might be daycare schemes, public meeting, conferences and other events scheduled during the holidays. The schedule can be busy and sometimes even make decorating and maintenance work more feasible during term time.

Overcoming Challenges

For experienced professional decorators, a busy out of term school schedule is easily managed. Discrete working and clever scheduling can mean a full decoration and restoration can take place without impacting on a school’s commercial business during the summer months. Our team can work out of hours and even begin work before the school term ends.

Cyclical Demands

Often classroom needs more than a new coat of paint to get them ready for the next academic year. Over the course of a year, a school building can take a bit of a battering and it may occur that some areas need more substantial maintenance. Don’t try to do decorative and structure maintenance all at once. Structure work doesn’t often go as smoothly as you might like due to many potential unforeseen challenges, so it’s best to stagger it.

Is It Too Late?

It is never too late to schedule decorating and maintenance work. Of course, if you leave it until the last minute the process might be a little less smooth, especially for decoration and maintenance work in term time. But don’t worry! We can carry out our work in the evenings and at weekends when the school is closed if need be.

Booking Summer Holiday Maintenance Work

With summer break coming, most schools will start to think about September. However, refurbishment work and maintenance can take place over the summer to ensure that a fresh start is made in September. When you keep ahead of the game, you will actually be able to save on the costs and time of the work to ensure that you stick to budget.

Why Summer?

Summer break is actually the best time to complete maintenance work on the school whether this is structural or decorative. This is due to the fact that the traffic from lessons is gone and the school is clear of the year’s worth of learning. When the walls of the school are cleared, it will become clear that some freshening up is needed. It is important to think about redecorating at this time to ensure that you can book a good school decorator and you can be more accurate in your requirements.

Getting Started

You need to focus on the planning. When you formulate your decorative plan while the school is in a working state, you will be aware of the practical challenges that you need to target. It is often easy for these things to slip by when you are looking at an empty room. This is why you need to make an inventory of all the areas that require attention, listen to teacher feedback and make time to see how the students are interacting with the spaces.

Decorative Knowledge

If you feel that this is a task too large for you to take on, you should bring in the decorator at the planning stage. They will be able to offer advice as well as undertake the painting and maintenance work. Decorators will also find it helpful to see the area in a working state as it helps them better understand how the space is used on a daily basis. They will then be able to make informed recommendations for your plans and schedule.

The Summer Challenges

The six weeks of summer holiday is no longer the time of absence that it was in the past. Schools have found clever and commercial ways to use their space. This means that the school could be hired out during the traditional downtimes for daycare schemes, conferences, events and meetings. This will create a challenge as the decorative work might seem even more impossible to complete than when school is in session.

Getting Around This

This hiring out will create a challenge for even experienced decorators. However, external events will generally not use the whole building so clever planning can be used to ensure that the full decorative work is completed without stopping the commercial use. When you talk with a decorator, you will have to tell them about the events you will have during the summer so they can dovetail their work with these other activities. There are some decorators that offer out of hours schedules so you can start the work before the end of the term.

The Cyclical Demands

The work that needs to be done will not always be something as simple as freshening the classrooms for the next school year. The school building will age and is under a lot of strain during the year. This means that there are certain areas that require more maintenance than others. You should not try to do all of this work at once because the work is more likely to face unforeseen issues. It is better to stagger this work.

When Is It Too Late?

The good thing is that it is never too late. The process will be smoother and faster when you have time to plan and get everything in place. However, it is not the end of the world if you cannot and there are many decorators and waste clearance services who will be able to take care of the work during term time.

Building Maintenance and Decoration: Booking a School’s Summer Holiday Works

Schools across the UK start planning for September well before the Summer holidays arrive. Shocking? Maybe, but redecorating and structural maintenance work that can be undertaken over the course of the long six-week holiday needs to be considered now to ensure that come September, the building is refreshed. By ensuring your school is ahead of proceedings, you can reduce your redecorating costs and the time your building is out of commission.

