Run Your Business From a Storage Unit

You might be currently running your business at home on the kitchen table, or perhaps you are fortunate enough to dedicate a whole room to your business operations. Maybe the exact opposite has happened and your operations have spilled over to your whole house with products, marketing materials and paperwork lying everywhere. If this is is your current situation, then it’s certainly time to consider moving your business to a more professional space and let your house become a home again. However, in your situation, you may not be able to afford an office space, or you might not be able to commit to a contract that demands months or years or leasing the space. So what do you do? What are your next options?

Well, most people do not know this, but it is possible to run a business from a storage unit. A 200 to 300 square foot unit, for instance, could give you all the space you require for a fraction of the price and these units don’t call for stringent commitments. Here are some of the businesses that are ideal for storage units’ operation:


It might be surprising, but an array of tradespeople use storage units as their base of operations. They do not repair or make things inside the storage units but instead use the space as a place to keep their tools and materials. This is an excellent solution for big and bulky tools that might only be needed a few times a month. It is ideally an ideal place to keep large supplies on the things you might need on a regular basis. For instance, if you practice carpentry, you may want to store some types of screws, glues, clamps and even wood. It can be very inconvenient to store these materials at home, and leaving them at work or in vehicles can be quite risky.

Online Businesses

Businesses that operate on the net and deal with numerous products usually take up a lot of space and unless you have a dedicated room in your house, which is not always convenient, storing business products can be tricky. That is not the only concern as these businesses need to keep packaging materials at hand, which also take up significant space. This makes a storage unit and excellent space to run daily operations and store products for small to medium sized online businesses. This makes things convenient and also allows you to save a substantial amount of money.

Independent High Street Shops

There is no denying that properties to rent on high street are getting scarcer and this drives the rent prices even higher. Independent high street shop owners are now forced to take advantage of every inch of space and that ultimately leaves no space for additional supplies. This has made storage units an excellent solution for keeping overflow inventory, thus allowing these retailers to maximize the space of their high street shops.

So, there you have it, three examples of businesses that can greatly benefit from utilizing storage units. There are numerous benefits to running a business from a storage unit, one of them being the fact that most sites will allow deliveries for their customers, and so, they do not have to deal with large boxes being delivered to their residences and then having to move them.

Of course, if you want to take full advantage of this alternative, you will need to do your homework. You can only be able to run your business smoothly by availing a storage unit provider that’s reputable and reliable.