Top Rules for Giving Wedding Gifts

Are you attending a wedding in the near future? If so, then what will you give as a gift? You do not want to be remembered as a wedding guest for all the wrong reasons. So, here are five rules that pertain to giving wedding gifts that people are going to love. For personalised wedding gifts the newlyweds are sure to love, visitĀ Silver and Pewter Gifts to commemorate the special occasion.

1. Choose From Their Registry

There’s no need to get creative because most brides want something from their wedding registry list and most brides have at least one list, whether it’s on the internet or in a store. Have a look online to find out where the couple is registered. A lot of retailers makes it easy to shop around because they allow guests to access their registries or you can just go to the store in person and buy something. Remember, there’s a reason why couples create a registry list, so stick to choosing something from their list.

2. Bath, Kitchen and Entertaining Gifts Are Important

Many couples want traditional wedding gifts, but they would prefer some sort of twist on them, which is why you should get kitchen, bedding, dining and bath gifts. For example, you can get gifts that will provide the couple with a hotel atmosphere. Purchase a few gifts that can be combined into a theme. Think about buying a thick blanket, very soft pillows and some hotel quality towels.

As for entertaining gifts, go for dishes and flatware that are multi-functional. You can get dinnerware that’s ideal for more formal occasions. The dinnerware sets can also be dressed down for more casual events, such as a BBQ.

A lot of couples love cooking together. This is why you should buy them some state-of-the-art appliances. There are a lot of cool gadgets out there and they not only function well and are useful gifts, but they look good too. They will complement the rest of the kitchen.

3. Spend At Least $50

Don’t be cheap because the idea is to give the couple a great wedding gift, but you don’t have to go brokeĀ either. What you want to do is think about your relationship with your friend and their partner and decide how much things cost for the city they live in. Someone in the urban area may expect a gift that costs double than what someone would expect in a rural area. Generally speaking, you should spend at least $50 on a gift and a little more if the person getting married is a close friend.

4. Group Gifts Are Handy

Married couples tend to love big gifts that were bought by a group of their friends. The chances are the couple wouldn’t have been able to buy such big ticketed items soon after getting married, which is why group gifts are great. Have a look at the couple’s registry and ask some of the other people who will be going to the wedding if they want to pitch in for one of the bigger gifts on the list.

5. Buy Within Eight Weeks

Online shopping is convenient and this is why there’s no excuse to buying your gift as soon as possible. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to purchase the gift within two months of the wedding date, but you don’t have to give it to them on their wedding day. If for some reason you can’t give it to them for example if the gift is too large or heavy, then just have it shipped to their home. This will make things easier for you as well as for the couple because they won’t have to lug the gift from their wedding venue to their home.

That is how to choose a wedding gift. It is very easy to do, especially if you keep the above advice in mind. With that said, feel free to start shopping around for wedding gifts.