About Running a Business Out of a Storage Unit

Do you run your small business in your home off the kitchen table? Or perhaps you are fortunate enough to have an office or spare bedroom to conduct business operations? Or like many people you have an opposite issue, where the business has expanded and is taking over your home, with products taking up all your floor space, paperwork lying all over the place, along with marketing materials strewn everywhere.

If you fall into one or more of the above-mentioned categories, it is probably the right time to think about moving the business to a location that is more professional, so your home can return to a house again. Yet the thought of renting an office space may be out of your budget at the moment, and you may not be ready to commit to months or years that these spaces often demand.

So before making such a large investment, there are other available options. For example, a 200 to 300 square-foot storage unit that offers you with more than enough space for an affordable price, with a minimal commitment. We would like to share examples of the business types that are using storage units to run their businesses.

1. Online Businesses

The online companies that deal with many products, often require a lot more space. If you do not have a dedicated storage space, storing such products can often become difficult. In addition, many of the online businesses are also required to continuously package materials which are not always small. The storage unit can serve as the ideal miniature warehouse, which is perfect for medium-sized and small online businesses so that they are able to store stock, along with carrying out daily operations. Regardless of what you sell, a dedicated warehouse space can save you on money and time and provides you with the space you need to set-up a centre dedicated to order fulfilments.

2. Trades

This may come as a surprise, but we have seen various tradespeople that use storage spaces as a base for operations. They do not use these units for fixing things, but rather they use this space for storing materials along with the tools that they use daily. The storage units are ideal for bulkier and bigger tools, which are often only required from time to time, meaning you don’t have to risk leaving these valuable tools inside a van. This space is also convenient to store large supplies or whatever that are needed daily. For example, for a carpenter, they may need space to store different types of screws, clamps, glues and wood dedicated to your work. Storing items like these at home are often inconvenient and awkward. Choosing to leave these tools and equipment in a vehicle on the different work sites is also risky.

3. High Street Independent Shops

Prices of renting properties on the high streets are at an all-time high, and the properties have become a lot smaller. Today the independent retailers attempt to use each inch of available space in their shops, which often leaves very little on no space to store additional supplies or stock. Many high-street retailers now use self-storage spaces to store an overflow of their inventory and a way to make the most from their shop-floor space.

There are many benefits of choosing to operate a business from self-storage facilities, which includes that most sites are open to accepting deliveries, which means you do not have to deal with having to receive large orders at your home and then having to move them.