Benefits of Summer Break

It is much easier to carry out all kinds of maintenance and decoration work when a building is empty and not in use. In addition, the fact that during the summer holidays teachers clear many learning resources from their classrooms, such as wall posters and supplementary equipment, means that workers have better access to all areas. What’s more, when you book early, you have more chance of securing the most skilled contractors.

Step One

Perhaps the most important stage of all is the initial planning stage. You need to identify exactly what work needs to be carried out and how any practical challenges can be overcome. When you view the building when it is full of students and staff engaged in learning activities, it can be hard to notice states of disrepair within the building’s structure. So, make sure you create your inventory of restoration jobs when the school is empty. Furthermore, understand the importance of listening to teacher and pupil feedback about what improvements/changes to their learning environment would be the most beneficial.

Expert Knowledge

If you are overwhelmed when you consider scheduling redecoration work, bring in a professional decorator. Our team doesn’t just complete painting and maintenance work, we also have years of experience in the industry that enables us to offer professional advice too. It’s beneficial for us to be able to watch how a space works in operation. From our observations, we can make professional recommendations and help your school to plan a work schedule.

Challenges Presented in the Summer

Many people falsely assume that a school building will be more or less deserted for the entire duration of the summer holidays. However, this is rarely the case, as many schools wish to generate additional revenue by hiring out rooms in their establishment to businesses and the public during the six-week break. Schools that are particularly commercially aware, might have a fully-booked schedule of events from commercial clients happening in their building over the summer. These activities, including daycare schemes, conferences and meetings, can pose a challenge for contract workers.

Facing the Challenges

Any decorators that are worth their salt will have no problem overcoming these minor challenges. Commercial clients who hire out a school building can’t possibly use every room at once, nor can they occupy the building for 24 hours of the day for six weeks straight. So, with a bit of strategic scheduling and conscientious work, the best decorators can complete a restoration job without causing any disruption to a school’s commercial enterprises. Our teams can even begin discrete work before the academic term ends if necessary.

Not Just a Paint Job

It is highly likely that a school needs not only redecoration work, but also structural maintenance repair work. Any type of work that involves a building’s structure has a high probability of experiencing issues that delay the process. This means it’s important to plan and stagger major structural repairs appropriately and have waste clearance companies like Roup Cycle lined up to clear the rubbish. You don’t know what unforeseen challenges could crop up.

It’s Not Too Late, Right?

Indeed, it’s never too late to book restoration work for your school. Obviously, the further ahead you plan, the quicker and smoother the process, but it’s not a catastrophe if your late to address a building’s need for maintenance. If need be, our team is prepared to work around term time operational hours to carry out the redecoration work your school needs.

Scheduling Restoration Work For The Summer Holiday

Schools start planning for September a long time before the Summer break begins. This is because they need to schedule the bulk on all decorative and maintenance work to take place when the school is empty. This is so they can save money and time on contractor services. More importantly, however, it’s so that new arrivals in September can walk into a fully restored building and returning pupils can have a fresh start.

Why Choose the Summer?

While it is possible to schedule decorative work for the winter term break, the duration of that break is much shorter, so there is a limit as to what can be done. During the six-week summer holiday, contractors have plenty of time to complete restoration work without having to worry about working around teachers, students and learning resources. Most teachers completely clear out their classroom at the end of an academic year, including removing posters from the walls, which makes the decorating process much easier.

Where to Start?

“Planning is key,” says decorating experts at HL Decorating Contractors. Formulating a decorative plan when the building is in use can be difficult, as it can be easy to overlook imperfections when the space is alive with learners. It can be too easy to let a building fall into a state of disrepair when you don’t pay attention to the minor repair work. It’s important to make an inventory of things that require attention when the school is empty. In addition, listening to feedback from staff and observing how children use various spaces can make planning better.

Professional Advice

Don’t be afraid to contact professionals for some professional decorative advice. We have many years of experience in the decorative industry and have worked with many schools. So, if the task of planning a decorative schedule seems overwhelming at present, get in touch and we will come and visit your school, identify issues, make recommendations and help you plan a restoration work schedule for the summer.

