Ways Water Damage Can Affect Your Business or Home


Are you sure that your home or business is immune to water damage? Well, maybe it is time to think again. Water damage from a flood is the most common as well as costly hazards in America today; according to research by the FEMA. The million dollar question is; how common is it?

According to another research by The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) mentioned that the chances of floods occurring in high-risk areas are 1 in 4 chances of an average 30-year mortgage course. However, a majority of homeowners, as well as business persons, lose their investments and profits due to water damage from the flood; all this is because they have not taken a flood insurance coverage or covered themselves in their insurance policy.

Weather-Related Grounds Is Not The Only Cause Of Flooding

Snow, rain, hurricanes, tropical storms, and thunderstorm tend to be the main causes of floods. However, did you know that clogged or overburdened sewage, dam failures, drainage systems (just to mention a few) could cause floods? It is important to know that a flood can occur slowly or fast, which will affect low areas (like the basement) moving upwards.

Ways Flood Water Can Affect Your Home Or Business

Safety And Health Risks

Flood water carries a lot of diseases resulting to health issues. At the same, safety is an issue if it is not immediately cleaned up, which will affect:

  • Electrical Risk And Damage
  • Structural Damage And Building Integrity
  • Sharp Metals And Glasses
  • Bridge And Road damage
  • Drinking Water Contamination
  • Sanitary Hazards
  • Clogging Sewage And Drainage Systems
  • Communication Reduction
  • Causes Landslides
  • Crop Damages And much more

Loss Of Life

The most serious floods could cause loss of life. According to research, flash floods are the leading weather-related killer in America; known to claim livestock, people, pets and even wild animals.

Emotional Hardship

The truth of the matter is that flood victims do experience difficulty dealing with situation, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, sadness, frustration as well as grief. These symptoms do interfere with relationships, sleep, lack of appetite and other. This is the reason mental health professional services are offered by the FEMA and Red Cross, Who respond to flood-related disasters.

Property Damage

A research showed floods cause 90% of all natural disaster-related damages. Equipment, belongings, vehicles, businesses and homes are not immune. The truth of the matter is that a few inches of water could cause major damage to assets including those of the business.

Economic Loss

It is a fact that not all companies or policies cover water damages caused by flooding, which could result in an enormous strain on flood damage victims financially. According to 2011 flooding, related costs issues in America was $8.5 billion. As such, to prevent yourself from spending a lot, you should consider insuring yourself. Do not let yourself take years in rebuilding or working hard to return your life to normal.


The question is, have you suffered from water damage and suffered? Well, time is not on your side. It is time to take action. Insure yourself today by taking a water damage/flood damage insurance or policy.