Challenges Over the Summer

Nowadays, school administrators are much more business savvy, which means they often generate extra revenue for a school by hiring out rooms to private and commercial entities during the six-week break. Sometimes there can be so many events scheduled in a school building over the summer, such as conferences, concerts, youth clubs, daycare schemes and meetings, that carrying out decoration work around the hectic activities can be tough.

Dealing With It

These challenges are no issue for experienced decorators. They know that groups who hire a school building won’t be using every room, nor will they be there round-the-clock. With some crafty scheduling and discrete working, a complete redecoration can be completed over the summer without interference with a school’s commercial client commitments. Contractors are well-trained professionals who know how to work conscientiously and can adapt to an out-of-hours schedule easily.

Staggered Maintenance

When it comes to some restoration work on a school building, often a job requires more than a refresh with paint. Just think about how much of a battering the classrooms and corridors take over the course of an academic year. In addition, previous school administrators might have failed to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Unfortunately, substantial structural maintenance is susceptible to lots of potentials issues, so it needs to be staggered and eventualities planned for well in advance.

It’s Never Too Late

The good news is that while processes go more smoothly and quickly when you book ahead, it’s never too late to schedule decorative work. If you feel like you’ve left it too late, stop worrying. Our teams can carry out decoration and maintenance during term time in the evenings and early mornings if needed. We can even work weekends to get a building restored.

Redecorating The School Over The Summer Holiday

As summer comes to an end, the vast majority of schools start thinking about the upcoming school session in September.

It feels like the summer flew right by, doesn’t it? While it usually does, summer is the perfect time to ensure everything is done before school starts. If you are able to keep ahead of everything you’re going to save time and money in regards to your budget and schedule.

Why Summer Works?

Summer is the perfect season to undertake various tasks regardless of whether they are structural or decorative. Office decorators in London tend to be particularly busy over the summer and this is no different for school decorations.  There are no students traversing through the halls and there are no distractions to because. However, once the students have left in all the school supplies have gone, it is usually apparent that the school needs a freshening up. This is one of the reasons why it is essential to begin thinking about your redecoration needs now to allow you the opportunity to book a school decorator. In addition, it is going to allow you to be much more accurate with your specific requirements.

How to Get Started

It is all going to start in the planning. You want to start planning the decorator stage while the building is still in use as it allows you to understand any physical challenges that will need to be overcome. It is rather easy to forget these things when a room is empty and devoid of any form of learning. Take the time to make a list of any specific areas that will require detailed attention, listen to teacher feedback as well as watching children interact with specific spaces.

Decorative Knowledge

If it looks like it is going to be a supersized task, it is time to bring a decorator in as soon as possible. It is not necessarily all about maintenance and painting, it is about getting the best advice and experience. It is helpful for a decorator to see the school as a working entity. From this task, they’ll be able to understand how the space is used on a day-to-day basis. Then they will be able to plan and schedule the process for the school.

Summer Challenges

We all know that the six week summer holiday is not like it once was. In fact, schools have been able to use this time to fill the vacancies with commercial needs. During the summer months, schools are often times hired out for various conferences, meetings, as well as daycares. This means that summers can be a little more hectic than they once were and decorated may seem almost an impossible task.

How to Get Around the Craziness

For an experienced decorator, this is not going to create much of a problem. The vast majority of events that occurred during the summer will not use the whole building, so it is possible to use clever scheduling and unique work to give an entire decorative refresh without compromising the building’s appeal This allows the school to continue to bring in commercial revenue while getting the redecoration it needs over the summer. In fact, it is possible that we can begin the activity before the term ends.

Cyclical Demands

Of course, it is not always going to be about a simple refresher to the building before the school year starts. Schools take an incredible amount of strain throughout the year. There are going to be some areas of the building that will require a substantial amount of maintenance. It is not possible to try and do everything at once. This kind of maintenance is going to take a little bit more time and should be staggered throughout the year.

When Is It Too Late to Begin?

The good news is that it is never too late to get started!. However, the process is going to be a lot easier and quicker if you begin thinking about your decoration and maintenance needs now. However, it is not the end of the world if you get a late start on the process.